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  1. existential

    I put this out in the universe and it looks like it made it to a Gaming Commentary on YouTube nicely.
  2. Such a sweet, beautiful lady. Completely reminded me of of one of my TX aunts or my grandmother on my Father's side who's passed away. I really appreciated how patient and respectful Duncan was with her despite his penchant to say something off the wall, he kept it cool and low-key, as you would when you realize you're visiting with someone from an older generation who's views might not necessarily fall in line with your own but are worth admiring just the same.
  3. The one point Chris Ryan brought up that I completely agreed with is that we as a species need to start making a conscious decision to curtail our reproduction in respect to our available resources - we simply can't go on like this. The very reason so many things are non-sustainable is not because every two people are producing one more person (or even two more) people to take their place but rather you have these indulgent Duggard drone, baby making assembly lines rolling out +3 minions, far surpassing that ideal nuclear build. It's wantonly irresponsible and simply a case of not being able to close dem legs in many cases, yo.
  4. lol @ that faux Duncan - Brenden Walsh promo.
  5. I haven't really made any secret of being a late comer to the DTFH compared to most here but after milling about through various podcasts this last year, it quickly became my favorite and one I kind of embarrassingly found myself doing a Netflix style binge on over the last couple of months, (even re-listening to a few of those opening rants in many cases) working my way backwards through the episodes. I finally listened to the first official episode with Little Esther and although it pained me to hear Duncan in such anguish from the break-up (similar to those episodes with his sweet and brilliant mother) going back to earlier episodes with Natasha just felt difficult to listen to. She just seemed so closed minded, superficial and vapid on many points of discussion. The odd couple dynamic here with them arguing and disagreeing as polar opposites was a classic one that makes many podcasts and radio talk shows fun to listen to but I just found it a bit irksome, like Duncan was apologizing or sort of reigning himself in at times to accommodate her views (that 'Feelin' All Right' episode comes to mind). So as painful as I'm sure it was to part with a visually beautiful and generally funny woman it seems like it turned out for the best. Sorry you had to go through that tough transition brother, but it ended up being the right direction on your path, you didn't need to be tethered or 'unequally yolked' as them Southern Baptists like to say. You're standing on your own two and not being held back really kicked the content up to the next level and freed you up to elevate the subject matter and be your actualized self. Hare Krishna, dude.
  6. Nice to see someone taking the initiative on episode discussion. I'm a fairly newer member so I was really surprised when I got to this newer version of the forum and saw episode discussion only had a few topics to actually reply to. This was definitely a fun episode and Shane was gracious on FB when I commented on it.
  7. Might be more apt to title this, 'Depart from the demon, or fight it?' I've definitely been there. Let go for bullshit reasons because the 'eyes of the dragon' set their gaze upon me or I was just too damn stubborn to keep my mouth shut in situations where I probably should have. But in this case I would just say, weigh out the reality of your options resource wise. When we're young and inexperienced we often say, "I'd sue the shit out of X,Y,Z company if they treated me like that!" but the reality is the company that pays you a pittance in relation to its overall profits knows two things. 1. You're unable in most cases to afford a prolonged legal battle regardless of your evidence of mistreatment or wrongdoing. 2. They can go on operating with 'business as usual' with minor disruption because they operate under the assumption they will always be facing some random legal battle. Business owners and Wallstreet in general barely break a sweat when they get exposed because it all comes down to available resources in most case. I mean just watch this smug, unflinching bastard at Wells Fargo as Elizabeth Warren rains down succinct righteous indignation.
  8. 333

    And so it was in this late hour, fingertips extending out into the ether, reaching for warm remembrance amongst the embers. Some intangible corner of our mind, a home to keep, a place to be, where words fail but notions succeed. Can we be felt separate and aside, elevated above the horizon of indifference held by a world spinning well beyond our consent? No longer held in stasis by its collective charm, is there just enough oxygen left to share a moment? Dizzy from the rotation, sort out the vertigo, return to a location where these key moments registered so urgently. - 333
  9. existential

    And so it was, in the midst of a throng of indifferent onlookers and 'too cool for school' non replies, a single genuine reaction was shared. My work here is done.
  10. Great work here man.
  11. I'd like to say something compelling and existential about the escalator being a grand metaphor for the passage of life and death in this plane of reality but as I rode up the stairs on my way home yesterday some anonymous person seven steps or so above me broke wind. The resulting flatulence was so foul it greeted each person directly as they rode face first up into its confines. The mix of disgust and anxiety upon each individual visage as they simultaneously felt utter dismay from the pungency and the sheer tangible panic that the riders below them would immediately assume it had been them that released this gaseous aberration upon the masses is not something I will soon forget.
  12. Just listened to the Brian Girgus episode and he actually does mention Ready Player One. Nice.
  13. I think one thing Duncan may have mentioned during a recent podcast (and I'd tend to agree with him on this) is that there probably is not a formal world network Illuminati as it's imagined but rather several smaller groups of clandestine secretive groups who call shots and run shit. Some work together, others compete on the world stage. These groups could be any given combination of Government Security level organizations, Shadow Corporations, Religious Leadership and smaller niche groups in between. That feels more practical and true, as a species we are far too divisive and ambitious to simply let the guiding undercurrent of humanity fall under one puppet regime but... ...but I do feel there is a presence (or collective if you like) that guides motivations at both ends of the spectrum for good or ill. A sentience that empowers our steps in either direction we choose. This presence does not negate free will but it certainly informs it and even does a little hand holding from time to time if we give ourselves over to it. That sounds a bit nefarious in connotation but I'd only counter it by saying those who seek to walk in light, love and affirmation are equally empowered. Just know it's a tangible thing. Fa reals, yo.
  14. I watched this yesterday. Annaliese was ridiculously obnoxious and abusive throughout (and possibly inebriated). Hoping this guy didn't actually get fired.
  15. Not sure if this a 'welcome topic' for newly joining members but I sort of found Duncan by way of Aubrey Marcus, who lead me to listening a bit more to Joe Rogan and finally to Duncan who above and beyond ended up being the living avatar and embodiment of the classic 'relevant to my interests' meme. Been marathoning episodes of the DTFH ever since. Hope everyone here is well. Looking forward to discussing past and future episodes. There's a lot to get into here.