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  1. Brilliant episode! Definitely one of my favourites.
  2. @self_medicThanks alot I will check it out ☺
  3. I think I pulled a hernia I laughed so hard through the second half. I just wish Duncan and Shane discussed their psychedelic experiences and what they may mean but maybe that's only because that's where I'm at, at the moment.
  4. A little too religion focused for my taste buds. Always great listening to Duncan talk though.
  5. Local Aussie talent for any wildchilds out there.
  6. I was wondering how they explain the temp. difference of the seasons. God damn it's cold, hurry up earth and then slow down in summer.. please.
  7. Just jumping into this space and sharing what I'm into at the moment. : )
  8. I didn't at all I commend Duncan's bravery for attempting to bring the two worlds together. I think it's about time we stop buying into either one side or the other and start looking at the full picture. Is it though? They tend to have interest in understanding the nature of the universe. Also if they persist influencing people as they do with their cocksure language I'd suggest it was essential. I loved the episode and thought the combination of personalities was a great match.
  9. "Was it the Messi?!" NO! It was great! The messi is great!!!!
  10. I tend to think we often confuse words with actual reality. They are more like signposts to something rather than the thing itself. Call what people do whatever you like but it is not what they actually do. In saying that I can't go past Alan Watt's metaphysics that the world is a cosmic drama where 'god' or whatever word you like is playing a game of hide and seek. This way of looking at things frees me up to accept what is no matter what. I don't know why as you say "we must acknowledge the effectiveness of the discipline", fuck that (in my opinion), just do whatever for the love of doing it. You can't go anywhere when your already there, but if that's the game go for it, hence the idea of a cosmic drama. The more you get caught up in it the better the show is.
  11. Just re-signed up after dropping out of the forums a few years back. I love dtfh! I check just bout everyday to see if a new dtfh is up. I think Duncan is the perfect storm of evolutionary process. First time I heard him on JRE I said "This is the guy!" His vast knowledge on philosophical topics, brilliant ability to retrieve and articulate information, quirky humour, gentle personality and motivation to look into the possibilities of life make him a great gift for our times. It's an honour to listen to his ideas and laugh through his intro's. Long live the DTFH!!! Peace.
  12. I hesitate at the ideas put forward by pinchbeck. I feel more inclined just to opt out if it all. Forget all the drama and deal with your own here and now. I don't see global catastrophe or a doomed system or even a positive future. I see my phone and beyond that a sky, trees, an ocean. I can feel fresh air as I breath. Just forget the system an opt out into your own here and now.. we all have one. Then I feel I don't need to go on some path be it spiritual or destructive or do anything for that matter I'm quite happy just sitting here. We're all different but and that's cool.