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  1. This one is a classic.
  2. That's so true, @Clarion. It's leaving the community, but also more tough on the ego than I realized. I was just thinking that same thought before I checked in on the forum, and there you are posting it. How often do we let go of meat friendships by saying goodbye forever? Compare that to how often we just drift away. It's gotta be easier to just drift away.
  3. I have noticed a few people with misgivings or complaints about it. I don't like it because of the herding mentality it seems to create. I resent it because it exerts a subtle level of control over me. Douglas Rushkoff warns against the ideological thought ghettos created by getting your own views and interests get reinforced to you over and over by the algorithms of search engines and facebook, twitter, etc. But also I think: does it help the collective consciousness evolve? Maybe it will prove worthwhile. It's an interesting experiment to notice how it affects our forum experience. Also I notice my endolphins release when someone gives me a point. Ah, someone likes me. I should post more often. Get more points.... MMMMMMMM endolphins.....
  4. @Gnome it's the KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE. I may soon win the BIG BIG MONEY, so it would kind of suck if I was gone. I have to admit, though, I also had quitters remorse after 15 hours. Is that a thing? Maybe it's withdrawals. Fuck.
  5. Right? I thought you would like that. It would have been even more dramatic if Stig actually deleted me and I never posted again. I really meant it and sent him a personal message to delete me. But he didn't and Dindu is asking me to stay one more week while he really seriously wraps up the challenge. So I'm staying another week.
  6. That's funny I did not notice that she came back to gloat. She definitely did not restrain her glee.
  7. I usually loved violettes contributions here, but she got nasty to me and to others when she returned with her "libtards for Trump" thread. So I got irritated with her for calling me stupid or retarded or whatever she said. She quit posting just before the election. I thought her points would only be influenced by me since she was gone, and I wondered, as an experiment how far you could drag someones points down. I thought if I dinged her 10 points a day I could drop her as many points as she had posts. I'm not proud of it but I only did it for one day. I did not have the motivation to follow through. I wanted to see if there were any limits to how far one person can drop another. Can you drop someone 200 points? It does seem to me to be too much power. Anyway @Gnome always nice to hear from you. I feel a kinship with you. Like you, I do love me some forum drama. No drama no life! This forum bores me lately, and I don't know if the rep points help. Here we are trying to have a peaceful, friendly conversation, and @WeepingMonk of all people, with 278 rep points drops in to essentially call us retards for talking about the subject of this thread. How is this an improvement? This forum used to enthrall me, but lately I've gotten bored. I was mostly sticking around here to finish the K CHALLENGE. Not blaming others though, or the forum changes. I'm bored with myself and my own participation on this forum, my complaints, my reactions, with monkey_mine... It's just time to move on. If anyone wants to say hi, or whatever- ping me- Zeck13@Yahoo.com. @Stigplease delete me from this forum. And thanks, @Stig, for all your work here. And thanks @duncan for making this forum happen.
  8. What's a rep war look like? I've never seen one. I'm a member of Rogan's forum but I never post there. Too much everything.
  9. Hey anyone know how to search for previous threads you made? We used to have a thread list that was helpful for this on the old forum. I don't remember the whole name for this thread I made a while back, so I can't google search it either. @Stig ?
