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  1. I can see how other people might enjoy it and I love Jude Law in other stuff but i'll stick with GoT.
  2. Oh shit! Listening now. In The Garden was just fucking godly I mean truly one of the most beautiful things i've ever had the pleasure to hear. I wish when people talked that album just played instead of them saying stuff.
  3. Nice @Piquiod Man, liquor really is a hard drug. I've been drinking a lot lately at shows and my brothers house. Whiskey and rum. I'm positive that if i don't quit I will become a full fledged alchy. It's in my genes. I have no problem quitting but if I go out and there are other people drinking i'll cave and get drunk. Same with smokes. I would substitute it all for cannabis but i'm on probation and don't want to go to jail. It really is astonishing how something as fucked up as alcohol is everywhere and legal but smoking a spliff is illegal and frowned upon by some. Fucking nuts.
  4. Slainte! Cheers! What are your thoughts on this poisonous liquid? What's your drink of choice? Are you teetotal? Do you have any drunken party/concert/bar stories? How many regrettable decisions have you made while shit faced? Were you once an alcoholic? I come from an Irish family and have grown up around this drug. I've had fun using it and i've seen how much damage it can cause. Use responsibly is no joke. But as I think I remember Duncan saying, when has anyone ever used alcohol responsibly?
  5. DAEWON SONG! And rodney. My ankles went to hell so I had to stop.
  6. ATL REPPIN RISE UP BITCHES. Football is my least favorite sport but ya gotta give some love to your city in such a time.
  7. Yeah you're developing dexterity! Practice practice man. Eventually it will all become muscle memory. I'm still working on my finger picking patterns and i've been playing for almost 10 years
  8. Doesnt really matter if its nylon of metal strings. You need to develop calluses. Best thing to do is learn chord pregressions and scales. Learning songs you like from tabs on ultimate guitar will help and its more fun than practicing scales. Practice those things everyday and after a year you should be decent if you have a feel for playing.
  9. next time it happens try to stop the bad guy
  10. Also mother fucking Musashi. God i love that book.
  11. I really need to pop my Phillip K Dick cherry. @ehhrrwal Childhood's End was mind bendingly awesome. The Dark Tower series is way up on my list. Drawing of the Three is my favorite. Anyone who likes A Song of Ice and Fire should check out The Sword of Truth series.
  12. I play a lot of folk punk and the yelling is easier than metal vocals like meshuggah. Just try to sing loudly and slightly add a growling tone sometimes. I think Against Me's first album is grade A punk vocals and a great example.
  13. SJW's are the ones who are fighting air particles pretending like they're doing some magnificent just thing. But looking at the people he's had to deal with I mean shit, I'd be pissed too. There is no talking to those people.
  14. He's a fucking psychologist, can't blame him for being interested in how people think this way and the positive/negative consequences of doing so. Sure there are more important issues but that doesn't write this one off. And you sit here bitching and calling him a right wing loser. Fuck you.
  15. Lol people who actually believe Peterson is a hateful person are either too butt hurt to understand and think about what he is saying or are genuinely confused and are the one's who are hateful