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  1. Im sure I can find common ground with this guy. Im only writing off the air-particle boxing bits, just as i have done in the past with SJW's. but the SJW's are old news now.
  2. I knew a "man" that wanted to be referred to as "he". I had no problem with that. as for all the non-sense like "zhe, zed, zer" and that non sense. I have never encountered this in real life, and ive never heard of anyone encountering this. So im not concerned with it because I live in reality and not a right wing fantasy world like jordan peterson where somehow this is actually a problem in the world. Think about the millions of issues out there, and this fuckin guy decides to take on gender pronouns, hes a right wing loser throwing punches at air and then turning around and saying, see how i beat up those air particles? and half the morons on this forum give a round of applause.
  3. I looked up the actual bill and there was nothing in there about gender pronouns. can I get a link?
  4. Yes I agree that the person with the better resume will get the job usually. And if they dont, then its a loss to the company. on your other points I agree somewhat. I just see so much hate and racism on the internet these days, and I think about all the black children that probably see this stuff starting at an early age, this cant be healthy psychologically. Whereas if you are white you dont have to deal with that. Its not really possible to calculate the impact of each of these privileges you mentioned might have and to compare/contrast them. There are to many variables at play, so i guess, I dont know.
  5. In my opinion, the "white privilege" that many lefties talk about, theres alot of misunderstanding on all sides. Not being allowed to point out white privilege is a form of political correctness, because it offends whites who are underprivileged. its kind of ironic. Just as I can legitimately say that some muslims are terrorists and muslims who are not terrorists will find that offensive. Its not as much about race as it is about skin color in my opinion. Go to india, and you will find that people with lighter colored skin are treated much differently based on the caste system. Im sure you can google around and find studies that have been done on how people with darker skin colors are perceived around the world. This is white privilege, it does not just apply to white europeans, but it applies to white people or lighter skinned people of other races. In general around the world, darker skin has negative perceptions attached to it.
  6. you should try squeezing half a lemon into a cup of tea, and drink one or two cups of said tea a day. As soon as you notice people around you getting sick. Ive been doing that and noticed everyone around me is getting the flu, yet i havent gotten it.
  7. questions for OP. what is anxiety? what does it feel like? what is happening when you are anxious? what brings about this feeling? do you remember a time when ordinarily you would feel anxious but you werent? what was happening then? what caused that to happen? what was the difference between the cause of not feeling anxious when ordinarily you would and the cause of feeling anxious as usual? etc etc etc. figure it out bro. You can do it. but if your unable to figure it out try asking these questions. Why wasnt I able to figure it out? what was happening in my mind such that im not able to put 1+1 together? Why am I confused and unable to figure it out? what is confusion, why does it feel uncomfortable to not be able to figure this out, etc etc etc. Just keep questioning everything. Eventually you will have a critical number of dots and will be able to connect them. and Put your emotions aside while your doing this. /thread
  8. i agree with this guys prediction here. repubs will repeal "obamacare" aka the affordable care act, and replace it with "trumpcare" aka the affordable care act. definitely a "socialist program" since richard nixon invented it. http://ihpi.umich.edu/news/nixoncare-vs-obamacare-u-m-team-compares-rhetoric-reality-two-health-plans this is what trump does, he buys property and puts his name on it. He will do the same here, just put his name on it.
  9. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sGxtIofohrj3POpwq-85Id2_fYKgvgoWbPZacZw0XlY/edit#gid=1476097125 its was basically 50/50.
  10. There was some evidence of election fraud in the primaries, and ive read a few of the wiki leaks emails which basically show they were intimidating and threatening to cut campaign contributions to any democrat that supported bernie. Practically every democrat in congress and in senate supported hillary, yet around 50% of democratic voters were for bernie, that doesnt quite match up. There was fuckery afoot at the very least.
  11. I think our definitions of various things are off, and thats why its a bit harder to have a debate. the sherman anti-trust act (in the USA) that breaks up monopolies is an example of a government regulation on markets. Regulated Capitalism, not free market capitalism.
  12. @JayDP god damn you and your big government trying to regulate my toast and bananas.
  13. This thread is for alerting people of the UFO's. no non sense, real legit footage and reports only. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/groundbreaking-ufo-video-just-released-from-chilean_us_586d37bce4b014e7c72ee56b
  14. id also add, that at least at my university there are tests you can take, and if you pass the test you get credit for the class. Im not sure how the process works because ive never done it. But I assume if you knew what you were doing you could save a fair amount of money on college by learning things online first then taking the tests to get credit. Its just that most students arent smart enough to figure out everything on there own.