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  1. @tyqo Stop hating yourself. It is silly. Ultimately, love is the only casual factor. It all interdependently arises, right? Love is something over nothing. Existence. So where shall we lay the blame for 'wrong' in our worlds? It seems like ignorance and hubris is the root of any other perspective than continual transformation. Do right now and the rest will come of itself. Life is a trust fall, it's OK to let go.
  2. Underwent a similar experience with alcohol this past winter and haven't had a drink since January. Feels good to listen to your body. Keep contemplating taking a break from herb, maybe switch to edibles only for a while as a transition from the complete saturation going on at the moment. We are still very much in love; it being legal helps.
  3. @Thatcatsmellsyo It seems like you have a sensitive mind. As @shite pointed out those are not your run of the mill responses to cannabis. Have you tried a strain with high CBD? You should act with caution as the drawbacks to a prolonged break with a worldview that is both socially acceptable and communicable can be quite drastic. Do not take psychedelics. Meditate. Begin to give your mind a better palette to work with. You are having strange conditions arise and your brain needs metaphors to express those conditions. You can preload the queue by studying a subject and controlling your exposure to outside stimulus. Meditate.
  4. @AdultConcepts® It was 'driving' demographic, I recall choosing it over 'target'. You got the bbc cuck porn right though... I still don't think it's a comment worth keeping around. Cheers
  5. Meditation has been a sanctuary when dealing with heartbreak in my life. When it comes: get on your cushion and find your breath. Try to recognize the beauty of the sensation and how privileged you are to be able to feel it. Use this pain to catalyze growth. A nice silent mantra with the breath of 'yes' on inhale and 'thank you' on exhale done with a big smile (fake it if you have to) feels really good after a few minutes and has a profound effect when practiced over time. You are loved unconditionally. You are unconditional love. May you realize bliss.