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  1. Thanks for the reply. I definitely agree with you on this, it has been very close in my life the past few weeks. Temptation to return to old ways, feelings of stagnation, of confusion. But each time I've slipped, I've regained stability or at least the feeling of momentarily stopping the swaying. These things, like you said, seem to be cyclical in nature. Take it easy, friend.
  2. Six Month Update Edit!
  3. I'm reading Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King as a day-read and DMT The Spirit Molecule as a night-read.
  4. I came along a few months ago and haven't witnessed this death you speak of. I have found community in this forum and I feel like there's life here. Who knows if this forum will experience a 'rebirth' in the future where more people will filter through and contribute. But at least the numbers show that there are people here. Maybe it's not as lively as the golden days.
  5. Here's an interesting pdf about character archetypes. It's interesting to look at your own personality (past, present, future, transitory) in terms of these characters. Introspection and elucidation or justification and rationalization? Anyways, probably fruitful.
  6. I liked the story Duncan told about the obese guy and comparing that to the spiritual wiggle you sometimes have to do. Start small, gather momentum, keep going.
  7. I like this idea! It makes sense to have them realize the negative situation themselves and thus create more concrete change.
  8. I'd recommend Herzog's documentaries. Happy People, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Encounters at the End of the World.
  9. Thanks for the tips! I've been just using walking for exercise mostly, it would be probably beneficial to start doing some strength / cardio at a gym. Especially now as the weather gets cold.
  10. Thanks man! Life's a weird ride, might as well enjoy it!
  11. Yeah definitely. We are all renters in this dimension and too much attachment to the meat vessel might seem superfluous, pointless. BUT if we are here to spread love or whatever, might as well give ourselves a bit of that love in the form of self care. It's definitely worth experimenting.
  12. Hey guys. I just wanted to share a little about my life and some realizations I've come to in the past year. I have been overweight for my whole life, I think. Only slightly in the first years of elementary school, but it quickly went down hill from there. I'm pretty sure I weighed over 200 pounds when I was 15. My BMI has been over 30 for probably 3-4 years. Food has equaled comfort, safety, a feeling of being content, whole, literally FULL. The only other overweight person in my family was my mother, who I had a very close relationship with. I could connect with her, we talked about things that interested the both of us: I told her things I'd learned that day in school all the way to high school, where I started becoming interested in psychology, philosophy, religion. She had studied psychology in high school and on her own and was pretty interested in spiritual things. We both had green eyes and similar features. Makes me wonder if there is some genetic component to my obesity. Well, my mother died in 2014. I was just about to turn 17 the next month. She died of cancer that had spread to her lungs about six months earlier. This spiraled me into a depression which I didn't talk to anyone about. I haven't really even talked about the experience of my mother dying, other than in writing. I've chatted about it a little bit online, but not really face to face with other people. Needless to say, losing this relationship that was the most important made me lose interest in life. I started eating insane amounts of food without any care for my body. Sausages, stakes, noodles, pasta, bread, sugar, soda, alcohol...On and on a year after her dying I weighed 300 pounds at the age of 18. I smoked cigarettes, had high blood pressure and was en route to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. I was at my heaviest around Christmas of 2015. Somewhere over 300 pounds. I can honestly say that podcasts have been a huge thing that's kept me afloat, Joe's, Duncan's, Chris' in particular. They allowed me to see that life is more mysterious than it seems and that there are questions which cannot be answered, possibilities beyond what we can see through the haze that is our mundane lives and assumptions. They allowed me to hear similar stories to my own, stories about grief, survival, addiction. And also humor. Thanks for giving me that price, laughter in a really dark place. Podcasts make days easier to bare. For a long time I've been climbing out of the gutter, one day at a time. There are bad days when I feel like nothing matters or that I shouldn't bother trying to mend my health, since I'm going to die anyway. We are all buried in the same dirt regardless of what we did during our lives. But these days are mostly good. I've lost 50 pounds since last Christmas. I quit smoking a month ago, no cigarettes since then. I started logging all my food about two weeks ago. I don't have forbidden foods, although as I've set a caloric goal of 1600 kcal per day I eat mainly foods that are low in caloric density. Vegetables, lean meats, yogurt, fruit, nuts, seeds etc. My blood pressure has gone back to normal, resting heart rate has dropped, I sleep better and I can wear clothes that have been too big for years. I've realized that I have to be an active presence in my own life. If I'm not it will just go on by, unlived. If I would have continued like I have for those years, I would end up prisoner inside a house, unable to move. Or I would have had to go under the knife and get some surgery to stop my monstrous eating. I'm going to silence the hungry ghost that I've become. I'm going to take charge of my life. I did this by walking everyday for exercise and by cutting the crap (mostly out of my diet). And thanks again for this forum and Duncan. It's cool to find a place where you belong. Update May 2017: So it's been about six months since I made this post. A lot has happened in those six months and I thought it might be interesting to do a little accountability check up in this post so I can use it to keep my bearings. In February I started running. I got a good pair of shoes and layered myself in clothing in order to bear the fucking freezing winter we had here in Finland. I've been running pretty constantly since February, about 400 kilometers cumulatively until this point. My diet's been through all kinds of experiments. For a while I did keto and ended up losing quite a bit that way. Now I've been doing an 18/8 intermittent fasting and that has been pretty good. Still my disordered eating has been rearing it's ugly head but mostly I've been able to tame that beast into submission. In addition to running I've been doing some lifting. I bought a kettlebell, incorporated presses and swings and stability exercises. I do push-ups and some negative pull ups. Progress pic!
  13. It was the lastest episode. 218, Walter Blanco. They only talked about it for a few moments, mainly Jeff explaining his gregariousness.
  14. I was listening to Harmontown the other day and they were talking about how being socially adept is a legit skill, everyone is born with a certain amount of social ability (charisma, confidence etc) which is then either increased or reduced by Not exercising that muscle eg not going out there to talk to new people, meet them and learn about them and about ways to interact with others Once you talk to people getting shot down. Not getting positive reinforcement from others. Getting into a headspace where you see the outside world as having nothing to give to YOU. It's so egoistic that I'm ashamed to admit it but I felt like that at one point. For sure there are interesting people somewhere, I just saw the outside layer of mundane nonsense. I kinda elaborated on the points that they made on the podcast.
  15. My brother has these headphones which he bought like a year ago or something. I've tried them out a couple of times, just for going for a little walk and drive to see how well they actually worked outdoors. I didn't find anything to complain about, they were not heavy, felt comfortable on my ears and the sound quality was pretty great. They go for about 100 euros here in finland, probably could find them cheaper abroad somewhere. I don't have any extra knowledge on the topic. If I needed new headphones and had some money to spare I'd probably buy these. MERGE WITH THE MACHINE; REMOVE THE CHORDS.