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  1. oh shit. i may or may not have gel tabs hidden deep within my home i think they're calling
  2. seabeeeeeast hnnnngggggggg
  3. Also if you take psychedelics, the getty center seems like an amazing place to be chirpin' balls Especially the garden. Come to think of it so would Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. OH YEAH- YOU CAN COMPLETELY AVOID THE VALLEY. Unless you need your car fixed or want the temperature to be 15deg warmer. And last but not least, here is a calendar of literally every concert happening in LA http://losangeles.ohmyrockness.com
  4. Museum of Jurassic Technology Museum of Death the arts district in downtown Lots of good views if you cruise Mulholland Drive Amoeba, definitely go to Amoeba... unless you're from SF or Berkeley and have your own Amoeba. East(ish) side: Wacko's Soap Plant/ La Luz de Jesus Gallery, and the Sunset Junction area which is nearby. The gallery always has interesting stuff and Wacko's is a weird gift shop, but their book selection is off the fucking chain Same thing with The Daily Planet on Franklin Ave in Franklin Village. Amazing book selection. Franklin village is another sweet spot near hollywood with a few bars and restaurants and coffee shops. Meltdown comics, I dunno if they still do it but they used to have the Melt(?) on Weds nites where the back of the store was an alt room that headliner comics would go to to try out new material. The first time I went I saw Ed Helms, Hannibal Burress, Kristen Schaal, Eddie Peppitone and Anthony Jeselnik for like $7 If you decide to go for a hike, hike Griffith Park and not Runyon. Everyone will tell you to hike Runyon but it's just a paved road going up a hill and it smells like dog shit. You can also hike to the Hollywood sign which is a hike nearby (technically connected) to Griffith Park General Neighborhoods: Echo Park (in and around sunset blvd), Los Feliz, Silverlake/ Atwater West side: Venice but go during the day and take a Lyft. Parking is the worst, the boardwalk is really a big disgusting touristy freakshow but maybe you're into that. Abbot Kinney Blvd is a trendy expensive street, food and coffee etc. Personally I hate Venice and the only time I ever go is in the morning before it gets packed. Honestly if you want to see the ocean i recommend just driving up the pch past Malibu or driving down the 405 to Redondo Beach. It's a little bit of a drive but its much less crowded and much more beautiful. Otherwise you're in Santa Monica which is so vapid it will siphon away your intellect and creative spirit. I would SKIP: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, most of Hollywood. Real talk I would skip the West Side altogether. It's just ...blah. Far away from everything else and boring. If you tell me specifically what you're into I could probably give more refined suggestions.
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    12 year olds fucking suck, they probably would have done that anyway
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  8. Could all be fine until you have to poop Sounds like a joke but I'm being serious
  9. He'd need some big Gene Simmons boots
  10. do we include posers? there are a bunch of electronic peeps out there with edgy occult reference names. Konx-Om-Pax, Dawn Golden, Rosy Cross That dude Ab-Soul sprinkled his latest album with a bunch of Crowley key words but none of it has really pointed to anyone who actually sounded like they were trying to communicate something meaningful. People like appearing mysterious. It's an appealing alternative to actually being known and understood. Sounding like you have secret knowledge up your sleeve. Thing is I don't know what you're actually looking for. Better understanding, or just an inventory of occult themed things?
  11. One of my favorite artists. I'm sure he was mentioned somewhere at some point in the old forum, so apologies to those who somehow remember that He had a piece of metal in the center of his brain that he was convinced was placed there by aliens. He was also and Harvard and Brown educated architect who worked on the world trade center. http://paullaffoley.net/paintings/ Here's a youtube playlist about him, just fyi the first video is an old disinfo tv video and the sound design is...off-putting at best, you can probably skip it:
  12. spoiler alert: we're already doomed nothing is going to reverse the momentum of consumerism. Making thoughtful choices when you buy your shorts isn't going to make a bit of difference. The only thing that would stop it is legislation. If only there were some sort of agency, dedicated to protecting the environment. Perhaps Rex Tillerson would lend his ear to the argument, I'm sure he'd be in favor of putting a stop to synthetic material production. He probably also hates big juicy butts. https://qz.com/920561/conscious-consumerism-is-a-lie-heres-a-better-way-to-help-save-the-world/
  13. Nice try but that slot is permanently occupied by the theme from Rocky. Also, whenever someone uses the phrase "straight up" my mind immediately goes into "now tell me do you really wanna love- me- forever- oh oh oh" and then I think about whether or not that song was directed at an early 80's player for the los angeles lakers. So it goes
  14. Loved it. Is it worthwhile reading Reich's work if you aren't going to try to replicate one or some of the experiments? I'm not saying I think it's without merit but I'm not a laboratory scientist and don't have the wherewithal to repeat, I assume, any of his experiments.