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  1. Vicarious living. We by design are violent but most of us have no way of working our violence muscles out in real life. If any of you had ever been in a fight with someone who made you legit angry, you will experience a joy or excitement with each bit of pain you cause the opponent. It's disturbing but this is the nature of us being animals. Not that we aren't equally designed for being nice...
  2. Back it up to your PC. Then you won't feel as guilty about deleting it from your phone. I myself have walls of texts from ex's some good some bad. I never go back and look but it's comforting to know I can if I feel like it.
  3. Find better stuff to do with your time, than trolling comment sections and message boards. It gets old fast.
  4. This is amazing I live with one of these tards. Please find one for flat earthers
  5. What is it used for ? What is the benefit? Thanks.
  6. Ango you can be supportive and honest... I detect only the first half to be true in your statement. edit- additional stuff because I sound like a hater. http://www.hiphopearly.com/ I go here every day for a long long time. Datpiff musixmixdj's etc. Hip hop is my B-side to my Techno. My man OP can rap. He is just in the wrong lane if he wants to make $. If it's Art than that's a whole other game. Even then I still think OP needs some real beats. PM me if you want I'll give you some links and we can take it out of public. Sorry for coming off like a misanthropist you can rap I like that part of it. edit2 I probably wouldn't be satisfied until you look like this so ignore me... but I'll hook u up with beats if u want.
  7. and I bet it will start with me ; ;
  8. I don't like white college rap over shitty live drums. You can do better since you already have the courage to put yourselves out there. Unless your looking to hit that hipster no quality sound market (it exist) Try doing this over some Zaytoven instrumental or mike will made this. I think you will be inspired at how much better your flow will get when you work off of studio production not iphone mic.and bass drums with pillows in them.
  9. I was happy to assist, and with all the talk about this place dying I've taken upon myself an increased effort to make this place more welcoming. Good luck with your issues I hope for your ability to adapt and recover.
  10. Gear VR or Google cardboard and other variants of using Cell phones for VR are actually really good. Cheap and impressive tech. I used to own a projector and the Gear VR blows that experience out of the water. If you are fairly tech savvy you can enjoy movies and TV in a fantastic artificial environment. When I can afford the real VR like OP listed above I will gleefully engage the genre. If you have the option to try diet VR on your phone you really should give it a look.
  11. Even though feces in a dream can portend a financial windfall, it may have other meanings in terms of your inner landscape. Among other things, the relationship between feces and filth may indicate that you may feel ashamed of some things in your life. This dream symbol may also indicate that you are holding onto negative emotions or sentiments. Without a question, if you dream of being constipated, or cannot seem to get away from feces fast enough, it may indicate that you need to do an emotional inventory in order to find out what needs to be released so that you can go on with your life. Seeing a blonde in your dream implies that your own opinion may change. To see or use a toilet seat cover in your dream means that you are not ready to address your emotions directly. Hope that helps you piece it together.
  12. Duncan doesn't plug his website enough, he needs to go do Joe's show while it gets the rub off of Alex Jones popularity. Plug his website, podcast, and forum. He needs to shill his shit subtly, and say oh I was reading on my websites forum an interesting thing. X reminds me of what X said on my Podcast. Duncan is better than fucking Joey Diaz 4fs... he should be getting traffic. The layout of the website is fine very simplified for new users (if we can get any) also in terms of trolling each other, it's not trolling if you tell people your going to do it. Have patience this place will recover, I still see a few interesting post every so often. Who won that Kishrimita or whatever challenge Dindu? PM me the result
  13. It's on Duncan, he needs more fans.