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  1. Hey guys. I very much dislike ordering or looking for books and waiting for them to arrive, I also dislike reading on a screen, I prefer audiobooks. I just found all of the gulag archipelago on youtube! You can download it as audio through a youtube to audio program or website.
  2. I would like to see a symbiotic Orchid and Cherry Blossom tree.
  3. I'll try to address some of these issues to the extent of my knowledge. Oedipus is a well known myth, it is just one of many mythological tales that tie into the human experience as it is and influence us on a deeper level. SJW's are fine if their cause is a worthwhile one and based on truth. The anti-SJW exists solely for the purpose of providing a counter-argument, which is usually based on factual evidence, to the SJW argument. Because stupidity is contagious and human beings are inherently virtue-seeking, people will believe and they will follow and even spread these falsities. NOW, the Jordan Peterson on JRE SJW event is an important and unique one for one very important reason - In canada, legislation has been passed(from what I know), which forces people to use certain words when addressing certain members of the population. The bill even goes so far as to fine and jail people for not using a made up fucking word. How is this not important? Free speech is being impeded on in a massive way. If you let them have an inch, they will take a mile. I suggest you listen to the rest of the JRE, because Peterson explains very well, he even brings in examples, what is behind his reasoning and what this may mean. I will write more later, have to grab dinner.
  4. Sam Harris is human too, who'd have thought. So we have a matching Sam Harris emotional break to this sincere sobbing of sadness from Peterson. Humanity confirmed for both. I think it can't be more than a few days with the upload. Sam Harris likes to get things done quick, he replies to things with public letters really quickly.
  5. I think that is the wrong disposition for approaching this. If you are pre opposing Sam Harris here you will be that much less likely to be susceptible to anything of value he brings in. The same applies with the opposite. I hope he is healthy too. He's very emotional when ill and frail.
  6. Yeah, I was very moved by that too. You can see the man is not heartless, he is crying when he is reading out what he has written about human suffering. Seems to me people are just dismissively labeling him this or that based on a 5 minute random sequence in a video. Well, not everyone on the Sam Harris board is like that, there are a lot of objective thinkers who have interesting and open views on Peterson. But as per usual, the impossibly negative and ignorant seem to cast their shadow on the whole group, which is kind of unfortunate. This was my first visit to that subreddit and my first ever encounter of Harris' followers of any kind, I am a little disappointed, but I am also quite titulated by those that seem to have adapted Sam's own calm and collected argumentative style. There is a very well formatted and calm discussion about Peterson on one of the links I posted, by seemingly clashing views that end up finding common ground and altering each other's perspectives on Peterson and what was said. I very much enjoyed those people and seeing that. I don't know if I would be able to do that, myself.
  7. His personal religion seems to stem from Judeo Christianity, he often makes allusions to that particular book to make examples in his explanations of things. I may be mistaken, but this clip should be where-in he reveals his personal beliefs: I have watched the whole show twice, but I have seen a lot of Peterson interviews and lectures since, so I can't be sure. This should shed some light. To those interested, here is a link to Sam Harris' followers discussing Peterson in an open way, I am currently reading through it myself : Also another post with thoughts on his letter(the video I posted above): https://www.reddit.com/r/samharris/comments/5lc1x8/peterson_on_the_incoming_podcast_with_sam/ Edit: I have read through both reddit posts as of just now, here is what you may find there: Discussions about parts of his monologues on JRE. Some predictions towards what the Waking Up ep will be like. Speculation based on very brief introduction to the person. Dismissal and speculation based on a single characteristic. Intelligent discussion about parts of the JRE and self reflection. Overall the Harris subredditors that have commented seem to stand divided on Jordan Peterson. I have yet to hear Peterson speak on some form of media and be boring or incoherent to my thinking. It seems Sam Harris was hounded into accepting this interview/debate by popular demand from Peterson's followers on twitter. The Harris board folks even went on to 'unpack' Harris' tweet about the upcoming episode. What a bizarre place, then again, so is this. :)
  8. Well, it will be an intelligent discussion between men that provides scaffolding and foundations for new ideas or additions to already acquired meaning. There will be no 'winner', I think this will be more like a very interesting back and forth between clashing world views that have common grounds and roots, but are ultimately different. So a 'New Atheist' Sam Harris and a self-defined 'Religious' person Jordan B. Peterson. Fundamentally Peterson is a religious person and Harris is an atheist and this will be the first building block for whatever their mutual soul-construction(conversation) will be creating. Edit: I would like to be clear here and state that their personal religious views are in no way defining factors for either men, they are first and foremost very intelligent, rational and inspiring men with well thought out and rational views on things.
