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  1. Thank you! I can’t read this without the funny voice in my head though lol
  2. Loved this episode!
  3. Very based episode
  4. I found this episode hard to listen to
  5. Hell yes. I only discovered DTFH earlier this year and was spoiled with past episodes. Now that I’m caught up I gotta wait a bit longer, which is good because I can check out other great podcasts. This one is still my favourite though.
  6. I completed sober october with no weed, no alcohol, and no cafine. Did a little mushrooms while camping once, but not enough to hallucinate. The coffee was the real surprise challenge. Every day it was hard. Which made it easier to forget about weed because I was so focused on coffee. The experience was positive. I think I learned how to use drugs more sparingly, and with effective intent. I hope I carry forward by not using drugs for something to do but rather using drugs to do something.
  7. did Duncan say he lost this podcast to the tape gods and had to redo it? Man, someone get Duncan a tape recorder for backup recording!
  8. Duncan could post more
  9. Be good
  10. I dunno man! I really look forward to that after work THC. It's going to be a big challenge to go a month straight without it.
  11. I just want to know if I can. And I want to know what happens.
  12. wow, seeing Joe Rogan yesterday rationalize why he won't quit smoking weed for sober October freaked me out. He's an addict. This has scared me into making the attempt. I'm going to try to do sober October and will come back and post when it's done.
  13. For me the difficulty was this. You go into psychedelics knowing that you might begin to question reality, but you tell yourself that everything will be fine because it's all in your head. Then you get high, and start to question reality, and continue to tell yourself it's fine because it's all in your head. And then, you realize, that maybe reality isn't what it seems because your mind dictates reality. And you come out of the psychedelic trip caught between questioning reality and not knowing whether it's all in your head, or whether it's your head that isn't tuned into reality. Then you end up talking to a psychiatrist who is going to tell you that your perceptions are delusional, and you're like "I know, I knew that before I went in, but now that I went in, I think maybe they're not." and no one can follow what you're saying unless they follow you into the psychedelic trip.
  14. This was a high level podcast. Not everyone will be able to follow along but thanks for having it.
  15. I don't notice many negative effects. I usually use weed after work so it doesn't interfere with much. Maybe I become less engaged with family at times, but for the most part I stick to thc or salvia and am still pretty social. I just want to maintain self control. But I agree wth you, I learn so much. I don't think I could listen to all of the podcasting I've listened to in the last 3 years without it. And I would say I have probably learned more from podcasts than I learned in 4 years of university getting a degree in psychology. Net positive but I will still proceed with caution.