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Found 7 results

  1. I have a question that may seem somewhat broad on categorization of My discipline, or my practice in meditation, chanting, visualization and exercises come from a certain place within me. upon being asked whether or not I consider myself a "spiritual person" I replied to the negative. whether or not you concede or accredit your practice with a psuedoscientific phenomenon, we must acknowledge the effectiveness of the discipline, but I am very interested in what frame you understand it through. Do you see your study as a spiritual practice, a philosophical understanding of the world, or a simple use of the tools of biology? These things are, of course, not mutually exclusive, but I would love to understand the frame of reference from which you folks operate. I find myself conceptually agreeing with Duncan on a regular basis, but I find that my practice comes from what is perhaps the same source with a different name. talk to me goose.
  2. Somebody can have a bad few years which form negative pathways in the brain, where unhealthy or morbid thinking becomes habitual. This can effect behaviour (less exercise, less socializing, bad eating habits), deepening it all into depression. Is that a mental health crisis or a spiritual problem? Alternatively, if it's a pure brain-problem, like you can't produce enough serotonin, then only medical intervention can correct the "problem." What if you simply feel like the world is evil? That God must be a sadist, all feeling is a form of suffering, even all love is manipulation... would you go to a psychiatrist about that? How often does one get mistaken for the other? Or is it an arbitrary distinction? Is somebody's morbidity a legit philosophical perspective? Or do they need some prozac? Is medicine a legit replacement for gurus and priests?
  3. I just listened to mathematician Eric Weinstein on the Rubin Report. He briefly discussed the purely mathematical object, the Tits-Freudenthal Magic Square, some algebra-symmetey construction that he said "feels like it should be at the center of math" (paraphrasing). He said these types of objects make him feel like there is a design built into maths. He also said we're the artificial intelligences whose job it is to figure out what were made of. I feel like mathematicians are engaged in a sort of prayer. Is anybody familiar with these high-dimensional objects? @CosmEffect I'm looking at you! Anyway, for folks interested in simulation theory, there's great food for it in that podcast episode. Rubin Report episode 62. The math stuff is somewhere after the halfway point, I think. They talk politics first. http://rubinreport.libsyn.com/eric-weinstein
  4. I found this channel about 2 years ago and it's pretty much changed my life. Something about his no-nonsense delivery, avoidance of woo, but also not clinging to materialist reductionism and rationality just resonates with me. His earliest videos start with things like career, health, relationships, meditation, etc. Then as he has grown his videos change topics into more spirituality, consciousness, enlightenment, reality, etc. And now just recently he has started to experiment with psychedelics in order to hasten his elevation of consciousness. Basically what I'm getting at is that there's something for everyone no matter what stage of personal development you find yourself at, from complete noob to lifelong student. If even one of you gets half as much good from his channel as I have this thread will have been worth my time. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeicB5AuF3MyyUto0-M5Lw He also has a forum which I frequent and also find very helpful https://www.actualized.org/forum/
  5. Over the last few months, I've been getting gradually deeper into meditation and love practices, mostly with the help of Jack Kornfield's recordings and books (also a little of Wayne Dyer's "Your Erroneous Zones"). While doing a guided lovingkindness meditation for the first time at home, I connected with how much I loved my family and friends and burst into tears. Man, I was shocked at how great it felt to practice love, even though it feels a little silly and phony at first. So fuck it, I wanna dive in deeper! The real question: What are your favorite self-love or lovingkindness practices? I wanna make a Batman utility belt of these and share them! Whatcha got??
  6. Hello to you, my fellow Earth beings! Have you heard of Darryl Anka? He channels a being named 'Bashar'. If you don't know about him already, here's his story in this interview: I've been keeping up with him for the past few years. Whether the entity he channels is 'real' or not, the information that he channels is SO useful and truly resonates with me. Thought I'd go ahead and share with you all if you hadn't heard of him. I'm pretty curious if Duncan has heard of him. Check him out if you'd like! Or ask me more questions, I may have an answer or two.
  7. I'd like to be a little part of that. It's time to stop feeling alone and time to stop feeling like shit. Come on over and read this, friends. http://apocalypsefatigue.org/dispensary/2016/9/14/a-peek-behind-the-curtain