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  1. I had to do it for the lols
  2. I gotta be honest I was expecting a lot more hippy music from you guys, there's a lot of electronic/rap in this thread. I love hippy music.
  3. Yeah I get it but I still make the assumption that most people aren't gonna look at the guest's websites
  4. IMPORTANT MESSAGE EVERYONE: I found her tits http://www.imboycrazy.com/2015/12/the-state-of-being-single/2008-dfc-teller-apparel/
  5. https://www.thehighwaystar.com/ Nice 90's looking Deep Purple website
  6. The one upside to weddings is you get to see your family and get drunk with them. Everything else sucks.
  7. HAHAHA! Yeah this stuff has happened before. The Wiemar Republic in Germany.
  8. Granny is gonna be pissed about her tablecloth and curtains!
  9. I'm not exactly sure but I get the feeling I need to commit penance for my since before I die, else shadow beasts from the depths of the dark world will put me in shackles at the moment of my death and make me their slave for 5,000,000 years before reincarnating me into the body of a starving Ethiopian Edit: I jerked off and sent out a few dick pics.
  10. I still can't tell if or when this guy is being real or fake or maybe even a dog wearing a human suit
  11. What "place you've seen in your dreams" do you get to by shooting yourself in the head?
  12. She "apologized" to "black people" for wearing braids. Ridiculous. I'd like to take this woman on a free helicopter ride.
  13. One time I smoked lemon grass as a substitute for weed. It works a little bit but then I felt a panic attack. The same panic attack I'd get when I got far too stoned but without so much of the high. So I went to take a walk in case my heart exploded out of its chest at least I'd be in public. I was fine in about a half hour.
  14. Only 4chan knows about my experience but that was just a small phase I went through in 2011! Don't tell anyone!