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  1. idc what you say black bubblegum is good
  2. Billy Rymer is just as good if not better i agree miss machine is their best shit though
  3. I love me some Dillinger. Posted some earlier in this thread.
  4. Old Man Gloom dudes
  5. I have a great vendor who will actually FRONT me orders sometimes if it's before payday. Small company called Hill Country Kratom. Guy in charge of orders talks to you on the phone after every order and will accept basically any form of payment including bit coins. I highly recommend them, they ship to every where in the US I believe but are based in FL.
  6. It's completely safe and can definitely help people who have an opiate problem change their life. Some of my friends and other people look at me weird when they see me capping it, insta judging me. You can take too much so be careful about your dosage. The worst I've seen if you do take an excessive dose is an upset stomach, and you'll probably have to purge.
  7. Sounds like something from Harry Potter.
  8. He probably wanted a load of yours
  9. You're playing the wrong games, man. Competitive online games can definitely suck your soul.
  10. This episode gave me a hard on.