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  1. @shite When you went outside to check it out, did you lock the door behind you? I think the guy who ran away was just a distraction. Somebody sneaked into your house behind your back and now they're in your house with you. You should definitely call 9-11 and probably burn the house down (leave the house before you burn though). You can take that hatchet and hatch it. Hat chit.
  2. More people. And maybe a holding cell subforum for almost-banned people so we can other them without othering them.
  3. A game where you capture foreigners and torture them to get their national secrets
  4. @shite @tyqo Let's start a commune of coding and farming and art. And we'll sign a pact, so that when we get sick-to-fucking-death of each other, we all commit suicide.
  5. I believe you. But I'm just going to hold on to the parts that are good. Also, when I imagine you out there in the woods I imagine it's that stick figure on your avatar.
  6. Maybe so, but I'm still legit jealous of your remote unemployment cabin.
  7. what kind of working are you doing in the middle of nowhere? Is there a decent city within driving distance?
  8. How can there be a wrong Krishnamurti?
  9. I feel this is becoming a bonanza
  10. NASA says Planet Nine is probably real, and much larger than Earth: https://www.livescience.com/60664-planet-nine-is-out-there.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Livesciencecom+(LiveScience.com+Science+Headline+Feed) So NOW is the time to speculate crazy shit, before they zero in on the boring truth! So, we can assume that Planet Nine is a Gas Giant with great metallic continents rising out of the gaseous ocean, where proto-humans live on floating cities. Those proto-humans are the ones who seeded our world with life. Planet Nine doesn't need to be close to the sun, because its tectonics are still so active and hot that it's a nice warm planet!
  11. @CosmEffect are you saying that the flat earth is a 3d metaphor for some higher dimensional representation of the earth? If so, then NASA and the other conspiracy oppressors must represent some higher dimensional wizards who have trapped us on our 3d existence. Maybe the evil old testament god of the gnostics, who trapped our souls in the machinery of this 3d world, maybe he's NASA. Some of the flat earthers are christians. I bet they're carrying on the torch of the underground religion of the gnostics.
  12. I think the burden of proof is on you. It looks kind of flat, so how is it not? It's flat because when you use a sexton to record the diameter of the sun when it's at the horizon and refract it by pi then that's the size of the disk. Is that supposed to be a coincidence?
  13. batusi:
  14. what have you discovered?
  15. OK I think Jim Carrey would do a good job. I change my mind about what I said before. But I don't think it needs to be a movie and I don't think they're doing it. I just want to take back what I said before.
  16. I'm researching mountain climbing for a story I'm writing. I've discovered that mountain climbers are fucking crazy. Side note: I strongly recommend the following movies: -Touching the Void (documentary with some dramatization) -Meru (documentary) -North Face (fictional film)
  17. @ReptileWorld2 I love the camera panning across the pond at sunset with the little plate of hot dogs. So fancy.
  18. This won't embed but: https://i.imgur.com/dZg6mAD.mp4
  19. http://duncantrussell.invisionzone.com/

    Maybe we should tag @duncan b/c I don't know how often anybody's looking here.
  20. The Left needs big goals that dwarf conservative goals, where leftist values will take society forward, because nothing ever stays still and the universe keeps moving forward. Space stuff, more education for solving more engineering problems, trans-humanism and post-scarcity. We need to do it before the oligarchs do it, and escape the fermi paradox. I'm not going to do it but maybe you guys can. @shite Your Octavian dream is just that: a bad dream. Nobody would ever join your island. You might as well call it "Crazy Island." I know this sounds cruel but tough love is the right love. Be realistic. Heptavia at best, more like hexavia or even quintavia.
  21. @Apeopus I'll only ever play casually but I wouldn't mind contributing to some server where we build like monuments to gods or spirits or something. Just build ridiculous epic stuff but as an homage to the stars or consciousness or something. An occult server! But I only want to do it if we can also use the tekkit mod. And only if we can get a few people to share and mitigate the cost.
  22. @anonomale I got it from the library and liked it so much I had to go buy it.
  23. Sure do mine too y'all. @pattmayne Furthermore, y'all should get on Mastodon. It's like Twitter except it's LESS POPULAR!!! And you "toot" instead of "tweet" (which I think is even more lame BUT they give you a higher character count). https://mastodon.host/@pattmayne Like fuck the media monopolies of twitter, facebook, and the monolithic DTFHFORUM (where the F probably stands for FASCIST). Instead try MASTODON MOTHERFUCKERS IT'S LIKE FUCKING EMPTY
  24. Dark forces are trying to convince us that we're at the edge of starvation, and that we gotta kill each other if we want to survive, but instead we could just play and share more, even at the edge of survival.