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  1. It's not on HBO, it's on showtime
  2. lovvvvved it
  3. fucking meeeeeelted me. i almost cried, i felt like I was watching a ghost Also to dummies who complain about the music performances: They are the equivalent of a classic Greek chorus. Every performance is specifically relevant. They also serve as a palate cleanser to allow the events of the episode seep into the subconscious. So baffled as to how people aren't picking up on this.
  4. so many people are me i think i'm absorbing their strength, I keep accidentally crushing things
  5. Me too! I don't think it matters if friends are struggling with cognitive and emotional problems as long as they don't suffocate you by perpetually dwelling on it. Everybody's struggling with something, how they handle it is what counts imo. Some people are troopers and lead by example, some people will suck the entire life force out of you if you let them.
  6. how fortunate of you to be able to experience that and still justifiably consider yourself young a warm congrats my friend : )
  7. I've watched all 4 now, he brings back the comedy. This series seems like it's the best it possibly could have been, I'm so impressed
  8. its twin peaks with a style mash up of itself, Eraserhead, Mulholland Dr. Some people say Lost Highway as well, I suppose I agree. But either way it is dark affff compared to the original installment. I am kind of hoping for a little more from the bizarre comedy side of the series. My favorite shots of the first ep: cooper living room interaction fat lady walking down hallway headlight pov shot grayscale black lodge dialogues
  9. There is some pretty stupid and tired, predictable dialogue as well as a few character cliches, but you could almost argue that it's part of the statement the movie makes (from the perspective of David) about the merit and integrity of a species, ie people are weak and stupid so in the movie they say dumb, predictable things
  10. My takeaway was this: You make a robot too human or a human too robot and you get a psychopath David, concluding that he is superior to not just his creators, but his creators' creators, gets himself hold of an organism that is perfect in his eyes and also a means of destroying the species he views as inferior. He is an immortal being flying around space with an endless supply of his favorite pets that are referred to as weapons several times because they are literally world destroyers. The audience doesn't identify him this way because he is the villain in the movie and an all around asshole, but outside of that context it's really hard to nail down how exactly he isn't a god. He doesn't have magic powers but given enough time could wipe out an entire universe. I enjoyed the movie. The horror tropes were the least interesting parts.
  11. that guy is the personification of a hernia yet at times flies into a rage and reminds me of deniro in taxi driver
  12. coffee shops... groundwork, stumptown.. bourgeois pig for the atmosphere moreso than the coffee and definitely not for the price, but the place itself is rad and worth exploring restaurants... depends on where you're at and what kind of food you're into. There are bomb spots literally everywhere. What part of town do you plan on spending the most time in? What kind of food do you like?
  13. Don't these venues have a sound board for the in house PA? Can't you get a properly mixed recording from the soundboard?
  14. oh shit. i may or may not have gel tabs hidden deep within my home i think they're calling