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  1. Seeing the day to day improvements, makes me want to practice more and more. Pretty rewarding so far
  2. when will the aliens make thenselves known and put a stop this our madness
  3. this doesn't fall into my flat earth hypothesis..
  4. Miami 2017 and Scenes from an italian restaurant
  5. thats the approach ive been taking so far, been playing about an hour a day since i got it two weeks ago. Fingers are starting to get a bit of callus going, my finger movement feels like it is improving everyday
  6. dont open the trump can of worms here, end up like the rogan board with a bunch of alt right fake accounts. Literally every thread was trump based
  7. been watching acousticlife. tv on youtube, mostly doing finger exercises and scaling to try and build dexterity
  8. i dont know much about astrology but sounds cool!
  9. Just bought an Acoustic, any advice on resources or online lessons to find for learning? Any advice helps..
  10. sounds like a real scene
  11. Jogging about 8 to 10K does the trick for me
  12. Darkening of Tristram patch is out today.
  13. it really is, thanks
  14. Would be smart of her. Unfortunately I can't see her swallowing her pride and going to Jackson's, especially with Holly Holm there and after Travis Browne left them for Glendale. It would be the best move for her, work with Holly everyday on stand up and Jackons Winklejohn are master tacticians. At the end of the day, her goal should be how can i get the fight to the floor while taking the least amount of damage
  15. i feel sorry for her coaching choices. If the entire mma community shuns a coach, its probably for a reason.