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  1. Dear Journal, For several months, this mole thing has been growing on the inner part of the arch of my left foot. It has irregular margins and keeps growing. I kind of want to die, so if it's cancer, at least maybe it will kill me. But I dunno I'm scared so I better go to the doctor. They want to cut it out but I have to wait like a month! Fuck. ... OK now they cut it out. Good news! Benign, clean margins, come back in six months for a routine scan. ... Dear Journal, Why do "some people" want to "fuck my gash"? In the flattering light of a tropical sunset, every incision site looks handsome: Dear Journal, I was afraid my gash was going to split back open after the sutures came out, but no worries! The way the suture wounds have peeled back is very intriguing. Unfortunately, the "vaginal" appearance of this peeled-back skin is reminding "some people" that they want to get "in" "there". Dear Journal, Looking good. Now the same people who wanted to fill my gash are disgusted by its dry edges. I lube it daily, but, you know...life is a cycle, and no wound can always be freshly-lubed. Dear Journal, It's been like a month or five weeks since the biopsy, and several weeks since the sutures came out, and I'm looking forward to life with renewed vigor jk so tired.
  2. For now the technology seems way too immature to be much more than a novelty gimmick from the consumer side. They "are" pushing it hard, even Super Bowl® LI (51) ads about how much fun attractive young urban couples have losing their balance cause they got fooled by their goggles, but I'll wait. @Khan how does one make VR content? What are you thinking of making? Virtual Crucifixion?
  3. @messi you fuck, I also missed you. If you still need that money, blink twice.
  4. @mike boke, you motherf-... I frankly don't even know where to start in with you. I know you like to pretend that I don't know how to do the googles, and I give you that. I know that you like to find and correct my simple grammatical errors, and I give you that. Do you want attribution, after you call me a twat? ...and then claim that calling me a twat isn't an insult because "it's accurate"? That's just fucking great. Everybody, @mike did the googles quick for me and found information that any second grader in the developing world could find. Thanks, @mike. It means a lot. Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to see an ultra-up-close-and-personal screen grab of @mike's bulbous package mercilessly straining the fabric of his jeans, hit me up via PM. @dinosaurjrjr Oat thanks bruv, I'll be investigating the vinyls in some depth. It does look like a lot of the local artisanal vintage authentic retro sources are in fact the back rooms of general-purpose antiquities shoppes and so on. This town is so flooded with hipsters that I may be in trouble no matter what. @MintChip I think Rega Planar 1, 2, or 3; and Project-Audio Debut Carbon, are renowned for being the best values in high-performance modern turntables. For about half the price of those or more, rebranded mass-market units from the likes of Pioneer, Denon, Onkyo, etc., can be had, but they seem to get much lower marks. If I were in the market for a new one, I'd go for the Project Audio unit.
  5. @CaptainBeyond28 thanks, I'm wary of sticking glue to the record; running tap water got almost all the dust out, based on microscopic analysis. There are still some crumbs in there. I may need to get a little OCD on it, we'll see. @queer you fuck. After everything I try to do for this community, this is how I'm thanked. I remember many fond hours as a child playing with the mult stack rod extender gizmo. There's a switch on the turntable for "single" or "multi", but the stacker rod must have been lost in the fire. Does anybody fuck w vinyl? I want to be cool and be accepted by the cool kids but I have no idea what I'm doing. There are some used vinyl artisanal pop up retailers in the area I'm going to have to check out. Hopefully they don't catch on to my game when I walk in, and laugh at me until I run out of the store crying and go home and kill myself.
  6. When my mom or dad died in a fiery car crash, I was bequeathed a United Audio-branded Dual 1229 model phonograph turntable device. It languished for several years, until I started reading more and more about vinyl's resurgence fad in response to the Digital Revolution event. Always one to hop onto the middle-to-tail-end of any social trend, I thought, "here is my chance to finally be happy and find meaning in my life". So I went digging through the closet for old records. Among such gems as the Smurfs All-Star Band Singalong LP, I found, hidden in an Annie Original Cast Musical Soundtrack sleeve, this: That was the final straw. Although it was initially in rather poor shape from a dust-and-scratches standpoint, some tender loving care brought it to serviceable condition. And, with that, I broke out the turntable to see about putting it back into operation. Quite a delightful device. Very satisfying gimbal mechanism: It still needs to be cleaned and re-oiled. All in good time. The stylus, however, was a different matter. Totally trashed: So I popped it out and researched a replacement. Fortunately, the good people at needledoctor.com were able to sort me out. A new felt mat, and a suitable moving-magnet phono pre, and I will be right as rain. The strobe light wasn't working; so, after a couple of forum reads and a quick youtube watch, I managed to pop the platter off, disassemble the charmingly old-school neon bulb circuit, and get it running again. The weird but apparently effective advice was, "reverse the orientation of the bulb every 25 years or so". Done. Strobe map on the underside of the platter for 33- or 45-rpm speeds at 50 or 60 Hz: Old-world craftsmanship; almost entirely mechanical or electro-mechanical in operation. Strobing: While waiting for the parts to arrive, I'm planning on disassembling the whole thing, cleaning it, and slathering it in fresh oil. The best part of this is that, no matter how good the turntable or how heavy or exotic the pressing; no matter the preamp; no matter how meticulously-dialed-in the tone arm balance and tracking and anti-skate; no matter how heavy or acoustically-isolated the plinth, it's impossible to ever truly have a system that sounds "right". I'm starting out easy by buying an MM preamp, so I can have the dissatisfaction of knowing I'm missing out on MC sound quality right from the get-go. Hopefully, this will provide me years of obsessive-compulsive goal chasing that will end in a lifetime of disappointed regret.
