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  1. @ammihi I've drawn similar conclusions. Only as Aya extends forward and backward in time much like ketamine I was eventually (2mo. Later) *allowed* to see where vision has graced me in earlier occasions as opposed to right now. Also how integration becomes equally important and fruitful on Aya albeit difficult vs nearly impossible on ketamine (despite people trying forever to the point of getting lost in addiction). ****Yes, I contrasted Aya and ketamine. Both have tremendous potential for healing and perhaps growth even.
  2. Ok so unless Aya is like mescaline and imagination spills over into the environment as vision (not one other person has reported this) then I have some pretty bad vision because at one point on my journeying from my house I must have continued to "be there" on the tea because I witnessed two people on bicycles stop dead in the street I had been walking down. Not altogether that bad. Here's where it gets tricky. I had an earnest desire to "control my psychedelic vibe" as McKenna puts it. Just then as I focused my eyes the two became one and morphed into an obsidian black-flowing latticework of darkness. I continued walking and said, "this is not decent public behavior," to myself, made a 90 turn left to the side walk and a 90 down the side walk and continued without turning my head right to look at what must have been Siva in his true form. Crazier things await. I've also made contact with Vishnu in Juggernaut form before. Those hindi speaking folk are so quaint in their artistic depictions of these archetypes. My only conclusion is to get a licensed Existential Psychoanalyst... So I can drive home to someone how little our existence really is. "I've never experienced anything as being outside of myself." My digital Ayahuasca cup overfloweth!!
  3. Be nice to everyone. We're all just walking each other home.
  4. There's a really good tea on mayaethnobotanicals dot com that prevents mold growth so when you're intoxicated on the living room floor for hours your body doesn't begin to have fungus growth of its own. Mintostachia setosa) And a sample of Muna tea (Mintostachia setosa) from Peru is added to your package. A delicious herbal tea with powerful medicinal qualities. For a mild tea, simply infuse a teaspoon full in boiled water. The taste is wonderfully minty. In stronger infusions it is an excellent carminative and general aid to the digestive system. The decoction is also used against muscular and rheumatic pain. Fights breathing infections produced by bacteria. It is an organic antibiotic, works effectively against fungus. Muna tea (Mintostachia setosa) from Peru. They sent me that and a collection of resins incense and a caffeine containing dream enhancer tea as well with my $100+ purchase. Personally I can recommend their 25:1 Syrian rue that contains only harmine, harmala and thh. Otherwise rue seeds have like 25 other alkaloids (the three mentioned are Beta-Carbolines present in Aya vine). Of course you can count on it that I am ordering from them again. Their selection kicks ass. I need to have an Aya experience using 5-MeO-DMT containing Virola. Otherwise there remains 120 grams of vine left over from my brew in February. Happy trails.
  5. IPicked this off Facebook from a friend and long time listener ov the salon. It's fitting since Duncan's rant about LSD_ *Kevin had a letter read over by Lorenzo in '11 requesting people add him on Facebook. He just then opened an account. I figure maybe the only one to add him was me. I love new ideas since they help me navigate the multiverse. Vishnu as preserver and Messiah (and as an avatar in the drug LSD) both excite and exalt me. **
  6. The one who started earth day was became known as "The Unicorn Killer" after killing his girlfriend and using her body as compost.*
  7. Listen to Digital Ethos - Cortex X Danny Scrilla - Obeah VIP by mike lindeman #np on #SoundCloud Reminded me of this image
  8. Have you attempted a* Sufi heart opening exercize?
  9. Lol The Mexican cartel is envious of the drugs I used to get.
  10. If it's real I'll give up drinking coffee.
  11. Xaos reign
  12. Yep. Fake. I've been into time wave zero and stuff since '17. Doesn't check out but it was fun while it lasted. There's always been end times prophecies and the new agers like myself loved every minute of it. However Jim Carrey is still cool AF. I know because I am.
  13. Quick dream I had. Actually the night before (bicycle day) I made contact with Alex Grey's spirit. The following day I was on a measured five grams in a library. I made contact with who I had to guess his name (in the dream it was Paul Levi) and presented him - lafoley- with some ketamine oil and a PCP precursor along with some mushrooms. I asked him to do the K and received a quick response that in fact it has to have one more step to make it into a viable product to use. On one hand idk anything about ket synthesis however I have had minor exposure to the use of the expression ketamine oil *for whatever that is worth* and I knew of Paul from Disinfo The Book of Lies. The PCP he said he would help me with and the mush product he said to do an electrochromatography examination on. Thanks for that one dream Weaver who ever you are.
  14. Anything by bill o Reilly