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  1. That sounds amazing to me right now.
  2. 2-cb
  3. Do you notice any negative effects? Why do you want to stop? I use mostly every day going on 5 years, with the exception of a couple tolerance breaks. I ponder this myself...Perhaps my short term memory is worse, but it helps with depression. I find more meaning in life when I'm using consistently, and I don't really want to go back on SSRIs. So I don't know...I'm guessing She's not done teaching me yet.
  4. Cool. Thanks for sharing...I've listened to his podcast but had no idea who he was.
  5. I am in a similar situation. Long story short is that I studied finance prior to learning more about myself and what truly interests me, and now I'm stuck. The problem is I don't know how to make a career out of what I really enjoy. But anyway.... is there any possibility to get into your desired career without more college or another degree? I personally could stand dealing with the culture of universities again, but not paying all that money for it.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this... Sending love and praying for healing and integration to the family and friends dealing with her loss. And God Speed to the member no longer with us...May she have a peaceful journey.
  7. Hold on to ur butts.....
  8. Agreed. I'm not big on weddings either, but they may not be as terrible as you're making it out to be. It seems like your bro wants to have you at his celebration. It's just one day.
  9. How many grams do you guys do? I just tried my first dose this evening. Started with 3gs, and about 45 min in, I started noticing a pleasant feeling to my skin/body...gave me goosebumps for a moment. Reminded me of the cup of lean I drank, but maybe a bit more subtle in its effects. I really dig this so far...hopefully it'll be a good anxiety remedy when I need it. So far it doesn't seem to impair my cognitive ability too much.
  10. Hmm.
  11. +1 vote for Aesop Rock. (Love that DMX song though. I think that album was partly responsible for me getting into hip hop music.)
  12. -Write "Don't believe everything your brain conjures up" on your hand prior to smoking/getting high. -Stick to more sedative indica strains if you still like getting high and they are available to you. I used to have a problem believing weird thoughts when I was younger (like if I thought a family member was going to die, I worried that would cause it to happen,) and somehow it slowly went away for the most part. Occasionally it'll happen, but these thoughts don't have the gravity they once had. You just have to consistently remind yourself every day that just because you think it, doesn't necessarily make it real....like ingrain that into your consciousness....that's my best advice I got
  13. I went last month. I hiked this trail and it was fucking beautiful IMO. Not too crowded either, which was nice (went on a Friday morning.) It's about an hour and 15m from Denver I believe. http://www.rockymountainhikingtrails.com/ouzel-falls.htm
  14. You have personal experience taking antipsychotics @nicklelust?
  15. What do the voices say @stein22501?
  16. I can relate OP. Three strategies that could help that I'm about to attempt: -As a daily experiment, try to channel/act like someone who enjoys connecting with other people. Just for the sake of trying out a different reality tunnel. Smile more, be more sociable, etc. -Gratitude meditation in the morning. -Do more strenuous exercise. Try it for a month and see if you notice any positive results.
  17. I preface this by saying my attention span is fucking embarrassing. But I find books on spirituality are especially difficult to read...It's not that they go totally over my head, but I feel like you have to read them SLOW and pause frequently for the concepts to sink in. Im considering reading this with y'all, but it will probably take me several months to finish.
  18. Artist - Lil Ugly Mane Song - Stoop Lights
  19. Edit - I sincerely hope you find a remedy for your pain soon, man. If there's anyone in your life that could possibly help in any way, reach out to them and ask. Even if its the members of this forum.
  20. @SolitonCheck out their first convo on the DTFH. I know they get into that. @Piquiodtotally agree. I caught his Good Trip tour in Dallas and it was one of my all time favorite comedy shows. My fiancé isn't even into psychedelics but she had a great time too.
  21. Thanks a bunch for compiling these @CosmEffect You're awesome mayne
  22. Greg fitzsimmons seems like a super genuine dude...loved the conversation, and the one on Greg's podcast. I really hope he returns to the DTFH again soon while he's in NYC. I can relate to the guilt issue Greg has...wasn't raised Catholic and I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but I'm fucking plagued by this demon.
  23. @WhatDidIForget Thanks for sharing. Did your experience happen while on psychedelics or were you sober? Sorry, I wish I responded a while back when you posted last.
  24. Sadly like everything else, I think it always comes down to there not being a profit motive. 99% of anyone with the monetary influence to get this done really only care about increasing their material wealth...who gives a shit about expanding our knowledge of the cosmos when there's a beach house in the Hamptons or a shiny new learjet to buy.