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  1. I bet you though they both disagree on many things they would share some good banter
  2. He means "let's fighting love"
  3. What is different about people in 2014. Are they more anxious? Or are people simply romanticizing the 1980's?
  4. I love that idea but it doesn't stop my dick from leaking
  5. These are some neat pictures and as far as cleaning that record goes I've heard people recommend a small layer of wood glue on either side also wetting the record. Either method worked fine for me, though I never fully did get rid of the crackling.
  6. The aliens are your long dead relatives/ancestors reincarnated
  7. I can't take anything the daily beast puts out seriously. I think the fact that the mainstream media, being against Trump, is willing to put military strikes killing innocent civilians into the public eye again, is the only good thing to come from this. Nothing else from Trump seems to muster up any emotions in me. Not the ban, not his tweets, not his cabinet picks... but I'll always be against the slaughter of innocent people. This video is where I got the "GINGIVITIS" thing from:
  8. You have to turn off the screen, light up a candle or two and read a book... after 40 mins you probably won't be able to keep your eyes open.
  10. I'm optimistic too for what happens after the crash. But we're still going to have a massive global recession that we need to get through first.
  11. I have a few on the market, actually. Made about $4 after 5 years!
  12. I EVENTUALLY want to upgrade, but I would love to get a classic convertible mustang and fix it up myself and be proud of my own work of art - and that involves not getting into debt for the newest gadget that's probably going to have to go into the shop in a year for some broken computer component anyway. As far as working at Nintendo, not really, I mean maybe, but I'm biggest on vintage gaming. I would love to make my own game. I'm not very entrepreneurial it's just been a vision of mine since I was a child.
  13. Very interesting crafts in this thread. I'm a web/software dev. My dream is to make a Nintendo game. Similar to http://www.gradualgames.com/p/the-legends-of-owlia_1.html (released on physical cartridge) I make decent money but I live well below my means. My family won't stop nagging me about it. I guess they want me drowning in debt like everyone else. I don't mind driving a shitty car!
  14. Just like all games, I'm waiting for the price to drop to $20. Lol. I'm also old enough now that I don't play as much video games so I buy them faster then I play them.