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  1. hey dunno how many of you are interested in this https://art19.com/shows/emil-amos-drifters-sympathy-fb/episodes/de8fb5ec-20de-482a-8eb1-5ecbfcd7ac64
  2. Something just happened during Dark Star? It got caught in my throat. . . The marble? From hyperspace? Began traveling through the matrix into a hypnogogic reoccurrence when I gained lucidity and the marble started it's rotation. . .
  3. Relevant video (pertains to Alpha Centauri) magick works^
  4. Hi
  5. I shit on the coffee table while purging in Ayahuasca in a preverbal state of ecstasis.
  6. Listen to Koan by stiengumer #np on #SoundCloud Alhel bah bell
  7. The truth is out there http://www.clearwhitelight.org/hatter/extract.htm
  8. A bird in the hand is worth two in Kate Bush..
  9. You're gonna dig this. And this
  10. I think there's a god part of the brain that we sometimes touch and occasionally forget that evolutionarily people become whole overall good. Under estimating the value of being the one to discover peace is valuable since there hasn't ever been absolute peace (hence discovering it). Glean beauty from all. In relation to quoting - at length- a poem about the Buddha, I wonder how much you are dipping out of exploring your own psyche. Personally every once in a while I resort to poetry in order to avoid psychology, but not always. I feel like eventually people are going to distance themselves from each other to such a degree that actual meet ups in meat space will become sigilized or something to that degree. Otherness of the mushroom can excite or frighten. In Mazatec, Maria Sabina (the one to introduce psilocybin to American R. Gordon Wasson) would sing, "row row row yr boat merrily down the stream the mushroom says life is but a dream the mushroom says," so it goes (or at least before hippies got ahold of them and began using them for recreation instead of healing purposes).
  11. I live in NY. Oh, darnit. Anyway. . . What about unicorns ?!
  12. People confuse their deviation for their true mentation. "No substance than any substance at all!" Medication. Ritual. Music. Listen to Divine Moments of Truth by Shpongle #np on #SoundCloud 'Make work initiative', 'memes,' it's related by "suchness." far fuckin out ritual for oxymorons -I want doughnut, meow. ~What are you looking at, aye? -The infinite, milky Celeste. ~How long is a string, aye? -Twelve cm. ~In what dimension, aye? - 3D. Find your deviated mentation (***see, The Center of the Cyclone by John C. Lilly). Affirmation: Loving people are supporting my independence. In order to complete the ritual there are two requisites: 1. Positive thinking, 2. Positive mood. Praise be Loonloon
  13. Stoney McHigh Pants