  10. With the KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE coming to an end soon, I thought I would start a Krishnamurti related thread, for anyone interested. I've been finding these videos very instructive lately- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvXYMZKzekE&t=14s Youtube does not allow embedding. You can find the whole collection here- http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/krishnamurti-teachings/view-video/what-makes-one-control-part-3-of-8.php It's a series of talks led by Krishnamurti in Malibu California with a group of apparently "groovy" spiritual seekers. It starts with video 3, and ends I think with #8. I don't know if they ever had videos #1 and #2, but I have not found them. These are very slow videos but Krishnamurti intentionally allows people there to sit with his questions for a long time; to think deeply about the questions. K does a lot of facepalms and head rubbing, when people parrot answers. On the other hand he actually laughs at a funny comment made by an audience member in the video above. I noticed it because I don't recall that I ever saw him laugh before. In watching these videos I feel invited to contemplate how I would answer these questions, if I were sitting in that room. I guess that's why I like these more than other Q and A videos I've seen with Krishnamurti so far. Lately I have been wondering about the habitual "default settings" of my mind or brain. I noticed a couple weeks ago at work that I had a preference for feeling like a victim when it appeared someone "betrayed" me and I went into thoughts of revenge. I knew this was a story I was investing in, but I enjoyed planning my revenge. No tire slashing or violence, mind you, just little ways I can dish out the workload in my favor. These thoughts now act as a barrier between me and that person. We had a good friendship before. Now it feels awkward. I could see it was not freedom, to constrict myself into the role of victim and playing in my mind the scenario how sweet revenge would be. The mind at work, preferring conflict, hurt, and aggression, to freedom. Seeing the contrast, the better path, yet still preferring thoughts of revenge. Surely this is out of balance. Why should I have a preference for conflict, hurt, aggression, and revenge? Is it just habit to stay in the well worn grooves, rather than face the unknown? And why does freedom, or the action of pulling out of those grooves, feel painful in comparison to staying in those grooves? It feels as if I have an addiction to my default settings.
  11. I've seen the speaker display some prickly behavior, but I seen much more behavior on the courteous and helpful side, even under attack. So I would not sum him up as either a prick or as an angel.
  12. Am I the only one that clicked in for tits?
  13. Not only mental. Mental and physical, I think. Unconscious holding patterns in musculature and breathing keep in in place.
  14. Thanks for that recommendation. I enjoyed listening to some of his talks. Darryl has discovered/created a very pragmatic form of non-dualism. It's refreshingly ordinary. I agree with some of it, but not enough to continue to listen. The last one I listened to was called Weeping and Wailing wherein he tiresomely goes on and on ridiculing people like me. I would not mind so much if I thought his premise was valid. He says because everything in our lives is always arising and passing, we can't have a permanent state of awakening, such as permanent freedom from fear or permanent happiness or bliss. But in fact we do go through permanent changes in life. At least lifetime changes. In my 20's I became a father. That does not change for the rest of my life. When I was 4 years old I ran through a glass door which left a big scar on my right wrist. Even though all the cells in my body keep dying and getting replaced, that scar remains. I lost all my baby teeth. They never came back. He says we don't really know what any of this really is and I agree. So why conclude that someone can't be permanently happy? I don't know enough to say what is not possible for a human being, so I leave that in the realm of the possible. Then he throws out references to religions saying that all the great religions agree with him. Why the appeal to authority? If we don't know what anything really is, and what makes this happening happen, and what all of this means, who cares what the religions say? His basic premise seems to be based on asking ourselves what we can know from our own observation. Why not stay with that premise? And then he throws J. Krishnamurti into the mix, and that's another mistake to cherry pick Krishnamurti, because K definitely does not agree with the great religions and would never use that type of appeal to authority to solidify an argument. Darryl says he studied K's teaching in his bio, but the way Darryl talks, I don't think he got the message.
  15. I thought of a couple ways this system can be abused that had not occurred to me before, and not has not been mentioned by anyone else on this thread. First, each member has the potential to singlehandedly take someone without a very high rep score and make them a vampire. Think of it: if someone has a hundred posts or so and you downvote 10 of their posts per day for a while, you can sink them deep into negative points. I've done very little neg voting, and most of that on violette. I thought I would try to change her to a vampire, (this was long after she stopped posting) but I found out I either was not that angry with her, or I'm too lazy to follow through, day after day... Someone else though, more dedicated than me, could sink a good poster and get them to leave if that poster was sensitive to the negative scores. The other problem is that if a few members get in a clique of people that really like each other, they can upvote each other reciprocally. Then you have people with extremely high and falsely inflated point scores not because of consistent quality, but just because they got themselves into a circle jerk of upvoting. Not that I'm saying this has happened here on this forum. I don't pay that much attention. Just saying it could.
