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  1. No, I'm sure they get along great, but Ari moves around a lot and Duncan would just have to constantly adjust to shitty skype conversations. Not a desirable podcast.
  2. I think ari is on like 3 podcasts already as co-host or host... And he travels so much. Duncan probably isnt interested either.
  3. Can't upvote you, so I thought I would mention they look fantastic and you should have this table made out in metal too!
  4. Whatever it may be she is into, short of murder and torture and abuse, if you shit all over it she will be stifled. From personal experience: I was way into art, drawing, realism when I was in primary/high school. I was told quite a lot of times, that there is no money in this life, there is only suffering to come, we need IT guys, we need carpenters, we need whatever the fuck but what you are doing. So instead of concentrating on a craft I was quite passionate about, I decided to abandon it like a complete fool, because someone thought they knew better what is good for me. Instead I basically stopped arts and concentrated on getting into college. I got into IT, I hated it, I quit, I decided to go for something in the Humanities, I went, I did that, I didn't really care about it. Now I do something completely arbitrary for a living, compared to interests and education. Let your family decide for themselves, what they want to do, what is good for them. Try to help them think through the path they are taking. How about gifting them the future authoring suite, or all of the www.selfauthoring.com suite. You don't know what's best for someone, but you have the ability to help them find out for themselves.
  5. I agree with the above. There are so many people out there that believe in 'nonsense' by your standards. Why is this so much more terrible than believing in christ, or reincarnation or bigfoot? A lot of this stuff she talks about can be backed up by logical thinking, magic does not necessarily mean movie magic, health, affect and power in things like minerals can take the form of placebo or subconscious affect. Have you asked if she actually believes she is harry pottering you? I mean most of this world isn't all that crazy, it just seems to have the guise of crazy. Mostly human psychology and hacking your mind, I find. It is not your responsibility to 'correct' a person, instead try inspiring them to be/do better in what they seem to cherish.
  6. Yeah..umm.. like.. sorta filled this niche already bro. Võid pmida mind kui tahad kontaktida. Elan Tallinna kandis. We got 2nd place.
  7. I am not opposed, I am open and allowing, welcoming, i even try new things i thought bonkers before, some of it works, because i go through a process, others dont because i dont know what i am supposed to believe exactly. Crystals for instance, i have no clue what they are supposed to do or what I am supposed to feel. Accepting trees as active vibrant lifeforms with some intelligence behind them, i can do through visualizing. Sigil magick too, visualization and explanation. @Rokazulupurple can be heather too, idk where you picked it up.
  8. @Rokazulu you gotta make sure they are really dry then. Otherwise they rot in jars. Or mold gathers. That belief is part of my human condition, it is acquired truth, rather than belief. I find belief as something wholly lacking evidence to back it up. That being said, I could experience these things others believe in too I suppose. I am so buzzing on mugwort right now. Went to a natural shrine/place of pagan worship me and my lil bros n nephew made offerings about a month or so ago. The place was a mess before. We made offerings and now ants are smack dab in the middle of it caring for the tree. I wonder if it could have been lavender hydrosol that drew them near. It would be cool, i gave them herb mix. There is a certain trick to working my mind to a belief place about concepts, it has worked a couple of times before, but i really had to rationalize them. Crystals n angel ppl n reborn Atlanteans i need an experience in in order to rationalize to myself.
  9. @Rokazuludrying method n packaging later on are things to consider. I cant switch it off.
  10. @Rokazulu Yeah.. I mean... I want the rational and cynical part to stop ruining the fun of make believe magic. I want to be like this person, sort of: On general topic: Mugwort joints - Mugwort, Wormwood, Passionflower, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile. These are a wonderful combo to get you high in a non-overbearing way.
  11. @softwarmpretty I sorta met an indigo child person of the light person just recently too. She was waaaaay out there, talked to me about inseminating the Earth with light through our root chakras in order to rid the world of darkness, talked about manifesting herself the exact kind of boyfriend she wanted, talked about being Atlantean in a previous life, sung jibbrish words improvised music, howled or did that swedish hen call thing that swedish women do in mountainous nature to get birds n stuff to howl or yip back. Let's see, oh she talked about drugs to me, she talked about being shamelessly selfish and loving it, about being poor, homeless basically, a tiny bit about art, trees, saving trees, sigils and chaos magick(though she did not know about it at the time). This person was a complete stranger going to a psytrance party that I was going to, she sat next to me on a bench in front of the venue. We were the only two people who showed up to the pre event joined meditation. She cray cray a bit. But also, sorta... her talk about fate and all that checked out in that I knew everything she talked about or mentioned no matter how fringe, in fact I knew more about basically everything but her light being stuff more than her. She sung to me that jibbrish improv for a good 15-30 minutes. It started in humming and ended in dance and song. I think she was hoping it would catch on to me, but I am Estonian - a rock. Mugwort tincture leaves me way tired in the morning, but the pay off in dreams is incredible. An erotic pizzeria in city hall dream, looking like everyone was on mushrooms and naked. Yeah I don't know much about all of that indigo child and children of light movement thing, I think they are the crazy end of the spectrum I am opposite of them of. Most of my belief is backed by rational thought of some kind, I don't have the mental capacity to blindly believe and therefore make real to myself quite yet. I wish I could just blindly start believing in magic and crystals and all that rebirth stuff, but I'm just a simple man that likes some form of evidence or experienced truth beforehand. Haha, ''basic''.
  12. Hey Duncan, All I keep coming up with to say are dumb questions I could find out on my own very easily. What's new with you? Can you archer..arch.. archercise anywhere in NYC?
  13. Yeah the mobile version requires you to click on the ''küla valimine'' highlighted link, I think. I appreciate the effort!
  14. What sets it apart is that unlike most villages that worked the feudal system from way back when til the russkiis drove out the Baltic-German noblemen class, we have a manor in which the lord of the lands used to dwell. My family is supposebly connected to that guy by blood. We're also really close to the city Vana-Vigala, which has a huge ass manor even bigger than our Teenuse manor. Supposebly there was a bigger, badder lord in charge of that. There's a bunch of history involved, I remember this lil tid bit from the day of the shooting of that video: During the time when the Russians retook Estonia from the Germans there were resistance movements all over the country, Metsavennad is what they are called, Brothers of the Forest, basically resistance fighters living off the land and looting and what not in forests. We've had those forever, up to like 10 years before the fall of the soviet union at least. So anyway, there was a small skirmish on the bridge shown on that video(this one is a new bridge though) An old man told me how he witnessed, as a toddler, a guy on a bike shot in the head, a guy in the sidecarriage burned to near ashes for a really long time and one third dude in the ditch bayonneted. So this guy had a stone carved in their honor... well.. engraved. Well, I spent most of my formative years working manual labour all summer, so instilled within me there is a kind of contempt for the place, for childhood lost. I never really wanted to go there as a child, it was a real hole in the ground, but like 10-15 years of child labour later and it is paradise, I genuinely felt like I was walking in the Garden of Eden when I did a microdose of psilocybin there one summer. It washed away my previously accepted negative vibe of the whole place. When other people show up they see beauty and can relax and lay back.. I see work and work done.. and have that constant state of mind. Well one I can recall off the top of my dome, other than my outstanding self, is Puskari Jürka, which is Moonshine Jyrka more or less in English. He is an alcoholic poet that writes or at least used to write poems for some major newspapers. Rides around on a moped and hangs out mostly in front of the village store, with all the other drunks, drinking. My cousin once gave him a shot of vodka for each poem he could recite by heart, they got through a litre in about half an hour. Any other curiosities?