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  1. I need some Dunc on astral hustle
  2. Yeah rue is dangerous though and should only be taken with/ in combinatory practice with lucy
  3. Actually that's not a bad pov. Maybe I've reconsidered my critical first remarks since yesterday.
  4. I need my named changed to Weinersteinhammer
  5. It's a weird thing to me now that there's #fakenews because I was accustomed to internet proving all kinds of bullshit over conspiracies with an obvious lack of incentive to use more intuitive parts of the brain via critical thinking due to conspiracy theory. Maybe more people have demons than I do. Disinformation has begun to work in my favor because of the synchronicities lately since if everyone was getting it the same as myself I would be inclined to spit directly into the wind more often and more inhibited probably leading to excessive drinking. Misinformation on the other hand trends toward cool coincidences that have me scratching my head. I love the ability to have the obvious freedom to have all the blanks filled in at my apparent behest because I've made it through Chapel Perilous. Now the dynamic is that I need more creative process in order to actually access my right brain the way is required for comfort on a true benevolent place. Libertas sus levamentum. Discuss.
  6. To be quite popular among the ladies is nothing to shake your fist to the wind at. Ladies are disgusting creatures with one too many holes. That's why men always feel the need to fill it with our cocks because we're afraid they will lose their uteruses.
  7. Isn't performing oral sex on an unconscious girl or otherwise drunk/inside a k-hole it's own genera of nuporn?
  8. Swp you work with corpses?
  9. That's gayern dinoisis and cam Newton in the locker room after a game.
  10. Slipknot ftw
  11. Nah. Whiskey works much better than beer.
  12. Ok... So, "The truth is out there," (keep reading if I've piqued your interest).... Magic exists. I'm not going to conflagrate any of my work here, I'm easy enough as it is. Anyyywhooo One day in a "state" while playing "Possession is safe" off Criminals Return, I began to get "interference" of signals. Now this wasn't one of those entity-contact hallucinatory states where I lose you. I'm citing actual Ashtavakra Gita material. As it happened I was experiencing with my own mystical pre-sleep hypnagogia/ behind-closed-eyelids magic. And it was in it's infancy (still quite lost in space, so to speak). I had been sniffing k and dropping disco doses of paper white on white speciality paper tabs. I think my plug calls them white widow. Real throw back to the windowpane days when those of us would split a 4-way and trance out at a Floyd or Sabbath show. Well I was loving Emil as usual (because who doesn't). It was around the one minute mark where it gets eerily slow and I was yogic-quiet inside myself in bed laying down recovering from too much that night. Right then there was Daniel Johnston melodies and distinct Daniel Johnston vocals. Well Amos in Fall of man goes on to play, "Being possessed is easy is a chant that I wrote," basically the man and the genius projected that far to me in my then-present in order to soothe my concerns over fucking with sound. In case I'm not making my point enough I think about the mono-syllable Om (pronounced Aum) that!!! Magic, folks. Magic works. Just do magic now.
  13. Iao. I had a reverse chariot drawn on the waning crescent. Immediately after the shooting at Vegas. Omens yaknow From secret sun fb page: Or maybe it's just the punch-you-in-the-face, kick-you-in-the-groin symbolism that's bugging me. This entire shooting episode all took place under the watchful eyes of the Luxor sphinx and its illuminated pyramid. This is symbolism a child can grasp. The shooter was said to have 23 weapons and have been shooting from the 32nd floor, which is actually the 33rd floor when you count the hotels mezzanine. It's said Paddock fired for 9 to 11 minutes after the first 911 call.
  14. I'm waaaay to strung out to read this and dealing crack on the regular therefore you need to make a tl;dr