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  1. We need to look at other "Holy" ideas and see them for what they are: one more manifestation of the eternally recurring attempt to create a relationship with the source, the beyond, the self, and each other. Neither fetishize nor demonize Islam or Christianity. Look at the similarities. Look at the core.
  2. Cersei's children are all dead. Gandalf and Jesus and Jon Snow all come back to life. Cilian Murphy was magic in the Robert DeNiro movie. It was the butler. He was a ghost the whole time. The bears eat him.
  3. A fictional account follows. I tried this, using @DinduNuffin's instructions. I only used 180 morning glory heavenly blue seeds, so not an intense trip (wanted to test it). I think 400+ is what they suggest. It definitely works, and it's similar to LSD. But it's not as clear or crisp... Feels foggy. No beauty or horror. Just a bit of disjointed weirdness. A bit of naseua but not bad. This was more than a microdose, but not quite as much as a standard hit of acid. With a small dose of LSD you can tell you want more. This was a half dose of LSA and I don't want more, mostly because of the fogginess. I won't do it again. It wasn't bad. I kind of enjoyed it, but it's definitely better to hold out for the good stuff. There's a reason it's not super popular.
  4. Then I follow it up with, "Hey, is this guy bothering you?"
  5. "I have a heart-shaped bed." "I'm absolutely hairless below my nipples." "Are you awake? I like that..."
  6. I think you have to beat up a nerd and annex all his gadgets. Wear those gadgets as decorations on your big muscles and then get on a cell phone and say stuff like, "I have a meeting at three." And, "Make sure your team delivers that report to my desk."
  7. I missed you.
  8. This is almost as bad as Harper's "barbaric cultural practices" bullshit. Murder is already illegal. So it religious discrimination. We don't need a new law! The gender stuff is so interesting that I wish we could have a non-political conversation about it. Primarily, if anyone can just pick a new gender, does gender become meaningless? Writing laws guarantees polarization. So, (1) we can pick a gender. I'm a male but I could be a lady if I want, and ask to be called "she." (2) I can reject gender altogether and choose to be called nhe. (3) I could choose both genders, I'm a gender Bender, cross-gender, and choose to be called zhe. But (4) to pick a new gender???? I think that's silly. Is that somehow a human right? What are your thoughts on (4)???
  9. I love Scotch and whiskey. Johnny Walker, Glenfiddich, 40 Creek... Delicious! I also like some Grey Goose vodka. Drink it straight. I used to like beer, but now it just tastes like soda pop for adults. Swells up my belly and makes me tired. I don't like getting drunk. I used to drink socially, put myself through the ordeal for social reasons... Had some good times, but there's no way I could ever be a true drunk.
  10. I'm trying to read Joseph Campbells "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space" because I thought it was about applying his ideas on mythology to the space age or science fiction. But all it's doing is re-hashing the ideas from "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," in a confusing way, less structured, without much reference to science fiction or space, and muddying up my perspective. I think I'm going to skip to the last chapter and call this one a bust. "Hero with a Thousand Faces" was amazing, but there's nothing new here and I want to avoid poisoning the well.
  11. The point Carlin made (which I'd almost forgot amongst all the other stuff) is that if there is a big terrorist attack (which is always just a matter of time), Trump will absolutely scrap civil liberties and probably go full-fascist. Could be a point of no return. If I was in ISIS my number one plan would be to provoke Trump/Bannon. The only hope is impeachment, which requires him going too far and getting pulled down.
  12. I'm listening to the latest Common Sense podcast and he's calling Trump an "authoritarian." Do you think that's a bit clearer? Seems less muddy than "fascist." He's bypassing Congress with executive orders, belligerently shutting down opposition. "He's your servant, not your leader."
  13. I think that's fair. And while the USA is not a fascist state, these guys will make it one of they can. Maybe the alt-right is more than a distraction, but again, if we "defeat" their ideas then minorities and certain communities and individuals will still be stuck in the same cycle of poverty which makes them more vulnerable. I just don't want to forget the economic battle. The most important battle of the left right now is that economic battle. That is the best way to truly improve lives. And the alt-right is 100% distracting us from it.
  14. If the parties are both so corrupt that distinctions become irrelavent, totally controlled by corporations, and warfare is just a constant "security" act for both parties (where you don't even need to declare "war")... Can we say that the oligarchy is a fascist state? Can we also say that racial tensions and persecution is just more delicious distractions, the continued "divide and conquer" tactic in the class war? Racists don't run the country. Oligarchs have hired racists to distract us so they can continue running all the countries and "earning" everything that exists. We need new words. Racist, Nazi, facsist... The hostile fuckers are clever enough to evade all these definitions. Just like wage-labor isn't slavery, it's something else unhealthy, Trump isn't a fascist. He's something else unhealthy! We need to be clear in our complaints. Like how the Muslim ban was not a Muslim ban. It was a person-ban, with easy-to-define problems and harm.
