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  1. Nobody's saying it's okay to discriminate against anybody. Just, at what point do we want to call on the cops to use the violence of the state? When we decide a thing is bad, that is a billion miles away from making the thing illegal.
  2. @Rokazulu Flat-earthers? White supremicists? Extreme conspiracy theorists? Jihadist? People who think Star Wars is better than Star Trek?
  3. I agree, but the creation of victim-mentality and resentment towards "white privelage" might be just as bad, or worse. A poor black kid and a poor white kid could be united in their struggle. The fucked up concept of white privelage might divide and conquer them. It is not a path to unity, strength, respect, or success. Edit: And what about the poor white kid who must be extra stupid if he failed to capitalise on his white privelage?
  4. @ChairmanLMAO What happens if you know my name is Matt, but you keep calling me "Henry" or "Lisa?" And you clearly do it maliciously, as a form of gaslighting or just disrespect? Do I have legal recourse? It might be good to have something on law, so that if your boss (not co-workers, not customers) keeps calling you by the wrong gender on purpose, you can back up your claim of harrassment.
  5. I'm not offended or anything, but it always sounds bizarre considering I've always been broke. There's also "handsome guy privelage" and "grew up in the suburbs instead of the slums privelage" and "your parents aren't crazy privelage" and lots of privelage which you never hear about but which, in my opinion, drastically override any skin-color privelage. Most jobs in North America, a dumb or dirty white guy will lose out to a smart and clean black guy. Agree or disagree? But poverty and upbringing can make you dirtier and dumb. So it's not "offensive" to talk about white privelage. It's a distraction from the much larger economic issue which binds us all.
  6. Everybody agrees. The question is, at what point do we get the law involved? I would say that, if you keep calling me a woman even though I'm a man, you're a jerk but not breaking the law.
  7. @Letters I'm also an underprivileged white guy which is why I kind of struggle with the white privelage idea. Grew up poor, moved a lot, stressed-out family, no community or nearby family... developed weird mental and social and emotional problems, still trying to learn to interact with people and succeed at normal tasks. The cycle of poverty does not give a fuck about my "privelage." But if there is some real process they're talking about, I want to know what it is. It's frustrating because if we confront poverty that will actually reduce the harm of racism by making people less vulnerable. But to other lefites I start to sound like a white supremacist, or at least "complicit in white supremacy." ..... We can treat each other with respect but can't legally enforce respect. Yet, I think it would be a creative stretch of the law to bend that bill enough that you could sue for being called "him."
  8. Bah! The bill c16 stuff is the least interesting part of what he says, in this episode or anywhere. I'm finding that his own podcast (lectures) is (are) more interesting than his interviews though. However, I'm looking forward to the one with Sam Harris. And I really enjoyed his talk with Duncan.
  9. The bill is really short and it doesn't seem to include that nightmare scenario. I think his fears are a stretch. http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=8609176
  10. The overwhelming majority of people have a gender which matches their sex, and are attracted to the opposite sex. I think it's a very fair statement to say that biology decides gender and sexual orientation, and that variations are just that... Totally fine deviations from the norm which should be treated with respect, but which are indeed anomalies. Certainly (and this is his point) we must retain the right to make that argument, even if it turns out to be wrong. I've been wondering a lot about white privelage. How would you define white privelage? Is it simply defined by the fact that we won't be discriminated against? Edit: Bill c16 is blissfully short and we can all read it in a couple minutes. There's nothing specific about gender pronouns. It seems like a fair way to protect a male who acts and identifies as a woman (or vice versa or whatever). I think Peterson's general points are fair, but that he's incorrect about being sued for not calling people zhe or whatever. Link: http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=8609176
  11. Everyone needs a fetish.
  12. Agreed, but I hope they don't actually get the law to enforce what we call each other. Also, is it already a hate crime to beat up a person because of gender? Or just sex?
  13. This is also how I feel about Canadian indigenous people. We hear the loud ones demanding stuff, we hear racists calling them "lazy Indians", and we hear some white people trying to score moral points about the poor Indians. But I never, ever, ever hear stories from within the community.
