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  1. spoiler alert: we're already doomed nothing is going to reverse the momentum of consumerism. Making thoughtful choices when you buy your shorts isn't going to make a bit of difference. The only thing that would stop it is legislation. If only there were some sort of agency, dedicated to protecting the environment. Perhaps Rex Tillerson would lend his ear to the argument, I'm sure he'd be in favor of putting a stop to synthetic material production. He probably also hates big juicy butts. https://qz.com/920561/conscious-consumerism-is-a-lie-heres-a-better-way-to-help-save-the-world/
  2. Nice try but that slot is permanently occupied by the theme from Rocky. Also, whenever someone uses the phrase "straight up" my mind immediately goes into "now tell me do you really wanna love- me- forever- oh oh oh" and then I think about whether or not that song was directed at an early 80's player for the los angeles lakers. So it goes
  3. Loved it. Is it worthwhile reading Reich's work if you aren't going to try to replicate one or some of the experiments? I'm not saying I think it's without merit but I'm not a laboratory scientist and don't have the wherewithal to repeat, I assume, any of his experiments.
  4. After careful consideration of your presentation, I am ok with this
  5. @CosmEffect yeah i love Beacon, i saw them live last year. Really simple but well done live show, super relaxed. It took me a little while to get used to the vocals also, it's a strange sort of androgynous vibe but in the end in my mind it created a kind of ethereal ambiance that grew on me and felt relaxing. I'm into this Mary Lattimore music, never heard of her before this, it's very soothing but not boring. I'll binge it at work, it's perfect for doing artwork. Thanks! Onward and upward.
  6. @CosmEffect you like blanck mass?? I don't like all of his stuff, but the songs I do like I'm way deep into. His new album World Eater is dope
  7. I'm on the cusp of figuring out but I think I need one more rap video to really bring it home. The other ones were too subtle. i think success is enjoying what you do every day and not wishing it was something else, or being on a path that leads to that
  8. he is going to reveal on his death bed that he's really Andy Kaufman
  9. oh shit i did ask for it this is hotel california
  10. What is this, fucking hotel california
  11. Direct disobedience!! Insubordination!! thank your lucky stars I'm not a mod i would mod the shit out of this confrontation right now
  12. ok but you're only allowed to make points that haven't already been made
  13. It's tacky
  14. Yeah, the post migration bans. I was a little taken aback, and I hate cunty people. I mean, I'm a sarcastic bastard and I enjoy fucking with people when I think they're being silly, but not in a malicious way where I actually want people to be hurt by what is said. And I don't really think most people on here are/were malicious in that way [EXCEPT ORGONE!!! Ha bring the hate bitches :) ] so I was surprised when I heard about the troubles resurfacing. Given those standards I'm surprised I haven't been banned. Did reptile go on a rant about jews or something?
  15. I guess there were a bunch of bans I didn't know about which also greatly curtailed the number of characters that livened the place up. But I feel like that could be remedied.