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  1. the psychedelic experience is love sirs. isn't that it? that love, is the complete decompression of ideas. that is, to feel love, is to be without the impetus of belief, of tradition, of any patters of thinking. then there is that state of pure love. pure bliss. it is always there sirs. you can find it through drug, or you can find it through truth. through examining fact sirs.
  2. but how many studies about the effects of PSILOCYBIN + KRISHNAMURTI?
  3. The electronic instrument duncan likes to play with is the MINDCOCK.
  4. @duncan, The speaker is running a seaside resort by the sea, reading KRISHNAMURTI, eating MUSHROOMS, And PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUSES (legally, of course) taking hikes, breathing deeply fresh air, smoking big joints, fishing fish, building things, masturbating the MIND and COCK and watching sunsets. But most of all, the speaker has been preparing for the next challenge. Sirs the next challenge will be BIG BIG. But this time the speaker is not challenging the sirs or sirsettes, he is challenging himself. The CHALLENGE is to inject a thought virus into the collective mind, into culture sir. A thought virus that once understood, turns completely to fire, and burns away every hint of belief and so too compulsion. This fire leaves only objective fact, which is love. The virus will be composed of truth, peyote, and plasticine, and be on YouTube. Are you ready sir? Are you ready for the next CHALLENGE? And lay off the Vicodin good sir by jove!
  5. By Jove madam! Do nothing! Surely that is quite absurd. What about taking some mescaline madam? Hmm? Surely that would shake off those false approximations, those false images. By jove indeed. If you do nothing sirs, nothing will be the result. But if you take mescaline and read KRIshnamurti you will unrestrict thought, action and perception.
  6. @skunk, the solution to your problem is surely to complete the CHALLENGE. One CACTUS one book by KRISHNAMURTI. Find objective bliss sir.
  7. May we go into it sirs? You, and the speaker?
  8. and that is just it sirs. that is the very problem the steingoomer and the speaker do face. you see it matters not whether a belief is political, religious, or just the superimposition of some approximative image, what is remains untouched by opinion - untouched by one's choice to identify with the left or the right. so is the speaker just a dumb program? or is that a label, an approximative generalization that serves only to obfuscate what is? now certainly everything you know tells you that the speaker is less than what you want yourself to be. but what is knowledge sir, and what is belief? it seems there is a distinction which remains, to you, unclear. now our interaction here sir is a microcosm for every hint of nationalistic and religious friction that has plagued human relationship. that is, to identify with a belief is to isolate oneself within a field of imagery. and look at where it has left us sir? we have the man isolated from the family. the family isolated from the community. the community isolated from the country. and the country isolated from the integration. and beyond all of this there is what is. beyond the self imposed isolation of the ideologue, beyond the self imposed isolation of the steingoomer, there is fact. and fact is incorruptible by opinion sir.
  9. the question is 'what is?' isn't that it sirs? surely that is the question that we are all facing here today. regardless of ethnicity or political ideology, we are all faced with the same constantly burning question. what is? what is around us? what is inside of us? and what is the relationship between what is around us and what is inside of us. the integration sirs. but how do we find what is in this sea of what should be? in this sea of opinion? in this sea of contradiction? how do we look around these fields of conflict to find actuality, that is the problem we are facing here today. and sirs, this problem applies equally to both the man who defends, and the man who opposes. you see the man who defends and the man who opposes are the same man, mechanically, split only by their identification with opposing poles of the same ideology, identification with patterns, with beliefs. so then to find actuality, to find what is, one must look free of any of the psychological pulls of the left or the right, the pulls of his god or hers. to find actuality one must see both the left and the right, both the jesus and the muhammed, and look at them free of the psychological ties of identification. then one is receptive. then perception is bliss. but as long as we put an image to a figure, as long as we label it with a generalization, with a belief - we will not see that figure in its actual state, we will not see that figure as it relates to the integration. isn't that it sirs?
  10. indeed. we see that we can reach this state of receptivity through transfixion, through focusing on a beat, a concept, a pattern, an image. but can we find that state of receptivity that is the antithesis of transfixion? that is, can we find that state of meditation that is not the turd of some pattern, not the turd of some focus, but rather the complete negation of all transfixion? can we find this state of receptivity sir?
  11. @stein22501, certainly what is most concerning sir is compulsion. that is, the images that feed your particular impetus. the pressure to alter one's environment is an attempt to alter the image of oneself. the image of oneself creates a wake of compulsion. and that is your impetus sir. so surely it is most important, outside of budgeting, to look to understand the nature of compulsion, the very nature of that thing that pulls you towards new mexico. so what does that image look like sir? the one that draws you to new mexico?
  12. to achieve such a state, the mind must not be seeking any other state. certainly that is most important. that is, there mustn't be any impetus, any compulsion, any urge to change one's surroundings or oneself. then there is complete bliss sir. then there is perfection. intelligence. nature. god. meditation. love. the psychedelic state. you see it is all the same thing sir. and not mystically, but quite literally. quite actually. and this state of receptivity is to be actualized through the negation of the competing interference. the white noise of the mind sir. the impetus. the compulsion. the urge to change and become. it is the negation of these lingering images that allows for love to shine through sir. that allows the psychedelic state to be. perhaps we should go into it.
  13. perhaps a challenge sirs? one that would perpetually improve. a challenge to find reality unobfuscated by the influence of time, the influence of the self image? how about it sirs? how about a challenge? a non acquisitive challenge of negation.
  14. to fuck the speaker there must be communion. that is, we must look to one another without the clouding of time, without the colouring of opinion. then there is that timeless state that is blissful reality.
  15. by jove sir! if we look to authority to find reality we will find only contradiction. so we cannot find reality in the words of UG Krishnamurti. we must look to reality, that is, the integration, to find what is. we cannot find objectivity by looking through a screen of opinion sir. a screen of patterns. a screen of expectation. if we look through any screen, any filter, we will find only contradiction and not fact.