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  1. Promethea - A comment on Native Americans and "Wetiko" or evil or whatever you want to call it - I think that they most certainly dealt with it, as they were humans. Hell, they coined the the term "Wetiko", right? The point is that they made at least an attempt to describe and come to grips with this thing, whereas most Westerners just put that shit under the rug and pretended that it didn't exist (at least not in them, they probably projected it on the natives and others, and then killed them. Shadow problem solved, yay!). And of course that is still going on. The way I see it, all pscyhological and/or spiritual dysfunctions are human potentials, though their expressions is heavily modulated by the society said humans happen to live in. This is a powerful insight - anyone can manifest evil, especially if they are unaware of it. On the flip, anyone could be a force for good if aware of that potential. This is the duality of the unconscious at work. I could take that even further tho - Watts said "Duality is always secretly unity". To me this makes sense and the whole thing is beautiful, heavy, and deeply strange. Frankly it makes my raised as fundy Christian head spin and it takes all I've got to wrap my brain around it, but it damned sure seems to me to be true.
  2. Thanks for the thread. I am very familiar with Robert Moore's work, and especially "Facing the Dragon". It is epic and deeply disturbing, and should be mandatory reading for all humans. I cannot recommend it enough. I watched all the interviews with Levy posted here and yeah, there is a lot of overlap between Moore and Levy's work. I plan to get Levy's books too. Also, on the subject of human shadow, I recommend Colin Davis and Melisa Mari's "ShadowTech" book. They are plugged into the same view of the unconscious parts of the psyche being both some scary shit AND holding the potential for so much good. The book is like 3 bucks for Kindle, and it hits a lot of points and can act as a map to many other thinkers along these lines. BTW, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that everyone I just mentioned is standing on the old man's shoulders....Jung was talking about this stuff in a "western" context a long time ago.
  3. I am 42 year old man. Two kids and a wife. Look and usually act extremely straight (no tie-dye in my closet). I am a stealth-weirdo LOL.
  4. I'll chime in here and highly recommend RAW - a fricking genius. Dig deep here. There is so much good stuff.
  5. noizemonk - Thanks for your blog. I really dig it. Boy are you right about this being a destructive culture. I just hope it can collapse without taking the planet with it. There is IMO precisely zero chance that the wheels can stay on the bus....
  6. @Nihil Loc - Is it too late for me to start eating lead paint? @Pundithalcyon - I agree that we are all shit maggots. But some shit maggots seem to do better than others. I wasn't talking about any kind of "moral superiority", just about the possibility of behind the scenes metaphysical underpinnings for losers losing and winners winning.
  7. So I'll preface this by saying that I really don't like some of the implications of what I am about to post about because I hate to blame poor people for being poor, sick people for being sick, etc. Maybe it's my Christian upbringing. Have you guys ever noticed how some people are human shit magnets? I have a new salesperson at my work who attracts nothing but morons who can't actually buy anything. They seem magnetically attracted to her and she keeps on getting nothing but losers. I could write this off if it was a one day thing, but it's been like two months since she started and it's been that way like every single day. Lady is ~50, divorced, washed up AF. Super nice people pleaser type. Not too bright. God bless her, I am not trying to be a dick but more so trying to understand the metaphysical underpinnings of loser-dom. This seems to be the tail side of the coin for "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" and all that other shit that and as I said up top, I don't dig, but maybe it is true despite my not digging it...
  8. Get ready for the shortest answer ever- Lizard Brain.
  9. You pose an interesting question..."Is this a mental health crisis or a spiritual problem?" In my view, the answer is yes, it is both. That is to say that they are the same thing in practical terms and the it's just the words we use (depending on our worldview) that are different. As for "medicine" being a replacement for priests, I would say a competent psychotherapist (not just a scrip writer) could very serve the function of the priest, or if you are lucky, the shaman.
  10. So I am nearly finished with Robert A Wilson's "Cosmic Trigger I" and it has really bummed me out. It was written in the mid 70's and is as much about Leary's view of the future as anything else. Wilson and Leary were both smarter than I am ever going to be, but I can't help but see that they clearly fell for the own bullshit in believing in the Age of Aquarius, a global revolution of consciousness, space migration, intelligence intensification, and life extension. All this predicted before 2000. And of course, they were also both very interested in McKenna's 2012 prediction. They left jetpacks out, but that's about it. I feel so sad to see that they were wrong. Maybe that was a possible future that didn't happen, like the two divergent times lines in PKD's "Man in the High Castle". But here we are in 2017 and shit is looking pretty dire. Yeah, there have been some advancements, but to me the trajectory looks to be towards a new dark age if we don't pull back on the stick here damned quick. Do I need to list the reasons for my pessimism? OK. The regressive left wing. The new president and his crew. Global warming. Pollution. Resource depletion (the elephant in the room). Manned space program largely abandoned, esp by our gov. Life extension - eh, a little, but not like hundreds of years as predicted. Intelligence intensification? Yeah right. Most folks I meet are semi-literate at best and addicted to fast-food garbage information. Obviously, there has never been a better time for access to information, but most peole lack the desire/ability to digest quality content. Kitten pics, porn rule the day. Tell me I am wrong. Please.
  11. I have to say that I am glad the whole C16/Jordan Peterson controversy has erupted because it brought my attention to THIS FUCKING GENIUS. For me, I am going to focus on his larger body of what seems to be deeply meaningful rather than of this SJW/gender identity stuff.
  12. I read Aubrey Marcus's report on it - looks interesting, pretty low key. Totally legal. I have some but haven't tried it yet. Any of y'all tried this stuff?
  13. Yes, pretty much there is always fright involved, but sometimes there is an awe-inspiring, tingling feeling too. A sense of immense power nearby. I do think that there is a liminal quality at work here, and probably it could be used by someone who knows what to do to go into lucid dreaming or maybe even astral projection. Speaking of which, do any of you guys know anything about astral projection?
  14. I sell cars. It sucks.
  15. This is a bit strange...I had a fairly severe sleep paralysis episode last night. Mine are usually "alien" themed, although it is always just a feeling of a "presence" (I don't see any little grey dudes). Last night it lasted along time. Shitty.