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  1. Post em here fuckers, spoilers only! only content that spoils whatever it comes from! Spoil away Content and context are irrelevant I'll start:
  2. i'm glad this thread got bumped, it's packed with goodies i dunno how i passed over @Clarion's post about selffish before but i'm listening to it and I'm way into it
  3. @CosmEffect oooooohhh you betcha i was looking at the flyer for the tour on the page before i came here as a matter of fact! you gonna go? i saw clark on his last tour with nosaj thing and this other guy, D Tiberio who turned out to be reeeally good: However apparently the night before in Texas Clark and Nosaj Things's gear had been stolen and they both had to do altered sets so I still feel like I haven't had the full experience, but Clark was sick live. It was definitely a music act that is more watched/ experienced than danced to. He does a lot of abstract, abrupt changes in tempo. Never quite gives you that fulfilling run with a groove, just builds to it and then switches direction completely. Very entertaining, I'm psyched. Maybe I'll stay for Com Truise. I like him but all his material sounds really samey to me.
  4. Spaghetti was too smart to be Lucy. Spaghetti was outrageous but coherent. spaghetti was an enigma, a contradictory figure that was belligerently homophobic and at the same time homosexual. I also miss him.
  5. I'm viving it up as soon as the sculpting version of tilt brush is production quality ready. I need a new graphics card though. Right now I have gtx760 and it's not VR ready
  6. Great episode, wish it was longer
  7. a venue too far, 2009 ehhrrwal is crying right now
  8. this thread makes me glad this place died what a bunch of self indulgent, self exalting wankers
  9. I dont know why people continuously jizz all over reddit, it's the most unreadable website on the internet. I feel like I'm sifting through someone's out of date FTP server. Fuck reddit.
  10. Reptile got banned? If that isn't forum self cannibalization I don't know what is
  11. @shite this forum basically has nothing to do with duncan, despite the color scheme
  12. Personally when everything got dumped into one category I stopped posting/reading. Everyone wanted the main page to resemble the old forum where all threads were listed together, but the thing they fucked up was that they got rid of the categories and now there's no organization. now I pretty much dip in to shit talk in the chatbox and dip out.
  13. where's the option for projector? I'm watching it on a projector.
  14. @DinduNuffin Palm desert
  15. @DinduNuffin where do I get a cactus? I happen to be in a desert but I need specifics