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  1. My video on Loving Your Enemy Kind of a short video. Relevant here, I would say. What is happening and has happened for innumerable aeons on this planet is the idea of judgement and conditions upon others perspectives and free will. This extends to all perspectives mind you! Yes, even that one you are in opposition to right now. So an individual will either continue the cycle or jump out of it. Choice is with themselves and themselves alone. This is simply my perspective, feel free to view from it or not.
  2. I'm about halfway through this book. I've attempted to read it many times and I also found myself adrift. At the beginning, Thomas Clearly labels most Zen establishments as "cults" for fetishizing meditation and ritual. To me, that definition of "cult" means just about anything can be considered a cult. Who knows? Maybe everything is a cult! Unless you have truly realized enlightenment. Certainly, Foyan mentions many people distorting the words of Zen or Buddhism by creating for themselves concepts of which they believe to be real insights but, can't respond when questioned past the foundations of their beliefs. Since they latch onto the beliefs and get stuck in the mud without realizing it, they sit in meditation uselessly and never get anywhere. The authentic Zen that Clearly talks about, appears to not be a philosophy nor does it appear be a religion. Actually, you can't say what it "is" for once you do then you have a concept in your mind and are back to the ol' cycle of birth and death. But, I know when I read this text it has an effect. Foyan says somewhere in the book that there was once an ancient master who by just talking would still everyone's mind, because he wouldn't allow people any concept to seep into the consciousness.
  3. It all stems from judgement of what others should be. You can only accept your own state of being. And so, with that in mind. Why would you seemingly allow others to create pain in your body? Anger does nothing but make you feel pain and create a physiological chemical imbalance in your brain that clouds your presence of mind. The only real use of anger is to let you know that you are choosing a state of being that is really bizarre! (assuming you enjoy the ecstasy of life), and so never judge any anger that you might unconsciously create for yourself in the moment. However, if you still have it for any longer than 10 seconds or so then realize you are making that choice consciously.
  4. It's like a puzzle piece. I am a small little puzzle piece. When I connect with every other piece it begins to form a big and coherent picture. Without me that puzzle could not be formed and without everyone else I would not be able to fit into the puzzle picture.
  5. My guests are all delaying their conversations with me (and one where I don't wake up early enough to talk to them since they live in japan). This just means there will be others who seek the undying intrigue in the days to come, for there is a purpose that needs to be fulfilled here. A boundless purpose yet unborn in the womb of time.............!!
  6. Aura Mystica podcast thread is DEAD Long live the Aura Mystica podcast!!
  7. Well, as a reflection of yourself, I can tell you that the One cannot be self-aware of itself for it is the isness that is which is homogenous. It has nothing to compare itself to. Therefore there is no other ONE of which it would feel the idea of loneliness for, as it has never felt the idea of company to begin with. The sensation of isolation and intense dark painful loneliness (I know that feel ) comes from the idea of our extreme apparent separation with All that is. So to get through it, just connect with yourself which is part and parcel of the All. That is, you know, where all this boundless unconditional Love comes from.
  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. I did get through that. The idea is that I had to be completely transparent myself. I found that I was also trolling many people and was taking as much as I could get for myself. I see myself as The All. Meaning everything that is. Everyone is a reflection of my own inner experience. So all I had to do is put trust in myself and the universe takes care of the rest.
  9. He used 50 minutes of Earthbound music. Holy snap man.
  10. Instant Zen!! IF you obtain enlightenment in the middle of the book you don't even have to read the rest of it!
  11. The momentum of the collective energy, colloquially speaking, is being created by each individual rising to the states of being they prefer and not the ones they use to believe was the only choice for them. Everything else stems from that. That is why there are proposals and implementations of new systems that have the objective of serving humanity and not enslaving it. Technology will then be used, by those people to be symbiotic with nature instead of parasitic. The Phoenix!
  12. It's just making you more aware of our collective schizophrenia.
  13. Oh yes, the momentum is there though not overt unless you experience reality through an oblong box in the corner of your room. Prognostication from the mystics. The second coming being that of the Christ-Consciousness, which every individual can realize for themselves and have begun to realize for themselves en masse since... ahhh... about 2012?
  14. Yeah, Zen is always But, so if we choose to read it the full book for freeee is right here: https://terebess.hu/zen/FoyenCleary.pdf The person who wrote the book is Chinese Zen Master, Foyan Qingyuan (1068-1120) so it's like an ancient grimoire of non-dual mystical what-is-going-on-man.
  15. Unless you Jesus or Padmasambhava your way out of here, you'll be back. I'd suggest staying. Things are getting gooood.