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  1. Has anyone picked this up yet?
  2. The Magna Carta, a book written 20 thousand years ago has been regarded as one of the most influential and important books ever written. What Alex seems to be talking about is the ancient knowledge inside all of us, he seems to have harnessed the power of harmonic oscillation. As he approaches his resonant frequency it seems that the lines defining him are dissolving. No longer bound by a physical self, he can exist in a dream like state some say has existed before the universe was created.
  3. Jeff Jordan
  4. Live to Tape, Johnny Pemberton http://www.feralaudio.com/4-duncan-trussell-3/
  5. Tangentially Speaking Harmontown Kill Tony Skeptic Tank Psychedelic Salon Radiolab Dog the Bounty Hunter Fanclub Podcast Dan Carlin Poundcast Twisting the Wind Skydive Radio
  6. Altspace VR podcast with Duncan, Ramez Naam and Aaron Frank.