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  1. I'm currently planning on adopting a persona of a documentary filmmaker and making a windy city heat-style flat earth documentary with this girl as we journey to the center of the plane.
  2. wat do
  3. @euchridhow long do your WHM sessions last? do you count your breaths in each rep?
  4. Holotropic, pranayama, Wim Hof method, have you tried any of these? Any "trip reports" to share? Are there any risks doing it alone?
  5. what specifically? about them?
  6. The fewer views the better ^I'm kind of in love with her, she has wonderful searching eyes and I feel like I could convince her of anything. RussianVids, mentioned on the Sam Tripoli ep of the podcast. Always good for a conspiracy theory on anything and everything, just wish he would show his face.
  7. okay I guess bye guys see you on the other side
  8. want to hear somethin cool @queer ? I had an ulterior motive posing this question to the forum. I'm supposed to write an article for an online course and I'm just going to invent someone. need some inspiration. the sample article they have in the material is about a guy who makes artificial hearts! spooky.
  9. he may be target or part of a sophisticated disinfo campaign but he sure seems to be having fun lately.
  10. It's hilarious, the level of grovelling on that show. I checked in yesterday and Alex was gushing over Trump's signature.
  11. @pattmaynelistened to the new podcast intro yet? oddly relevant!
  12. hmm, it gets complicated trying to apply it to a whole nation of people. I find it more fun to frame Trump himself. I think he's gotten what he wanted and the next stage is to pay the piper, and he's about to find out... ...that being President... ...is harder than it looks.