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  1. This has been faintly amusing. "Great Job!".
  2. MDE? World Peace? I don't understand any of these references. Who is this guy? FRAME OF REFERENCE. At least it wasn't just a vid link with no accompanying text. THOROUGH EXPLICATION.
  3. @ReptileWorld2 I'm going to be 100% honest with you here right now because this is no laughing matter. I have successfully killed my self several times. The thing is it helps. You *do* come back, and of course - life being what it is - things do end up sucking again at some point. But then the great thing is, every time someone is mean to me, or I'm getting down on my self again, I: 1. remember that I'm dead so I don't care; 2. kill my self again. It doesn't have to be a one-time thing, and it's very therapeutic, is basically what I'm trying to say. You're on the right track!
  4. To be 100% honest with you right now, the reason for this appearance of "sameness" is that: each "human" ("Person") consists of roughly 32 "modules"; each module has roughly 16 to 24 "functional modes". When you do the math and account for discrepancies, you find that each "human" ("Person") at any time "is" [/("in")] some superposition of any number of about 720 "functional / operational 'states'". Here's a useful diagram to help you memorize it: Of course all these terms ("module", "mode", "state") have "actual" terms for them that come from the deepest mists of western Asia prehistory.
  5. You can have a real encounter with character templates, which are beyond what your senses can perceive, through eyes. If that sounds right, I think I got it.
  6. Looks cool. I'm going to be pretty busy on the 12th, but hopefully other people can make a difference!
  7. I can finally be happy. While keeping up with the latest fashion trends, I casually Internet Searched my old friend the Alvin® Draft-Matic pencil to see what was new. MUCH TO MY surprise and delight, it turns out that quite a lot was new!!! What was it? This, specifically: the Alvin® Draft-Matic Mab Graves Edition Item No. MAB-05. Who is Mab Graves? Maybe you know. This is her website. This is her Etsy store, linking directly to her branded drafting pencil collection! This turquoisey color is one of my faves, and it happens to be the color of the pencil in my "preferred lead girth" of 0.5mm, so I had to snag a couple of these: one for day-to-day use, and one to remain in its packaging in my collectibles display case. So cute. And LOL no don't even ask. Of COURSE I "greased the threads": Since I was in need of some new leads anyway, and since I prefer 2B leads over the B leads this pencil comes with, I picked up some more trusty Pentel leads and a couple of new brands to try out as well: Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. We did it yet again! Happy America, everyone.
  9. I was thinking of something like a hybrid quasipermanent bootfoot, maybe use a contraction and call it a "boot" (pronounced foot) or "foot" (pronounced boot). anyway I'm ashamed to say I payed retail of @harry_krishna's link, which, I'm not sure what that is in Canadian euros, but in Americans it's "Too Much".
  10. Pattt I've been meditating on this non-stop for the past couple of days trying to forge a silly hilarious "pattt-level" notion about how you want the boots to bond / meld to your skinn so there's no slippage and blistering, etc., but I could never get it to come together. Maybe you can take it "over the 'finish 'line''". The truth is I was trying to make "someone" homoerotically uncomfortable with my sexy leg flesh, but of course it backfired and left me crying in the corner of my bedroom where I keep my stuffed animals, as usual.
  11. Value Update Thanks to @harry_krishna, the following: Flesh side out. Pimp welt. Looks like heavy-duty nylon I think: Unfinished interior: Sometimes you're asked to "model" an object... ...but then usually you get responses like, "ugly boots" and, "Why is your skin purple? You look like you have ass AIDS.". So you try to cover your shameful skin and give a more representative modeling experience: But then you get comments like, " Why are your feet so parallel? You look like you're going to your first day of kindergarten. It's adorable." and "You look like a poop.", so you decide to kill yourself, but you buck up and find the courage to go on anyway. You adopt a wide stance... ...but you still look like "a poop", so you alter your pants. Finally you look like one of the cool fags on the fashion blogs, but now no one can decide which stance is "better" or "more natural". In conclusion, you can't please any dash slash everyone. PS I think they quit making this shit! I need like a gallon of it. PM me if you have a source.
  12. I done been vegetarian a couple of different times for a couple of years per pop. Even went vegan for like I guess six months one time. It was strictly adhered to each time. Done it cause I didn't want cute little animals to die for my pleasure. Ain't noticed anything different about the way I felt (physically) when I quit meat stuff, ain't noticed anything different about the way I felt when I started eating meat again. Now I try to stick to a pretty regimented milkproduct, breadproduct, and DietCoke®product regimen, along with some meat and veg for nutrition and variety, etc. One thing going vegetarian for a period of time taught me was how to cook. I think if you never learn to cook main courses without recourse to meat you can never really know how to cook. Veg cooking requires finesse and patience and skill and a broad knowledge base. Meat requires heat and salt. It's pretty much cheating from a culinary standpoint.
  13. Oh boy! This is perfect timing because my latest motivational inspirational catch phrase has just coalesced!!!! "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example One: "I was born an illegal immigrant but I want to be president of these United States." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example Two: "Last night I had a dream that my anal labia were wings and I could fly. Now I want to fly." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Innkeeping with the inspirational motivational nature of this catch phrase, the number of Examples is limitless!
  14. To be 100% honest with you, the biggest unresolved question in my mind right now is how @nicklelust knew the woman actually had sex with the hitman when she claimed she'd been kicked out for not having sex with him.
  15. It's great everyone is getting their jollies and all, but maybe we can actually help a fellow family member for once. @nicklelust do you know the secret identity of the hitman? Do you know the identities of any of these people, or are they all shifting their identities in disguises?