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  1. @softwarmpretty The "rejection" part of the original post isn't what I was really interested in. You're totally right, women aren't spared any of that! I just find it interesting how different someone's social world might be because of OP's "ubiquitous phallus." For better or worse... but mostly just different. And it is interesting, which is why romance can be fun.
  2. Well I think this perfectly demonstrates that they ARE the sexual choosers. You're just illuminating what the criteria actually is.
  3. Yeah, tons of dudes constantly zeroed in on your sexiness would be scary and maybe exhausting at times.
  4. But OP is talking about a specific element of human behavior and emotion. And it obviously has a psychological effect on women, knowing that they can "get it" whenever they want. How they respond to that fact defines the strength of their character, but the sex-hunt is such that men are always seeking and women are always choosing. That's not unfair or stereotyping! That's how it is. Admittedly, the story gets more lop-sided towards the bottom...
  5. @Charlemagne Goddamn, those wheels really make the truck. You got the sun-rays and everything.
  6. I replaced my ten-year-old laptop with a new five-year-old laptop, and while I'm not in love with it, it does bring me a certain amount of joy: It had no operating system so I had an excuse to install Ubuntu. And the keyboard is perfect. Just feels satisfying to type.
  7. I think there's a whole shrooms forum. Plus I've seen youtube videos about growing shrooms.
  8. I think just keeping them sealed dry should work. I've kept bags of shrooms in my desk for months and then ate them and they were totally fine. How long do you want to preserve them? You can buy that powder for dehydrating fruit... Maybe occasionally re-dry them?
  9. John McAfee said on Twitter that John Waters is directing a movie about his life, written by Tarantino, starring Cumberbatch. The statement got less believable with each name. Help me to believe this is true.
  10. Yeah those guys were genuinely good storytellers.
  11. That's a listicle I would read.
  12. @softwarmpretty I'm with you on about half of those things lol. I see some Kierkegaard on the bookshelf. I just picked up a book with both Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death. I didn't realize he was a Christian, but I guess everybody was back then. It's beautiful how he obsesses over Abraham. I always just saw Abraham as a murderer, and proof that God is also Satan. But that image of him alone on the mountain with his immense burden and almost-magical faith... it's an elemental image of the relationship between humans and the universe. It's fucked up. The Sickness Unto Death is a more boring read. It's interesting but I'm getting sick of reading about the different variations of despair. It's still pretty psychologically intense and instructive though. I want some Adderall.
  13. I'm going to briefly/shamelessly draw attention to the new Psymposia podcast (mostly because it's awesome but also because I'm helping them with the audio and I want to see it succeed). Psymposia basically does psychedelic-awareness stuff. The host Lex Pelger has interviewed a few people about psychedelics, and they're doing a bunch of psychedelic storytelling events where people tell their strange stories. Lex records the stories for release as podcasts. They're trying to put on more events like that and we're getting the word out about it. It's released as an independent podcast, but Lorenzo from the Psychedelic Salon is also graciously releasing them as a sub-set of his podcast. http://www.psymposia.com/podcast/ Sorry for the plug, but this is a relevant forum!