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  1. You can be invisible in there. We laughed at you when you'd come and tell us your gay shit but now I feel bad since you thought we weren't listening. Try notes in a bottle next time.
  2. That being said, neoliberalism sucks. Free markets are anything but and the invisible hand is a fist... in your ass... slowly pumping and rotating. The "new left" thread talked a lot about this stuff if anyone's interested.
  3. I would argue that for all intents and purposes neocon and neoliberal are the same thing. One could pull conservatism and a neoliberal approach to economics apart and address them separately when we talk about someone like Paul Ryan but they are so entwined as a belief system that I think it's sort of pointless to make the distinction.
  4. Those unable to work (for whatever reason) are the true unemployable poor. Those unwilling to work are another group of poor. These will exist in any system in any country during any time. Let's just do our best to make sure they don't suffer and die. The real issue of "poorness" (by this I mean the working poor through what passes for 'middle class' nowadays) as I see it is that they are a necessary byproduct of the system. A business can relegate a person to the ranks of the poor not only to avoid losing money but also to avoid making less profit. A business is allowed to survive in a way that people are not in our culture. A company can fire a person at will (yeah, there are some protections, but... we all know...) yet a person can not work at will. A willing man is not guaranteed work, ie not being poor. Once more, it's not the people, it's the system. The system must change. @pattmayne In your multiple choice, A is the only humane, moral, and ethical answer.
  5. The shitty thing about libertarianism and really any system that supports neoliberal economics is that the very system itself pre-supposes the existence of the poor as a byproduct of the system running properly. Then it twists itself into a pretzel trying to explain how they'd help those poor people while simultaneously implying that they're lazy. And then, when they toss two day old bread and water onto the tables of the poor homes, they ask for our applause for doing that bare minimum.
  6. And when Smith dismissed child labor as "having happened throughout history" or whatever his words were was absolutely preposterous.
  7. The free market is anything but. Duncan did a reasonable job of showing this but Smith did the libertarian jig and couched his words and shifted the target. Libertarians are bad enough but then he brought anarchism into it. Good fucking grief. You want to see what small government and the free market get you? Check out the Dem. Rep. Congo. Anarchist free market? See: Somalia.
  8. This is how i feel about libertarians: Anybody who would look back on the Robber Baron/Gilded Age and see it as somehow a vindication of unfettered free markets is a fundamentally sick human being.
  9. Of course it is. But that would make a pretty boring thread, wouldn't it?
  10. Does it really matter? I think we can all agree that drowning a limbless man is not very inspiring. However, a limbless man biting the hand of the guy pulling him under and flippering up to the surface is pretty inspiring. Be inspired. I hope that guys name is Bob. I really do.
  11. Your plan should be to have the scraps in your house, not plan on looting. A few large rubbermaid tubs stuffed with food and water and camping supplies particularly water filtration of some sort. Knife and hatchet. Gun if you can. Also, learn how to actually fight. A bad man is gonna break you if you wing Chun him. And don't learn from you tube, if you were serious about that.
  12. Hey, surprise, the perfect character made the perfect moral choice. I bet we were all wondering if she'd torture or not.
  13. I just like to look at Idris Elba. That's one suave bitch.
  14. What if Cumberbatch is what was best? What if they had cast an Indian and it was best for the movie and got dragged through the mud by portraying yet another brown man as a terrorist and labelled racists? I'm not trying to defend them, I just find it an interesting situation. Hell, I never even knew Khan was Indian before reading about the Cumberbatch issue right around when it came out. I just thought Khan was a badass name.
  15. So I had remembered hearing about this back when the movie was opening. The white washing part. I found a couple articles where the casting people, I think, were feeling pressure to NOT have yet another middle eastern/asian dude cast as terrorist/universal threat for fear of being seen as racist. Man, this shit gets confusing sometimes. Curious on how you view the situation under that light. Any different?