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  1. SJW's are the ones who are fighting air particles pretending like they're doing some magnificent just thing. But looking at the people he's had to deal with I mean shit, I'd be pissed too. There is no talking to those people.
  2. He's a fucking psychologist, can't blame him for being interested in how people think this way and the positive/negative consequences of doing so. Sure there are more important issues but that doesn't write this one off. And you sit here bitching and calling him a right wing loser. Fuck you.
  3. Lol people who actually believe Peterson is a hateful person are either too butt hurt to understand and think about what he is saying or are genuinely confused and are the one's who are hateful
  4. Professional victims..
  5. Jizz https://m.youtube.com/?reload=2&rdm=2eboyv549#/watch?v=lBqfZgDc7vk
  6. So really it's slave will.
  7. Show yourself
  8. I have to be disliked
  9. My school won state when i was a sophmore. I had a decent record and was starting to develop interest in jui jitsu but then started partying and doing drugs and kinda left sports behind. I started playing music more instead. Starting to go back to a local gym though i have a stocky body build and dont feel good if i dont excercise like i have to.
  10. Lol I agree. Sometimes it becomes too much and you'll never truly know anyway so just let go. I mean i love to have meaningful conversations where we explore our world and how it works and what it all means but at what point can we stop taking ourselves so seriously and joke around. @Thelrelationship of command is one my favorite albums ever btw
  11. can this just become about interpreting at the drive-in's relationship of command album
  12. Yeah you got it backwards guy
  13. I wrestled in HS
  14. Your friendly neighborhood Flower Punk band. Also they're from my city so double boner.
  15. Hell yes. Reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist. I might order one. I'd rather just him come back to my city though. His stand up is superior.