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Found 3 results

  1. I just listened to mathematician Eric Weinstein on the Rubin Report. He briefly discussed the purely mathematical object, the Tits-Freudenthal Magic Square, some algebra-symmetey construction that he said "feels like it should be at the center of math" (paraphrasing). He said these types of objects make him feel like there is a design built into maths. He also said we're the artificial intelligences whose job it is to figure out what were made of. I feel like mathematicians are engaged in a sort of prayer. Is anybody familiar with these high-dimensional objects? @CosmEffect I'm looking at you! Anyway, for folks interested in simulation theory, there's great food for it in that podcast episode. Rubin Report episode 62. The math stuff is somewhere after the halfway point, I think. They talk politics first. http://rubinreport.libsyn.com/eric-weinstein
  2. Hi, friends! I've searched and searched for solid content from all over the interwebz. Save me DTFH Forum, you are my only hope. I am a Christian and I believe in the power of psychedelics. Psychedelics bring me closer to God. I am comfortable in my belief in this regard, however, I find it difficult to back it up in any flavor of argument. Can you please help me out? I'd love all of your thoughts on the matter. Questions I raise to myself are: Does the Bible specifically denounce psychedelics? Are there verses that promote the use of exploring methods to bring you closer to God? Etc, etc, Help!! - with love
  3. Substance: 4-ACO-DMT Fumurate Dose: 24mg Delivery: Oral Duration: 180min (peak 45-90min) One night after my daoughter and wife went to bed i decided a bit of basement tripping was the way to go. I chose a pre prepared dose af 24mg 4-aco-dmt from the safe and tipped it into my muouth. The taste is not that bad, but quite bitter. Laying down on the sofa i wached som film on TV waiting for it to hit. 4-ACO-DMT requires small doses (4mg) to be felt and with 24mg it is a very quick process going from sober to blasted. Suddenly i paused the film and coverd myself with a blanket. I closed my eyes, fell into my body and shot out into the Universe. Suddenly I was in a very familiar place where I had been many times before. The place your soul is before you are born (again). I was greeted "welcome back" by a unseen female entity, whom i immediately recognised. Love and compassion all around. Dark, safe and with untold numbers of souls lingering in anticipation. I asked her who she was: "The shopkeeper, uf cource" was her smiling answer. I stayed there for quite som time but cannot describe any visuals. There was an ever present mental wash of everlasting love and compassion through the whole experience. When i returned to my basement i was profoundly happy and joyful, the experience has stayed with me.