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  1. @pattmayne you have approached her as 3 seperate people? Or just one, relentlessly?
  2. What do the successful ones say and what are memorable openings?
  3. Why?
  4. What is the root of all problems? For me this thing has revealed to me previously unnoticed trends and reactions in my past, I know why I am how I am mostly. I know of my emotional issues through this too. It has been very beneficial to me subsurface level. Things I myself hadnt understood or worked through previously. Don't dismiss it as something until you try it. If you tried it, then share your experience in more detail.
  5. @rosaparked I have completed the past selfauthoring and present faults programs. The rest stand to follow.
  6. They have/had a 2 for 1 offer on the whole thing for ~15bucks.
  7. i prefer fictional horror, so I binge on creepypastas and youtube readings. Chilling Tales For Dark Nights was pretty good while it lasted, I could rarely guess the twist or where the thing was going, just minor cliches. A few stories are too close to my self denied plausible supersticions and those give me a slight fright.
  8. I did mine over 2 months. Well.. finished over 2 months. The exercise says 3 hours or so estimated time. lel.. My advice and that of JP apparently - Do it badly. Don't strive for detailed perfection, strive for completing it and having your experiences out there and thought through. Also gifted my freebee to someone who seems to be really benefitting from it.
  9. Elfen Lied Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad Tremendous anime full of original music, very awesome and touching. It's about a band and their progress and some personal lives. Eng dubs have different, some more powerful, song versions, really fun. I really dug this anime and the opening chorus and music and the entire wtf concept of it all.
  10. There are a ton of JP topics on this forum going on atm, it's insane. There is no selfauthoring.com oriented specific topic though, and I thought I should make one where people can share experiences and those interested can ask questions about the selfauthoring. I just now finished my past authoring suite and have a pretty long write up of my entire self-perceived influencial life experiences collection and analysis. It was hugely beneficial in realizing obvious faults/habbits in myself and where they might be stemming from. Why I am how I am and what made me how I am. It was a very powerful experience overall and I really recommend it to anyone interested. If you have a lot of dragons scurrying about in your life, being ignored and growing larger and larger inside of you, then this past authoring suite is for you. It makes you face your problems in a healthy way and really sort out your life, help you deal with traumatic experiences. I will now be doing the other selfauthoring suites - future, present virtues and faults.
  11. Sexy floor, Ian!
  12. I don't have any interesting stories, none that I can think of as interesting myself.
  13. So is there a first ep out yet or what? @HRossPerogan
  14. Might I suggest www.selfauthoring.com it helps you find out what you want/need in life and learn more about yourself. I also suggest getting your son on the future authoring program. Maybe the kid doesnt even really want to go to college, maybe he wants to do a gap year travelling, maybe he wants to enter a trade school (Mike Rowe has a scholarship program for that). Sacrificing personal happiness for something you don't even know your child might want or don't even know would really benefit him. I suggest quitting your job and trying your hand at anything that piques your interest. You do not owe your son a college tuition, if he wants to go he can work and get a loan. You know what you need to do, stop making excuses to avoid happiness.
  15. Seems they didn't really reach any mutually agreed upon conclusion on the waking up podcast. I'll be interested in seeing part two's release. Seems both parties were left unsatisfied and frustrated for now. Not to mention the audience. Seems to me they were very stuck on objective truth and subjective truth as a go to definition. Peterson aiming at subjectivelly acceptable truth, that is true enough to be acceptable and Harris on the importance of objective truth that always seems to have an unquestionably singular result of right. I have been feverish and ill the last few days so I can't quite gather the focus and mental faculties required to try and form any reasonable opinion on the matter as I am. I don't see any clear cut consensus or objective truth being presented by either man though, they both feel they are missing the gist of what the other has been saying, clearly, since they keep trying to come up with alternative examples and explanations for the same thing. I am very curious to hear more about other topics by now, to be perfectly honest. I feel inable to grasp exactly what has been said in my current state. Would appreciate someone drawing a bit of light onto the matter for me if you find anything incorrect with what I am saying. Might check out the Sam Harris board for their input on the matter, they are usually of different thought from what I am used to on here.