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  1. The second DES track is just the kind of vocals I don't like. I like their screaming stuff mow (now that I looked them up on youtube). Did they change singers? I don't like the melodic stuff. Warbringer is awesome! I never heard them before. I see what you like about Khanate. The slow grunginess to build up a feeling. They're like sonic mood-wizards. Is municipal waste frowned upon my metal nerds? They're fun. edit: sorry it's not brutal. Maybe I owe a brutal track to the thread. If I ever find one I'll put it up. edit 2: Yeah tell me some more thrash. What about really intense instrumental prog-metal? Or instrumental thrash?
  2. Shit... listening through this thread... Vektor, Dark Tribe, Gnaw their Tongues, and GorGuts are all awesome. But when I go looking for Dark Tribe I mostly find a lame French metal band that sounds like pop music in comparison.
  3. @Ryan For me Slayer has the perfect balance of everything. Once you go beyond them in heaviness or screaming then it becomes incomprehensible. Not that it's bad, but I like that point of clarity where you can actually hear everything he screaming and every drum note, and it's super loud, but it never falls apart. But I guess some of the weirder and darker bands evoke more of a hellish or surreal mood. I'm just complaining that some bands are awesome bands who don't need a singer, but they stick a singer there anyway and detracts from the feeling. And so I'll only ever be waist-deep in metal. I'll never get beyond thrash and prog-metal. But it's prog metal that has the most annoying vocals. Would Dillinger Escape Plan be prog metal? I like their music but not the singing.
  4. Not exactly brutal but: There are lots of metal bands that I love... until the dude starts singing. I just found an awesome band on Bandcamp. I guess they're prog-metal and they're great until the guy starts singing his melodic emo nonsense. Come on... Just play the music guys! This embed probably won't work but I'm not going to edit it if it doesn't because I don't like the look of edited posts: <iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2711070634/size=small/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/artwork=none/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://tetrafusion.bandcamp.com/album/dreaming-of-sleep">Dreaming of Sleep by Tetrafusion</a></iframe>
  5. Stop stifling your creativity, @duncan!! Spread your wings and fly!! Actually it would be pretty awesome to hear an audio book written and read by Duncan that was specifically written for the ear.
  6. "Well Gooold Turkey!" That's a gold turkey if I ever saw one!
  7. I love that website. How'd you make it? Is it Squarespace? Edit: OK I see it's on Squarespace. It's a beautiful site!
  8. I don't even want him to do interviews anymore, because the intros are so great. I want hours and hours of ramblin' Duncan. Well I still want him to do interviews but I also want more of the intros lol.
  9. That was an agile fat guy, kicking and swinging around that tree.
  10. It's probably hard to be concise about this, but generally we will unconsciously recognize certain kinds of threats or opportunities in the behaviors and appearances of others. If you're passive enough certain people will recognize that you're a conduit for their behaviors and ideas. If you won't oppose them, won't question them, if you're not "quick on the draw" then they can just bowl you over. But before they ever get to that place they will recognize something in your eyes, in your posture, your haircut and clothes, which indicates this personality type (OPPORTUNITY). Those same people, who want an easy canvas/conduit, will recognize the more assertive gestures (steady gaze, confident movements, whatever), and recognize a THREAT to their whims. If you're a whiny bitch who goes to grocery stores to complain and cause shit, you're not going to seek out the most confident man to unload on. He'll calmly deflect your bullshit. You won't go to the ultra-controlling business-woman to cause shit. She'll get rid of you quick. You'll go to the nice old lady with the wide eyes, you'll go to the awkward teenager, the depressed-looking 40-year-old bald guy, someone who doesn't have as much control or will power. Alternatively, if you're looking for a partner in some endeavor, you'll be looking for that confident man or that ultra-controlling businesswoman. In this case, the wide-eyed old woman or depressed bald guy are THREATS to your plans rather than opportunities. But you'll rarely write this stuff down and do some calculation. It's all instinct. You see these things in your environment. Your unconscious already did the processing and displays certain people as threats or opportunities. What's weird is when there's a conflict between these instincts. I have a decent instinct for recognizing people who I want to work with, and for deflecting certain kinds of social distractions when I have some kind of plan. But I'm also very susceptible to guilt trips, and people recognize that and have often used it against me. It's actually cost me a lot! And I try to recognize those instincts and to nurture different ones, but as an adult that stuff gets weird. People expect you to keep acting the same. They get insulted when you defy the expectations that you created. They wouldn't have gotten insulted if I hadn't had those instincts in the first place.
  11. Im watching episode 4. Michael Cera has a fantastic speech on a motorcycle. David Duchovny is in I again too.
  12. I'll not eat iced cream tomorrow. Currently: doing tarot draws and writing short character development stories from them.
  13. no more ice cream. @tyqo keep me accountable. No more bread either but I have that under control.
  14. Too late