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  1. I must admit I have also been considering it. @Rokazuluyou still on this shiiiiiiiieeeeeet?
  2. the dude in the stripe shirt and ball cap is cracking me up.
  3. You always have a way with words. This line made my morning.
  4. @CosmEffect you killed that. Beautiful! @Rokazulu heading to the Renaissance Fair this afternoon and it's a bit of a drive. You just gave me my road trip material. Can't wait. You already know my metaphysical boner for you pulses strongly!
  5. haha most definitely! I think when I searched for that I meant for it to just represent Wu Tang as a whole. Like as long as I have the \/\/ I'll be good for music in the wasteland. Also, thanks!
  6. @bimmer well said bro @Skanky Mojo help me understand your election
  7. @pattmayne nice dude! also I just followed you on Insta.
  8. Was it the 12 Tribes? I thought they had a setup near Asheville. Coincidentally, I've read about them three or four times this week. Cults are coming up in a lot of my conversations lately, it seems.
  9. @duncan I'm afraid I'll be killed if I say anything but I can say that one of them is NOT @Skanky Mojo and he is definitely NOT holding a gun to my head as I type this. But if he WERE doing that, he would probably be doing it in a really fair, decent, humane way and be really handsome in the process. Aw man, now I want to play Mass Effect 2. ** SPOILERS BELOW ** . . . . . . . . . Jacob's loyalty mission, where his dad has all the dudes brainwashed and makes them live on the outskirts like animals while he's inside banging all the ladies and living like a god. Fuck that game was awesome.
  10. Leaderless, we've resorted to flocking to power players on the forums -- warlords of sorts -- who have created smaller subsections of the boards to keep us safe. Of course, these protections come with a cost and many of us are used for slave labor, sexual favors, and worse. There are even rumors of cannibalism and other unspeakable forms of blasphemous revolt on the Writers' forum. It's not so bad. They feed us, they shelter us, they make sure we get our memes and our daily dose of Trump, etc.
  11. @TeenKonceptz® where you at cuz?
  12. I agree completely. I used Brown Recluses as an example because when I was a kid my siblings and I got sent to live with our grandparents and they were a serious threat in their house. I'm talking about you'd have to shake your sheets at night before bed and shit. Check your shoes (melloys) in the mornings before putting them on and all that. Thankfully that house got torn down after they died and we were relocated. But again, I agree and I believe in compassion whenever possible. Justified and necessary death...is a heavy, heavy concept. Your last sentence in your first reply "If you can control the situation and offer more peace and kindness to all living things when possible for little effort why not?" is exactly the point I was trying to make with my post and the fly on my screen door hypothetical scenario.
  13. I've thought about this before. I mean I'm sure a million people have, as there is the old expression used to call people pussies or whatever "So and so wouldn't hurt a fly." As if that's some kind of bad quality? Anyway, I agree man. Weird this is the first topic I saw when I logged in today because as I was in the shower for work this morning I saw a small spider hanging from one of the shower shelves where I have my soap sitting. My immediate response was, "Kill that fucker." But it was pretty damn small and wasn't there yesterday. I was sort of overwhelmed by this feeling of "It doesn't deserve to die for this." It just picked a really poor spot to hang out -- because if I didn't kill it, my room-mate probably would, or it would be washed away just by being in the shower and in the way. It was directly in a place where it would die, regardless. That brings us to the point of natural selection. Some living things make decisions and end up dying for it. It happens on the smallest scale and to humans as well. A fish swimming along may make a wrong turn and end up as gator food. Those fucked up baby antelopes on National Geographic get ripped apart by lions. Death is neutral. It doesn't care about our feelings. It's bigger than our attachment to temporary organic bodies (our own or the attachment we place on others'). Of course, me killing that spider wouldn't have been natural selection. I had the conscious choice to kill or spare it. Same with any time a human has the choice of "catch this thing and put it back outside" or "stomp that fucking thing right now." I just thought that side of the conversation should be addressed. The long and short of it is, I believe in mercy and compassion. If I can avoid killing something, I will. It may sound stupid or overly-emotional but I try to think of it as like a miniature Pascal's Wager type conflict, meaning: - I could kill this thing and it effects me in no immediate way. The innocent housefly hanging out on my screen door is just swatted as an afterthought to me. I go on about my day as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, that thing is fucking dead. That's IT for him. - I could spare this thing and it effects me in no immediate way. The innocent housefly hanging out on my screen door is let outside. I go on about my day as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, it continues to live and do its thing. Harmful or poisonous invaders such as Brown Recluse spiders, etc are the exception. I get very John McCain-ish when it's a creature that would harm me given the chance. I'm a hippie so I still usually verbally apologize before I do it. "I'm sorry, buddy. Maybe next life the tables will be reversed and you'll get your crack at revenge."
  14. Dope. I remember you! Love your music. This is just what I needed this morning. Just pre-ordered the tape. Good to know you're pumping out the hot shit my d00d.