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Found 2 results

  1. I just listened to mathematician Eric Weinstein on the Rubin Report. He briefly discussed the purely mathematical object, the Tits-Freudenthal Magic Square, some algebra-symmetey construction that he said "feels like it should be at the center of math" (paraphrasing). He said these types of objects make him feel like there is a design built into maths. He also said we're the artificial intelligences whose job it is to figure out what were made of. I feel like mathematicians are engaged in a sort of prayer. Is anybody familiar with these high-dimensional objects? @CosmEffect I'm looking at you! Anyway, for folks interested in simulation theory, there's great food for it in that podcast episode. Rubin Report episode 62. The math stuff is somewhere after the halfway point, I think. They talk politics first. http://rubinreport.libsyn.com/eric-weinstein
  2. Parapsychologist/ electrical engineer presents his study where he used meditators focusing on a double slit, showing that the mind can create the observer effect and collapse the wave function, turning wave forms more into particles. I feel like Duncan needs to see this. I wasn't able to find anything online of anybody debunking or finding flaws in this study. If this is accurate this is a paradigm shifting experiment. Highly encourage everybody to check this out and let me know what you think!