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  1. i just did so many high pitched screams while pinching my nipples and crying a little
  2. hot yoga and weed, especially in tandem. every day without exception. works for me
  3. yeah did you see jon jones basically inviting her to Jackson's on twitter? What I don't understand is everyone talking like she's done. She's only 29, if she switches camps asap she could have some great fights ahead of her
  4. Rousey isn't old she just sucks at boxing. She literally didn't move her head at all. When she had her streak going it was because there wasn't much talent in her division yet.
  5. I could brag about calling it but I think most people saw this coming.
  6. Did you not see the look of panic on her face after it got punched
  7. If Nunes clips Ronda I bet Ronda panics again. Nunes hits twice as hard as Holm. If Ronda can close the distance and clinch without getting tagged too hard she could submit her. Definitely going to be interesting. I could see it going ether way but if Rousey loses I bet it'll be by ko.
  8. I'm an Aries so maybe I was typing with my astrological hooves
  9. No interpersonal problems but trying to install chrome on my moms MacBook just took a couple years off my life.
  10. JEEENNNNNKINNNNNNS is what I just yelled from the roof of my parents house because I love you too ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  11. @stein22501 Cutting out oils, sun and contact with people? Yikes. My mind would descend into putrefaction pretty rapidly. But maybe it works for you.
  12. My dad asked for soundgarden albums for Christmas free of any suggestion from anyone. Some kind of retirement renaissance. I was like, ha, yesssss So I got him an album 5 pack and now I'm blasting badmotorfinger in my parents' kitchen
  13. the guy who plays Bear Gerhardt was next to me in yoga the other day, which was weird season 2 is up there as one of the best seasons of a show ever created
  14. I was similarly blown away by the thought of an evangelical troll
  15. @Skanky Mojo thank you!!!