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  1. Haven't seen a post on this and I apologize if it is indeed a repost, but goddamnit Tool is touring again. I've been waiting for roughly a decade so break out the blotter and fire up some doobs its time to groove.
  2. I just peed a little. If I weren't a jobless visa-less Canadian I'd give my right testicle to see this concert. Trump be damned I want me some Opeth!
  3. I think Jordan Peterson touches on this alleged new anti-islamiphobia bill nicely in his latest video. If we eliminate the ability to criticize those who seek to oppress women/the LGBTQ community, and rape those who cannot defend themselves then who will stand against their regressive values. The immigrants we have in our country are not those people, but that isn't a reason to stifle intelligent arguments. Besides, the ones who need to be dealt with don't care about gag laws, and they aren't the people to be trifling with anyways. True militant racists are seriously scary individuals. The right to make sovereign decisions about oneself is, in my opinion, the highest right anyone has. As long as the choices made for oneself do not infringe on the rights of anyone else. If you choose to be wormself, be wormself. It seems to me however, that this whole gender exercise seems to be a little limiting considering how difficult it is to find a suitable mate under the most ideal circumstances; but people fuck pop can vaginas and sexy ass robots so what the hell do I know.
  4. I think preserving the status quo is an unfortunate by product of his outrage on "compelled pronouns." Speculating on his motives kind of skews things away from what we should be looking at, which is, a University professor being compelled to remember gender pronouns for every student in his class. Bill C-16 states simply that every single person has to accommodate every individual persons needs. This is great, and I actually have no problem with accommodating people in any way possible. However. I am not a university professor with a number of courses to conduct. I'm going to do some more speculating so bare with me. Let's assume that he has 3 classes, (maybe more, maybe less) each class has 20 students. This is 60 students that he has to remember the names of, and now has to memorize each individual gender pronoun or risk backlash. Short of criminal action, which is still a possibility, (it's written into the fucking law of my fucking country) he has to deal with SJW's approaching him on campus and accosting him about this impossible task. Not to mention the ever growing number of gender pronouns there are. At this point I feel as though I should say that any person should be able to embody whichever gender this person desires, however forcing people to remember an ever multiplying number of gender pronouns is fucking insane. To everyone who bashes Jordan Peterson for refusing to learn every goddamn pronoun: try and remember every single person you have had to meet and converse with. Now try and imagine meeting all these people for the first time and having to learn every new pronoun (considering that these people are young millennials with a chip on their shoulders). Now maybe this person has met many many many people, I'm sure there are many who have, but can this person honestly say that they meet as many passionate individuals (and have to debate them) as a university professor? I just think that a university professors time should be spent educating people, not keeping track of every single pronoun. How much time do ***ALL CANADIAN EDUCATORS*** have to waste addressing every persons personal experience. One more thing before I shut up. The fact that this is a written law means that there will be enforced eventually. If he pisses off enough people there will be ramifications. Some guy once said something to the effect of, "every journey starts with a single step." That's a powerful fucking first step for gender equality. Writing laws like this scares the ever loving shit out of me because the next bill will outlaw islamophobia. Where does it end? How many different laws will be passed limiting my freedom of speech? I'm not a hate-monger, however I want to be able to say what I feel without having a law telling me it's wrong. Each law enforcing others to learn an ever increasing number of words, or having the possibility of limiting speech, paves the way for more laws of its nature. Precedent is a bitch and we're one bad lawsuit away from some scary fucking legal precedent. Lastly I think our legal system has bigger fish to fry than every individual person demanding validation from every person they meet. Sorry for this jumbled mess of thoughts. I'm trying to respond to a couple things I've read on this topic and I don't know how to quote more than one person at a time. Flame away lefties, you can't do shit to me I'm left handed!