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  1. low and slow good sir. do it a number of times perhaps. each time slightly increasing the dose to safely explore the effects. 1500 is dangerous. maybe the person who recommended 1500 was talking about an extraction. the seeds have bad stuff in them that fucks with your vasculature. don't mess with this one. TO THE SPEAKER, THE BEST PSYCHEDELIC BY MANY TIMES over are THE PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUSES. get to it sir! plant some seeds for a 2020 trip!!!
  2. @whatsgoingon, now what divides introspection from choiceless awareness? surely it is identification. and identification has many forms. condemnation. rationalization. justification... and when there is this effort, to rationalize, to justify, to identify, nothing tangible is created or destroyed. it serves only to maintain the illusory and frail self concept. i hope you see the significance of this good sir. perhaps you will read KRISHNAMURTI. or better yet, discard your KRISHNAMURTI and read yourself. and don't read yourself in isolation, that is absurd! read yourself in times of action, with the surfacing of the otherwise hidden perversions of the self. oh and BY JOVE, don't forget to plant a PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUS!!! THE KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE VOL. 2: KRISHNAMURTIER is about to begin in it's new forum. perhaps this year, we will find communion sir. perhaps this year, we will end suffering and conflict in the minds of man. it seems as good a time as any.
  3. @okomfo, the self image is quite cunning isn't it sir? always looking for a static definition to bring some continuity to the self. but reality is not static is it sir? so what then is the result of preconception? to the speaker, labelling the forum and it's members is no different than labelling one's self. and labelling does not serve to define reality but rather to skew it.
  4. SIRS AND SIRSETTES: not surprisingly, we have not reached a unanimous vote. @tyqo, you cannot vote for yourself since you did not enter the CHALLENGE. you have not led the speaker along a trail of logic to your vote. that will not win any BIG BIG MONEY AROUND HERE, kind sir! but you are reading KRISHNAMURTI, and perhaps soon you will plant a CACTUS!! @Thelthe self image is quite fragile, isn't it sir? it constantly looks to approximate itself. and it is very cunning. surely one of its most cunning modalities of refurbishment is the comparative approximation. that is, defining those people around you. what they have. how they act. their value on the many scales. he is chinese, she is retarded and so on and so on. what is happening here, good sir, is not the discernment of your environment, but rather an approximation relative to a point of comparison which is the fragile self image. perhaps you see it now. perhaps now you can follow the movement of your own fragile self image. or perhaps the speaker should put it differently? perhaps it is still not palpable. @POWOTE must move on from KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE to other initiatives. and the speaker must begin THE KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE VOL. 2 KRISHNAMURTIER. details en route. the speaker has urged @POWOTE to wait one more week for the BIG BIG ENDING. perhaps he will. so @Theland @tyqo you have one week to lead the speaker to your vote along a trail of logic. if you do so adequately we will go into it and find out what is real. if your logic is flawed the speaker will discern actuality.
  5. @stein22501, is it time sir? is it time for you to eat the CACTUS and consider the METACONCEPT?!?
  6. oh indeed sir! oh indeed! certainly then we will find communion! to gain entry to the CHALLENGE one must first read one book by KRISHNAMURTI then consume 1 PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUS and share one's brain thoughts. you have completed the KRISHNAMURTI reading component indeed. but you have not consumed the CACTUS while considering the METACONCEPT. and furthermore you have not shared your brian thoughts. therefore you have not officially entered the CHALLENGE good sir. there are only three entries. the speaker, dindette, and POWOTE. the speaker has no possessions. dindette shares a bank account with the speaker. so then sir, what drives thought/action/perception in you? is it logic? or authority?
  7. @tyqo, indeed you do. now sir, to the speaker, there is no authority. that is, authority only flows where logic does not. authority becomes obsolete the instant there is logic. authority comes in many forms doesn't it sir? there is the external kind. the police. the laws of physics. and so on. and there are the internal modes of authority. the ideals, the preconceptions, the definitions and so on. let's find out, together, if the vote you have expressed is of authority or of logic. perhaps you will fair better than @Thel, who looks not past his field of preconception. now sir, initially you voted for @DindetteNuffincause fuck men. so why sir, have you changed your vote to @tyqo? did you take the CHALLENGE good sir?
  8. how about you eat a book by KRISHNAMURTI with your MIND, and CACTUS with your pizza hole. perhaps then you will find reality sir.
  9. @shite, sir, perhaps we could go into it? that is, yourself and the speaker. sir what is anxiety fundamentally?
  10. @kyledude, but sir, the question goes unanswered, what divides open mindedness from gullibility? good sir, may we take a moment and examine the divide between open mindedness and gullibility and see what we find out? it will only take a moment, and it will help the speaker discern.
  11. you see! oh sir you see! 'i' is the reverberation of experience! residual time! oh sir indeed!
  12. @Nihil Loc, perhaps a CACTUS sir? surely lophophora enjoys the hawaiian weather as much as it enjoys basking in the canadian sun? perhaps you will read a book by KRISHNAMURTI and then eat a HAWAIIAN CACTUS?
  13. @kyledude, typically sir, mediums are relatively expensive. you will find more value for your dollar going with the very large or the super skinny. now, sir what divides open mindedness from gullibility?
  14. @ThisIsMyCareer, madam, it is of course up to you to use the multitude of sources you have available. go into it. and find out if what the speaker says is true. neither the speaker, @stein22501, or KRISHNAMURTI is the authority on anything.