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  1. uh...no. I remember peaceandlove from the chatroom on the old site, were 2 different people.
  2. There are rumors that I may have attempted to recruit people into a bizarre neo-feminist sex cult. Its true. All I can say is those days are in the past, im no longer a member of that organization.
  3. To all the people i have harmed on this forum, first off i will say that in the past I have suffered from various demons, and would like to sincerely apologize to everyone involved in these cases. To be honest with you I dont remember most of it. It is possible that there are more women involved that will come forward, i apologize in advance to them as well. However, this is in the past now and id like to move forward, think forward, etc. I made a mistake and Im sorry i let down my fans and my friends on here.
  4. its about time i get my own sex scandal.
  5. ..
  6. ..
  7. look at my avatar.
  8. im selling my vote for rep
  9. perhaps we should elect a leader of sorts to guide this rebuilding of the forum?
  10. i could make a private runescape server that could be embedded on this site to replace the chatroom.
  11. its the opposite of that actually. Infact there is actually a genetic component to racism/fearing "the other". we can use eugenics to selectively get rid of racism as well. im talking about rebuilding the breeding grids. The real issue here is creating the infrastructure in developing countries that we can use for this. Its hard to keep track of everyone without a new world order and surveillance grid. lastly the problem is having just enough young people still being born to support the infrastructure we put in place. Im no statistician and i cant do this on my own.
  12. several super egotistical people replied to this thread. thinking they are somehow special. when in reality you need to be sterilized.
  13. several morons trying to demonize me for my beliefs fail to put up any counter points. Probably russian bots.