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  1. I have a few on the market, actually. Made about $4 after 5 years!
  2. I EVENTUALLY want to upgrade, but I would love to get a classic convertible mustang and fix it up myself and be proud of my own work of art - and that involves not getting into debt for the newest gadget that's probably going to have to go into the shop in a year for some broken computer component anyway. As far as working at Nintendo, not really, I mean maybe, but I'm biggest on vintage gaming. I would love to make my own game. I'm not very entrepreneurial it's just been a vision of mine since I was a child.
  3. Very interesting crafts in this thread. I'm a web/software dev. My dream is to make a Nintendo game. Similar to http://www.gradualgames.com/p/the-legends-of-owlia_1.html (released on physical cartridge) I make decent money but I live well below my means. My family won't stop nagging me about it. I guess they want me drowning in debt like everyone else. I don't mind driving a shitty car!
  4. Just like all games, I'm waiting for the price to drop to $20. Lol. I'm also old enough now that I don't play as much video games so I buy them faster then I play them.
  5. Oh OK I have never taken them before but I think I get it now
  6. The fuck... ? Why not just puke? Lol
  7. This guy is gaining so much traction I'm legitimately convinced he's going to revolutionize the way modern universities and colleges work
  8. Love the popularity this guy is getting...
  9. Goddamn queers and nips and blacks, too!
  10. I hope it's separate. There are many beings on this plane of existence I do not want to share my consciousness with. They could be wiped from existence and I would not exhibit an ounce of sympathy - in fact, I would feel extreme relief.
  11. Fist of the North Star
  12. This sounds really good, I usually just use a seasoning mix. I'm gonna give this a try. Will post pics too.
  13. I'm sorry my rectum is exit only but you can smear "I <3 POOP" on my buttcheeks though
  14. I'm looking at chaga right now and it doesn't look like there is much information about getting high. How many tablespoons do I have to use? Should I be worried for my safety?
  15. Let's all flush the turlets at 3:33 AM and see what happens