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  1. Hello my lovers. thank you for joining us in the truth behind the truth about the truth. New lovers are always welcome, send me your nudes and ill send you a bag of dried up semen in the mail (takes 5-7 days to ship). Lets be clear, this isnt a scam. What im gonna tell you is the actual truth behind the actual truth which is about the actual truth. We dont take chances in this thread, most of you probably arent ready for threads like this and thats fine. I recommend you simply hit the "back" button. Basically you can eaither be mainstream or upstream. and today were gonna learn how to be upstream. Its the only way to get to the full truth of the situation. Basically, 80-90% of poeple are actually NPC's. Only way to test is to ejaculate on a magnet, if the magnet poitns south they are fake. Do not breed with NPC's, I have in the past and the babies end up being satan possessed so basically you have to not pay child support, it sucks but we cant let satan win. In true reality there are 5 different types of magnets. Ultra - Hyper - Vibrational - Real - Fake. Use the real magnets to find the fakes, and you use the vibrational magnets to ejaculate on and see what happens, you can never predict what will happen when u ejaculate on one. Its random, and chaos. this is also why females can never have 120% full power, they can only get to 119.999%. But basically never give up, and rise above hate, allow females to vote and learn about magnets. We wont be talking about Ultra or Hyper magnets yet, you arent ready if you were ready you could die in like 6 seconds its just to risky.
  2. I forgot about real life. Ive been in my virtual reality headset/isolation tank stroking off to ASMR jerk off instruction vids for the past 4 days, i haven't even showed up to work and just found-out i got fired. I cant believe I just did this. oh well.
  3. I was wondering if theres some kind of whistle I can buy online that will attract horny females? Me and my buddies used to pull our cocks out and do jumping jacks to attract females (i grew up in a rural amish community, this was one of the things we did). I been thinking about giving up on city life and going back to the amish. But would like some of them high-tech mating call devices that you city folk use. any recommendations? would I be able to find something like this at bestbuy?
  4. where he is now we may never know. what I do know is right now he is out there somewhere, walking down a street, and people walk by him. going through his daily routine. He lives and is amongst us. I too was raped by J Rogan (jay rogan).
  5. GOTTA GET BACK.... BACK TO THE PAST... NOSTALGIA. ya, im liking the new darker style of it with blood and guns.
  6. This is the only sentence I read in this thread. And ill leave it at that.
  7. yep agree with you oddly enough apocalypse now is probably my top #1 movie simply because id never seen a movie so fucking draining on the soul before. Platoon is similar, probably the most accurate vietnam war movie (but what do i know about that, im not a vietnam vet), the "accuracy" of it was what was most uncomfortable. Yet Platoon and Apocalypse Now, are both totally different movies. just foundout about this since u mentioned it. They claim its unlike any war game ever made because its survival horror RPG rather then a shoot em up game.
  8. be happy that you have or had someone, and get over it.
  9. my life is quite frustrating and depressing, but it has its ups and perks.
  10. those of us in our 20's surely must remember samurai jack. This was one of my favorite cartoons as a child. Im not into anime or cartoons, but ill be coming back for this. Season 5 coming out this march. Looks good, cant wait. There were some pretty interesting bits in this cartoon, almost psychedelic may be a good way of describing it if I remember correctly.
  11. meh. ya this forum is "dead", like you alluded to in the other thread, thats a good thing. People should not be making 30 posts a day on here in order to make it feel "alive" as you had pointed out. Ill be staying, I really only post like once a day at the most and every now and then I forget about these forums for a few weeks. Thats probably a reasonably healthy amount of activity for this forum. im thinking that every few months or so these types of "forum death" threads start popping up. Yet this forum has survived. Quality > Quantity. Every now and then a cool new member will show up for like a week and then dip when they realize there are a bunch of crazy morons on here. This I think is why the mods banned a bunch of people from the old forum (im not saying I agree). Yes there is a dark side to this forum. but ive also seen the lighter side, when someone comes on here asking for advice ive seen people provide at least something positive for them when they need it. The real issue with Quality vs Quantity, is if the forum lacks in quantity then people will assume its dead and not bother posting something of quality.
  12. duncan will always hate most of you. I mean, its really quite degrading that anyone even posts here. You think duncan likes you? LOL funny. your a joke is what you are. your just..a.. "fan", nothing more. what a complete joke of a human being. yep. duncan is laughing at you behind your back. while bitches suck his dick he browses your sad life on this forum and laughs right before he cums. most people should just kill themselves since they have no hope in life and spend all day spewing their regurgitated info on here.
  13. @Clarion yep agree with this post 100%. duncan hates most of you because lets face it, well... you know what im talking about. Everyone deserves to be banned, we can only repent and ask forgiveness.
  14. I cant think of anyone in the admin i agree with besides maybe mattis who is simply a "meh" pick.
  15. travel ban is the least of my worries with trump. Look at his administration and appointments.