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  1. MMMM-Yessssss! There are myriads of concepts! I just listened to Duncan on Aubrey Marcus's podcast and he actually espoused one concept of channeling your higher self into your current perception of time. Since time is an illusion, that higher self exists outside it and is the inevitability of your perfection. He talks to you now, and I believe this is where all synchronicity originates from, at least within this physical emanation of reality. You'll enjoy it. Since you are inextricably linked to hip-hop, that means the throat chakra has to be one of your strongest suits. I go deep into expression on that one. (As I do with most of my podcasts)
  2. Well, not that I am pandering, but the ones I enjoyed recording the most were all duncan forum members. So 1,2,4, and 9. Those conversations all flowed better than the rest. The two solo casts EP 7,12 allowed me to "shed skin" so to speak, which felt good for me to do. I really enjoy doing solo-casts and will do more. WHAT THE FUCK man is that Metatron's cube in the middle? I didn't even talk about this, but I had a vision of metatron's cube after I left the forest in Koriyama, Japan. I only saw the intersections of the cube as bright white lights that were rotating clockwise and didn't think anything of it, until I saw an image of the geometry when I got back home. Crazy synch man and amazing artwork. I appreciate it! By the way, for anyone interested. New episode is up here. https://soundcloud.com/rokazulu/amtesc
  3. @Tin Ram Ah ok, I'll dry them out. I actually picked up some herbs today. I found a bit of lavender (I think? It's purple...) so I want to use that for something. The idea that it is part of your condition is another belief. Belief comes before any rational thought. Everyone has a belief about something. When most people (I'm not saying you) talk about "being rational" or "something lacking evidence" they are talking about an opposing belief system that doesn't fit into their current belief system. They are rational about everything they already believe in and are vehemently opposed to any other possible reality. If you consider you are creating this reality with your human apparatus (and then some) you can begin to realize, or make real, anything you want.
  4. That's a belief though. I was gonna like put them in jars or something.
  5. Up to you. But, yeah on general topic. I bought an herb bag and I'm going to hunt for herbs to make tea and other things. I'm hype about it.
  6. I was talking about Tin's acquaintance in that particular post.
  7. I have challenges expressing my true thoughts on ontology to my friends and family. So how the hell does she openly talk about Atlantis and Light work? That is certainly one hell of an asura-damned barrier to pass through to strangers in a casual manner. Seems to me she unloaded the whole magazine, where I would only fire off less than a half of a percent. That's about as much as I think any one stranger is willing to believe in. From my perspective it's the other way around. Rational thought is backed by belief. Belief being whatever definitions you have about reality at the moment. If you are sincere that "magic and crystals" could be a reality, you will find evidence and experience truth of that reality. if you are cynical that "magic and crystals" could not be a reality, you will find no evidence and experience no truth of that reality. In this regard, there are no barriers to cross.
  8. Ice cream is a perfectly expressed terminology. I used "iced" only for my own amusement.
  9. It's fine. I actually had the choice of getting some iced cream and I decided not to. But, I don't see my non-sugar thing as a rule. It's more of a "guideline".
  10. I'm doing good. Thanks for your concern. Have any good dreams lately?
  11. Whoever that guy is. He can come on my podcast anytime.
  12. Man, I can't find it. It definitely was one of the more recent ones, after Edmund McMillen. I think maybe Krishna Das. I skimmed all of them but, couldn't find the story.
  13. Nearly every institution, organization or religion on Earth can be considered a cult. I was typing in "define cult" in google and it autofilled "define culture" instead. No difference really. Everything is ingrained within our culture which happens to venerate money, hierarchy or methodical ritual in some way. It's just a game we believe is fun to play (for now). Duncan had a whole spiel of his brother joining Hare Krishnas and allowing him to play along. The entire time Duncan was ALSO researching if they were a cult or not and as when he finally sat down for kirtan the guru looked at him and jokingly said "Oh, looks like another one has visited the cult!". I think if you are allowed to freely come and go as you wish (which I believe you can in Hare Krishnas), no problem! The chanting game can be a fun one. Probably more fun than the military game. I don't think you can easily leave that cult, and they tend to sacrifice people on the altar of the petrodollar.
  14. A belief that having more integrity for creating a negative feeling in oneself, means that society really has someone in a prison. Also hey, found this cool fuggin quote from one of my favorite teachers while working on my new animation!!
  15. I think you know. If you simply became adjusted to society you would still be depressed but, wouldn't know it.