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  1. Update: Having received one unit example of the Oppo UDP-203 on 2017_01_14, I can tell you that this appears to be the go-to reference unit for UHDBD playback. We are at the tail-end of the HDR-WCG "transitional period", as most TVs sold moving forward will have UHD resolution and 10-bit HDR/WCG covering a dynamic range of at least 20,000:1 and covering at least 90% of the DCI P3 color space; and most AV receivers now have full HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 compatibility. I have a sensitive confession to make, which is that my current TV was purchased deep in the midst of the transitional period, and therefore lacks both HDR and Rec.2020 input capacity. This does, however, mean that I can say that, as long as your TV has UHD resolution and at least one HDMI input compliant w HDCP 2.2, the UDP-203 will seamlessly integrate with it to give extremely high clarity playback using SDR and Rec.709 color. The player is currently running on a public beta firmware release, which means that early adopters are at this point actively involved in the reporting and troubleshooting process. This thread at AVSForum, running at almost 8,000 posts as of this writing, has a wealth of user input and manufacturer - and expert - support. For all the caveats in that thread, I've had intuitive and flawless performance with Ultra HD Blu Ray, Blu Ray, DVD, CD, and USB external input playback. As transducer technology continues to improve at the display output end of the signal chain, I anticipate the UDP-203 will be there to meet any improvements in output capacity with extremely high fidelity at the source end for at least the foreseeable future.
  2. "It's Analfagtastic®!" As in, "Uh oh, this thread has sent me into analfagtastic® shock! Where's my epi-pen!?"
  3. With CES 2017 wrapping up tomorrow, January 8, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV, this is the perfect time to update and preview the latest Ultra HD-oriented home theater offerings as of the beginning of 2017. I will be fleshing this out as more information becomes available from manufacturers in the weeks following the Show. There's a lot of preview and speculative content out there already. The short version is that, unless you're looking to pull the trigger on one of LG's world-beating 2017 7-series units, there is good reason to wait until at least 2018 to upgrade your set if it is meeting your needs currently. The reason is that we are still waiting for self-emissive slash electroluminescent Quantum Dot subpixels to become a reality. Samsung's "QLED" range appears to be a rehash of their existing backlit Quantum Dot system with some evolutionary improvements. Self-emissive Quantum Dots promise mathematically-guaranteed color purity and long life. Hopefully 2018 shows some real progress on that front. Of course the biggest story out of CES 2017 is the slew of new Ultra HD Blu Ray players coming to market. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Philips, and others, are all beginning to show willingness to take a real chance on this definitive medium. It looks like Oppo got its UDP-203 out the door just in time in late 2016, in order to snag early adopters and Oppo faithful before consumers were compelled to adopt a wait-and-see attitude as all these new players are released and reviewed throughout the first half of 2017. Undoubtedly, a lot of intriguing detail will unfold in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.
  4. This may be the most ironic case of "DTFH Trying To Be 'The Deepest' About Nondualism" Syndrome (DTFHTTB'TD'AND Syndrome) in quite some time. When you try too hard to be The Deepest, you may fail to realize that your entire meta-analysis has already been quite nicely encapsulated within the thing you think you're analyzing.
  5. So meta! So Teen! Grade-A! Gold star!
  6. Grade-A Koncept®!
  7. Dude but like what really is a topic? Have you ever gotten really high and like really thought about it bro? Bes straight what.
  8. Edit: Ryan's wrong, it's the other one.
  9. I got mad two days in a row, it could be, like...a play on words would be something like "mercury" (the element) and something else retro like, retrovirus or retr...what do they call it when a politician is bad? Oh that's reactionary. Can mercury kill a virus? Bes yr brain on mercury: Bes viruses on mercury?: <oh god everything w that googs search is how the mercury in vaccinations causes autism nvm>
  10. Where are we on this? Did we figure it out? Seems like we were getting pretty close there for a while.
  11. This is a neat and cool thread.
  12. I succeeded in getting thousands and thousands of miles away from my nearest family member for Christmas, and I've never felt cooler. Merry Christmas! America forever! I hope you all get a lot of great presents for Christmas. I like the lights, the trees, the carols [choir of angels, sing in exaltation], the sweaters, etc.; but the reason we love Christmas at core is that it's the time of year when we get unexpected secret free stuff. Christmas is for taking, not giving! Embrace the destruction of Christmas by the modern 19th-century department store, which IS the very essence of Christmas! Christmas paradoxes for everyone. In the spirit of this thread and of Christmas, because I'm too lazy to post my own photograph, here is a Christmas medical image of female and male human anuses:
  13. Look man, I know it's old-style technology, and I know that if it's a VR goggle headset or a robot that can predict yr anus length by looking longingly into yr eyes it's techno-hippy futuristic Utopianism whereas if it's a screen it's middle-class suburban patheticary, and I know that most of the awesome new trendy tech at CES 2017 is going to be focused on VR, home automation, drones, etc., sex slave robots, whatever [and @mike is supposed to be going as the DTFHCSO representative to report back on what our masters are telling us to want], but in the meantime Planet Earth II is going to provide those of us w the bravery to buy the latest passive-observation consumer hardware the opportunity to travel to the most exotic landscapes in lifelike detail and dynamic range while manically fondling our own testicles.
  14. Just found a great hands-on review of this big guy. Definitely the go-to UHDBD player in 2017; probably the definitive reference unit moving forward.
  15. Here's the thing about patty thickness. Oh, have I told you this story? In grade school, in like let's say 5th grade, I was in with the advanced smart kid reading group because I was so fucking smart. We had reading lessons in the classroom while the rest of the class did other work: retard "reading" group [not actual retards; they had "classes" in a closet or something], regular dumb kid reading group, and smart kid reading group. Seems kind of mean in retrospect. Adult class division discretion is much more polite. Anyway we were reading this story about a retard girl runner whose family let her run a foot race for some reason. Her name was Patty. She got lost because she was retarded so her family went looking for her. Her daddy decided to go look on some bridge. There was a line, "He looked across the bridge. No Patty." It cracked me up. "No Patty." I burst out laughing and the teacher, this unhappy old bag of a woman, bed "it's not funny blah blah blah" because she thought I was laughing about the lost lady retard, but really it was just the phrasing "No Patty". Anyway, thin patties, butter in the mix, salt and pepper, charred on the outside and rare in the middle (extremely high heat if you're keeping up and doing the math).