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  1. Quality > Quantity
  2. This thread is not the shitshow I wanted. It is the shitshow I deserve.
  3. #GoodCoke Day 2 here. Send positive vibes. 💗🙏💗
  4. I can't tell if I got two upvotes because people think I should only receive downvotes or if we have some goddamn comedians in our midst.
  5. @StigWould it be possible to edit my account so there are two red down votes buttons?
  6. I'm so happy for your 8 months of sobriety!
  7. Ok cool I can work with this. I think the bearded old man Christian God is not the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God. I can't imagine an entity that is all three of thise things and the capacity for human emotions like doubt or anger. It seems like the closest thing it might get to in terms of human emotions would be boredom. The Old Man stereotype might be an atheist but I chalk that up to the fact that he's not really God. Just a cultural parental surrogate to explain the unexplainable and maybe teach a few life lessons. Certainly not anything worthy of the title God.
  8. That was me sinking to your level of schoolyard insult. But seriously, he employed an analogy about coke to make a point about the flaws of NoFap. For some reason you locked in on cocaine and here we are still talking about.
  9. NE!!! Ha bring the hate bitches ] so I was surprised when I heard about the troubles resurfacing. Given those standards I'm surprised I haven't been banned. Did reptile go on a rant about jews or something? g hotel california
  11. Way to double down with a schoolyard insult. You seem confused. You should try reading comprehension.
  12. I hoped this was going to transcend the worn out "could he microwave a burrito so hot even HE couldnt eat it???!?" touchstone
  13. Cocaine is not only healthy for you, it's always 100% pure.
  14. You seem to be anthropomorphizing the God of this example. This omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent being would be aware of the concept of deceit because of those three O's. God would also know that he created that concept otherwise he wouldn't be all three of them and wouldn't be God.