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  1. sorry man uh not really into nazi stuff . thk u for offer . good luck , u might want rethink that..anyway good luck
  2. recently i have gone into a deep sorrow its a feeling in my bones ..sadness, i can barley type this ...i have tried ..i cant get my negative score any higher...in the forums im sure others feel the same. i'm quitting forums its just to much pressure for me peace:)
  3. good luck
  4. if u take ur right hand and left hand and form a triangle , palm facing out , u could see a model of sustainability . Does any one know when the next Drifter's Symphony podcast is ? Cultivating a new left could be right there.
  5. Interms of the podcast more nudity
  6. u can also learn martial art techniques from video games for example street fighter the hyu ruken punch actually is effective in 99.8 percent of all fights that occur or have occurred or going too . Theres alot out there. this is a really neat forum.
  7. world domination obvisiouly .