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  1. Vmexico is thel most dangerous place in the worl mi amigo
  2. Were gonna start an army broski
  3. Shamanic breathing kundalini yoga exstatic dancing
  4. Its illuminati bro
  5. Its gonna bring america in a walking dead type situation where all the nazi so called undiagnized people will be an a totalitarian regime and shit like that
  6. kratom is prob more addicting
  7. imo weed is way more addicting
  8. in Denmark u get paid to study
  9. if you wanna reheat the pizza sliceses do it over medium heat 3 4 min on empty pan for crispness put the slices on pan when the pan is cold
  10. family is important
  11. posted inw rong thread
  12. Maybe try some mindfulness meditation like a body scan def helped me with pain.
  14. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29445603-a-perfect-union-of-contrary-things