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  1. Update: I don’t think think he understood what he was asking for
  2. might I recommend my friend Edward's podcast, the esoterinerd He was/is an adeptus minor in the GD In episode 35 he does a guided meditation for establishing an astral temple in Malkuth, Yesod in episode 45 http://www.edward-reib.com/vhfraterbt/Episode-35.html http://www.edward-reib.com/vhfraterbt/Episode-45.html
  3. i saw this movie in the theater with a Q & A with Zach Leary and the director which was interesting. But I gotta say... wasn't that into the movie. Seemed like a very cliche celebration of psychedelics and spirituality. But probably a good introduction for someone who doesn't know anything about either Ram Dass or Leary. But Fierce Grace does a much better job with Ram Dass.
  4. I'm sorry
  5. just try harder
  6. the most offensive thing about your attempt is its laziness you're a living breathing rerun of an out dated tv show
  7. My friend opened an apothecary, and they're offering classes in various subjects from traditional golden dawn type ritual and philosophy all the way down to reading tea leaves and the lesser, more woo woo forms of divination etc. But they are all very knowledgable folks, and very warm and kind! http://www.thecrookedpath.biz/ https://www.facebook.com/crookedpathoccult/
  8. http://duncantrussell.invisionzone.com/

    we've been cyber-marooned it's just us on this internet desert island i am ok with this. i like you's.
  9. i followed you @messi i like your dog
  10. i've been yelling into a pillow lately, that feels good
  11. oh no. <3
  12. get a load of this guy
  13. C'mon
  14. It's not on HBO, it's on showtime