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  1. @SolitonCheck out their first convo on the DTFH. I know they get into that. @Piquiodtotally agree. I caught his Good Trip tour in Dallas and it was one of my all time favorite comedy shows. My fiancé isn't even into psychedelics but she had a great time too.
  2. Thanks a bunch for compiling these @CosmEffect You're awesome mayne
  3. Greg fitzsimmons seems like a super genuine dude...loved the conversation, and the one on Greg's podcast. I really hope he returns to the DTFH again soon while he's in NYC. I can relate to the guilt issue Greg has...wasn't raised Catholic and I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but I'm fucking plagued by this demon.
  4. @WhatDidIForget Thanks for sharing. Did your experience happen while on psychedelics or were you sober? Sorry, I wish I responded a while back when you posted last.
  5. Sadly like everything else, I think it always comes down to there not being a profit motive. 99% of anyone with the monetary influence to get this done really only care about increasing their material wealth...who gives a shit about expanding our knowledge of the cosmos when there's a beach house in the Hamptons or a shiny new learjet to buy.
  6. I felt a little uncomfortable when Duncan went on the psychedelic rant...only because I sensed Loeb wasn't particularly interested...I get the same feeling when I've attempted to explain these experiences with people who haven't had them. It's frustrating. But...thank you for trying Duncan. Fascinating conversation.
  7. I'm interested to try it. Anyone order it online? I'm wondering if "http://krakenkratom.com/" is legit.
  8. I'd be surprised if this dude knows anything. Hope I'm wrong though.
  9. I haven't tried DMT yet, but I'm considering it soon. What is your experience with smoking DMT? Would you consider the psychic healing potential to be more or less than a longer mushroom trip? I'd assume if anything, it's a great opportunity to practice surrendering and letting go, which I have some issues with. A few months ago, another member here @Tomasaid he felt like his anxiety was nonexistent for several days after...and frankly that sounds amazing. I've had some great mushroom trips, but that's never happened with me. Thanks for any feedback, fam.
  10. I struggle with this part. I feel like love and fearlessness are mutually exclusive, at least for me. I'm good at loving the people around me, but I don't know how to balance that with not being afraid of standing up for myself. Every time I do, I get the initial sense that I'm overreacting, and should just have let it go instead of fueling a conflict with someone I love. Perhaps I have a deeper issue with self love that would help with that...I don't know. But how do you stop feeling like a dick every time you do something that favors your self interest?
  11. @tyqoInternment camps sound pretty shitty to me, man. But I see your point. We are all going to die, and Donald is a perfect distraction from that. I agree with @Rokazuluthough. I think there is some kind of awakening happening right now, but it isn't so rapid that we are all aware of it. But as long as the internet isn't shut down, it'll keep growing. RAW, Leary and McKenna's timelines were just not quite accurate...but it doesn't mean that they weren't on to something. If there's any truth to be known, it's that life continues to evolve.
  12. I'm stuck in a dead end office job at the moment, but paying my bills because of it thankfully. God how I would love to get a government income check every month so I can quit this and just do photography or make Etsy shit...and not starve to death. I need more control of my time and life.
  13. Yeah it's funny to me that the most active discussions here the past few days are 1. Bitch about forum thread and 2. Let's all leave thread.
  14. With that said, God speed to all the fam who decide to go.
  15. I won't be joining you. I'm not that active on this board, but it's still always meant a lot to me ever since I joined. My first post was a request for prayers and advice during an extremely difficult time in my life, and many members here sent me messages of love and support when I was completely lost in grief. Needless to say I'll always be grateful for that.