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  1. perhaps people irritate you because they are irritating. simple. mystery solved.
  2. Seaking = top 5% trying to divide us
  3. last time i checked the nazi's and the confederacy both lost the war. do they think they will win this time? they are fools.
  4. ive traveled all of the world, ive seen women shoot roman candles out of there vaginas. you dont know what your talkin about mate.
  5. I also keep a few pillow sacks with me always. Very useful, i put a toaster in mine and swing it around as a weapon.
  6. acquire street knowledge. learn your surroundings. start training everyday with your gf, you need to learn how to fight. So try some basic sparring moves on eachother. Practice disarming knives/guns, etc. Ive been homeless for about a week now. Only got a car and wifi on my laptop. Id be sparring everyday if i had someone to practice on. as for food, go to a food bank. keep a water bottle or 2 in your car as well. some grocery stores have public microwaves you can use. But learning to fight is by far the most important skill you will need. Ive been in 3 scraps already and like i said ive only been homeless for a week.
  7. titty fucking juicy asses
  8. illuminati commando's are being dispatched to my location. fuck. i only have 2 grenades left.
  9. The earth is flat, fine, ill admit it. Now i have only about 3 hours to pack my things and move to the safehouse in the woods before they come to pick me up.
  10. are you a legit flat earther?
  11. i actually spotted the ISS fly over with binoculars the other day, saw probably around 3-4 satellites as well. wondering what the explanation for that is?
  12. drunk atm, its 4 am, went over to my neighbors patio and started stroking off (not wearing pants or shoes/socks) only wearing a tshirt. LoL. was looking inside his house while stroking and have porn on my phone. saw inside his window and got spooked cause I think he was awake (lights were on). jizzed in the ash tray and just got back to my place.