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  1. Yes, thank you @DindetteNuffin. You've been enormously helpful.
  2. This is so interesting. The speaker has often said here "Money has no value to the speaker." To me, money has great value to the extent that it enables me to accomplish my purposes. Beyond that it really holds no value to me either. Now, while the speaker says money holds no value to him, he uses money, when needed, to accomplish necessary purposes, just like I do. Perhaps the difference between me and the speaker in this regard, is more in the realm of purposes than in money. I have a great variety of purposes. The speaker says his only interest is in ending human conflict and crushing hot puss. Limits in your purposes limits your need for money. I have inquired diligently into this with the speaker, but I ask practical questions and I have not gotten satisfactory answers from the speaker. Have you heard of the phrase "spiritual bypassing"? For me this bypassing takes place when someone puts so much importance on God or enlightenment or some higher purpose that for them it cancels some responsibilities in the practical world of relationships. So I wonder if some problems in communication I have with the speaker occur because he is spiritually bypassing. He really does not understand why I am asking these questions. Reading Krishnamurti hurts your head? Or do the inquiries and questions hurt your head to consider? I remember years ago trying for three months to turn my attention on to the source of attention. It's a meditation exercise. You can do it any time though, not just in meditation. I don't remember the name of the exercise, but it's basically watching the witness or observing the observer. For me, like most people, that meant directing my attention to that space in my head from which we appear to observe our world. It kept giving me headaches so I quit. Some people would say, "Oh you need to get past your resistance!" but I think if a practice gives you headaches you should quit. Yeah, that's what I thought at first. But I think the speaker may have found a hybrid gateway to realization or awakening. If we accept that these gateways exist, and that Krishnamurti discovered a gateway through verbal inquiry, and that aboriginal Americans discovered a temporary gateway though peyote, then could a gateway made of the combination of these two make for a wider, more accessible, and also permanently life changing gateway for humans in general? How can I determine if the speaker has found such a gateway though objective evaluation? I would look for clues into whether the speakers quality of life has improved since his realization. There are different kinds and levels of realizations and awakenings. Most of them are temporary and hold little interest for me. The awakening that does interest me is that final life changing one. The one awakening that puts and end to seeking realizations. The quest is over, the truth always apparent and obvious. Maybe you think that's insane, like looking to find a real flying unicorn. That may be so. I don't know, @DindetteNuffin,so I guess I would ask you, did you know the speaker before and after the realization/awakening experience he talks about? Did you notice a fundamental change in the speaker after his realization or awakening? Have you seen an improvement in terms of happiness, temperament, quality of life, functionality, spontaneity, communication, creativity, playfulness, insight, ending of internal conflict, end of "seeking realization", or any other significant improvements? Have you known other people going through this realization or awakening with the speaker and having any changes like that?
  3. @DindetteNuffin, I would appreciate it if you would help me understand something, because I have been unable so far to get clarification from the speaker on the subject of this BIG BIG MONEY. I thought you might know something about it being married to him and sharing a bank account with him. What was the speaker thinking? After many inquiries from forum members, the speaker was very clear, in the beginning of this challenge, about saving a defined amount of actual cash money, to award the winner of the challenge. He said he had already saved $2,500 or so, and by end of the challenge, the total would be about 5 grand to award the winner of the challenge. But now that the challenge is over, the reward has changed, and the definition of money has changed to mostly a rewarding experience, and expenses/accoutrements/partial travel for a week stay at a beautiful resort. It's a pretty good offer, if it is legit, and I wouldn't have any problem with it if he had not talked about the 5,000 dollars. I took a chance on this, and I could have wound up with nothing. But he did talk about real cash money to the tune of 5000 dollars, and the expenses, so far, to not add up to nearly that amount. So was it bait and switch, or is there some other explanation for this discrepancy? Because you know in the normal course of human interactions, trust is built when people do what they say they will do. When they don't do that, then you wonder, "Is this new deal legit, or will it change too?". For me, it's not just a matter of walking away with a pile of money, it's a problem of effective communication.