  15. @meheeeen I liked this episode too. It's nice to hear some aggressive and reasonable leftist voices. I opened myself up to more right-wing perspectives for a couple years, to try to balance my input and hear all sides. But they're a big anti-SJW echo chamber now, and the left-wing economic fight has been swept under the rug. So I'm really glad that she brought up some leftist economics here. It's hilarious how Trumpeters think that Trump has the economic solutions to corruption, when he is an explicit exponent of pure economic corruption. I don't think it's an invasion of rich people's rights if we redistribute enough wealth to raise the bar for everybody. Rich people: "I EARNED EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS!! I EARNED IT!!"
  16. How do we choose Right Actions from amongst our Wants and Whims??? Instead of continuing to hijack the Book thread, let's Go Into It here, shall we?? I'll post some quotes from the convo to get us up-to-date... growth of what? I have to disagree. If you want to get better at a thing, and you conceptualize ways to learn the craft, and then follow through with those practices, then you've grown along the path towards being better at that thing. THE_DANLO SAID: @DinduNuffin Everything is related to some kind of want no? "The speaker" makes a thread on a forum (want) "The speaker" eats a cactus (want) "The speaker" says we can discern a metaconcept (want) etc etc etc ad infinitum DINDU SAID: indeed. but there is a subtlety that eludes you good sir. and that subtlety is right action. right action is what divides want, or compulsion, from action. DINDU SAID: so the speaker hypothetically learns that there is some virtue/value associated with becoming more 'spiritual', a 'better meditator', or some technician, and so what becomes of the speaker? as you suggest he seeks satisfaction in instruction, tradition, which are modes of authority. now it matters not whether it be religious authority or technical authority what matters is the effect on cognition. that is, when the mind is compelled by technique, authority, tradition, methods, and so on, there is no pliability, there is no receptivity. now that is not to say that there is nothing to be gained or lost from instruction, from technique. that is another topic altogether. what we are discussing here, is the influence of authority on perception. if we can understand this, then perhaps we will understand the matter of jerking off on crackers. so if we are to understand the matters of authority and perception, we will too understand why we have chosen to jerk off with our friend. that is, if we can understand why this occurred, fundamentally- we are not talking about self analysis which leads to further confusion, but rather a mechanical understanding of what prompts choice, then we will see how it relates to the fragmentation of thought. so if the speaker reads the many great books on masturbation or religion, which are often the same, and then looks to reality through this lens, he will cum first and force his friend to eat the soggy saltine. just like the christians, and the muslims, and the left and the right. always trying to feed ideological cum crackers to one another, but never finding reality, truth, god. and that is because the deeper question remains uncovered: and that is, why are you jerking off on the crackers in the first place? and so that brings us to the matter of right action. @danlo too inquired about this matter, so it is important that we go into it together. @pattmayne, @danlo, sirs is jerking off on saltines right action? or is right action something else entirely? @stein22501SAID: Fagets.. okay @DinduNuffin Okay, maybe 'growing' generally doesn't include getting better at a craft. But, if you want to grow as a plumber, isn't that a different story? And isn't that what @The Danlo was talking about? (except, about writing instead of plumbing). So if you want to grow as a person, generally, maybe you need to follow the Hero's Journey. Leave behind your safe self and society, cross the threshold, immerse yourself in the unknown, confront the tests, and come back to show people that the Forms are all just temporary and we are all just manifestations of the unknowable source. Like the Buddha you can do this by turning inward (yes, I know I don't need to mimic the buddha! It's just another symbol, as are all the myths, but useful in this convo). But @The Danlo was talking about something more specific. Learning a craft. And, in fact, the act of storytelling is so psychological that you learn about yourself through reading that particular book. So, as to your question, is it the Right Action to jerk off on a cracker? My heart says no. Is it a Right Action to get better at a craft to which you've dedicated yourself? My heart says yes. But of course I don't know The Danlo's internal state or how they spend their days. Maybe this focus on storytelling is just a distraction from their real work? Or maybe it's the very thing that helps The Danlo connect with other souls and create communion with the unknown? STORYTELLING. I can't answer that. I'm not totally sure if I believe there is a Right Action, but I sometimes submit to the concept of a Right Path, totally subjective, and a Right Action might be something that takes you further down that path. @DinduNuffin How would you propose to discover which action is Right?
