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  1. i went out to investigate and the weird noises turned out to be a baby owl. Dunno what the deal with that guy was.
  2. im freakin out, i heard this weird noise, like a banging on my walls/roof. I figured it was some kinda animal, maybe making a nest or something cause ive seen em doing it before and heard similar noises. But I went to check it out late at night here, saw a person in the distance with my flashlight, waved at him, then he just bolts off running, ive never seen someone run that fast it was crazy.. spooked me abit so i went back inside and locked the doors, made sure the windows were locked down, also turned off my lights so no one can see inside since there are no blinds on the windows here. ive been hearing this weird squeeling noise ever since, currently on lock down, i have a hatchet but thats all. Will keep yall posted on wtf is going on im not sure.
  3. alright guys so i was fapping. and uh, usually when i fap, i open up about 4-5 tabs of random vids and cycle through em until i find one worth watching. well as i was cycling through em, this one vid...uh...basically it was a trans person being fucked doggystyle so you couldnt see the penis, and the video was to low quality for me to notice it was anal, im not into anal so i usually turn those off once i realize it. But ya so i fapped to a transgender woman. I got to that spot where i was like 20-30 seconds out from finishing up then the dick appeared. I was so confused i didnt know what to think. I exited out of my browser and had a moment of silence. just wanted to get that out there because it was odd.
  4. open debate and discussion.
  5. it would still be just as depressingly lonely. nah havent tripped out here, although its probably the best place for it lol. Im low on $$$ and dont got much drugs left. for a job, i dont care just need income and i wont do customer service heavy jobs, I did in the past and cant deal with that shit again. id like to get back to my old life, finish my degree since i only have like a year left. I had a mental breakdown after having a bad reaction to a drug i was prescribed, i punched a dude, ended up losing everything shortly after that, was homeless for like a week and now im here in purgatory.
  6. you could have it all, my empire of dirt. i will let you down. i will make you hurt.
  7. i did see an alpha male moose that tried to buttfugg me to show his dominance, i ran inside. like yep, try getting through a door ya fuck. doors are a great invention.
  8. understandable, alot of people are. But its not what you/they think lol. If i explained he full situation u would not be jealous. its also gonna get raelly cold here quite soon, and the winters here are super rough, gonna be like 5 ft of snow and ill be stuck inside. shoveling snow and chopping wood alone in purgatory for months is not the best life. better to have a job and live in a city imo.
  9. to be honest it feels like being in some kind of weird purgatory simulation. everything so beautiful and calm out here but theres an overwhelming feeling of isolation/lonlieness that isnt healthy.
  10. not doing any work at the moment. cabin is a family owned place of sorts, ive been keeping the place maintained, chopping wood, doing some basic construction work since were trying to put in a new building on the property. Ill be moving out of here January. till then im stuck here because im unemployed and dont got a place at the moment. there is a very small town nearby about 6-7 miles from here, literally like 1 restaurant, 1 hardware store, and a family owned minimart/gas station. thats it. there are some jobs about 15-20 miles out from here ive been applying to, as i need to make a lil bit of money so i can move out january.
  11. its nice for a few days. its not very good long term, its way to isolated, still get high speed internet up here though.
  12. its not that they dont matter, but they wont be able to afford the cost of living if there are significantly less young people to do the work and pay into the system. this is one of the problems with the eugenics idea here. Sterilization means delaying the next generation of workers. So various systems in place like social security for example wont work.
  13. no where near addicting as opiates though. definitely more then weed. one tip is to watch your breathing if you take it. make sure you take deep breaths periodically cause i think it slows your breaething whcih cant be healthy long term.
  14. ya it is, i also have very mild hallucinations at higher doses lol.