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  1. @pattmayne I've never heard of a lot of things. I believe I've made myself clear. PM for details.
  2. Everyone, @pattmayne is most likely a Russian shill. I'm not sure who you're working for, or what you're trying to do and or prove, but this isn't a game. This is a man's life. Getting sweet, fresh, pink, dewy entropy is no joke. These are the bases of the general approach I'm taking right now: http://holdenc.altervista.org/avalanche/ http://www.ciphersbyritter.com/NOISE/NOISRC.HTM We're still facing a lot of daunting challenges, even assuming we can get some premium encryption-grade entropy straight off the key. For instance, how to digitally encrypt a $100 bill. I guess it's going to look something like this: Either way, at this early stage, I really don't think it's doing anyone any good to draw this discussion off-topic into resins and whatnot. Maybe we can discuss residues when the time is right...but never resins. Beyond that, what are your "experiments"? Probably "Top Secret", am I or am I not correct in my assessment of the present situation? PM me for details.
  3. Guys since make forum great gains here's this don't forget! i think there is something "about" this about consciousness and the nature of the cosmos but I can't put it together
  4. @pattmayne if I understand correctly (which I don't), you "can" borrow it any time you want, but there are no guarantees you're getting what you think you're getting. I'm going to be 100% honest with you right now: even if you did borrow it, I would never feel confident you were getting "the good stuff" back to me. It's nothing personal. On the flip side, I don't want "to" dupe you by giving you something that isn't right.
  5. @messi I'm going to be able to get my hands on like $100 next month and I've been studying encryption a little bit. I'm even building my own little entropy source, but I have to assume at this point that it's still generating way too much bias. Anyway point being I'm going to have $100 soon and also will probably be able to "encrypt" it somehow using my device. So I will be able to send you 100 encrypted $s. PM for contact info. /* to do still: 1. Get money (pretty sure thing). 2. Finish and test entropy source. 3. Use hash algorithms or something to scrub the entropy. 4. Use the entropy to encrypt $100. 5. Transfer the encrypted money to @messi. */ oh that reminds me do you know anything about public keys? Because I think somehow I'm going to have to get you a key. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.
  6. Dude like what really even is love.
  7. @Charlemagne o shit I just put two and two together hi.
  8. Well guys I meditated on this and slept on it and had a healthy breakfast but I didn't figure it out. I guess the problem w induction is you never get a guarantee you're right. All I know is I never see this stuff in the realms I inhabit, or if I do I don't pay it any heed / switch the channel. As far as what we should do, I guess we don't really do anything; I'm going to have to keep doing me / passing on it, and letting them do them. Hopefully the whole world doesn't crash and burn because we couldn't figure out how to have a society!
  9. I'd have to wonder why someone would focus on these entertainments in the first place. I have a friend who watches bill maher John Oliver, etc., and I've never been able to figure out why. I think it's because he has a dissatisfying overall emotional / social / work life and it makes him feel smart / informed / like he has a reason to live / the anger stimulation is maybe the only real emotion he has anymore. I can't see why someone would view this kind of thing, but I can see why public infotainers would participate: because they're emotionally tied into the debate, they like attention, and / or it gives them some kind of job security. If the question is, should I pay any attention to any of this or care about it at all, the answer is obviously no. I've got better ways to spend my time. If it's won't someone think of the children, that slips into the overall discussion about how should we order society and what should be allowed / encouraged, what kind of distant early warning system and response apparatus do we need in order to protect the society, etc.
  10. The same general approach to induction as always applies: focus on what you have good reason to think will bear fruit.
  11. @messi I think.
  12. no problem there's always hope as long as the mods keep deleting a thread for every new one created
  13. @Khan It's a grand Koncept. I suspect that, without a better curatorial policy, this place has a certain upper quality limit. Other technical challenges have delayed my plans for a "DTFH Classic" forum, but plans are now actively underway. You'll be in the loop. A net may need to be cast far and wide to gather up the old worthies. I hear they're still out "there". PS this is apparently the last thing in my cache. I accidentally pasted it then deleted it and am now repasting it.
  14. Dear Journal, For several months, this mole thing has been growing on the inner part of the arch of my left foot. It has irregular margins and keeps growing. I kind of want to die, so if it's cancer, at least maybe it will kill me. But I dunno I'm scared so I better go to the doctor. They want to cut it out but I have to wait like a month! Fuck. ... OK now they cut it out. Good news! Benign, clean margins, come back in six months for a routine scan. ... Dear Journal, Why do "some people" want to "fuck my gash"? In the flattering light of a tropical sunset, every incision site looks handsome: Dear Journal, I was afraid my gash was going to split back open after the sutures came out, but no worries! The way the suture wounds have peeled back is very intriguing. Unfortunately, the "vaginal" appearance of this peeled-back skin is reminding "some people" that they want to get "in" "there". Dear Journal, Looking good. Now the same people who wanted to fill my gash are disgusted by its dry edges. I lube it daily, but, you know...life is a cycle, and no wound can always be freshly-lubed. Dear Journal, It's been like a month or five weeks since the biopsy, and several weeks since the sutures came out, and I'm looking forward to life with renewed vigor jk so tired.