  4. There goes another one. This thread is not good for business. Maybe it's the one thread that will rule them all...
  5. Yes the particulars sure complicate things. Yet you add more details and particulars than I do. You say "surely we don't share the same preference in restaurants", yet you then assume/expect/approximate that we share the same preference in handjobs. I'll add two more particulars, and the outcome (so to speak wink-wink) changes again. For example, perhaps I have podophobia, (fear of feet) so the Chinese foot job would have been a horror for me. Perhaps also I find the black transvestite HOT HOT HOT, so I leave the busy thriving handjob parlor with the blissful face of satisfied desire. Different strokes for different folks, as the song goes. Different strokes for different folks, as the song goes. That's all I was asking about, sir. Are they useful? Yes, I get that. First discern, observe, look at what's happening in front of you in present time. If you don't perceive any indication that one handjob parlor/restaurant/forum is better suited for your purpose than the other, then choose the one you think has better odds of meeting your needs. If anyone has any doubt about how easily expectations/approximations skews reality when it overlays perception, take a look at this video-
  6. Sir, that is a straw man argument. you took my metaphor of two unknown restaurants and changed one into McDonald's or Burger King. then you refute your own altered metaphor, as if it was my metaphor. The point of my metaphor what is that you know nothing about the quality of two restaurants other than one is empty and one is fairly busy. how do you make a decision with very limited information? for me the logical choice is the restaurant that looks more successful. that decision involves comparison, preconception, and approximation. so my question is still: are these useful processes sometimes? Perhaps I should ask do you ever find use for these mechanisms? The same rule of thumb applies to forums as well. If I take a break from this forum and then come back in six months and find no one has posted anything for two weeks, I would approximate it as pretty dead. if my purpose is to have a stimulating forum discussion then I don't think I would accomplish that at a forum that looks almost dead. I would move on to find another, more active forum. I could be wrong of course, but I think in making choices like this, more often I will be right.
  7. Sir aren't approximations useful sometimes? For example say you're in a strange town at dinnertime and you want to pick a restaurant. You have no special food preferences and you see a fairly busy restaurant on one side of the street, and an empty restaurant on the other side of the street. You take a chance either way, but you have better odds of getting good food/service with the busy restaurant.
  8. @ClarionTruthfully I'm tempted to leave with you. It appeals to me to make dramatic and pointed exit and free up the space in my mind that the forum occupies. Right now I feel my ratio of attention/reward is not satisfying. It is a mediocre ratio. But I have a few posts I still want to do that require some time to sort out, and I'm working on a video or two that I want to share here also. Maybe it's just vanity like we talked about before but I can't write it off as just vanity. There's also a relationship with this peculiar "hive mind" that suits my personality more than FB hive mind, or Reddit hive mind, and a handful of specific people either here now or lurking that I enjoy being in some kind of contact with. Like you. But do whacha gotta do, man. Godspeed.
  9. That makes sense.
  10. I have noticed a few people with misgivings or complaints about it. I don't like it because of the herding mentality it seems to create. I resent it because it exerts a subtle level of control over me. Douglas Rushkoff warns against the ideological thought ghettos created by getting your own views and interests get reinforced to you over and over by the algorithms of search engines and facebook, twitter, etc. But also I think: does it help the collective consciousness evolve? Maybe it will prove worthwhile. It's an interesting experiment to notice how it affects our forum experience. Also I notice my endolphins release when someone gives me a point. Ah, someone likes me. I should post more often. Get more points.... MMMMMMMM endolphins.....
  11. Does anyone know what DAYS WON means on the profile page? I noticed people with more points have more DAYS WON, but what does it mean? I have not won very many days, and I don't know how to win more. Also I've lost 20 points in the past two weeks. I'm withering. I'm withering away, to almost nothing....
  12. Yes! No one responded to my last request to leave. Forget about leaving! We are trapped. Forums like this will all be gone soon anyway. We are trapped here like dinosaurs in the tar pits of love. Give up.
