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  1. /* /* [Fourth of July Update immediately below; remainder of original post unedited] Happy Fourth of July®, everyone. Enjoy the festivities, appreciate that you are alive, and most importantly, BE SAFE! */ Happy Super Bowl®, everyone. Enjoy the festivities, appreciate that you are alive, and most importantly, BE SAFE! */ // As you know, Super Bowl® LI (51) is being contested this coming Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 6:30 pm, at NRG® Stadium, in Houston, TX. It is being broadcast live on FOX®. The Atlanta Falcon Men® will face the New England Patriot Men® and their charismatic leader Thom Brady in a battle for ultimate supremacy. With the many choices available to us as consumer-observers, which opportunity will you be availing yourself of for maximum enjoyment of this great American holiday pastime? I, for one, will be watching at home on my big-screen TV, cuddling up with members of my household. To be honest with you, I'm looking forward as much to eating delicious game-time food and watching the commercials as I am looking forward to the game itself!@ https://www.nfl.com/super-bowl http://www.ramtrucks.com/ http://www.ford.com/new-trucks/ http://www.gmc.com/ http://www.chevrolet.com/trucks.html https://www.army.mil/ http://www.goarmy.com/ http://www.navy.mil/ http://www.marines.mil/ http://www.marines.com/ http://www.nationalguard.mil/ https://www.nationalguard.com/ https://www.coors.com/ http://www.budweiser.com/ http://www.busch.com/ http://www.michelob.com/ https://www.millercoors.com/ https://www.viagra.com/ https://www.cialis.com/
  2. [UPDATE!: - The post dated January 7, 2017, provides a useful reminder slash update about the most recent developments in the world of Ultra HD, Ultra HD Blu Ray, HDR-10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma-EOTF-based HDR, Quantum Dot, "QLED" [beware Samsung's tricky marketing in 2017], and OLED technology, etc. The original 2016 wrap-up is retained below:] HD Guru just posted a fascinating analysis of Ultra HD TV purchasing trends through September 2016. The details are in the article, but a few main takeaways: Samsung remains the strong market leader, but new brands are taking significant market share. Best Buy remains the biggest retailer, for now. The biggest shopping months are in November and December, when holiday-lead-up deals are in play. There's a big and growing interest in new entrants into the market, but they have yet to prove themselves to customers' satisfaction. All in all, it looks like 2017 is going to continue the trend of rapid adoption of Ultra HD technology for home viewing.
  3. Hey guys! Interested to see what everyone's into for shows right now. Trying to find some new stuff to watch. Currently my favorites right now are Rick and Morty, Venture Bros., Game Of Thrones, Bobs Burgers, Silicon Valley, and All the Marvel on Netflix. Been watching and re-watching all of these before bed when I'm winding down from the day. Heard good things about Black Mirror and Westworld just haven't gotten around to watching them yet.