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  1. I won the money. Just pay up already.. You want a meet and greet too? You already have gotten your meet and greet down at the bus station.Just pay the money.
  2. I am pretty sure it is nuporn and it seems to quite popular among the ladies, because he did it again but made penetration and they still come to him. Some even pay him. Really classy ladies.
  3. -
  4. Something like this almost caused a civil war in another country.. Government got caught fawking around, people didn't like it,got mad and then they bent over and took it in the ass because they were jelly of a guy that sweeps floors. Lucky enough, the catastrophic incident of a civil war was averted and creeps kept on creeping. Strange days. Strange days indeed.
  5. Twas thee jews?
  6. Maybe we should switch places and you can show us how its really done.
  7. I tried some muschrooms a couple of weeks and and only thing I got out of the experience is laying on the floor twitching..
  8. Not bad. Was than an old bunker you were sitting on?
  9. Yes. I messed up. I didnt see where I posted this..
  10. I think she is the corpse.
  11. stephen paddock MKulta made me do it. "Ohh look what you made me do"
  12. That sounds like some strange butt sex act from 1948 that was overturned in 1984. Obey. Anything else is treason.
  13. Tl:DR The battle of the ying and yang.Delusional positivity vs harsh,morbid acceptance of reality. Both sides made me feel ill. This video I'll share with you is what bill withier sings about.You'll have to decide who *she* is...Both sides are very dark, but enjoyable because the clash of the ying and the yang warring over *her*affection. Fuckin loved it.
  14. Thank you. for sharing. "ultimate future dream job is to work with an organization or non-profit that provides quality prenatal care and family planning resources to urban underserved women like the patients I work with in my current job." This is not a job application. You do not have to sell anyone here.. What is your dream job? You know what? Fuck that... What do you want to do? You will also follow the policy of lie, lie and lie. You will become the justification of the things you despise. "Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times."