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  1. This is what @Trollin4Tip doesn't like bc wook (note: the picture is of me making DMT on the stove, an inspiration for the track). https://www.mixcloud.com/cris-sondel/ayahuasca_jones-ayahuasca-in-the-trap/
  2. First let's examine the entire Chaos Magick Universe with AOS https://hermetic.com/spare/pleasure Now that we've made it through that we again visit Mr Israel Regardie with the MPR ****** Amazingly illustrated Chaos Magick guide https://imgur.com/gallery/fj4Vf ***** Browse some art from the sorcery of AOS http://www.artnet.com/artists/austin-osman-spare/ ***Record all experiments in your magick journal. A dream journal isn't a bad idea, as well. Next week, meditation!! Be sure to check in with any questions.
  3. Which episode did Dunc play from or quote Bukowski about staying in bed for a week and having a beer occasionally in order to beat depressions? He advised to do this in order to get the juices flowing again. I need to hear exactly how it was prescribed because of a desire to try it as a kind of magic operation. I've got a bed, a mini fridge and some beers now I need to find out what episode so I can get the audio or even a reading of the poem or whatever context it was from. Something about staying in bed and not doing much of anything seems like a reset I can afford right now. I'm not romanticising the alcoholic nature of zero physicality and only drinking beers. I only wish to achieve a Bukowski state of having my creative juices begin to flow. As a writer myself this is a desirable state to wish to achieve. Never mind. Forget about it.
  4. Dindu is just a dumb program left over from the old matrix that can't give it up.
  5. Farms lose approximately a fort years worth of damages every crop circle. 

    1. pattmayne


      The coolest thing about this is I didn't think you could just post to a person's profile.

      Plus how many lightyears is a fortyear?

    2. stein22501


      Light-years are distance measurements. Fortyear is like tenish. 

  6. Same
  7. Now some non-fiction DICK! http://downlode.org/Etext/how_to_build.html
  8. is it just me or did he already try 5-meo-dmt previously ?? on the jre he describes it I swear. the bufotenine in toad must be really killer because people who take toad medicine rave about it like crazy where i wasn't as impressed probably for two reasons Im from the McKennaian school of psychedelics and he pushes mostly nnDMT and because I've only actually taken bufotenine and 5 separately different occasions years apart. Who else likes to do psychedelics? Exploring Reality. Feels good, Man.
  9. Thats interesting. In 2012: the return of QUETZALCOATL Daniel Pinchbeck quotes this Nietzche volume, and I relate to the sentiment that mediocrity in humans is a natural adaptation so as to not become overwhelmed and dragged down by sentiment continually, In fact as I'm writing this i am doing just that because i am like well that in fact was a synchronicity because i was just expressing how obvious it is to other that i am continually hard on myself to be my best version or whatever. I think a hallmark trait of the psychotic is seeing too much too soon. so in an occult sense the disorganization or inability to integrate in the mind of the schizophrenic is also a kind of adaptive adaptation to stress. otherwise we would just spontaneously combust bc the hypocampus wouldn't regulate coolness enough and cortisone would erode the nerve endings in the around 3 pound mass of jelly like substance in our cranium called the brain.
  10. @monkey_mineI completely agree only being facetious. ANYWAY i also think it is impossible to oppose the will of god. recently however i resolved to assume that satan or baphomet is a cooler symbol than a beaten and tortured christ on a cross. i bet his cock is bigger at any rate
  11. The female psyche is Satan's playground. Males psyche is Jesus. The meeting of Satan with Christ in the desert during his fast was no coincidence. How else did Jesus know everything? Satan whispered him the secrets of materiality all night long as he fucked his ass.
  12. This audio includes arch angels which I left out of my original write up Warning he speaks with a nuance so if you can get past that then you should do well.
  13. Cosmic shmuck. I'm exercising my demons and somehow it's bragging about using heroin. And in the chat box you state somewhere I advocate crime and even imply thieving as a source of gaining monetary currency? Your head is in Pluto, son. Go fuck a goat. And no the whole time I was on the crap I was thinking about this very mode of conversation and how talk of putting the shit in your veins pushes all kinds of butthurt buttons in people. My narcicist attitude in fact may be showing in this thread only argument of mine that can stand to that microscope is the fact that you continued to press for details about what is in my mind a personal issues namely your relationship to the dark lord. I mean let's get down to brass tacks, whatever I'm doing doesn't work and since I am merely a refection of you that little missed fact has you triggered by my approximation and it's funny I care so much. Probably my narcissism. Because yaknow so many narcissists are capable of the love I receive on the daily. Right.