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  1. Would this thread be a universe unconscious?
  2. So here's 21 images in my progress throughout learning Ayahuasca. It feels like the matrix is really a reality all of a sudden bruh. Basically I had a cook for he first two and a half days then drank with my friend first. What follows after that is very detail heavy and very dream like. Preparation for the experience was totally without any semblance of a "dietary" apart from avoiding small talk with people. I made a point of making peace with everyone I cared about prior to partaking so that in the off chance I lost my marbles, went insane, etc. I would at least have made a point of return aka before drinking. I'm happy to say that results are splendid! I can recommend it to everyone !! Idk if there's mistakes in writing this thread. Feedback welcome ..
  3. Perfect peaceharmony and faith
  4. Shall we go into it so it be thee romantic, bodily, and adverse negativa
  5. I'm cautious of all thoughts due to my liquor thoughts- I think too much! And
  6. Together -

    just about anything, potentially!

    So mote it be.

  7. What about DNA ascension matters? Did you pick out any attempts to remove the blinds from over our eyes? Lately there remains the question of precisely how one becomes able to begin moving erhm "It."
  8. Right means not eating fried foods... Perhaps saying what we want is the actualization of the self in alignment with the Law of Attraction.
  9. Relevant to my current station. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_curse However overcoming and thriving is woman kinds best have growth opportunity and potentially greatest obstacle! Not my best witticism... Granted I was sorely disappointed with your pessimism and sorry with myself simultaneously.
  10. Principia Discordia.......
  11. Do scripts... That'll work... Fagets.. okay Authors last name Ali and the title is a shamans guide to a Pregnant Universe #sync
  12. Indeed partner it helps when there is self discipline in all areas surrounding the relationship. Besides the relationship of course. There shouldn't be any belts on lovers hearts (this is between lovers obviously). Which leads me in a round about direction in this instance which immediately takes precedence in the course of events (completely insurmountable in this case) of the Secret Lover. See what happened- the cat exits the bag- the do-easy route became confused with the "lazy alternative ."