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  1. Sam Harris's podcast with Jordan Peterson fuckin sucked. Sam Harris should know that it's his job as an interviewer to get the beliefs of the interviewee out, and not the other way around. A little interrogation is ok, for the sake of clarification, and confrontation for the sake of emphasizing contradiction or falsity that has morally significant implications. Besides that he needs to shut the fuck up with his own opinions. He beat the subject of truth to death when it fell to a simple definition! When what we really needed was to more deeply understand the strange belief of Peterson in this subject. We've all read Sam harris's books, we don't need to hear him badger a guest into agreeing on a subject. That's where he's lost some of his podcasts is the moment Sam Harris fights with a guest over disagreements instead of letting guests be interesting with their opposing ones. The best interrogator of all time was a nazi interrogator who befriended his POWs. Through this mutual understanding and his ability to empathize with them, they would tell him their deepest secrets. That's what makes a conversation interesting. Not a fuckin argument over semantics. Over and over again, "Jordan, you have to agree that if someone comes up to you with a card displaying the nuclear codes to our entire nuclear arsenal, whether or not that card brings about the end of humanity, it's still true that the card displays the code!" What he misses here is that all objective facts break down into a code we use to represent reality. And so, at the bottom, there are no facts that exist outside of human perception because we make the facts fit within our code. Fact is a human invention. If that piece of paper was floating out in space with numbers written on it, what would those numbers mean if all humanity had never existed? Nothing. While the universe does not suspend its laws in accordance with our definitions, that doesn't make our definitions true. What matters is the meat of the words, not the words themselves. And so Jordan Peterson brought his own concept of truth to the forefront, distinguishing it from facts in a novel way, and all we heard was Sam Harris telling us his opinion again and again. Even if he was wrong I'd rather have heard him flesh it out.
  2. @Gnomeafter a while of doing it you'll get better at it and your voice box will get tougher. I can do a pretty good Leviathan impression now but when I first tried it would make me gag. After a while I got used to it. ill give them a listen! Thanks!
  3. @Gnome I've done a lot of screaming in my car over the years. Emulating different metal and punk artists is fun because the techniques are so various and difficult. Due to your anatomy, there's certain techniques you won't be able to do well. You can do them, they just might sound bad. So you'll have to find a technique that sounds cool with your voicebox. Over time I screamed myself till I could taste blood in my throat. It hasn't destroyed my voice at all, maybe scratched it up a bit. You can't push it too hard or you will do serious damage. Find the balance between using your throat and your vocal cords. Most sounds and tones, with practice, can be done without the use of your vocal cords for much at all. Growling accounts for much more than you might expect. Judas Iscariot and Fat Mike from NOFX use the same throat techniques, just using different frequencies (Fat Mike's being much more painful and diffucult) By the way I think the changing tempo in this track is sick. EDIT: Just practice a lot. A lot a lot. Getting a description of how to use your voicebox is barely helpful. There's a lot of little muscles in there that can do crazy things given the right frequencies and control. Ever throat whistled? Where you take a drink and go "AHHHHH" and it sounds like a train whistle? That's possible to do on command if you know how to control your voicebox. Just takes endless practice
  4. It's the fear that no one will care that you're gone, so you check up on the weeping hoard of mourners to find everything is as it was and that all your efforts have been for nothing while at once they've helped create a space that is as beneficial to you as you are to it. We need this place because it's a part of us, but the place needs us proportionately less and so the ego takes a massive blow. Saying goodbye forever is very tough to do.
  5. I think you're right. I've probably written this already but I still feel it's true: my post quality has been much better with the karma system. Posts where I want to offer my opinion are more thought out, and I think that's directly due to having karma. Now that quality has at least been defined, albeit in a really rudimentary way, it brings that shared goal to everyone. And posts where we say "Fuck karma, this needs to be said." are more obvious now, bringing a sense of righteousness to a self-sabotaging post. I still like the karma system, even if a majority of my posts are upvoted by one or two people who are biased towards me.
  6. I would love to join you! I've got a lot of weird experiences and lessons from them. I find it a little hard to narrow down to just one event, especially to tell over a long period, but my life has been full of weird shit. I like the concept a lot!
  7. Hi @gallu I had the pleasure of running the lands of lavender server going for about a year there. (Version 3.0 and 4.0) I got bored with the game personally and ultimately decided to end it because of low player count. Some days not one person logged in! Some days 16 people played together at once. It was a great time and I think a new wave of interest in the game is coming. So another server is due soon, but I don't think it'll be run by me.
  8. No, mediums are not legit
  9. Sleep with a light on yo. It's easy to fall asleep after you get used to it and it's probably a lot less disorienting than waking up in pitch blackness, paralyzed. Your hearing is the only thing separating you in that moment from floating in the aether. A light will help bring another sense to the forefront.
  10. ??:?? Wake up. Whoa. ??:?? Whoaaa Whaaaaa Aahhhhh AHHHHH AHHHHHHHH ??:?? Suddenly warm and comfortable now ??:?? Yum. Titty milk First meal 10/10, would drink again
  11. Just keep telling yourself that. You have no choice but to do whatever you're going to do.
  12. This is the argument from every eye rolling girl I've met. Why even talk about space? You're never gonna go there!? Oh my god you guys are going tooo deep now. Somebody better rein in this conversation. The point is to discover whether or not everything you do and everything you use to give yourself identity is based on a massive conspiracy. A machine-like universe that creates your environment with a few basic forces and leaves you tumbling through life like a roller coaster that ultimately drops into the abyss. Whether or not you choose to listen and accept ideas in this topic... not up to you. So I can't stay mad at your unproductive contribution to the thread. Your atoms are just doing what they do. luv ya
  13. From reading Sam Harris's book recently I can offer one of his arguments against free will that I hadn't thought of before. Lets say you go to the fridge to grab something to drink. You see a beer but decide against it in favor or water and you drink water. It did not occur to you to drink orange juice even though that was a possibility. You are not free to choose what did not occur to you and therefore the options you believe you have are presented to you by your mind first, not by your free will to do so. I don't believe in free will at all. Not at all. I came to my decision slowly and fearfully and I think the idea is a corrosive and invasive one. Once you've considered it it will become more and more difficult to reject as time goes on. It also takes some courage to accept and at times it's frustrating because the phenomena can't be observed as it's happening. Only looking back can we see free will as an illusion. In the present mind free will is so deeply rooted, like the sense of self, that to witness the illusion would almost defy the laws of physics. Your decisions come from the unconscious a few hundred milliseconds before you become consciously aware of them. Even being told of your decision right before you make it by some all observant machine wouldn't leave enough time to fact-check the premonition before the choice was 'made' by the conscious mind. If your decision could be displayed right in front of your eyes the instant it was created, in the time it would take to read the display your choice would've surfaced from unconscious to conscious. And so the illusion of free will might stay an illusion forever due to lag. I can't think of how we could speed it up.
  14. @danlo Some fag was upset that we said gay and got cunty with the downvotes. Little do they know we suck each other's cocks all day.
  15. @shite Have the testing and degrees be given in person. Just like a notary there could be various testers who are given authority in various cities around the country.