  13. This forum may be turning into the La Brea Tar Pits of forums, but it still has plenty of potential. Duncan attracts interesting people and no doubt such types check out the forum briefly and move on when it looks slow and boring. With a few smart changes the forum can rebound. Duncan help make this forum great again. Otherwise, like a couple other members have said they do, I'll just take long breaks from posting/checking until I see a surge of interesting. Better to taper off than withdraw completely. TWSS
  14. I was wondering about that. I remember Duncan extending compassion to Jones the shitposter guy who trolled nezen and jdirt with his shitposter thread. But then no compassion for bobdobolina who lashed out against Duncan (and the mods?) (I don't remember the details). But you can see that the "love everyone" ideal did not include everyone. I can love everyone but the people who irritate me personally. Shit I did not know reptile got banned. What the fuck? Why did he get banned? Good posts/thread anyway. I couldn't resist. This forum is pretty dismal lately for most of the serious reasons already stated.
  15. Mr. the speaker sir, what's going on? Have you discerned the winner of the challenge? Huh? Have you?
  16. Yes Mr. the speaker sir, I understand the problem with particularization. As for the big big money... Let's get to it.
  17. Mr. the speaker, that makes perfect sense to me. I did not mean to imply that people need to get rid of acquisitiveness or goals and so forth, but that awareness or right interest rides on top of, or under, or beside these mechanisms already in place. Right interest is separate from those mechanisms. So right interest is not about getting to unconditional freedom, communion, freedom from fear, or states of bliss and enlightenment. In any given moment I may want those things, or fantasize about having them, but that desire is not right interest. Right interest is uncontaminated by these mechanisms of acquisition. Isn't that so? In that sense right interest is not time bound. Right interest is complete in itself. It is difficult to put into words and easier to say what it is not than to say what it is. I want to win the money here and get the ego pleasure of being the winner. I want unconditional happiness and all of that shit. But besides that I have right interest. I know I've questioned that before, but it's clear to me now. Something else motivates me besides the obvious interests. What is that? Would it be helpful for someone to see an example of right interest or right action? I know this is not about imitation. But part of what you are doing with the Krishnamurti Challenge is getting people interested. To do that you start where people are. If right action exist it must exist in itself, not just as a byproduct of a certain teaching or chemical compound. Do you think in a film we might see an example of right action portrayed in the story, and discovered by the characters not through Krishnamurti or cactus, but directly through negation?
  18. Hey anyone know how to search for previous threads you made? We used to have a thread list that was helpful for this on the old forum. I don't remember the whole name for this thread I made a while back, so I can't google search it either. @Stig ?
  19. yup
  20. So sir, if one is engaged in some activity, one may notice patterns of acquisitiveness, of coveting, of goal setting, and the projected images of personal possible futures. These habitual patterns have been set for years in most civilized humans. Then, however, right interest may arise, in a space outside these patterns, questioning, asking why. If the questioning is pure, and not contaminated at all by these same patterns of time based/future reward habits, then we may see an opening for right action. Without this opening, this space, we will not have right action, but only a continuation or modification of ongoing patterns, these recurrent eddies in the flow of life... Letting go is part of this movement, would you say? Not "I am letting go" but the movement necessitates letting go without a decision or choice to let go. We go/let go at the same time. One movement. And that movement, you say, is toward communion. Even if one is alone, or by one's self, the movement is still toward communion? Then, if we have named it, won't that become the next image or goal?
  21. In our current conversation over in Messages, Mr. the speaker asks- Yes. I think I have right interest, but I still see right action as more of a possibility than an actuality. This is one of Krishnamurti's key concepts, and I think you have discussed it with me and others on this thread, but I still don't fully get it. Good sir, let us please discern the hell out of this shit.
  22. This one is a classic.
  23. That's so true, @Clarion. It's leaving the community, but also more tough on the ego than I realized. I was just thinking that same thought before I checked in on the forum, and there you are posting it. How often do we let go of meat friendships by saying goodbye forever? Compare that to how often we just drift away. It's gotta be easier to just drift away.
  24. @Gnome it's the KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE. I may soon win the BIG BIG MONEY, so it would kind of suck if I was gone. I have to admit, though, I also had quitters remorse after 15 hours. Is that a thing? Maybe it's withdrawals. Fuck.
  25. Right? I thought you would like that. It would have been even more dramatic if Stig actually deleted me and I never posted again. I really meant it and sent him a personal message to delete me. But he didn't and Dindu is asking me to stay one more week while he really seriously wraps up the challenge. So I'm staying another week.