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  1. Bosch paintings remind me of what I would imagine those times I used to try and picture a world where buildings were made of people instead of wood.. and wood would be people. Just a sort of fun mental exercise. Mine had a tad bit too much realism though and I put thought into the construction and what bit would/could actually be used. I am on my 3rd day of yoga with Adriane, she's wonderful, and I was able to stay patiently still last night and meditate myself into sleep and lucid dream for a whole while. My mugwort stuff is still around me too. Just figured I'd let y'all know meditating on your back and drifting into sleep through that can produce a lucid state. Usually I just curl onto my side and doze off.. so on my back sleeping is very out of character for me.
  2. Pics!!
  3. @Nihil Loc Wow, thanks. I found mountain rose a week ago. I was super excited to find so much stuff from one source, I made an order list for about 200 dollars and then found out they don't ship internationally... -____- no, not even as an exception. I need to find an european equivalent of mountain rose..
  4. You don't actually need to buy the selfauthoring suite. Just divide your life into 8 epochs and those 8 into around 6 meaningful experiences that have affected who you are today. Do it right away. And thing it through in picture form. 400 Characters minimum.
  5. I made some earl gray and chaga tea.
  6. @wheelchaircat Remember, it is okay to do it badly, or poorly. You don't have to make a perfect attempt at selfauthoring for it to work. Just write what you can and know. There is always the chance to rewrite it later if you want. The main point is to keep going and push through it to face your dragons and discover yourself.
  7. @Charlemagne That man is you. Everything is you. It is all in a microcosm inside of your head. Every single part of the dream, every crum and detail is you. Do not fear, hate or attack yourself, accept yourself fully, with love. I decided to churn up my dream pillow materials in my mortar, the fragrance releases into the air and it's fun to do. Will report back if it changes things up. @softwarmpretty Today I drew a bear that is crying and roaring and has butterfly wings and a halo. Halfway through the drawing I realized Artmemis had these bear festivals where women were forced to spend a year of their lives pretending to be bears, because some village folks befriended and killed a bear. Artemis likes bears. But this information I already knew beforehand, so my mind just subconsciously drifted to that creative channel again, I think. There's a mouse on the head of the bear and the bear is standing and the mouse is holding onto the bear's halo. There's also a curvacious beautiful woman kneeling and holding onto the corner of a flag.. for some reason... on a cloud, above them. Not tied in with Artemis yet in any manner, so there's that. Just as I wrote the previous sentence I realize that passage you included of her description was a voluptuous woman...-.- This has got to be one of those number obsession types of things. I did MDMA yesterday and drank 3 bottles of kombucha and ate 3 large cucumbers and 2 carrots and a bag of baby carrots and mugwort tea and smoked mug/weed and had a can of alcoholic beverage while dancing naked to classical music after emerging a new man from my candle lit bath at the peak of my trip. So i was super emotionally open today and cried to a lot of sad things. How are you two btw? Edit: If you burn your sigil afterwards it is supposed to be especially effective. The idea is capturing importance and creative focus on paper and then releasing it into the world as energy and residual matter. Might try.
  8. If you want to communicate with some of the forum members you can add me on kik messenger 'mkuuben'. I will add you to the chat and you can chat when there is chat to be chat. Figure out a way to get out of there, family is made, not born into. You owe them nothing, you have a source of income, find a way to make it work. Try www.selfauthoring.com if you are trying to work through your shit and get a perspective on your life. You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for, most people are, don't rule out options without trying. If time is an issue in amassing a certain amount of money work out a strict routine and stick to it. Make sure it leaves you no room to wallow and don't take shit from your inner victim. Reach out where you can reach out and take what you can get to help yourself. The worst thing that can happen is you are no longer living in a crack den with insomnia and depression. Live out of a car by the river if you have to. Spring is afoot and this is the perfect time to venture forth.
