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  1. Aw. Thanks Yasi! I'll have to check out Shane's tour. <3
  2. If you actually believe in our democratic process, it's relevant to note that Hillary isn't anti-marijuana: If you're curious about why the electoral college is genuine bullshit and undoes our democracy, please note that there are only laws in 24 states that prevent or in some cases give MINOR punishments to members of the electoral college for voting against the popular vote:
  3. I've been listening to Ram Dass' 'From Bindu to Ojas' recordings from the late sixties/early seventies, available on Apple Music, and he mentioned something interesting.. Apparently Majarajji "took on people's karma" by eating food they had prepared for him. Ram Dass mentions that he thinks Majarajji must have had like 16 meals a day because women from the village would line up all day long to feed him. That must be at least part of what is going on with that chassis. Here is another reference: http://www.maharajji.com/miracle-of-love/taking-on-karma.html
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1705207344/the-lucid-dreamer-wake-up-inside-your-dreams Apparently we are now able to electronically hack Lucid Dreaming, which sounds a lot more convenient than any of the discipline-related techniques I've come across. That said.. if it does actually work, I can't help but think that we'll end up in some Ursula-Le-Guin-esque dystopia. Thoughts?
  5. *dies laughing* Either way, I think we should dedicate the rest of the thread to Josh's photography collection.
  6. The conversation about the physical body and spiritual advancement seems almost impossible to have - either it gets a weird spiritual bypass, or it is just too uncomfortable and awkward to speak of. (Or it turns into a theological debate that have very little to do with the chassis.) Alas. I tried. <3
  7. I get that meditation is a sedentary activity. I understand that we are more than our bodies. I understand that there is judgement cast upon body types, and casting judgement is folly and sets heaven and hell infinitely apart. But we all get a body. We hang out in it - it's our chassis. There are some objectively optimal approaches to caring for the chassis we use to get around this plane of existence. So.. why do so many spiritual teachers seem to ignore their chassis? (And wtf is going on with Maharaji's chassis, in general?)
  8. I suspect this will have a pretty adverse effect on new user adoption and new topics. Did you run the numbers on what percentage of new topics are from new users or users without reputation points? This change feels like a bad move, to me.
  9. Day 10 update! It hasn't been much of a struggle not to have cannabis - but I am generally pretty good with discipline, and having the added benefit of AMAZING DREAMS is really motivating. I've started to identify that the urge to smoke seems to arise most frequently when I want to relax, or if I have a backache or headache. I really do miss the medicinal qualities - I use Tylenol now, where I didn't at all before. I think I experience a bit more fatigue, in general, because I smoke Sativa strains and they have a upper effect on me. I am kind of surprised by how often I space on stuff even when I am not high. I assumed all of my more air-headed qualities were due to inebriation - sadly, most of them are endogenous. I do have fewer cravings for junk food. (Duh.) My dreams continue to get more intense. I started to experience a sense of smell in my dreams, which I can't recall experiencing before. Unfortunately, the smell I encountered was a rotting apple.. but it felt so real! I'm going to try to stick it out for a month to see how it goes.
  10. Dude is an MIT physics professor. http://web.mit.edu/physics/people/faculty/tegmark_max.html
  11. Duncan mentions, often, that he'd like to quantify consciousness. I came across this insanely difficult to parse paper recently and it seems like it's an effort for just that. I can't read it.. because quantum physics much? But it would be so interesting to hear from someone who CAN grok this. Let's ignore the painful name 'perceptronium' for a moment and encourage Duncan to get Max Tegmark on the podcast. <3
  12. Okay. Now I have to 'fess up. During the first dream I had, after maybe years of no dreams, I met a stranger (a larger blonde woman) wearing a matching pair of the mala beads that I received from Ram Dass at the Spring Retreat. It was a really special moment; I felt like I met a kindred spirit. (Something I truly long for.) I felt so.. cathartic. I can't imagine ever forgetting that first dream back.
  13. I love weed. So much. I smoke pretty regularly.. For the past two years or so, about 75-80% of my waking hours are spent at least somewhat stoned. Weed doesn't really have many incapacitating effects on me; I have a high performance career, manage a home and family by myself, and still manage to pursue some creative efforts. After tripping this past weekend, I was inspired to take a stint of sobriety to get back in touch with who I am at my baseline. I am hoping to gain an understanding of what a normal me is, figure out what happens to my memory, see if I gain some emotional stability, and to figure out exactly what it is that triggers my craving to smoke. So far I don't notice many cognitive improvements outside of a little memory boost. (I am way less likely to forget that one thing I need to pick up at the grocery store.) Maybe I have a bit of an improved reflex/response time. I still haven't figured out what exactly is triggering the craving. Some amount of dhukka/dissatisfaction.. but I can't wrap my head around it yet. The biggest and most surprising impact is my DREAMS. I haven't had any dreams in so long.. none that I could remember, anyhow. I would go to sleep and wake up feeling rested. After about two days of no weed, I started dreaming again. It's been incredible. The dreams aren't always pleasant, of course, but they're back! And I am sooooo grateful. I am wondering if this is causation or correlation.. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  14. I've checked out Bashar/Anka. There are plenty of reasons why it is very hard to take him seriously - the topmost being his monetization strategies. I don't see a lot of altruism or charity work coming from that guy, and it seems like all of his events are pretty pricey. It feels like the kind of thing that would get Penn Jillette all frothy - a lot of people in a tough spot, looking for a positive change in their life, and paying a lot for it. Kind of gross. That said.. He caught my attention due to his theory of infinite parallel realities, training one's mind to allow for big changes and travelling through them to your desired reality. It's multiverse-y and interesting. I also really appreciate the idea of channeling, but I personally consider it more of a flow-state that uses your body/mind antennae to tune in to a particular information stream. I think comedians, musicians, and various speakers like Ram Dass do this all the time. I suspect that the idea of 'Bashar' being an 'alien' is likely the mental infrastructure that Anka needed to understand and cope with that information stream. <3
  15. I've been trolling around hoping to find some sort of group of like-minded humans with little to no avail, so I thought I might try to start something up myself. (Frequently I feel like there aren't very many humans like me. I suspect some of you may feel similarly.) Ideally, I'd like to gather up a group of conscious folks who have managed to retain their sense of humor and embark on some nature-hikes or city-walks (or park lazing?) where conversations about philosophy, magic and other exquisite esoteric shit is the norm. Intoxication of some variety could be a thing. This stuff could occur all over the bay, not just in SF, and we could maybe make it a bi-weekly or monthly thing? Who knows. (Additionally, as a parent, I see some potential for kid-friendly type events.. But I also know that none of you San Francisco Peter-Pan mother fuckers have kids.) Before I get too excited - can I get a quick show of hands for people who might be into it?