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  1. Nope, but I can't believe they do not exist.
  2. I like Sam Harris. I don't agree with him all the time but i like how he thinks and he is able to clearly state his case, in my opinion. This conversation really highlighted one of his biggest weaknesses as a interlocutor. He gets obsessive compulsive over precise use of n words and definitions even when it makes little difference. He refuses to allow a poor word choice to slide by even if he and everyone else completely understands the meaning of the persons sentence. It can really wreck a conversation. It's rare that such precision matters in a real conversation.
  3. A tool that helps us describe reality through its use.
  4. I would argue that we 'treat' far too many 'conditions' with 'medical professionals'.
  5. Yeah, I'd agree with this. I'm sure there are certain pressures he feels as well that make him push so hard. What I think this entire thread really proves is that we need a podcast from one of the people we enjoy that has, for lack of a better term, an SJW person who's involved and not batshit crazy who can really articulate this issue from that side. I admit my echo chamber is exclusively people bashing this sort of stuff in the same vain as Peterson. I'd love to actually HEAR the other (SJW) side instead of listening to how the opposition frames their SJW opponents arguments.
  6. This is the one part of this that I feel like is missing. He may have covered this in a talk, I don't know, but I haven't heard him say it. As far as I've heard him talk he has never said that this happened. What I've gathered from a few podcasts and videos is that this law passed, Peterson said, "No way!" And his employer and the students responded. The university by explaining their fear of legal repercussions (arguably understandable as this is a new situation) and the students through protest/antics. Has this actually happened? Has anyone demanded being called anything and he's refused and gotten in trouble? I mean, this seems relevant. Otherwise he's just yelling, "Slippery slope!" Which I think at least bears acknowledgment. This reminds me very much of the NC bathroom bills down here in the US.
  7. Honestly did not see the pronoun sentence there. Still, it feels like Peterson's response is still overblown. It'll be interesting to see if/how these laws are applied in these more ephemorous areas like these new pronouns a few people are pushing. It does not feel terrible at all if someone were to take a professor aside and say, "I know I have boobs but I am a male, please call me by masculine pronouns." How weird it gets from there is anyone's guess.
  8. How does that support his apocalyptic views? That link says nothing about anyone forcing anyone to do anything other than not be a dick. It seems pretty much in line with what I'd expect in any anti-harassment type law. It said nothing about pronouns, which I admit is a weird aspect of this for myself and most people. It simply says that if a person born a woman decides to be a dude, let them be a dude. And vice versa. I don't see much of an issue with this. Has there actually been anyone fined, arrested, sued or anything for accidentally calling a woman a man or refusing to call them a zer? Does any law actually, explicitly or otherwise, make this threat? I haven't found anything out there. Mostly just a lot of hand wringing from a handful of people, a Peterson most notedly.
  9. Let's be clear and state that my criticisms of Peterson's views on this subject are that and only that. By criticizing Peterson one does not support the radical SJW wing nuts who are badgering him.
  10. Yeah, but I try not to do stuff like that as a general rule. Sometimes it still slips out and I try to make it right ASAP. This time it took a day, which sucks. I'm still a work in progress.
  11. You're right, and @Gnome too, I shouldn't have implied that you guys are retards. Sorry, guys.
  12. Well, it's been half a year and nobody has hung themselves, we have no Mad Max style Neg Gangs, no black market for upvotes. You guys sound like the Tea Partiers still posting memes about Obama coming for their guns. I think we will be ok.
  13. This is entirely the same 'slipper slope' bullshit hysteria that predominantly or entirely male places of business ran up the flag pole when women started to assert their rights and Sue scumbag bosses for harassment and actually started winning cases. And, unsurprisingly, tried the same shit when minority civil rights started being enforced. While I am certain there have been many, many baseless claims and judgments over the decades, hiring blacks and women and not calling blacks by epithets and women Tits Mcgee and Toots, did not collapse the ever fragile running of businesses. I've disliked Peterson since I first heard him on Rogan and this podcast didn't really change anything. He has some interesting ideas, I might even look into this self authoring thing, but he's kind of a double on this subject and Marxism.