  9. @Charlemagne Alcohol definitely plays a role in achieving awakened states in dreams. Both weed and alcohol force your natural REM cycles into a way shallower sleep, allowing you to perk up into wakefulness in dreams more easily. But this can also mean, that you don't hit REM at all and have a bad night's sleep. A way for you to show this unknown man his place in the future and prove that you are the creator of all in your dreams is doing a reality check - easiest way is try and push a finger or hand through the palm of your other hand; knock on a wall or wood or anything and see your hand go through it; look at a clock; try to read a text; look in a mirror; look at your hands, they will be distorted because that bit of the brain is sleeping. Best way to maximize on this whole endeavour would be rereading the above account of your dream before sleep and also introducing casual reality checks into your waking life. Any time you check the time just push a finger into your hand in addition. I need to get my mugwort in a better spot... the kombucha in my room is overopwering my mugwort smells. I need to do something that lets me wiff that dried herb and blast off into the omnipotence within. Looked through lots of eshops again today and still NOBODY HAS HERBS I WANT!! Everyone just sells dumb regular tea blends from china... ugh. I'm glad this worked for you. Next step make a magick sigil to enable you to lucid dream. Writing and creation puts more importance to your dream life, so your unconscious doesn't just delete everything when you wake and instead starts recording shit again. The first magick sigil I made was for lucid dreaming and I lucid dreamed that very night, it was crazy. Gotta work these cool brain hacks into your everyday habbits.
  10. @softwarmpretty Not sure how to identify them other than lucidity. My 2 part mix wasnt made for a specific purpose, so i suppose it is ambiguously affecting my dreams if at all. I wonder if a more specific intent in making and purposeful design would set it at a stronger register within my nonconscious. I think I might make a sigil for it too and put it in with the rest. I dreamt of a tea shop today and to my dismay there were like 10 crappy tea blends for sale in total. Utter disappointment. I have looked through every tea and coffee shop page in Estonia. Only desirable I could find was damiana.. but it was sold out... T_T I found a wonderful estore in the US.. spent an hour compiling everything I could ever wish for into one basket only to find no shipping outside of US. Devastation. Www.Mountainroseherbs.com I did have a lucid sex dream about Scarlett Johanson being a black widow evil step mother who seduces me and tries to kill me for my inheritance. Then I woke up and researched about artemis and found out she is deep into chastity and no sex like ever. And she delivered a baby when she was 1 day old. The eternal virginity bit may have funked my conceptual idea of her and ruined this bewitchment aspect. It's like learning your idea of someone is somewhat more wonderful than the reality. . . Or just learning that they are lesser than you previously perceived. The dream and actions within seemed like betrayal of Artemis' values and as such I've sensed a lessened connection. If we lived near each other we would be doing magic rituals and summoning demons and creating a golem or homunculus from herbs n crystals n sigils n stuff for fun. A lack of nearby like minded individuals is helping in keeping me nice and grounded. Well.. i have an anchor holding me in guarded sceptical safety perpetually anyway, but peer pressure could funk that. @AngoGoblogian Could be in the Potter series.
  11. A quick update about an experience with mugwort. So I packed mugwort into my backpack a few days ago and went and had that tea and smoking experience with my friends. Well, yesterday I emptied out the backpack and left my bag of mugwort right next to my bed, on the floor. Completely unaware, that this is in essence a mugwort dream pillow. I usually sleep all over my bed at night and end up criss cross everywhere. Tonight i spent all night on the edge of my bed, inhaling the smell of sweet sweet artemisia vulgaris, without paying and conscious mind to the effects of it. I lucid dreamed for the first time after a long time. I journalled it, I said hello to my painting of Artemis when I woke up without even registering the source of the lucid dream. I just now stumbled upon a video of a dream pillow on youtube and it clicked instantly. Exciting, maybe my subconscious had already attributed importance to the proximity of the herb because of what @softwarmpretty had suggested earlier and that's why it happened. Or maybe, like... totally a greek diety is influencing my dreams and related actions now. Anyhoo, I am making a proper grip bag dream pillow with slight airholes for ventilation and spreading of smells to put under my pillow today. I don't have bags made from fabrics unfortunately. I'll add all the other herbs @softwarmpretty recommended as I get them. I sleep in a sort of temple of Artemis, in Estonia, wild.
  12. Yeah try for sure. And sober!
  13. That's what I did. A float in some dude's basement, basically. He was real nice and it was a pleasant setting in general. It's so pricey though.. i can't bring myself to pay so much for floating 2 hours in salt water unstimulated.
  14. I suggest both of you try it out. It is definitely not only about lack of light or complete silence. Go one time, allow yourselves this luxury. You will flutter and float like a butterfly for the next few hours afterwards. It will feel magnificent to be so light and feel so wonderful.