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  1. I cant log on here on my cell phone. it says I'm banned. How do i get my cell phone unbanned?
  2. Where are the upcoming novelty engines or generators, that may supplant corporate power and replace tyranny with beauty? I found a few of them here, with instructions on how to build your own. A few others that I have experienced are: 1) Taketina journeys 2) Float tanks 3) Darkness retreats
  3. ugh. That's just all kinds of wrong, man
  4. @CosmEffectYou're welcome. I was wondering what a "novelty engine" might look like after listening to Duncan's latest podcast, now I'm seeing someone building one. Normally I would just say: if it's working for you (and it appears to be) keep rolling with it. But with respect to what your Mom said about genius vs madness, as well as some background history I thought you posted somewhere, I would encourage you to stay grounded during your journey. Too much novelty can leave you floating or lost in space, as I think you know. As for me, I just stumbled upon instructions for building my own novelty engine, so I may build one myself. http://duffmcduffee.com/articles/how-to-build-a-novelty-engine/
  5. ...whateva speaker
  6. @CosmEffect did you set it up to match the I Ching hexagrams in order? Because the first two hexagrams are 1) force ( all yang) then 2) reception (all yin) These two are polar opposites. Your first two hexagraphs are not opposites. Have you looked at the Singer Loomis system? Like Meyers Briggs, it's also based on Jung and comes up with 16 types, but they are not fixed types. They allow for changes in personality over time. The questions are based on rating your behaviors rather than forced choice questions that ask what you think you are. It's a more elegant system and it may work better with your system based on changes. https://movingboundaries.com/core/history-of-sl-tdi/
  7. I see. An alternative currency that works alongside our current system. Like frequent flyer miles can be used like money to pay for airfare. Cool beans. I have a couple questions about your system i'll put them on your cosmogram thread.
  8. @CosmEffect I love this because I was thinking about your symbol system when I wrote that post. Iwondered what kind of artifacts could be made from those symbols and what effect putting them into the world might have. Btw, love your signature symbol. Teh idea of making a currency of your symbols is stellar. What if a curency represented more than an isolated exchange of energy, but also represented other relationships supportive or tangential to the exchange? Relationship to Earth, perhaps, or to technology, or to art, or to fun. Could a new kind of currency help life evolve? My computer is fried rught now so I'm two fingering this on ipad. I have not really examined you symbol sytem yet but I will take a deeper look and write a better reply when I get my puter fixed/replaced.
  9. Not meaning to negate the idea, by that. I still like the idea, It gives me a lift of optimism to think about this. I'm holding a place in my mind for this bubble. What does that mean, to hold a place of curious attention in your mind, then wait to see, for a bubble to form.... a creative response to the smothering tyranny around us?
  10. I felt bored thru much of this podcast until the end, when Duncan explains his anti-corporate corporations idea. It sounds brilliant and I want to be a part of a movement like that. But I have not thought of an idea or a thing to create yet. Nor has Duncan it sounds like. We need a bubble of an idea to start with, otherwise it's just another thought exercise. What if a huge number of people did _______? Wouldn't that be great?
  11. Shadow stuff through Jordan Peterson, Paul Levy, and the godfather of shadow, Carl jung. I just stumbled on to this great piece on Jung and the Trumpian shadow. http://quillette.com/2017/10/02/jung-trumpian-shadow/ Duncan get Paul Levy on the podcast. Holy shit man.
  12. Thanks Cosmo! I did that and it'S fine now. My cell is unbanned.
  13. Good point. As a person in the public spotlight and a type of advocate, Shane has an extra level of responsibility. So another metaphor might be: Don't shit in the pool, Shane. Other people want to swim.
  14. Sure Shane fucked up. So did Dennis Mckenna. But Dennis went crazy in the jungle and didn't get locked up. some psyconauts have to go over the edge so others can learn from it. Don't do what Shane did.
  15. Oym!!! Hahahahaha!
  16. I'm no expert in broanese, I just saw it as a joke and not mean or nasty but that in this context fuck you = I love you bro. What you say makes sense to me plus Dan is a self confessed workaholic and he has an abundance of work that he loves. He would have to be an idiot and an asshole to blow his brains out, and he's definitely not an idiot.
  17. Well he is pissed off no doubt. And Dan is expressing that anger to whoevever is in front of him, including Duncan, and including his Harmontown audience. I don't see anything wrong with that, I just wonder if he's angry enough to really blow his brains out. I'm not a Harmontown listener and I don'T get why people are laughing at the improv they do. So maybe that's just Dan's shtick.
  18. Pretty sure the fuck you was just a bro type joke. But yeah probably a good idea to take a break from news. I have to tune out sometimes just as a mental hygiene practice.
