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  1. ... says the user with no name! But I think I agree. He's pretty frantic for an enlightened being. When he was on Norm MacDonald's podcast he was acting out a lot. I think I've heard him say before that he's had depression and anxiety a lot, and that's probably fuel for his behavior and his seeking enlightenment. It's kind of none of my business though. It's at least a little rude for us to play internet psychologist when he's not here to respond. I will say that I've come to like him more now than I did before. Ace Ventura and all his silly movies were okay, and then I found his dramas okay but often lame. But at this point I kind of just appreciate the big experiment that is his career. There's really nobody like him.
  2. Thanks Mike! Here are some cats:
  3. Yeah, like even when you're "pretending to be something you're not," you're still being yourself because yourself is the kind of person who acts like somebody they're not. But obviously, if you're a timid nerd who's really smart and interested in nerdy stuff, you should just be a nerd instead of forcing yourself to act like a bro. And vice versa, if you're a jock or somebody who prefers working with their hands you shouldn't force yourself to be an intellectual or something. Know Yourself. We know exactly what "be yourself" means. It means acknowledging where your true potential lies, rather than grasping onto the vision of somebody else's potential.
  4. I wonder sometimes if we experience time backwards. We are working toward some big moment that really is the moment of creation. Newtonian physics suggests that this is deterministic machinery, but quantum mechanics throws that away and makes it all weird. I used to think our Free Will was real for us while simultaneously our decisions were all 100% determined and inevitable. But again, quantum theory is like a most of randomness that prevents us from understanding. Maybe we need to accept the mystery? I'll tell you my fate after it happens.
  5. Wow that's terrifying lol. From the humans perspective it's pure horror. You could never escape! But it's so absurd that it would be hard to make that into a serious story. And that's exactly why they're getting away with it!
  6. But the dark side of the moon just always faces away from Earth. Sometimes it faces the sun, like during an eclipse. So they'd have to keep travelling. I always wondered why moonlight was okay, since it's still reflected sunlight. They don't need air. I guess they can't feed, like @These Foreign Roads said. So they would need some kind of moon farm. Fine. I guess they live in Europe.
  7. I don't know if we need a Christmas thread but MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope you all throw off the shackles of materialism and embrace your own souls by the ankles in the new year. This is my family's traditional Christmas Ceiling Spider:
  8. It looks exactly like a human neural brain network, which is exactly the same as the electric universe itself.
  9. Yeah but the whole evolution process can be subverted as an excuse for FUCKING and loving and SUCKLING AND CUDDLING and tickling
  10. You only like black rap? I like Eminem and the Beastie Boys, but the best rappers are obviously black. I'm saying that without sufficient research, but come on, who can beat the wu-tang dudes and Tupac?
  11. Here's a before/after pic of Mount St Helens. I didn't realize how big the 'splosion was:
  12. I like the Jesse Moynehan episode, and Johnny Pemberton. And check out Duncan's appearances on the JRE too, especially episode 666 where he dresses as the pope.
  13. You should keep a photo diary here.
  14. After finishing Prometheus Rising I decided I only like the first 2/3rds. It's pretty hardcore new-age futurism. The descriptions of how you're imprinted in the first four circuits is spot-on, and his explanation of higher circuits is fair enough, but it's not much of a guide, and it pretty much promises that the human race will beautifully transform itself beyond tribal reactionary programming by 2003. I recommend the first 1/2 - 2/3 of the book. You'll get more benefit from just practicing simple breathing techniques and mindfulness.
  15. Literal marble. It's Egyptian marble.
  16. The real question here is why are your baseboards dusty? Why not clean them? Why not have some respect for your mum? If I was your mum I would make you kick them clean!
  17. It can't be too expensive to maintain. I'm sure a small team could do it, as long as we don't ravenously demand constant new features, and there's no profit-motive. Or at least let us CHOOSE the algorithms (thus making it non-manipulative, as you say). Would this require new hardware? Cybernetic social networking. It might require quantum computers and advanced neuro-science. Maybe after we upload our brains to the cloud the cloud will fly into space and we'll be a big collective conscious/unconscious, barely corporeal, travelling at the speed of light, looking for other cloud-minds who escaped the Fermi Paradox. I agree. We're just experiencing the birth-pangs of social media. Huge connectedness, but the problems of miscommunication are painfully obvious on a day-to-day basis. Not all connections are pretty! Do you think we can smooth out a lot of our current ideological / communication problems with our current social media platforms? Can we learn?? Or do we have to upgrade?
  18. I just bought a new luxury cruise missile crisis (which I named "Opportunity") so I can't afford to rent your body right now.
  19. I didn't realize that was an option.
  20. We're so dependent on global markets. Nobody knows how to gather food, because that's not a marketable skill. We have no communities, but The State or Some Corporation can never replace the family/tribe that used to define our communities. If they DID replace communities, they'd have to agree to feed everybody, but it's still not a personal relationship. You're right, we're not built for global living. What about throwing away local communities (as we already have done, and probably won't get them back), and focusing on communities of similar interests? All the subreddits kind of do this, the network of people you follow on twitter sort of does this. What are the bad parts we would need to cut out? Advertising, profiteering... I heard that Twitter once laid off like 1,500 people. Why the fuck does a website have 1,500 employees in the first place? They need to keep increasing profits... Jesus fuck just let the website run. Maintain it. It doesn't have to be a profiteering enterprise. So maybe we just need some community-run social media apps. Or we need to individually be more proactive about finding better places to hang out online? Also, maybe @Promethea's utopian hippy commune will be the new model for communities. I'd love to see self-sustaining communities popping up, developing post-scarcity tech. Some non-centralized post-internet infomatrix* so people can share 3D printer blueprints for the next high-tech supergarden. *this word means absolutely nothing but it sounds cool
  21. What about some peer to peer network? Where there's no central server, just individual connections? Or everybody goes into niche forums like this one. With the FCC scrapping net neutrality we need a new paradigm for the internet anyway.