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  1. Umm... indoors.. you dry them indoors.. As long as there is airflow and something that removes or sucks up the moisture you're fine.
  2. Yes, do not cook them in an oven, you will more than likely kill the psilocybin. Instead put them on newspaper or some of that housekeeping paper out of the sun, in a warm and airated place. Best with a dehydrator though. Hot air blowing at them for hours is best, sucking out moisture. O_o oven will most likely reduce in you being impatient and killing the active chemicals.
  3. www.shroomery.com ffs.. or org.. idk. ... You dry first and then dice n pulverzie and whatnot. Don't forget to clean them.
  4. Dried and kept airtight will preserve them for a long time. You can add something in to reduce the moisture level. Honey preserves it also, look up on the appropriate method on shroomery.com. You can also look into encapsulating dried mush.
  5. Stop masturbating once a day. Do it at max once every 5-7 days. Get f.lux to deal with the cicadian rhythm problem with screen light. Buy phenibut to try, it really perked me the f up.
  6. Decide on two options. Get a coin, decide which side is which. Have someone else flip it. Once you see what the result is you will know which you would rather do. Just go and do things, don't worry about what is right or what you 'really' want to do. Try everything you are contemplating that you might want to do. All you have is now, do things right now, you might not wake up tomorrow. Easiest thing for you is living in a mobile home or couch surfing the country. So vanlife, tinyhouses, RV living anything that is different from the stagnant now.
  7. Just weed for me. Gotta work tomorrow. gl
  8. https://www.erowid.org/experiences/subs/exp_Mushrooms.shtml I've never done a heroic myself, don't want to leave you hanging, so here is the erowid vault in case you are too lazy to look it up yourself.
  9. So this is my latest 2nd ferment batch. I did a nettle only, mugwort and chamomile and damiana and I forget and a hibiscus one, because it is fun and deep red. All on earl grey and lipton yellow label black tea stock. The nettle seems to purify the tea from bacterial life, sort of reversing the fermentation process somehow, because every nettle bottle I have made thus far has lost that sour taste so at home with kombucha. Currently also prepping a green tea and a black tea stock for first ferment to try and 2nd ferm with all these dream teas i got and some fruit. Seems it has been a while since I posted anything here. There have actually been a number of batches inbetween this and the last one. Here is a shitty quality picture of the previous one I made. Difficult to capture against light.
  10. Thought I would pitch in here too, after reading all the drama. A high that lasts a small period of time is useful if you do not want to commit to several hours of tripping. I suppose it is fitting to our instant gratification pining minds. @CXZHLVN that sounds gross and really interesting at the same time, do you taste snot or anything odd there? I seem to have a mothering nature when it comes to things too, but I've not felt the need to be so forceful with my views with others. The best @WhatDidIForget you can do is provide sources of information and have people make up their own minds about things. A small summary based on what you read from said source without any higher than thou vibes accompanying it should suffice. Whether you have that intent or not, I seem to just get that vibe from you because of the way you are posting on this forum. It can completely be my own subjective interpretation of your intent, but the intent is interpreted as such none the less. Maybe make a conscious effort of being a bit less matter of fact and steadfast in your manner of written communication. I wrote a pretty long winded rant in another thread and your reply was dismissing it with a single short sentence without any added value or even a source of information backing your dismissal of what I had said. This leaves little to no room of friendly communication and shifts into much more of a conflict like situation. Now, onto NOFAP: So I have been doing 30 days of yoga to establish a sort of exercise and discipline regimen on myself. This discipline translated into meditating and abstaining for about 4-7 days a week. I am also exploring lucid dreaming, though I am much more lax in this and really slacking off. I had a very intense dream after smoking a combination of passion flower, mugwort, wormwood, damiana and cannabis the other night. This resulted in the second wet dream I have ever had, pretty much waking up to a jizzy left thigh in the middle of the night. I don't know that there have been other benefits to this whole no fap thing other than erotic dream emmissions, but the discipline thing holds true. Complete abstaining seems like excess though. glad I'm not the only 'school cop' in town, but kind of bothered by the sight of bad habbits reflecting my own at the same time.
  11. Does anyone know of a method to effectively convert 1g of bud into something more concentrated? I want to try. Can I make my own wax?
  12. Destroya runs one, idk who runs the other.
  13. What is a doube boiler and what in hell did you boil it in. Had to be a tiny vessel, right?
  14. Was he that Chaos Magick guy?
  15. So today I came home and I was told, that every part of my bedroom has now been searched, short of one cupboard. Naturally I would look through that cupboard. I find a pair of pants that I had previously looked through several times and had not hung in that cupboard, the money is in the pocket of those pants. I bring this point up and am told it doesn't matter how it got there, that the important thing is that it's found now. I have the money, I have no joy from it. This whole thing was so dumb.