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  1. Maybe we need to ramp up globalization and develop a world-culture, and world religion based on Campbellian comparative mythology. Can we do that with your exposure and saturation ideas? Is a greater dialogue coming from the polarized left/right? As we talk more with fringe people on the internet we might learn and adapt to each other more and smooth out the contrast. Or we'll nuke north korea and have a civil war.
  2. It's weird. One time that you see your favorite person, will be the last time you see them, and you might not realize it. The last time I saw my grandparents might have been the last time I ever see them.
  3. @Optimisto So this is your own 24/7 online radio station? EDIT: Also, is there any website where I can view it? I don't like Apple and my PC speakers are better than my android.
  4. @blacknova Those are just some bright spots. I'm sure it would be easy to fake.
  5. Which number is worse, 15 or 16???? ???? 15 is bad because its digit-sum is 6, which is the devil's digit. Also, anything that is divisible by 3 is suspicious, to say the least. Because 6 isn't really a number, it's actually two 3s, and the only thing worse than two threes is five threes (actually six threes is probably even worse). But 16 is also bad because one of its digits is 6. Even worse, it's made up of two eights. Multiples of 4 are all hideous. Even numbers aren't really numbers. They're just multiples of other numbers and can't be trusted. But an even number like 22 is okay, because it can only be divided once. It's just a couple elevens, and eleven is a beautiful prime number which looks like those cosmic-duality gates. The number 2 itself is okay, because it's so primal. But four is just two twos, like why even bother, and then multiples of four... it just feels like I'm being duped. You're not a number. You're a collection of numbers masquerading as a number. Plus, eight sounds like AIDS (sort of). It seems evil to me, and sixteen is made from two of them (double infinity like parallel universes that can never touch but they want to invade each other). I'm asking this because I don't know whether to use a 15-point font or 16. They both look good but they both give me the chills. I won't use 17 because the digit-sum of 17 is 8 and you know how I feel about that. I'd love to use 14 because it's two wonderful sevens and its digit-sum is five (we can forgive the 4 because its shape is complimented nicely by the 1), but that size is just too small to be a header on these instructions I've been asked to draft.
  6. I found this live feed of cats living in a miniature house, thanks to Reddit: http://nutiminn.is/kattarshians/
  7. There is certainly continuity, but very little of the old dramas. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but the new stuff mostly revolves around Cooper's fate and spans all of the USA. Not a whole lot of it is actually in Twin Peaks (although a good portion of it is). There's basically a new mystery to solve which is tied into the old mysteries. I just started re-watching the first season. I love Cooper.
  8. I'm re-watching the first episode of the first season. I really miss Cooper. Also, in the new season when they mention rabbits, or show that rabbit-eared thing, I thought he was awkwardly tying his Rabbits short movie into it suddenly, but now I see that there are references to rabbits a couple times in this episode.
  9. Burning it seems like caveman-level inefficiency. Tons of the thc and cbd must get broken down in the flame, and then you're not going to absorb it all. It's a shame though, because smoking a joint or a pipe is the best ritual. I feel silly using a vaporizer, although that stuff gets me blasted pretty quick. But it's such a contraption. I have an iolite, which is great, but I have to keep the butane full, and wait a minute for the chamber to heat up, and then it re-heats in recurring cycles. It's like I'm waiting for an elevator (to get hiiigghh man!) (fuck they should make a vaporizer called The Elevator). The tincture is great but you can't sit around with a bunch of friends and get high. Like, "Okay everybody wash the dropper before handing it to your buddy. Now let's wait an hour to actually get high." I feel like a laudanum addict in a western movie, like Wyatt Earp's wife in Tombstone. But for getting high at night, or I'm going to watch a movie, it's the best thing. God bless those chemists. Makes me almost want some psilocybin drops, but in truth there's no improving on the chewin' shrooms method. Have you tried the CBD drops? I was really surprised to find how extremely different the effects are. It's definitely a legit painkiller/relaxant, and doesn't get me high at all.
  10. @mike Yeah and there's more of a "ritual" to the dropper than eating some weed brownies. At least it feels sort of... I don't know, medical or alchemical or something, when you use the dropper. Also, that bottle lasted me for months. I'm not using it much, but I'm pretty sure I get more bang for my buck!
  11. It's one of those plastic trees that grow in office buildings.
  12. If you decide on a goal, set specific parts of the goal to achieve it. Mental meanderings and doubts can be replaced with the habit of action. You don't need to feel like a real go-getter... Just do those things. For getting a new job... There should probably be a larger goal guiding that. How will it benefit you to get a new job? Is that a real goal or just an impulse to Get Out? Being specific and stating things clearly to yourself is a good habit. Like finishing that video game so we can all play it!
  13. THEM: "If you have mental health issues, seek help." CRAZIES: "I need help." THEM: "Um... that was just a TV commercial. Go back to work." CRAZIES: [craziness intensifies] Suburbanites can't afford to speak the language of suffering, or even to hear it properly. The facade is too thin!