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  1. I viewed with a high fever, half conscious. Psychic analgesic
  2. went down a creepy hole and think I need to be offline a while
  3. lol. libellous!
  4. thing is, intelligence isn't genetic, as such. two morons might spring forth a brilliant genius. I assume you're familiar with this?
  5. guys it's called water LEVEL, not water CURVE. argue with that shit.
  6. is cum keto? #askingtherealquestions
  7. lol Dan references this convo in the latest Harmontown, even did The Duncan Impersonation that bothers him so much. Kind of confirmed my suspicion that Dan was kind of annoyed by Duncan's nu-hippy optimism. having said that, Dan also went on a bracing tear calling his audience dumb and boring. He spent years pandering to identity-politics types and now seems frustrated that his audience is filled with them who groan at any kind of joke that is the least bit edgy. fwiw I think the ideal is between the two poled and I agree that this tension made for a great conversation.
  8. I dearly miss the old 'doom and gloom' Duncan. The one who ranted about idiots and Satan and cataclysm. This new 'holy' Duncan just rings false to me, especially when he admits his true materialistic and misanthropic self around strong personalities like Dan.
  9. you just described the magic of the lavender hour. I remember last time Natasha was on the dtfh, he exploded when she called his dog fat. They have such a volatile chemistry because they are so different but kind of admire one another.
  10. I'm currently planning on adopting a persona of a documentary filmmaker and making a windy city heat-style flat earth documentary with this girl as we journey to the center of the plane.