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  1. Agreed, that ep was wild
  2. Neil Tyson is a RAPER http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nosacredcows/2017/10/neil-degrasse-tyson-accused-of-rape/ (btw it's 2017 and an accusation is as good as a conviction)
  3. Is there room in your life for a discussion series conducted by a thoughtful, kind and beautiful man who can bag really great guests? and there's a free video component??? Available on your preferred podcast service, and youtube
  4. uh oh, dad's trying to post memes again! ā™„
  5. if Timothy Leary was guilty of anything it was overestimating the intelligence of the average person. The guy was an academic, he had no idea how his heady, radcal ideas were going to be received by the wider public. He may have caused more harm than good to 'society', but if you going around saying "Fuck Leary", well, people like me are just goin to think you're an ignoramus.
  6. You mean the entire human race? k Your obscure reference is lost on me, oh the irony!
  7. What Leary put out was pure positive message, calling humanity onward and upward. You can't blame him for the dumb-fucks and bastards misinterpreting or deliberately misconstruing what he said.
  8. have you looked into what Leary really meant by that?
  9. so "Fuck him"? yeah go on, pin every acid burnout on Leary. Really simplify the whole complex issue of drug abuse and prohibition down to that, if it's convenient for you.
  10. I viewed with a high fever, half conscious. Psychic analgesic
  11. went down a creepy hole and think I need to be offline a while
  12. lol. libellous!
  13. thing is, intelligence isn't genetic, as such. two morons might spring forth a brilliant genius. I assume you're familiar with this?
  14. guys it's called water LEVEL, not water CURVE. argue with that shit.