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  1. Damn girl! Sorry chaps, got distracted there... What y'all talking about? X
  2. Trolling the world with BASS!!! Be warned if you get through this it's a sign your a musical lost cause! Come to the dissonant side my lovelies, consonance is for pussies! X Much love! X P.S. check out @ShoesMelloy's new E.P. it's fucking boss; Listen to it!!!!!!!!! X
  3. Fuckin' Boss EP! Dr. Dundiff! Touch A.C.! Framehouse! Louisville Represent Motherfuckers! X
  4. Two here for you all; and; Much love! X
  5. I feel the positive psycho-therapeutic effects of DMT, are directly related to the individuals ability to integrate their experiences and to remain objective throughout that process. DMT does a good job of washing clean any imprinting and habituation you may have collected over the years, but it's like having a shower, you'll just get dirty again if you don't go to some conscious effort to avoid the grime. That and if your utterly weak of mind you can fall pray of attaching meaning to everything and loose your fucking marbles for a bit... That can be good though, you'll come back from the experience knowing how truly fallible you are. X
  6. @CaptainBeyond28I'm the same man, I go in phases. Love it though, what do you reckon to the balance changes in the new patch? X
  7. Who Plays? What's your race? Favourite build? Most importantly... Whats your Battle.Net gamer tag? Mine's SkankyMojo#2420, hit me up if you fancy getting rinsed by some Terran Mech bitches! X
  8. That appears to be an in-line pad the cuts the signal by 40dB, that makes it quieter. It's for stopping really hot signals clipping. Try something like this; http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MIC200 Or this; http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TubeMPps They are pre-amps but little desk top ones. X
  9. Boom, here's a boss video to get the ball rolling; X
  10. Great minds man. Agreed, trying to define God is trying to cage the infinite. (Totally putting words in your mouth like, but I'm running with it!) X
  11. A second shout to John M Allegro's "The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross", super heavy going book to read but worth it! On the whole it's an analysts of etymology, so you can't really use it to draw factual statements sadly... Really insightful though. Taught me that the etymological root of "Christian" is "One who is smeared with the semen of god" haha! X
  12. @nondual I not sure man, if I'm being serious for a sec, I've gained some interesting insights into this over the passed half a year. I'll expand, about six months ago I came out of a 7 year relationship, all ended amicably so there wan't a mass amount of turmoil to deal with. The one thing that really caught me off guard though, was how insane my sex drive was. After having sex on tap for said amount of years then just nothing! I was signing up to hook-up site's, frustrated as fuck. I found it really unnerving that I had this continual primal distraction that I'm couldn't subdue. Anyway, time passed, my body adjusted. I still get horny every few days, then I just pornhub it up, bust a nut and get on with my day, distraction subdued. Works for me now, but sex drive is a very individual thing I guess. All I can think off that it might be worth trying is a preemptive strike, pre-work tug, get it before it gets you haha! X
  13. Dude, feelings like these is why pornhub was invented! A tug a day keeps the monkey-mind at bay. ­čśť X
  14. The new holy trinity man! The father, the son and the holy ghost. Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell and Terrence McKenna! Prays be! X
  15. No man, you should be able to put them on once it's all set up. It could just be a bit buggy until you do, but it won't break anything. X