  7. Rodney Mullen is the best! Skating is one of the purest expressions of abstract style imaginable. Thrasher brand magazine taught me how to be officially cool. Sometimes getting worse and worse is the best way to get better! Suddenly it clicks. Brain madgjicke. Good luck, have fun.
  8. Anyone who was here through 2012, maybe 2013, knows that, since that time, this place has become simultaneously a pale shadow and ridiculous caricature of the most superficial aspects of what it used to be. As many misgivings as I had about several if not most of the major characters from that period, it's the overall caliber of member that made this place explosive and vibrant. Most of the tedious, tired, entry-level concepts that seem to get endlessly indulged these days would have been - and were, actually - laughed out of here in an overwhelming flood of justified ridicule. It takes a certain critical mass of incisive minds to generate the kind of phantasmagorical playground that there was then.
  9. I don't really know anything other than what I saw on Breaking Bad, but I'm always a big fan of Euro-Afro-Caribbean syncretistic aesthetics.
  10. It's the result of following a simple, guaranteed formula for failure: Ban or discourage the presence of several of the most interesting forum members. Tolerate, or otherwise implicitly encourage, the presence of users who should have been banned almost immediately. Put a technical administrative functionary who is almost, if not actually, uniquely unqualified for the task in the role of social-taste mediator. Move the forum to an unusabe hosting format without notice. Move the forum to a more suitable format. Double down on (1.) through (3.) just long enough to ensure that the forum can never recover. Bail. But, lest you get confused, just remember: It's all your fault.
  11. @ehhrrwal you're threatening to create quite the slippery slope of infinite options, and honestly I am tempted to lump "home theater projected image environment" in with "big-screen TV", but 1. I respect your commitment to a serious viewing experience 2. projector people probably do not want to be associated with the screen-viewing rabble Therefore, in conclusion, I have added your very own personal branded poll option.
  12. Let's do this. For those not fortunate enough to have a cable TV entertainment plan access subscription, the good people at Fox Brand Sports® have made it possible for rich and poor - in money and or good sense - alike to enjoy the Game. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/super-bowl-li-falcons-patriots-preview-how-to-watch-tv-streaming-schedule-odds-020517 You're welcome. I have to be 100% honest with you right now and admit that I am rooting for the young upstart Matt Ryan to lead his expansion team Falconers to victory over the great Bill Bellicheck. EDIT: The wife is cooking up a "spicy type pork shoulder" for game time enjoyment. I will be eating it as a sandwich on sourdough bread w a side of Jalapeño style potato chips, etc.
  13. I saw it.
  14. /* [Game-Day Update immediately below; remainder of original post unedited] Happy Super Bowl®, everyone. Enjoy the festivities, appreciate that you are alive, and most importantly, BE SAFE! */ // As you know, Super Bowl® LI (51) is being contested this coming Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 6:30 pm, at NRG® Stadium, in Houston, TX. It is being broadcast live on FOX®. The Atlanta Falcon Men® will face the New England Patriot Men® and their charismatic leader Thom Brady in a battle for ultimate supremacy. With the many choices available to us as consumer-observers, which opportunity will you be availing yourself of for maximum enjoyment of this great American holiday pastime? I, for one, will be watching at home on my big-screen TV, cuddling up with members of my household. To be honest with you, I'm looking forward as much to eating delicious game-time food and watching the commercials as I am looking forward to the game itself!@ https://www.nfl.com/super-bowl http://www.ramtrucks.com/ http://www.ford.com/new-trucks/ http://www.gmc.com/ http://www.chevrolet.com/trucks.html https://www.army.mil/ http://www.goarmy.com/ http://www.navy.mil/ http://www.marines.mil/ http://www.marines.com/ http://www.nationalguard.mil/ https://www.nationalguard.com/ https://www.coors.com/ http://www.budweiser.com/ http://www.busch.com/ http://www.michelob.com/ https://www.millercoors.com/ https://www.viagra.com/ https://www.cialis.com/
  15. Subjectivism, absurdness, abstractness, etc., are already concepts firmly established in early Modern thought. History wrapped up nicely somewhere between 1960 and 1970. With the definitive existential threat of thermonuclear weapons, and the rapid development of machines of arbitrarily high levels of precision, the Modernist trend toward deep, hard, absolute minimalism was exploited and more or less ran its course. It was the summing-up of history in a tidy, infinitesimal dot. Since then, our expressions of existential self-harm have grown more sophisticated and our machines have progressed along the path easily predicted by probably even the turn of the 20th century, but nothing has changed and nothing new has emerged since the pinnacle of high Modernism. I took a funny class once called "What was Postmodernism?" The name of the class pretty much sums up the situation: Postmodernism was a collective gasp of total exhaustion. History was done, it was too much, we couldn't take it any more; and yet it still drags on; it turns out we're still deeply entrenched in the Modern world, living out the long hangover of history. Truly significant changes in technology like AI, VR, AI in VR, VR running in an AI, genetic immortality, etc., will probably generate a truly Postmodern situation, but we jumped the gun a little bit in the '70s.