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  1. We need to look at other "Holy" ideas and see them for what they are: one more manifestation of the eternally recurring attempt to create a relationship with the source, the beyond, the self, and each other. Neither fetishize nor demonize Islam or Christianity. Look at the similarities. Look at the core.
  2. Cersei's children are all dead. Gandalf and Jesus and Jon Snow all come back to life. Cilian Murphy was magic in the Robert DeNiro movie. It was the butler. He was a ghost the whole time. The bears eat him.
  3. A fictional account follows. I tried this, using @DinduNuffin's instructions. I only used 180 morning glory heavenly blue seeds, so not an intense trip (wanted to test it). I think 400+ is what they suggest. It definitely works, and it's similar to LSD. But it's not as clear or crisp... Feels foggy. No beauty or horror. Just a bit of disjointed weirdness. A bit of naseua but not bad. This was more than a microdose, but not quite as much as a standard hit of acid. With a small dose of LSD you can tell you want more. This was a half dose of LSA and I don't want more, mostly because of the fogginess. I won't do it again. It wasn't bad. I kind of enjoyed it, but it's definitely better to hold out for the good stuff. There's a reason it's not super popular.
  4. Then I follow it up with, "Hey, is this guy bothering you?"
  5. "I have a heart-shaped bed." "I'm absolutely hairless below my nipples." "Are you awake? I like that..."
  6. I think you have to beat up a nerd and annex all his gadgets. Wear those gadgets as decorations on your big muscles and then get on a cell phone and say stuff like, "I have a meeting at three." And, "Make sure your team delivers that report to my desk."
  7. I missed you.
  8. This is almost as bad as Harper's "barbaric cultural practices" bullshit. Murder is already illegal. So it religious discrimination. We don't need a new law! The gender stuff is so interesting that I wish we could have a non-political conversation about it. Primarily, if anyone can just pick a new gender, does gender become meaningless? Writing laws guarantees polarization. So, (1) we can pick a gender. I'm a male but I could be a lady if I want, and ask to be called "she." (2) I can reject gender altogether and choose to be called nhe. (3) I could choose both genders, I'm a gender Bender, cross-gender, and choose to be called zhe. But (4) to pick a new gender???? I think that's silly. Is that somehow a human right? What are your thoughts on (4)???
  9. I love Scotch and whiskey. Johnny Walker, Glenfiddich, 40 Creek... Delicious! I also like some Grey Goose vodka. Drink it straight. I used to like beer, but now it just tastes like soda pop for adults. Swells up my belly and makes me tired. I don't like getting drunk. I used to drink socially, put myself through the ordeal for social reasons... Had some good times, but there's no way I could ever be a true drunk.
  10. I'm trying to read Joseph Campbells "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space" because I thought it was about applying his ideas on mythology to the space age or science fiction. But all it's doing is re-hashing the ideas from "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," in a confusing way, less structured, without much reference to science fiction or space, and muddying up my perspective. I think I'm going to skip to the last chapter and call this one a bust. "Hero with a Thousand Faces" was amazing, but there's nothing new here and I want to avoid poisoning the well.
  11. The point Carlin made (which I'd almost forgot amongst all the other stuff) is that if there is a big terrorist attack (which is always just a matter of time), Trump will absolutely scrap civil liberties and probably go full-fascist. Could be a point of no return. If I was in ISIS my number one plan would be to provoke Trump/Bannon. The only hope is impeachment, which requires him going too far and getting pulled down.
  12. I'm listening to the latest Common Sense podcast and he's calling Trump an "authoritarian." Do you think that's a bit clearer? Seems less muddy than "fascist." He's bypassing Congress with executive orders, belligerently shutting down opposition. "He's your servant, not your leader."
  13. I think that's fair. And while the USA is not a fascist state, these guys will make it one of they can. Maybe the alt-right is more than a distraction, but again, if we "defeat" their ideas then minorities and certain communities and individuals will still be stuck in the same cycle of poverty which makes them more vulnerable. I just don't want to forget the economic battle. The most important battle of the left right now is that economic battle. That is the best way to truly improve lives. And the alt-right is 100% distracting us from it.
  14. If the parties are both so corrupt that distinctions become irrelavent, totally controlled by corporations, and warfare is just a constant "security" act for both parties (where you don't even need to declare "war")... Can we say that the oligarchy is a fascist state? Can we also say that racial tensions and persecution is just more delicious distractions, the continued "divide and conquer" tactic in the class war? Racists don't run the country. Oligarchs have hired racists to distract us so they can continue running all the countries and "earning" everything that exists. We need new words. Racist, Nazi, facsist... The hostile fuckers are clever enough to evade all these definitions. Just like wage-labor isn't slavery, it's something else unhealthy, Trump isn't a fascist. He's something else unhealthy! We need to be clear in our complaints. Like how the Muslim ban was not a Muslim ban. It was a person-ban, with easy-to-define problems and harm.
  15. @meheeeen I liked this episode too. It's nice to hear some aggressive and reasonable leftist voices. I opened myself up to more right-wing perspectives for a couple years, to try to balance my input and hear all sides. But they're a big anti-SJW echo chamber now, and the left-wing economic fight has been swept under the rug. So I'm really glad that she brought up some leftist economics here. It's hilarious how Trumpeters think that Trump has the economic solutions to corruption, when he is an explicit exponent of pure economic corruption. I don't think it's an invasion of rich people's rights if we redistribute enough wealth to raise the bar for everybody. Rich people: "I EARNED EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS!! I EARNED IT!!"