  14. I'm always looking for new podcasts so I can get new ideas and perspectives. Here are some of my favorites, and hopefully I'll learn about some of yours too. The obvious ones: Joe Rogan Experience (psychedelics, sports, comedy, science, freaky shit, hunting) Sam Harris (religion, politics, science, brains and behavior) Common Sense with Dan Carlin (politics and culture) WTF Podcast with Marc Maron (interviews with cool celebrities) The Nerdist Podcast (almost the same as the WTF podcast but nerdier) Norm Macdonald Live (the funniest podcast ever) Less Obvious: Canadaland (Canada's media watchdog... critiquing Canadian media and politics... fucking awesome but half their team just quit) Stuff You Should Know ... and ... Stuff to Blow Your Mind (In-depth and really fun, well-researched explorations of cool topics... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) CBC: Cross Country Checkup (Canadian weekly nation-wide call-in show where people talk about major issues... really great) History of Philosophy Without any Gaps (crash-course in the history of philosophy starting with pre-Socratic Greeks... I mostly use it to sleep though...) The Strategists (discussing political strategy rather than values or ethics) BBC World Service: Global News Podcast Democracy Now Brain Science with Ginger Campbell MD (lots of "consciousness" stuff... sometimes too "learned" for me... they don't dumb it down and I'm no scientist, but sometimes it's great) Jocko Willink's Jocko Podcast (super-severe discipline military guy... I just listen to remind myself of what it's like to be something other than a scatterbrain) Added Later (some from suggestions below): The Jordan B Peterson Podcast Here we Are with Shane Mauss (science, psychedelics) The War Nerd (detailed analyses of violent conflicts by someone who just likes talking about war https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gskoljarev/rwnfg/master/rwn.xml) It would be cool to hear about podcasts relating to: News, Esoterica, History, Science
  15. I just listened to a couple episodes of this. Fantastic. He knows science but he's like a regular dude! Also, apparently Jordan Peterson has a podcast: https://www.blubrry.com/feeds/jordanbpeterson.xml
  16. I only like to dance to certain music, but I love it. It's probably good exercise, and music fun, and there are pretty women also dancing. I support it!
  17. I just like how he goes into "the self" in a way that's opposite to what I've been doing. I think I have something in common with @ChairmanLMAO's statement, where I've been very interested in denial of self, pushing back oppressive structures, deconstructing. Peterson doesn't support being oppressed by society's structures, but instead talks about how to build yourself according to your own values. New structures based on basic archetypes. I wish they'd talked a bit about God. They barely touched it. I don't believe in God but I'm curious about what that could mean for him.
  18. @JayDP The transition is smooth enough that I think you'll miss something if you skip it. The way he talks about post-modernism is interesting regardless of his bias. He's talking about the symbolic structure of personality and society. Edit: You'll also miss some of Dunan's (non-political) responses to Peterson's critiques. The potential for pre-human consciousness or trans-human transformation!
  19. It's a beautiful episode. It was the spiritual stuff that I wanted to hear. Also the symbolic structure of every human! Peterson knows that we're works of art!
  20. You mean @Hermes?? Summoned!! I like it when zhe ruins our fun. It's frustrating but zhe provides a good foundation for reasonable speculation.
  21. I don't think I can get CBD without a prescription.
  22. We need an official catch-phrase so that we can recognize each other, like a dog-whistle. Also, so we can exclaim for joy or frustration in a way that is acceptable to the values of this board. Please post your catch-phrases. Here is my contribution. I just ate a strudel, so: Stroodle-Doodle-Doo! It's like the Flinstones plus a Rooster plus a delicious pastry.
  23. "Bro, your eschatology is McKennistic!" Some play on words with McKenna/Mechanistic
  24. Damn really? Sounds like a lot of work. But if they're better, it's worth it.
  25. Hey all. Meditating is like torture, but it's sweet and beneficial torture. STILL I'm finding myself perpetually unable to keep at it. I keep hearing about guided meditation buuut it sounds super annoying, like some dork talking to me when I'm trying to be silent. At the same time, it might be just the thing I need to keep me sitting. Any suggestions about which resources to use? Good sites, recordings, programs, whatever?