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  1. "That's the existential problem," Fat said, "based on the concept that We are what we do, rather than, We are what we think. It finds its first expression in Goethe's Faust, Part One, where Faust says, 'Im Anfang war das Wort'. He's quoting the opening of the Fourth Gospel; 'In the beginning was the Word.' Faust says, 'Nein. Im Anfang war die Tat.' In the beginning was the Deed. From this, all existentialism comes." -VALIS
  2. I think you've proven my my point. Edit: I consider Eminem to be an outlier and the Beastie Boys to be a novelty act. it really is a superfluous, racist distinction I'm making. But I personally believe that a lot of the concious/white rap that white dudes try to push on me is more transparent and ignorant in it's racism.
  3. QFP
  4. I just realized my taste in rap is very racist.
  5. Set boundaries.
  6. I was pretty active with a group that was prepping and handing out food to people in Denver. I only stopped because I moved to Fort Collins.
  7. Bro, I've got Troll in my name. I'm not trying to have a serious discussion about this. I'm just trying to agitate whats left of this place.
  8. Not the whole human race. Young people in the West. i'm referring to that obscure Steinbeck book, Of Mice And Men. Lenny is a ReRe that loves a rabbit so hard he accidentally crushes it to death. regardless of his intentions he really did everyone a disservice by not establishing any kind of infrastructure to deal with the fallout from his shit.
  9. He could know his fucking audience. Lenny loved that rabbit and look how that turned out.
  10. Yes, that's my whole point. He didn't communicate that shit effectively. Several generations have been negatively influenced by a misinterpretation of his work. Maybe distilling a heady concept like that into a catchphrase was a bad move.
  11. I haven't done that and didn't imply that I was. He was easily the most visible proponent of psychedelics and laid the groundwork for a lot of the shitty psychedelic practices I see today. Tune In Turn On Drop Out is the exact opposite way to go about it. The context in which indigenous populations consume psychedelics is primarily what protects people from "bad trips". Often times it's a coming of age ritual, but it's always supported by the community. Leary ignored all that shit and we payed the price.
  12. His good intentions make the fallout from his actions so much worse.
  13. The idea is to take the psychedelic and then do some serious fuckinng emotional work. Obviously it's not going to have any long term positive effect if you just take it to get high.
  14. Burn it down and start over somewhere else.
  15. That tracks with what I know of this place.