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  1. To be 100% honest with you, I'm not afraid to share my technique. The "secret" is this jeweler's loupe: Sometimes if I can't get a good grip for the shot, I'll go so far as to tape it to my camera phone(!): Comparative Knurling 2.0: Quadruple Mega Pure Power Bonus:
  2. Been digging sharp tools and yet sometimes there is no replacement for a pure, abstract physical manifestation of raw power.
  3. This must be a hot whale, although, to be 100% honest with you right now, I have to admit I can't tell:
  4. @tyqo as @WhatDidIForget says McKenna was, as he often was, a great popularizer of this "esoteric" concept. To be 100% honest with you right now, I don't have primary resource references handy at the moment. It is definitely fascinating research though, especially when you begin to see connections between the very earliest Paleolithic origins of humankind and the earliest development of social insect populations several hundred million years ago. @The_Lion_of_Judah you can use damp table sugar, basically you pulverize the mushrooms and mix them with the sugar, then pack a solid layer of sugar over that mix. The problem is, you may not get the right proportion of sugar to water. That's why honey is so great. Commercial pasteurized honey actually makes a perfect preservative from this standpoint: although stripped of its natural biome, it has the ideal ratio of sugar to water for long-term preservation, and the only fungus you are preserving in it is the mushroom you intend to preserve.
  5. In general, sugar is a great preservative. It's toxic to most microbes that we find troublesome. If you have dry, clean mushrooms under undiluted, filtered honey, those mushrooms should last a few thousand years if stored in an airtight container. DANGER WARNING ALERT: If your mushrooms are damp, or the honey becomes diluted with water, there's a chance that other spores, bacteria, yeast, etc., will be able to multiply. This is the quasi-paradoxical story of the downfall of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer mushroom-orgy forebears. Some say the story of Prometheus extends directly from this course of events: The wise shamans found that they could store the healing mushroom medicine that gave rise to our very evolution in sealed clay jars, and transport them great distances in order to cause remote populations to evolve into humans. However, as always, hubris caused their (our) fall from grace. Careles transport and a loss of respect for these medicines eventually led to contamination with ethanol-producing yeast. The mushroom medicine honey became something like what we now think of as mead. This is really no historical accident: the same trends that gave rise to kiln-fired pottery and bread (namely patriarchal authoritarianism and the agricultural monopoly that goes along with it) corrupted life-giving mushroom honey medicine into poisonous alcohol-based cultures. The matriarchal line built around the queen bee gave way to patrilineal soldier culture. It must only have taken a few generations for people to think the alcohol intoxication they experienced was the same mystical connection with god their legends spoke of. Only a few outlier cultures in the Indus Valley and [especially] the Amazon maintained this mushroom truth that had evolved down from a distant prehistoric insect civilization deep into the Neolithic era. Although we see hints in the West even in historical times (look at the reverence for bees, tied to mead, in Beowulf, in a mystical way that couldn't be attributable only to alcohol, for instance), these references are always corrupted in the direction of ethanol, and away from the earth goddess queen bee origins of humanity in mushrooms.
  6. Guys don't forget fractals will play a role too. Quantum fractals give rise to 35th-order timeline dimensional synchronicity, which is how consciousness exists. Then, when you take the quasi-paradoxical yin yang loop back to the beginning of "consciousness time" (if I can oversimplify for a second to get to the main point), then consciousness gives rise to the "material" universe, which "gives rise" to consciousness. You can see how quantum fractal effects start to come into play there between the Calabi–Yau manifold and more traditional fractal sets between the tenth and thirty-fifth dimensions. Obviously hunter-gatherer peoples knew all this through their practices and traditions (and astronomy), but we lost this knowledge when white people started making agriculture. Superstring Theory.
  7. It seems like there's nothing to fear. That "trailer" or whatever it's supposed to be is incoherent; it doesn't strike me as something that a big company planning to make money would release. The only references to this seem to be in little McKenna-oriented eddies. Dodged a bullet, fam'!
  8. "God made the hagfish; God made the genocide." - Jeff Quinn
  9. They're pretty fun. I think they fixed my brain probably. I still have an impulsive reaction to the idea of depression that's something like "you can't do anything about it, it's metabolic or whatever, etc.", but looking back I guess there is something you can do about it. As much as I try to empathize, now I can't help kind of feeling like depression that persists for years in the face of useful lifestyle advice is for pussies who can't get out of their own way and just get their shit together. Even though it's kind of not true, it's still funny cause it's true.
  10. Is this a (Genuine (Koncept®))™, or..."something 'else'"?
  11. Where are we at on this? Did we figure it out, or what's going on?
  12. @pattmayne I've never heard of a lot of things. I believe I've made myself clear. PM for details.
  13. Everyone, @pattmayne is most likely a Russian shill. I'm not sure who you're working for, or what you're trying to do and or prove, but this isn't a game. This is a man's life. Getting sweet, fresh, pink, dewy entropy is no joke. These are the bases of the general approach I'm taking right now: http://holdenc.altervista.org/avalanche/ http://www.ciphersbyritter.com/NOISE/NOISRC.HTM We're still facing a lot of daunting challenges, even assuming we can get some premium encryption-grade entropy straight off the key. For instance, how to digitally encrypt a $100 bill. I guess it's going to look something like this: Either way, at this early stage, I really don't think it's doing anyone any good to draw this discussion off-topic into resins and whatnot. Maybe we can discuss residues when the time is right...but never resins. Beyond that, what are your "experiments"? Probably "Top Secret", am I or am I not correct in my assessment of the present situation? PM me for details.