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  2. Artist - Aesop Rock Song - Big Bang
  3. I stopped playing back in October 2016 shortly after hitting 110.... ...but I'm BACK BABY! I've got a few characters if anyone wants to link up! On the Turalyon server I have: Praator (110 Blood Elf Paladin) Ghuleh (100 Undead Warlock) On the Moon Guard server (Role Playing server) Enalius (100 Draenei Shaman) Always down to make a new dude on someone's realm though!
  4. All I'm finding on Amazon is the audio book and a book called "Jesus' Plan for a New World: The Sermon on the Mount" where he collabed with another author. Can anyone confirm if these are the same book? I'd like to check it out, but don't wanna cop it if it's some type of sequel or something where he went back and revisted his original book years later.
  5. @Toumani&Sidiki - how is it on PS4? I've always been wary of MMO's on consoles.
  6. I must admit I have also been considering it. @Rokazuluyou still on this shiiiiiiiieeeeeet?
  7. You always have a way with words. This line made my morning.
  8. @CosmEffect you killed that. Beautiful! @Rokazulu heading to the Renaissance Fair this afternoon and it's a bit of a drive. You just gave me my road trip material. Can't wait. You already know my metaphysical boner for you pulses strongly!
  9. haha most definitely! I think when I searched for that I meant for it to just represent Wu Tang as a whole. Like as long as I have the \/\/ I'll be good for music in the wasteland. Also, thanks!
  10. @bimmer well said bro @Skanky Mojo help me understand your election
  11. @pattmayne nice dude! also I just followed you on Insta.
  12. Was it the 12 Tribes? I thought they had a setup near Asheville. Coincidentally, I've read about them three or four times this week. Cults are coming up in a lot of my conversations lately, it seems.
  13. @duncan I'm afraid I'll be killed if I say anything but I can say that one of them is NOT @Skanky Mojo and he is definitely NOT holding a gun to my head as I type this. But if he WERE doing that, he would probably be doing it in a really fair, decent, humane way and be really handsome in the process. Aw man, now I want to play Mass Effect 2. ** SPOILERS BELOW ** . . . . . . . . . Jacob's loyalty mission, where his dad has all the dudes brainwashed and makes them live on the outskirts like animals while he's inside banging all the ladies and living like a god. Fuck that game was awesome.
  14. Leaderless, we've resorted to flocking to power players on the forums -- warlords of sorts -- who have created smaller subsections of the boards to keep us safe. Of course, these protections come with a cost and many of us are used for slave labor, sexual favors, and worse. There are even rumors of cannibalism and other unspeakable forms of blasphemous revolt on the Writers' forum. It's not so bad. They feed us, they shelter us, they make sure we get our memes and our daily dose of Trump, etc.