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Everything posted by inthemiddlewithu

  1. Holy shit you did it! she called... back
  2. Did we switch roles? Cheering me up all of a sudden.
  3. Interestingly I really enjoy the superunknown album
  4. As we say on Reddit fade me bro I give us credit for grabbing onto nothing and pulling ourselves up even if we lost grip and fell back to the bottom.
  5. Easy for the crazy no fucks to give me to say... You are amused by your own suffering. I however just want to sleep and not wake up.
  6. FML Another car not worth the time it took to test drive. I'm spent on optimism fuck this whole existence kill me now /sigh
  7. Am I really that bad... Why don't we give it a break?
  8. Well try not to get banned this time around the floor is all yours
  9. Thought you were sleeping?
  10. Eh guess I can't help myself Jade. Sorry guess the universal calls will continue
  11. Throw back to headie from Rogan this explains me the best he nailed it
  12. Thank you for observing my madness this is for me though, me an my love lol
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marduk Thank u old gods, as well the new ones allowing for me to exist with hope
  14. Finale until summer
  15. I know you don't watch dragon ball but it's the best metaphor for what I do feel. Goku can transform and in doing so his power is enhanced by a multiplier. You for me has felt like a life multiplier the dullness is removed in way no other has been able to do. Why am I doing this if I don't have a reason, I was once told if you believe you can achieve it. See manifestation link I posted. I knew when I first met you, you are 'precious' and unique. I also knew you were drawn to me... recent revelations show me to be a rebound I guess so... but then you left. Then you contacted me trying to make me jealous... then some more time went by you contacted me once more a seemingly final time. 12 years later you still have a desire for me. I didn't know I was preoccupied trying to turn a miserable situation into a modestly ok one. So years pass and I find you looking for me and I respond. I feel once more this excitement and I want it to continue forever. Realistically the odds are not in my favor, but I am not afraid of risks not when I see the reward beyond any monetary value I desire only something you can give freely. With this last song I will give you a break and move on. I leave it to fate for awhile. See you in the summer lover
  16. No more secrets in this 1. It takes too much focus, I don't have the energy time for a break.
  17. http://that4real.us/big-sean-sacrifices-ft-migos/ place holder until the video exists