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  1. Vicarious living. We by design are violent but most of us have no way of working our violence muscles out in real life. If any of you had ever been in a fight with someone who made you legit angry, you will experience a joy or excitement with each bit of pain you cause the opponent. It's disturbing but this is the nature of us being animals. Not that we aren't equally designed for being nice...
  2. So are we like Goku and Vegeta? https://youtu.be/EPmopEALvKc?t=3
  3. This song essentially describes my dating life. Minus the being famous parts lol. No wonder old me has been trying to take back the wheel.
  4. Back it up to your PC. Then you won't feel as guilty about deleting it from your phone. I myself have walls of texts from ex's some good some bad. I never go back and look but it's comforting to know I can if I feel like it.
  5. Find better stuff to do with your time, than trolling comment sections and message boards. It gets old fast.
  6. @A Squid Inks it You should watch this
  7. @A Squid Inks it