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  1. @CosmEffect I came here in order to give a certain person in this forum a view from my perspective and to test the waters on how small tidbits of the story would be received. In the other section a couple of forum members alluded to "schizophrenia", so when testing the waters I found that the waters may be polluted. I gather and gain intelligence from private and formerly "public sources" in order to determine the validity of information pertaining to private lives of certain individuals.. I do not go to the authorities "because snitches get stitches"
  2. I am willing to share the whole story but I need the owner of this forum @duncan to protect me from being banned because EVERYONE would say that I am a troll, lying or crazy.
  3. I am thinking rome total war like game where it is almost like a choose your own adventure but based the territory that you attack in a world war 2 setting and you can have the option to change back and fourth from a commander position like ruse into first person shooter like battlefield 4 driving a tank, being an infantry dude or flying a jet in order to have an actual affect on the outcome of the battle.
  4. @Nihil Loc Spoiled rich kid. Mom and dad pays his way. I can not get into the legal issues since I do not want to get anybody in trouble. I protect my private sources. My former public sources have been driven underground and I have continuously deleted contributions so they can not be bothered by legal issues, but you can find their contributions if you look hard enough and know what to look for.
  5. @pattmayne Perplexities solved. I deduced that she was feeling somewhat rejected and she was not attacking me as a human being but placing me in a sub-human category by associating me with a label. She had no other grounds to attack me on other than a label. Similar to the way a person attacks a police officer in a uniform, they are not attacking the person, they are attacking the uniform. 1.G-14 classified. 2.There is/was a hit on my head because people want to get away with their crimes and civil litigation 3.I didn't commit a crime, people thought I would commit a crime so "they" (people involved) resorted to crime in order to stop an imagined crime.
  6. @pattmayne Correct and not correct. I care not what she does,says or thinks. I have made it a hobby of mine to be a life long student in the study of humanity and the social psychology pertaining to this incident has me perplexed. I am trying to ascertain her motive for the attacks. I have never harmed her in any way but the attacks make it seem like i did.
  7. Possess the preferred phenotype, and not sure.. For some reason I guess he is not worth trying to assassinate.
  8. @pattmayne That is G-14 classified. @tyqo Read my newest blog post... More info on what is going on there.
  9. No. This is serious. That is why I am sharing it. I cant make sense of any of it. If I can make sense of it I was hoping some of you could.
  10. A "friend/ally" that lives in their building sent me a signal.
  11. I have been thinking about a certain situation (witch hunt) which I can not quite figure out. There is this man that was accused of various crimes and he was hated for these crimes.The majority of women and men hated and despised this man and still do to this day,and the majority of women want nothing to do with this man. The man knew that many were out to get him at any cost and on many occasions women were trying to set him up to have him terminated so the man refrained from engaging with these women.The women were enraged and made a declaration that if the man did not engage in conversion with these women then they (the women) would go and see the man that had actually perpetrated those crimes. The man was later found to be innocent of those crimes but there was another man which perpetrated those crimes that the other man was accused of but the women seemed to love him as if he did not perpetrate those crimes. They bought him dinners, payed for cruises, brought him other women and brought him to events, some ladies paid for him to fly to different states and provinces in order to have sex with him. I am trying to understand the social psychology behind why people would treat one person with an exorbitant amount of disdain for crimes he was innocent of but give another man pleasure that was actually guilty of those crimes. Anyone here have any answers? Because I can not figure it out.
  12. The identity is not secret. I know where they live. I know who they are.. I can literally take a ten minute walk and punch one of them in the face right now..
  13. When trying to make sense of the situation someone referred me to this bible quote.. I Do not believe I am special or anything the quote just seems fitting for the narrative. http://biblehub.com/john/15-19.htm

    1. pattmayne


      How is it fitting? Do you feel separate from the rest of the world? In what way?

    2. nicklelust


      I am a part of this world but not socially.I am a bit of a social pariah. I am hated. I'll be making a blog post in a bit about the situation..