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  1. I heard that Path of Exile was better then Diablo 3. I LOVED Diablo 2 but I never go into Diablo 3.
  2. Yes, just like the good old days of the Weimar Republic!
  3. The young lady who was recently punched in the face at the Berkley rally posted a picture on facebook that she would come back with "100 nazi scalps." She sought trouble. She found it. Lesson hopefully learned. This woman was once truly beautiful. After looking at this image, it's painfully obvious to me that she has fallen to a toxic ideology.
  4. And then put it on your dog
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I thought it was even cooler when he kills the bad guy at the end My favorite comment is "this would drive Tony Stark mad"
  7. Made me think of this!
  8. To me it felt a little like Black Sabbath's 13 in that I definitely appreciated it but it was not an instant classic like their old materials. He's also rusty and I seem to vaguely remember him suffering something of a breakdown. I will always be a fan of Chapelle
  9. I think if any women went to the doctor as rarely as I did their vagina would stop working
  10. I took one but I don't think the dudes here would appreciate it much.
  11. I think violence is acceptable and nudity isn't because if there's a sex scene I have to figure out ways to hide my boner if I want to get up to get a snack I usually just pretend I did something to my back and walk with a slouch
  12. I am a man and I have a confession. I own a pair of yoga pants. I am NOT a crossdresser. I just thought maybe I'd look like a character from Dragonball Z.
  13. I bet you though they both disagree on many things they would share some good banter