  16. Oops, sorry I didn't reply to your post and question @stein22501. I've been thinking about this time thing recently though so it's very relevant to me now. To answer your question, you can start with any Krishnamurti book, they are available for easy download for free. I have not read enough yet to have favorites. If you don't like reading K, I found books in K's "lineage" that I can recommend. "The Unmanifest Self" by Ligia Dantes, and "The Silent Question" by Tony Packer. Both teachers heavily influenced by K but perhaps a little easier to read than K. Papaji was a powerful teacher who instructed his followers to CALL OFF THE SEARCH. Some guru types in his lineage can really turn on the juice, like Eli Jackson Bear for one. You don't have to wait for bliss or work for bliss if you can hang out with that dude. It happens before he walks into the room. It feels pretty culty around the center though. Leave critical thinking at the door. ( @TeenKonceptz® I have not seen that doc yet, but I put it in my cue, thanks) One thing still puzzles me about Krishnamurti and it relates to the paradox you mention of having a "starting point". Krishnamurti talks about bliss and unconditional freedom but says it is not a time based process. It happens instantly. Yet I still have the idea that I have made some progress, during my participation in the CHALLENGE, in letting go of some conditioning, or in seeing truths that I have not seen before. Also @DinduNuffin talks about re-wiring one's neural circuitry by understanding a few hundred or so of Krishnamurti's inquiries. Not that you just follow along reading, but that you think each one through for yourself, and then, after a few hundred of these you may have the big breakthrough into a state of ongoing bliss and unconditional freedom. This also seems like a time based path, or process... Anyway, I still have not had the big breakthrough, and I wonder what holds me back. It feels very difficult, even painful, to bring this meditative inquiry into ordinary daily life. No wonder so many people tap out.
  17. @CosmEffect got it! Cool. Thanks.
  18. @Thel would you mind coloring this in a bit? Why do you think the speaker is a goddamned monster?
  19. Say what you will, Mr. the speaker, I have a lot of love and respect for Ms. Dantes. As for communion, yes, this is how we end war. This is how we end violence. This is what Ms. Dantes was talking about. We are the world and the world is us. The big question now is how do we reach communion through discernment if some voters don't have an interest in it? By the way, I have 4 votes. Like @whatsgoingon, I voted for myself.
  20. Not all of the questions apply to me. My last question was not about the metaconcept, but about presenting approximations as truth. You have presented approximations of me and the speaker as truth. I have not done that to you. I'm not comparing quality to quality. I like many of your posts, on this thread and others. If I have to say why I think I should win instead of you, I would just base it on getting the metaconcept, and staying with the dialogue when no one else was interested. I don't know why you lost interest. I still find the basic process of neutral self inquiry compelling. I've been reading books lately by Tony Packer and Ligia Dantes, both teachers inspired by Krishnamurti's work. I have not stopped because of the CHALLENGE ending. I've just gotten started.
  21. And why should I accept your judgement of me? Have you provided me with irrefutable evidence? Do you really think you hold the red pill of truth? Have you missed one of the main points of this thread, and of the speaker, and of Krishnamurti? If, as you say, you only "skimmed" my "countless text walls" with "an uninterested glare", I really don't think your approximation of my work here carries much weight.
  22. POWOTE votes POWOTE, aka monkey_mine. It takes two to make a dialogue, and I have had more dialogue with the speaker than anyone else on this thread, and the dialogue progressed from conflict to communion. And I discerned the METACONCEPT. So I think it stands as an instructive dialogue, one that illustrates the usefulness of neutral self inquiry, as described by J. Krishnamurti. Now should @DindetteNuffin or @DinduNuffin win? As @DindetteNuffin pointed out, logically, the speaker cannot give, or pay himself the money from his own savings account. Nor can he pay it to @DindetteNuffin , since they share the same account. Thank you @DindetteNuffin, by the way, for your honesty here. That's a level of honesty that impresses me, as it disqualifies you and the speaker from winning the money. And if that about sums it up, and that leaves me as the winner of the KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE, then yes, Mr. the speaker sir, we have reached communion.