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  1. any specific people come to mind?
  2. the kids in those videos I posted seemed to get VERY offended when you bring up the ability to procreate. I think you need a trigger warning there.
  3. agreed. My biggest take away from this is a reaffirmation of my hatred of teenagers.
  4. I guess the difference is that the "hate speech" in this case is "him" or "her" lol I don't know, Other? I see that all the time. hermaphrodites exist too but they seem a lot less shrill, as a whole.
  5. The difference seems to be that there is no law saying you must call black people 'colored' or gay people 'homosexual' at the risk of legal punishment. Banning certain words and forcing certain words are pretty different. You might say this is a slippery slope argument, but the guy is a professor who has studied totalitarian societies and I think his opinion is worth listening to.
  6. "we've had laws in this country that regulate what people can't say, and that's reasonable. But it seems to me that we're in danger of crossing a line with Bill C16 and its surrounding legislation, it's the first time I've seen in our legislative history where people are attempting to make us speak their language, and that's not something I'm willing to do." man, what a hateful bigot.
  7. man actually WATCHING what he is pushing up against has thrown this into a new light for me tonight. Militant radical leftists not listening at all and trying to drown him out with white noise and shutting off his mic. Disgusting.
  8. Why this man look like he about to drop the most fire lecture of 2017???
  9. guys
  10. ignore the editorial title, this is an interesting if frustrating watch.
  11. this is ridiculous. Jordan Peterson is railing against compelled speech and you keep bringing up this strawman of advocating hate speech.
  12. who says he's libertarian? have you actually listened to the whole DTFH he is on?
  13. not sure if this has been said but it seems like voting has removed shitposts like "this" or "you win the thread"
  14. http://www.wikihow.com/Pretend-to-Have-Ice-Powers-(for-Girls) (NO BOYZ ALOUD)
  15. I've been thinking about this. Wouldn't there already be workplace harassment laws regarding this? It's about intent. If a trans woman appears masculine and you call her sir with no ill-will, could that be actionable? Long-term workplace bullying is another thing entirely.