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  1. Oh boy! This is perfect timing because my latest motivational inspirational catch phrase has just coalesced!!!! "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example One: "I was born an illegal immigrant but I want to be president of these United States." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example Two: "Last night I had a dream that my anal labia were wings and I could fly. Now I want to fly." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Innkeeping with the inspirational motivational nature of this catch phrase, the number of Examples is limitless!
  2. To be 100% honest with you, the biggest unresolved question in my mind right now is how @nicklelust knew the woman actually had sex with the hitman when she claimed she'd been kicked out for not having sex with him.
  3. It's great everyone is getting their jollies and all, but maybe we can actually help a fellow family member for once. @nicklelust do you know the secret identity of the hitman? Do you know the identities of any of these people, or are they all shifting their identities in disguises?
  4. @mike Mark you fucking dickhead. This isn't a joke. Not everything is a joke for you to have a laugh about. @nicklelust I think you've answered your own question here to be 100% honest with you right now. You won't talk to these people, you won't talk to this girl...and now you won't talk to us. Everyone just wants you to communicate with them and you keep withdrawing and holding back and refusing to engage them on an up-front, 100% honest level.
  5. @Valentine M. Smith, @Nihil Loc, guys guys guys. Come on. @nicklelust, unfortunately I think it's hard for the DTFH family to get a clear sense of your situation unless you start at the beginning. Is this girl ripping you off the beginning of the story? What things did these gang members want you to do?Did she have a miscarriage or get an abortion, or what happened to her kid?(foetus/embryo). Etc. Let's start at the beginning.
  6. Have you ever "tested" one of these possible traps? (I've seen this kind of situation before and the person involved had never tested the trap, so he wasn't sure what would happen). i think we would need more information about the hitman before being sure who to trust.
  7. Does she do a vision board? I think that's a thing about the secret and the law of attraction where the universe brings you what you want. I read about it in Newsweek I think. They were talking about this ladies book. EDIT: I found it. Wait that was the last thing in my clipboard hold on I thought I copied the link. Here it is: http://www.thesecret.tv/ the ladie who wrote it is Ronda Byrne, could be some good tipps in there. EDIT EDIT: found that Newsweek article: http://www.newsweek.com/secret-does-self-help-book-really-help-95559 could be some good info in there.
  8. To be 100% honest with you, I don't think you're the "bad guy" here. I think they're just all lashing out emotionally because they want you to talk to them. I'll bet you that their tunes would change if you invited them in for a chit chat.
  9. Well I mean
  10. OK you fucks, you convinced me to go see it. It was good. A good, competent movie. I re-watched Prometheus 1 in prep, and it is an incompetent movie, which I chalk up to the fact that Damon Lindelof is a complete hack. Alien Prometheus 2 doesn't have any truly unwatchable scenes, so that's a plus. Scott clearly has decided to use the Alien universe as a basis for telling a completely different story as compared to the one that he would have told if he'd wanted to do a Real Prequel to Alien. Positive Points: Excellent depiction of how humans behave when they Truly Don't Know What To Do Here; Funny job depicting the newish central Conflict Type of Machine vs. Self; David's Horror Workshop is genuinely creepy. All in all, I just can't get much of an erection about all the explicit mythological tropes that unfold. The mystery behind the Engineers in the original Alien is so resonant that it buzzes like a perpetual-motion machine. If Scott had somehow magically found a way to fulfill that mystery, a true Alien prequel would have been the best movie ever made. Stealing the backstory from the Engineers and putting it back into the hands to the Weylan corporation itself feels like flimsy cheating to me, like short-circuiting all the mystery. It's impossible for me to accept these films on their own merit, I guess, knowing what I know about the untapped potential of the "original backstory". Probably they should let me write and direct a proper prequel, when I really think about it.
  11. Apart from food-water, fuel-transportation, ammunition-weapons, and a defensible position on high ground, we ought to focus on the two technologies that make the Modern World what it is: medicine and electricity. This was something I saw on reddit about meds we'd need in case of apocalypse: " Fentanyl Alprazolam or another short acting benzodiazepine Imipenem and Cilastatin (primaxin) Metronidazole Epinephrine a large supply of sterile saline and IV start kits " I'd also take a couple of small basic electronics-theory books (one on basic passive component theory and one of semiconductor theory), and a big wad of electronics components; especially transistors, op amp ICs, and other pieces that could be used for communication or power generation/transformation.
  12. I heard some story recently about a lady who was in a siege war situation, and she basically bed, "You can't prepare. Those who stockpiled either ended up getting robbed or felt too guilty eating while others starved and wound up feeding their neighbors." All the preparation seems to last about a week and then you're in scavenger mode. They that say during times of massive disruption people are more satisfied with their lives, because they are forced to be self-reliant and to rely on and help others, and because their actions have purpose rather than being part of an apparently-pointless routine; which makes sense, considering how prevalent apocalypse fantasies are.
  13. Bold and provocative. It reminds me of some advice I heard about drinking water, which seems to be the new pop wisdom: drink when you're thirsty, and keep drinking until you're not thirsty any more. Then, once you hit that point, stop drinking until you're thirsty again. I do think generally I tend to breathe pretty shallowly when I'm not paying attention to it. We all know the best secret way to stop hiccoughs is to breathe moderately deeply, moderately slowly, after a smooth fashion, until the hiccoughs stop. Another secret when having trouble falling asleep in the middle of the night is twofold: even if you're nice and cozy, take a layer of blanket / sheet off so your body cools. Then take slow, deep breaths. Not necessarily breathing "more" total, just more deeply and slowly. Even the harshest existential angst and self-recrimination will generally falter in the face of this two-pronged pincer movement. There's also the general counterproductive tendency to halt breathing when facing a threat, probably related to shallow breathing in the face of what amounts to the nonstop low-level attack that is the "modern" world. I often find myself reminding myself to slow down, relax my muscles, and breathe; then defeating my enemies becomes a lot easier.
  14. @ShoesMelloysorry fam, things have been out of hand the last couple of days, but here are some intriguing links concerning the involved parties in the meantime: http://www.newspressnow.com/news/whatever-happened-to-community-members-move-on/article_05d23a7a-4517-577e-b321-bdb3ec76cf00.html https://www.twelvetribes.com http://wolc.com