  17. @CosmEffect Sorry for bringing this back to Joseph Campbell again... ...But in these comparative mythology studies he showcases the community (usually tribe, but maybe also town or even kingdom) as the conduit of the narratives which contain the values to strengthen the individual and the whole. So welhen you ask... ...my first instinct is to say "Yes." Because I doubt we can cross those rites of passage and become "whole" without the tribal community somehow. Your school pals, your family, sports team, even workplace can be a community and I think you can cross those thresholds and become mature with those. But online, I don't think enough is at stake, not enough to risk or gain, to really develop together. I know someone who is addicted to video games. He's 27, very intelligent, and never moved out of family's homes. Completely socially dysfunctional... But a confident and arrogant champ online. So, does this say the opposite of my "first response?" I don't know if his online stuff counts as a community, but I think it utterly stifles him, and morbidly drains his real-life community. I think you need to pass the rites of passage in real life, with physical communities. The online guys can't feed you, can't give you a place to live. Maybe they can supplement what your own community lacks? The Internet can certainly allow a community to exist at a distance... You can keep in touch with your brother. Am I confusing the issue now? Edit: The ways in which I'm nurturing or brave (two of the items on the list), I learned those in physical environments. I doubt you can develop as much compassion online, where you can't see all the little details of a person's feelings. And, physiologically, you can't learn a relationship with fear without being in frightening situations where your whole nervous system is responding. And in those situations maybe you have friends around, reinforcing each other through the ultra-dynamic interface of whole-body communicating.
  18. I like how you framed this as a community thing. These are good individual traits to nurture, for sure, but they can be strengthened and eroded within a community. In our global work-world... where the fuck are our communities? And what do you do if you see that your community fails miserably? I'm better at some of these than others, and I've seen some erode over time due to community-circumstances. How do I keep something strong, when it's a clear vulnerability in a presently-inescapable situation? No one person can shape a community. Maybe it's not a community at all. What would you say are some examples of modern communities?
  19. Does anybody else feel like they need a certain amount of horror in their life? I mean in art, like movies or books or just harsh, evil music. Horror is part of life. The ugly/bad face of the unknown. Nietzsche said that the strong societies value tragic art. It's a test of what we can handle, a desire to stretch ourselves, or something like that. So horror is more than just a genre. I don't like torture porn. The Saw movies were boring (I watched the first two). I don't feel like watching the Purge movies, or most zombie movies. Horror isn't about people getting hurt or killed. David Lynch can terrify me without spilling a drop of blood. I want the kind of art that challenges my comfort zone and shows me the ugly aspect of the unknown. Anybody else feel like that? I know people who cannot stand horror-anything.
  20. Man that's pretty damn good.
  21. I'll have to look that up. For sure what I was talking about spreads beyond the horror genre. It just felt like 'horror' was the best way to describe it. "Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed."
  22. That was just part of it. It's the religious/symbolism stuff that I enjoyed. And I wish everybody would stop with the "straight white male" shit. Come on. Seriously. It's fucking irrelevant.
  23. In the abstract... An action which increases joy, or increases honesty. Or decreases suffering, or dissolves illusion. Are these outside of the particular? Or would you consider them to be within the particular? An action inspired by love can still be wrong action. I think you need to visualize the effects before you can categorize the action. What action is outside of subjectivity? The wind! Supernovae. But we experience them subjectively. Conceptualize the ego and acknowledge it as one more form, not the arbiter of all... And then act naturally?
  24. That's a really good question. Since we only do one thing among the many options, and whatever we do is based on genetic "programming" and thus naturally inspired to help us survive, then why are we plagued with doubt and indecision? Isn't every path the right path? Maybe as a species we need some people to follow the right path, and others to follow different paths. Maybe we need the sneaky bastards? But if sneaky was considered right then we would be doomed? So we need some douchebags doing dirty deeds. We need the guy who firebombs whole cities so we can survive instead of them, and then we can demonize his behavior because we're alive.
  25. I'm going to continue to inject ideas from the hero's cycle into this forum: his lessons include, overcoming the fear of death, overcoming the tyranny of moment-to-moment whims and passions, overcoming neuroticism and the need for social status and approval, and nurturing compassion. I don't know yet how to find the Right Action, but probably you should recognize in yourself Fear, Greed, and Lust for Social Approval. These things won't lead to right action... they may be useful road signs, but should not be the prime motivator of action. The right action may still feel ugly. I think it has something to do with imagining a right path. Even a short path. No action is an island. I'd say that honesty and compassion are part of it.