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  1. okay I guess bye guys see you on the other side
  2. want to hear somethin cool @queer ? I had an ulterior motive posing this question to the forum. I'm supposed to write an article for an online course and I'm just going to invent someone. need some inspiration. the sample article they have in the material is about a guy who makes artificial hearts! spooky.
  3. he may be target or part of a sophisticated disinfo campaign but he sure seems to be having fun lately.
  4. It's hilarious, the level of grovelling on that show. I checked in yesterday and Alex was gushing over Trump's signature.
  5. @pattmaynelistened to the new podcast intro yet? oddly relevant!
  6. hmm, it gets complicated trying to apply it to a whole nation of people. I find it more fun to frame Trump himself. I think he's gotten what he wanted and the next stage is to pay the piper, and he's about to find out... ...that being President... ...is harder than it looks.
  7. you might find this interesting, Dan Harmon tried to condense Joseph Campbell's theories and uses it in his writing. On Harmontown he's always referring to people 'crossing the threshold' or 'meeting the goddess' . A character is in a zone of comfort, . But they want something. . They enter an unfamiliar situation, . Adapt to it, . Get what they wanted, . Pay a heavy price for it, . Then return to their familiar situation, . Having changed. http://channel101.wikia.com/wiki/Story_Structure_101:_Super_Basic_Shit
  8. interesting example. Language isn't inherent, it's a social tool. Would a modern human be capable of thought without learning a language? Imagine a child born and raised without any socialization (impossible but bear with me). They wouldn't have any need for language, no concept of their gender (gender identity is defined by society, it's not inherent IMO), and their "morals" would be defined by survival instincts and pain-aversion.
  9. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/22/steve-bannon-trump-s-top-guy-told-me-he-was-a-leninist.html a little unnerving. I miss the campaign, the memes aren't all that funny anymore.
  10. I used to say the word 'postmodern' when I was trying to describe someone behaving in a deliberately confusing or overly quirky way, or artists who were creating things that had no apparent 'message' other than saying "anything can be art, maaan!" I knew it also meant something more complex and lofty than that, but I would say the word not knowing fully what it meant. I still don't, and now you hear it in reference to things like moral relativism or gender spectrality and stuff. I like to try to boil things down to essential statements. I'm often wrong but when people correct me it can create interesting dialogues. From what I can tell, postmoderns think that the only reality you can really know is the one in your head. There is no ultimate reality. Not that we can have any hope of comprehending, anyway. In that vein, postmodern art is intended purely for the sake of expression, with no regard at all for the audience. It's about the act of creation itself and the satisfaction of having done it. Is Robert Anton Wilson's talk of "reality tunnels" just nihilistic garbage? Isn't it just another word for solipsism, in a way? Who put the bomp in the bomp shebop, shebop?
  11. on another, some would say fairer, planet earth in the multiverse the car flipped and exploded and Bill Hicks makes fun on the footage on his podcast.
  12. @AlphaMaggot "If there's complete independence between the biology, the identity, the expression and the sexual preference then there's no reason to assume that it can't just change" Is that what you're referring to? If so I think you're misrepresenting or misunderstanding.