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  1. Question of The day 3/23/2017: How many toddlers and kindergartners could you kill? Scenario: the toddlers have swords and knives. You can choose between either a sword, mace, axe, you can get a shield or dual wield. You are in desert, they are coming in waves surrounding you with no where to run.
  2. gonna actually walk back from my previous response. What I should say, the problem with identity politics, is it becomes a statistical game. Im not sure if I agree with reducing people to numbers and statistics.
  3. Theres no way its a "struggle" to be an attractive white woman in a first world country. That is basically a golden ticket. Other then that i mostly agree with feminists.
  4. alright, whats your guys escape route/plan if all this goes to shit? Maybe someone can tell me if my idea is dumb and wont work. Basically In my mind I am looting the nearest store for scraps and then get out of town ASAP with all my supplies. I have a few locations marked on my map. I should be able to kick the shit out of just about anyone, ive been teaching myself wing chun from youtube videos.
  5. im on my first 10 hours or so. Wish me luck.
  6. im drinking right now to. cheers mate. Im hoping i get to that bad place a bit later, gonna enjoy my night first though.
  7. #NOFAP #MGTOW /thread. I NEVER FAP #BuildTheWall
  8. ya ive had the same experience with walking dead, but i still love the show and usually blaze up before it anyway. Edibles though are to much sometimes for those waters. should probably change this the title of this thread to "Official paranoid thoughts while watching tv/movies on edibles thread"
  9. I actually did something along of the lines of "self authoring" before I even heard about jordan peterson. I didnt follow his formula exactly. But pretty much i wrote out my own "biography" kind of thing. And tried putting the pieces together, why have i failed at x, y and z, what are the main sources of depression in my life today, what do i want to do, etc. writing down "I want to make 100 grand a year and have a smoking hot wife" isnt really gonna help you out. You have to go deep and unravel things. and ask yourself uncomfortable questions, things youve been avoiding. As far as OP's scenario. I have had similar experiences in my life, certain things I wouldnt feel comfortable sharing, even though this is an anonymous forum. All I can say is, maybe spend a bit more time figuring this out. Then try and get out of there. find somewhere with people that are better then you. The more time you spend with people that are better then you, the better you will become, because you will be striving to keep up and get on there level.
  10. Something ive always wondered, we have a strange relationship with violence. I dunno how much of it is cultural and how much is innate. But imagine how boring your favorite tv show/movie o in some cases a book, would be without violence. And basically every video game your running around killing shit. I remember one time, along time ago, I ate a weededible, and for some reason I was watching...shit i forgot the name, oh ya, The Expendables 3, LOL a total shit movie, but my brain turned it into a comedy from being so high off the edible. But I turned it off or changed the channel after about 40 minutes or so. Because it was to much non-stop action, gunning people down blowing shit up, and I got all paranoid off the edible thinking wtf why are people into this shit. No story, just non stop action/violence. And by the way, im hoping to go see the new Wolverine movie soon here (no spoilers please). Which I imagine is action packed, but I grew up with Xmen, so for me I consider the violence in it to be acceptable. But im not sure why that is? why is it so fun? Why do I like watching jon snow stab the shit out of a bunch of guys and charge through a battle? Or watch walking dead and see my favorite characters get killed in some brutal way. I know its just, a fantasy thing. But why do people have these fantasies? Sometimes I wonder if we didnt have these fantasies, or find these things appealing, there would be no more fights, no more wars. It seems ingrained in us.
  11. There was no evidence linking wikileaks to russia, but they only seem to leak stuff on the west/USA, i rarely see shit being leaked on china or russia. But still, theres no evidence of a connection to russia. Im not surprised at all by vault 7. Ive been assuming that the feds can figure out my entire life in less then a day If they wanted to, thats just how its been for awhile now. In fact i also suspect that we never really had the right against unnecessary search and seizure, if they want something they will come find you, probably always been that way since the country was founded, its nothing new. They decide whats necessary and whats unnecessary so it never meant shit.
  12. i didnt make it to the article until your brought it up. that is scary. oh well, whats another fuckin problem on our list of problems.
  13. our brains evolved to understand cause/effect relationships between things on our scale. This is "materialism", if I roll a ball into a house of cards, your brain already knows the house of cards will come crumbling down before the ball hits the cards. (maybe im getting the definition of materialism wrong). But to go from something on our scale, to something much larger like the entire universe, or something much smaller, like an electron. Basically our brains are not quite evolved to totally wrap our minds around it. Its like explaining colors to a blind person (infact its harder then that because at least a blind persons brain is still evolved to kind of sort of understand what a color might be). So yes, is there a world beyond "materialism" of course, its already been proven and is being studied. The issue we have here is that while you can study this, you cannot actually understand it, whatever understanding you do have of it is interpreted through a materialist lens. as far as your choice of psychic healers vs doctors, thats up to you. Although I dont think parents should be allowed to take there kids to one without first having gone to a doctor.