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  1. Just bought an Acoustic, any advice on resources or online lessons to find for learning? Any advice helps..
  2. sounds like a real scene
  3. Jogging about 8 to 10K does the trick for me
  4. Darkening of Tristram patch is out today.
  5. it really is, thanks
  6. Would be smart of her. Unfortunately I can't see her swallowing her pride and going to Jackson's, especially with Holly Holm there and after Travis Browne left them for Glendale. It would be the best move for her, work with Holly everyday on stand up and Jackons Winklejohn are master tacticians. At the end of the day, her goal should be how can i get the fight to the floor while taking the least amount of damage
  7. i feel sorry for her coaching choices. If the entire mma community shuns a coach, its probably for a reason.
  8. I bought Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways' on vinyl just cause it was on sale, not even being a Foo Fighters fan. Actually found it pretty enjoyable.
  9. thanks bubba
  10. -Rogan -Jocko Podcast -Fighter and The Kid -Bill Simmons
  11. Kelowna, BC, Canada
  12. conor isnt going back to 145 let alone going down another division to fight cody. Needs to fight Khabib.
  13. Just want to wish you dirty hippy psychedelic travellers a happy new year, be safe freaks. Let's make 2017 a great year in the forum. And happy new year to overlord @duncan
  14. I only know of the Minotaur
  15. i think the point is the quest for greatness and to live on forever as one of the great warriors in modern history. Tyson lost numerous times but still regarded as a legend, same with Ali, Fedor, Anderson in MMA etc. Its never ending true, but they set a benchmark for future competitors. Losing is inevitable. Unless you're a rare freak like Floyd or Marciano.