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  1. I dont have a pog collection but the pogs were my first introduction to gambling. I have been a degenerate ever since.
  2. The blogosphere is reporting that yoga hotwife is looking for a new clean up man.
  3. I have no friends. No money to move to a different city and too many rats to rat out my location.
  4. No evidence, the perpetrators destroyed the evidence.
  5. It was or is the only option? The next person that lies to me, what should I do?
  6. In need of a bit of advice. I have been deceived and lied to by many people . I have had money and property stolen from me and I know who has perpetrated the crime, I know who witnessed it but when I ask question they lie to me and tell me they know nothing. I am out of ideas, asking nicely has not been working. Is violence my last option?
  7. I can understand this. I can agree with this but what woman in their right mind would have sex with a rapist and a pedophile? I am just going to go out on a limb and say looks are the only thing that matters.
  8. Take that couple thousand bucks and hit the casino, if that doesnt work out for you than sell your whore that is tagging along with you. Ohh, you did know she was a whore? Well, neither did you until I made this post.
  9. Trust me. They are. These piece of shit pigs are more concerned with planting drugs and covering their own asses to give a fuck about something like that. Well, that is unless I did something like that.
  10. I didn't eat the bitches rank box. Some pedo did, it was exposed online that she was an acquaintance of the retard. Anywayz, this other dude I know did the same thing and he was demonized by the community and ostracized for doing the exact same thing. Anywayz tonnes of slut keep going to see this guy even tho he did that, even the women that demonized that other dude went to see the rapist/pedo.. It doesn't make any sense.. I can figured it out so I think it is about time to start hating every pig of a woman on the planet.
  11. Of course not, I am not a self medic.
  12. Yeah right, dude. True story. There was a pig's daughter 14/yo that went to have sex with rapist/pedophile 33/yo then the rapist/pedophile started taunting the idiot pig telling him how his daughters pussy was so tight and how she sucked a good dick and the idiot pig wanted to go and kill a guy that had nothing to do with his lil pig of a daughter seeing the rapist/pedophile. The cops were/are in on it. They don't give a fuck unless a brown person did it.