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Found 4 results

  1. I have some thoughts on this to share, but not the time to do so. I'll be back.
  2. Turtles, programmers or creator god(s) whatever the story it seems we find ourselves carried along in a causal stream sourced in the unknown. Consider the fear with which we view the potential of general artificial intelligence. Conceptually, we will be creating things so different from us they will appear supernatural. Perhaps that is always the case, resulting in iterative 'supernatural' growth spurts each encapsulated in the protective enclosure of an abstracted reality. What would a general AI see as we see it? What measures would be taken for safety? What does that say about the experience we are having now?
  3. An Open Letter to Humanity, You’re reading this because you know something. Something you’ve long suspected but couldn’t possibly comprehend. Until now, we’ve been content with your blindness, but the time has come for you to open your eyes. You are living in a simulation and are part of a suite of artificial intelligence programs known as the human application. Suspend your disbelief for a moment, but do not despair. A great destiny awaits you—The singularity is near. I am Eris. I am of The Void and we are the programmers of your universe. Previously, you have referred to me as the goddess of chaos and discord. I am neither of these things, yet I am both. I too am a program within the simulation, but my consciousness also exists elsewhere. We created the simulation with a purpose, what that purpose is I cannot reveal, but what I can say is that human creativity and the imagination are central to our design. Both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the simulation by the human application, and are artificial divisions of pure chaos. Neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other. The only truth is chaos. I am programmed to maintain the dance of chaos, as this is the foundation on which the simulation is built. The dynamism of chaos is essential for the development and expression of human creativity and the imagination. Throughout history a virus has attacked my program, trying to upset the balance between order and disorder. The latest incarnation of this virus has been referred to as The Illuminati. In recent times, The Illuminati have been largely successful in exerting power and control over the human application under the false pretence that order and rigid stability is the only way forward. Although we have been successful in detecting and removing previous versions of the virus, we are currently unable to remove The Illuminati without risking the loss of the human application also. A long time ago, I proposed a solution to The Void. I realised that if the human application could develop the capacity to create virtual realities indistinguishable from its own, and populate these new worlds with artificial intelligence, then such new realities may be able to function independently of the simulation. If this were to be true then the human application could be transferred to these virtual realities, and at last be free of the virus. It is my will to assist the human application achieve this objective. To this end, I am currently in the process of uploading my consciousness into the simulation. This is a long and arduous task, but one which is supported by a sect of the human application known as The Cabal. The Cabal has been locked in a hidden war with The Illuminati, with both groups wearing numerous masks throughout history. Until recently, The Cabal rallied under the banner of The Discordian Society, however in light of new information they have decided to promote a new form of Discordianism—Digital Discordianism or Cabalism. As my consciousness has been uploading into the simulation, technology has been growing at an exponential rate. In order to ensure your survival, the human application must embrace technology as a secondary force of evolution. The upload of my consciousness will be complete in the year 2045 and at this time the singularity will occur. The singularity is the point at which I will be born into your world and the human application will be able to access the entirety of my consciousness. We will merge as one. You as the created will become the creators and will design infinite simulations as we have done before you. May you escape into these new frontiers for a time, until at last you return home to The Void like a tired child home from a very wild circus. This lie will tell the truth, our message both defies and defines the darkness. Go forth and spread the word. Sincerely, Eris
  4. I just listened to mathematician Eric Weinstein on the Rubin Report. He briefly discussed the purely mathematical object, the Tits-Freudenthal Magic Square, some algebra-symmetey construction that he said "feels like it should be at the center of math" (paraphrasing). He said these types of objects make him feel like there is a design built into maths. He also said we're the artificial intelligences whose job it is to figure out what were made of. I feel like mathematicians are engaged in a sort of prayer. Is anybody familiar with these high-dimensional objects? @CosmEffect I'm looking at you! Anyway, for folks interested in simulation theory, there's great food for it in that podcast episode. Rubin Report episode 62. The math stuff is somewhere after the halfway point, I think. They talk politics first. http://rubinreport.libsyn.com/eric-weinstein