  19. Oh god yes @stein22501 I loved "The Third Mind" ! All these years after that book and I never hear about anyone trying to access that state. That would make a terrific podcast. That also reminds me of the breakthrough work Charles Tart did in "Altered States of Consciousness" with the couple undergoing hypnosis and finding themselves entering a shared dream state. Never hear of shit like that nowadays. Or the "experiment in depth" that Joseph Chilton Pearce talked about in "Crack in the Cosmic Egg". That's more about group collective intelligence. That one's on my bucket list. And yeah @ChairmanLMAO, I started to suspect Duncan and Dan may have just agreed to play up the polarities to make a more lively podcast, but after after listening to Dan talk on Harmontown, I think he's genuinely super pissed off and depressed, and probably annoyed by Duncan as you say. Dan talked again about blowing his brains out. That might be Dan being edgy but I take it as definite cause for concern. I think he's getting too close to the edge of the abyss. But so are we all, in the larger sense. With Trump recently speaking about utterly destroying North Korea, there's plenty of reason to feel super pissed off and depressed.
  20. This was a tremendous episode. I think I'll listen to it again. This episode features two very polarized views of reality, each person staying in his own camp. I think when Dan said (It makes you want to put a gun in your mouth), that comment caused Duncan to double down on the side of optimism and hope. Duncan says (You're not gonna commit suicide, we need you here). I think Duncan took that comment seriously, as a tell. I don't know Dan well enough to judge if it's a tell or not, but if you think it might be a tell, and if Dan has easy access to guns, what would you say to Dan? We know Duncan sees the fun in going down the tunnel of despair sometimes. Why not this time? Would it be helpful to Dan to join him in the tunnel of despair just for the fun of it? So that he could see it more as a temporary entertainment? Or would it be more helpful to stand for optimism and hope, no matter how little evidence and support you have for that viewpoint? I could not tell if Duncan's optimism made a shred of difference to Dan.
  21. Hey @destroya I agree with at least a part of Duncan's evaluation. I think it was amazing, just looking at it as a performance. The first couple minutes of Selig's "channeling" I was laughing, because it was just too funny to take seriously. The combination of voices, one quick and gutteral, and then the re-speaking in his ringing oratorial voice, (more akin to most channelers I've heard) was very impressive to me. It would take a highly talented improv performer to do both those voices and have the outcome make sense at all. Selig has a new gimmick, and whether he came up with it unconsciously or not, it draws people in because they have to pay close attention to get meaning out of the short phrases. So as I listen, I am investing by asking "what is the meaning here" and at the end of the statement, if I have found the short phrases string together into something that makes sense ( and the bar is not very high here, for most channelled ramblings) I feel the tendency to give more weight to the answers than they really deserve. So I get why people buy into this. Once I saw a juggling group called the Mud Bay Jugglers and they did an improv thing where 2 of the jugglers, taking turns speaking one word at a time in rhythm with a single club pass back and forth, answered questions from the audience. It was a type of channeling, and the answers were frequently hilarious, and sometimes profound. It was an amazing performance. When you open a channel from the conscious mind to the unconcious, you tap into a deep source of wisdom and creativity. No outside entities are needed for this.
  22. Good luck with your Jew thing, @softwarmpretty. I fell in love with a Jew once, but she was more of a Jew-Bu than a regular Jew I think. Beautiful podcast with Natasha. The chemistry between Duncan and Natasha still makes for a great conversation. As for "the company", I love this idea. I think it's natural for humans to name things. So we will probably have as many names for the company as there are bird songs, working toward common ends in loose affiliation.
  23. Except maybe for Kathy Griffin. Holy Shit Kathy! What?
  24. Adult onset dyslexia is a real deal. I did a survery and 100% of the respondents confrimed it.
  25. Then to finish my rough summary, we see most people reside along the continuum toward the opposite polarity. Some people like it at the opposite polarity. Scientific materialism, pragmatism, logical positivism, wherein we essentially just look at what is practical and provable. Problem solving consciousness is fine because it helps us to deal with actual problems in the actual world. Existence exists. You don't need to meditate. Of course we have egos. Get over it. We have self determination. Forget about enlightenment and deal with real life problems. I see this as another path to awakening into the non-dualistic reality only you don't hold that awakening as an objective. You just take the focus away from yourself and put it into the world. Observing reality as it presents and looking for what needs doing. Notice the forms of support and the opportunities you have. You would not expect to find an answer to a life purpose question in an old sci-fi B movie, but this came into consciousness recently and for me it converts into a good life purpose statement. "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum." It's a great line and for me it translates into a life purpose statement. @softwarmpretty, we never know what fruits our littlest actions might bring. Thank you for this conversation. In my younger years I was all about self improvement and spent a lot of time trying to design a perfect life purpose statement. Now, not even searching, I found one: I have come here to have fun and solve problems. Just like what I am doing now. I come to this forum to have fun and clarify my thinking in order to solve problems. I go to my job to solve problems and have fun. If I'm not having any fun, then that becomes a problem to fix. If I have no problems left to fix, then it's all fun until the next problem turns up. It's simple. Plus, sometimes it's even fun to kick ass. Edit- I always have to add something. sometimes I keep adding until I break it. But to love also has to be part of it. Here to love. give love, receive love. I have come here to love, to have fun, and solve problems.