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  1. In Of course! Thank you! That’s what I needed! I just need to lift my eyes and see how wetiko manifests in my life. The core problem and the solutions (in deeds) are directly in front of me. I need to get back to work.
  2. I just watched Jim and Andy, The Great Beyond, on Netflix. Jim Carrey has been agressively touting his supposed awakenings recently in interviews. I found it annoying but I’ve now started to reconsider after the Jim and Andy doc. I see a parallel to Shingon Buddhism in his acting. He claims to have entered an ongoing state of no-self. Buddhists sometimes call it Nirodha. He says he found his way into this no-self state through immersion in his acting roles. You can see in this Jim and Andy documentary that Jim did fully immerse himself in the role of Andy Kaufman. He he almost broke the movie by staying in the Andy personna or his Tony Clifton personna at all times. 2 In Shingon Buddhism you assume the personna of a god or archetype. You imagine it visually, physically, and mentally. So for Jim, he makes himself look like Andy Kaufman. Jim sees himself as Andy. Jim embodies Andy in his posture and movements and voice. Then he thinks like Andy, replacing the Jim Carrey thought stream with the imagined Andy Kaufman internal dialogue. All of these steps occur in Shingon Buddhism. By doing this process with different gods or archetypes, the practitioner of Shingon Buddhism sees through the various personnas, and realizes no-self. The same thing may have happened with Carrey. He realized the Jim Carrey personna was no more real than the other personnas, and he dropped out of playing Jim Carrey. He apparently has also tried DMT or some other hallucinogens. Looking at his blank expression as he talks, I see an emptiness behind his eyes. He somehow now reminds me of Charles Manson. Anyway he keeps saying there’s nobody home, and I don’t think this some publicity stunt or even a Kaufmanesqe perfomance art thing. But he could be faking it for some reason. Also he could just be broken inside, and in a disassociative state. Or he could be in Nirodha. No self sense. No problems. What do you think?
  3. Moon farm! I love that idea! The vamps could dome cap a crater and keep slave humans to grow food in the moon farm. The humans eat the food and the vamps feed off the humans. It’s a win-win.
  4. You’re making good points and asking good questions. I don’t have answers yet but I’ll keep these points in mind as I continue to read Paul’s book. The part of my mind that loves conpiracy theories likes this idea that reading about wetiko and contemplating wetiko will not help free us from wetiko but only drag us further under it’s spell. Then Paul, in trying to save the world from wetiko, becomes the biggest ally of wetiko. And shit, his book is 300 pages! Does it need to be that long? Maybe I should stop reading it...
  5. Obbiously they can only live on the dark side of the moon because they have the worst sun allergies ever.
  6. Maybe try some Steve and Eydie this Christmas.
  7. The yime has come again for Christmas decorating including Satanic nativity scenes. Or in this case, snaketivity
  8. Well done, stinky.
  9. Thanks. Yes, Paul Levy owes a lot to Jung and he shows his appreciation frequently in his writings. http://www.awakeninthedream.com/the-world-is-psyche/
  10. Thanks. I found the disfunction in that video entertaining. Hippies trying to do a TV show and cope with technology. What you say about wetiko is partly true. But I think it’s more complex than you’ve portrayed it. When the honkies from Europe came to this country, I think the Indians already had the word for wetiko and the lore about it. They recognized that wetiko was a problem in their own culture. The advantage they had over the honkies is that they had a name for it. If you can name a demon, or a phenomena, it gives you a bit of leverage over it. So the Indians had wetiko but it was not rampant (like it was with the European conquerors) and it was not completely unconscious. They had an understanding of it, and talked about it. Here I agree with @Thinkstoomuchas he said esentially the same thing. This is tricky stuff @Promethea , because wetiko manifests differently in each person. I pointed to Trump earlier, and I think he’s still a good example, but it could also be raging inside a hippie earth loving progressive. Grandiosity or malignant egophrenia can manifest in all kinds of people. Another tricky part of wetiko is that it feeds off of divisive polarity thinking. So if we think of the native americans living free of wetiko, and the Europeans totally under the spell of wetiko, then we are already under the influence of wetiko. We have to stay clear of that kind of either-or thinking. Wetiko exists on a continuum. If I think, “Trump is infected by wetiko, I am not.” then that leaves an opening for Wetiko to grow in me. Here is where the work of dispelling wetiko happens. Not in seeing it as only “out there” and fighting it out there but by looking for it also in myself. Wetiko acts like a mind parasite or virus. Best to assume thet eveyone is infected. I know i get grandiose sometimes . I still remember when pumpy told me that my grandiosity was hilarious ro him. I don’t even know how to evaluate a question like “Is Trump more infected than me?” How do I evaluate the extent of my blind spots? Some of the work of dispelling wetiko lies in pointing out the blind spots of my friends, and asking them to do the same for me. To the extent that we can do that, we wake each other up, and function as bodisatvas. Not in some grand sense, or part of some heroic enlightenment , but the ordinary here and now. We become bodisatvas for each other, and help each other evolve. How does wetiko function? . Paul Levy doesn’t say we create our reality. He says we co-create it. We dream it up, together with all our co-dreamers. Individually, though, we do create our ( experience of reality.) Here is my take on Paul’s model: This drawing works as a symbolic representation of the way we create our experience of reality. This is a “strange loop”. It portrays the ongoing feedback loop of projection/perception. We each project our representation of reality, moment by moment, and those projections feed back through our perceptual system, confirming our model, which we project back into the field, and so on. In doing this we create our sense of separate identity. “I” see “it”. Wetiko insinuates itself into this feedback loop. Distorting projections and perceptions, enhancing the sense if i/it separation, and creating a false self that serves the agenda of wetiko. Wetiko does not “want” you to understand the i/it connection. It “wants” you to believe that the I is completly separated from the it, the other. That all our problems come from outside ourselves, then we can cast blame, and avoid taking responibility for how we experience our problems. Wetiko is real, but not in the same way a chair is real. More like the way friendship is real. Each friendship is different. You can’t put one in a laboratory and examine it. Same with wetiko. Maybe even less real than friendship. IDK. I’ve just begun to check this out. Anyway, It affects everyone differently. You work in the medical field. How do you deal with a disease that is non-existant in 3d spacetime and that presents with a different symptom picture for each human?
  11. Good thread. I just listened to a great interview over on buddhist Geeks with one on the lucky participants of the John Hopkins study on psilocybin.
  12. Exactly. We’ve stumbled into paradise. Forget about fixing or improving it. The forum is right-sizing itself and is almost perfect.
  13. @Pollen right on. Thank you for the video. I’ll check out Robert Moore’s work. I just started reading Paul Levy’s Wetiko book, so I’m not ready to comment about that, but Paul has indicated that he tried to map out wetiko in as many ways as he could. So he writes about it from the Buddhist perspective, the Christian perspective, the Native American perspective etc. etc. Moore in that video calls it Grandiose Exibitionistic Libido. Levy calls it Malignant Egophrenia, or ME disease. It reminds me of comedian Brian Regans bit about the “me monster”. Whatever you call it, Trump definitely personifies it. In fact I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job of showing Americans, and the world, what unbridled Wetiko looks like than Trump. In that way, he may be helping us.
  14. Some evidence indicates otherwise. He may not have killed anyone personally, but was part of an mkUltra program that went sideways. case closed