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  1. It probably means that day you were the person who received the most karma forum-wide, and also that some cunt doesn't like you and instead of saying something they make an angry pouty face and downvote your posts until they can't downvote anymore.
  2. So far it looks like only myself a couple others are biting the bullet. Why continue wallowing in mediocrity?
  3. @Nihil Loc k. @LucemPortabo Who is this C-list celebrity guest mod you speak of?
  4. I made a ritual suicide thread
  5. Hello everyone. It's come to a lot of people's attention recently that, rather than hang around waiting to be banned, it might be best to commit ritual suicide... virtual ritual suicide of course. Rather than consult the manual "How to be Banned from the DTFH forum" in the old forum, since that information has been lost to time (which I'm ok with) let's instead resort to plan B, for Ban yourself. Get it? Somehow I can't seem to get banned. I once called Duncan a cradle-robbing douche and I actually got praise for it from forum members. Then somehow insightful members who might be a little emotional or even *gasp* immature?! They get banned. Sometimes it seems like all you have to do to get banned is be the kind of forum member people actually like. Or go as far as stalking a girl with your undiagnosed mental illness gone awry. I don't want to work that hard to be banned, personally. But I deserved it many, many times. So. This brings me to KHAN's idea of ritual forum suicide. If you're in, comment below and on the 10th of February we all log out forever. If you log back in, you lose. That makes you a loser. Also, if you'd like to help ensure the Ritual Forum Suicide actually happens, feel free to copy and paste this text into a text file of your own in case hell freezes over and I get banned with this post removed in my wake. The 10th of February I'll be logging out. Who's with me?
  6. The only thing I miss about this forum is my reputation... now ironically it is quantified. I spent years building a reputation for my opinions, hopefully to the point that a few of you can guess what I will say. Giving that up seems healthy. I second ritual forum suicide. I'll make a thread
  7. Why the fuck am I not banned? If reptile gets banned, someone ban me right now.
  8. Part of why the site is dying because of a lazy lack of participation. Classic stoner problem. Duncan isn't proactive about promoting the forum. I think he also kind of hates the forum and some of the people in it - or at least did at one time. If folks give up on the forum then, to them, the forum sucks. And if it sucks, why would anyone come here? All it took was one proactive user - myself - to convince Stig to get rid of categories. If people are going to stop using the forum without even making a peep about reversing the change, then the forum is doomed to die. Many of the interesting and controversial people have left. Some of them were insufferable cunts. I can also be insufferable at times. I should've been banned forever years ago. Hanging out in the old chat from time to time listening to the way that people would speak made me fucking sick to my stomach. Egotistical, self-serving, know-it-all aaaaassholes used to occupy this site. The types of shut-ins who lived on this forum like it was the most important thing in their lives... because it probably was. I digress. It's a double edged sword. People who would post 20 times a day made the forum feel alive. But really it was occupied by a small set of obsessed users and then a handful of people like everyone here.
  9. I'm a carpenter and I make wood floors, sometimes trim and stairs. It's a physically demanding job, but the exercise is rewarding to me. It changed my life. The tasks are often very difficult hand-skills and combines quite a bit of science and foresight when you start digging deep into finishing or building in 3D (since wood tears itself apart over the years). Im trying to get better at furniture-making so that a couple years from now I'll have a portfolio and can maybe abandon my current job. Either way, right now the satisfaction of completing a project like this one keeps me motivated.
  10. @plaidklaus I wouldn't say it's a glass half empty. I would say it's a glass almost completely empty viewpoint. This could explain the Fermi paradox. Given we basically have an infinite future ahead of us, we've had how many nuclear scares in only 60 years? How bout 60,000,000 years? How many nuclear scares will we have then? What more advanced weapons remain to be discovered? Our ability to destroy ourselves is real, and we only have to do it once.
  11. The future is coming. The present is only how we apply the past, and knowledge is how we guide the present into the future. With knowledge, anything is possible within the laws of physics. I think humanity's discovering of the scientific method will take us there. Disregard for knowledge and facts and reason seems to take civilization backward. The US is now run by a liar who disregards facts, elected by people who either lacked the knowledge of this or disregard facts in the same way. So we might be in for a worldwide step backwards. Let's hope we're ready for some big changes. The future of humanity has been hanging by a thread for the past 60 years. Even if no one believes a nuclear war could break out, the fact that we have the ability to destroy ourselves, given infinite time, might make it more likely than not. You only have to destroy the world once. To survive, we have to keep that from happening every minute of every day, forever.
  12. Hedonism is a sub philosophy of utilitarianism, which says to act in a way that maximizes utility. Hedonists equate pleasure with utility and believe that pleasure is the master of all humankind, and acts as the ultimate life goal. Hedonists believe that there are only two motivators of human action, pleasure and pain, and that decisions should only be made that further our pleasurable experiences and minimize or completely eliminate our painful ones.[3] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonism
  13. Sam Harris's podcast with Jordan Peterson fuckin sucked. Sam Harris should know that it's his job as an interviewer to get the beliefs of the interviewee out, and not the other way around. A little interrogation is ok, for the sake of clarification, and confrontation for the sake of emphasizing contradiction or falsity that has morally significant implications. Besides that he needs to shut the fuck up with his own opinions. He beat the subject of truth to death when it fell to a simple definition! When what we really needed was to more deeply understand the strange belief of Peterson in this subject. We've all read Sam harris's books, we don't need to hear him badger a guest into agreeing on a subject. That's where he's lost some of his podcasts is the moment Sam Harris fights with a guest over disagreements instead of letting guests be interesting with their opposing ones. The best interrogator of all time was a nazi interrogator who befriended his POWs. Through this mutual understanding and his ability to empathize with them, they would tell him their deepest secrets. That's what makes a conversation interesting. Not a fuckin argument over semantics. Over and over again, "Jordan, you have to agree that if someone comes up to you with a card displaying the nuclear codes to our entire nuclear arsenal, whether or not that card brings about the end of humanity, it's still true that the card displays the code!" What he misses here is that all objective facts break down into a code we use to represent reality. And so, at the bottom, there are no facts that exist outside of human perception because we make the facts fit within our code. Fact is a human invention. If that piece of paper was floating out in space with numbers written on it, what would those numbers mean if all humanity had never existed? Nothing. While the universe does not suspend its laws in accordance with our definitions, that doesn't make our definitions true. What matters is the meat of the words, not the words themselves. And so Jordan Peterson brought his own concept of truth to the forefront, distinguishing it from facts in a novel way, and all we heard was Sam Harris telling us his opinion again and again. Even if he was wrong I'd rather have heard him flesh it out.
  14. @Gnomeafter a while of doing it you'll get better at it and your voice box will get tougher. I can do a pretty good Leviathan impression now but when I first tried it would make me gag. After a while I got used to it. ill give them a listen! Thanks!