  9. Hey guys, I just checked my youtube subscriptions and lo and behold Jordan Peterson posted a very sincere and moving video: To those interested about the title of the thread, then in his video he announces, that he will be debating Sam Harris on January 16th on Harris' podcast 'Waking Up'. Both of these men are extremely intelligent and interesting to me, so this will most likely be the high point of my month, can't speak for all of you. Peterson does a very good job rationally explaining his personal 'Religion', to an extent, that you can't really argue his logic(read: I can't). Sam Harris always does an excellent job explaining and unpacking(lol) complex ideas and logically exposing faults in them. If these two men would find common footing and mayhaps even like each other so much, that they would like to collaborate in the future, it would be a dream come true. If you liked Jordan Peterson on JRE: Just imagine what this level of topic will be with Sam Harris as the counterpart!! Happy new year! http://jordanbpeterson.com/category/reading-list/ A reading list from Jordan Peterson. He also has started turning his lectures into podcast form on 'The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast', I highly recommend. http://www.selfauthoring.com/ What Peterson talks about on JRE, a program of reprogramming yourself through writing out your influencial life experiences through reverie forms (Picture shows in your head) and drawing out meaning from these and finding connections to your present self. I am currently doing the past authorship program and highly recommend it, I have found my own obvious personality flaws and have been able to even come up with ways to remedy them. I find it, thus far, to be an extremely valuable tool for self improvement.
  10. I also am starting from the beginning. Not sure how I overlooked your post here.
  11. No more rocket league ^ for this guy.
  12. How big is your container of choice? I usually drink out of big ass beer mugs and dose accordingly. You cannot die from chaga, can't get sick either. Is it powdered or chunks? If you want a gauranteed high, then fill the bottom with about a pinky finger's worth of the available space. You let it sit until all or most of the chunks have become sediment, floated down. I assume you know i mean finger width here and nothing else. It is important to give it time and let it sitt and seep. Now, the diligent way would be boiling chaga on a small simmer for 15 minutes or so. An even more dilligent way would be making a cold infusion. Because chaga is an fungus it will not allow other microorganisms to invade the pot it was brewed in for a week at least. So that one boil can be used as stock to pour upon for a week, safely. 2 weeks it is said it can last for sure, but I would stick to a week. The only way you could harm yourself with this fungus is taking too much daily for a course of months. Moderation baby. As for the high, do not expect super strong effects as with weed or mush. Relax your body and clear your mind when you start drinking, pay attention to your tea and consume it. You will notice the high that way.
  13. @CaptainBeyond28 Chaga mushroom is a guaranteed and known high. Same with mugwort and produced euphoria. Most herbs produce their own unique high and you can mix and match. I thoroughly enjoy finding balances between tastes. Chaga has a strong taste on the bitter side, but not too much, so you want something that compliments that, instead of empowering the deep dark bittery taste. Instead you may go with green tea or hibiscus or lemon or a number of other tastes that are different from the bell of the ball.(the most empowering taste) A nice sourness and acidity conquer the likes of black teas and chaga. Hibiscus is a conquer all. Too much lemon creates acidity, this can reach stomach acid likeness, avoid that. Throw in some edible flowers, i know precious few english names for them, heather is a nice one. @softwarmpretty That looks so beautiful and full of magic.. i wish i could have had that on solstice.. i have a fantasy already running wild in my head about it. :3 lovely feelings shimmering about, nice ella fitzgerald.. dream a little dream of me... some moon river... candles, an evening breeze, star gazing. Thank you. The infused honey looks interesting. I'd like to try some of that one day. But i'm crap at growing indoor plants.
  14. @self_medic this binaural beats directly ties into an experience i had with it in the army. Powerful relaxant rushed in and my legs and entire body felt a rush of pleasure, my legs nearly gave out. I had been trying with binaurals for months. My experience was cut short though, because a superior entered the room. Never got a reaction from it again.
  15. Link to binaurals?