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  1. Agree with Chairman on https://www.reddit.com/r/sorceryofthespectacle https://www.reddit.com/r/GEB/ If you're interested in the interwoven nature of very different disciplines and how they may illustrate recursion and the emergent properties that can form like cognition. https://www.reddit.com/r/milliondollarextreme/ Just because I've been following MDE for a long while now. Ignore the allt-right crowd if you want or just play around with them. Weird to see them on TV, but kind of awesome. https://www.reddit.com/r/Heavymind/ Trippy images made by very talented artists.
  2. Check out their whole discography, each album completely new as far as instrumentation and intensity. The prog-metal album released before this I wouldn't recommend though. but that's just my opinion.
  3. Already flooding a thread I created, but just put whatever you think sounds good in here. Doesn't have to be this ethereal shit I'm posting, I'm just in that kinda place right now.
  4. New NieR on the way! Can't wait, if it holds up to the original.
  5. Hey, so I haven't seen too many OSTs of great great game soundtracks, so I though I'd create a thread for just that purpose. Most RPGs have the upper-tier OSTs, and I get it because they have some of the least temporally engaging gameplay. Here's my offering, but there are so many more especially from the Chrono Trigger and Cross period, thank you Yasunori Mitsuda:
  6. Felt like dumping everything in here right now.
  7. Think this guy's under Flying Lotus's label or something. The sounds are delicious.
  8. helped me through 6 months of unemployment
  9. @RINZL3R_NOFAP_MGTOW_NOTGAYI am Neo and all those short-haired beings are my Trinity mistresses that seem to adore life which is probably a good thing if everything pans out for them well enough. I've always revisited Toby Driver projects on my own, so I figured I'll throw in one special moment in an album he released awhile back before going fully electronic in his latest album which I'm fully into also. And I'm a maudlin of The Well fanatic for life, shaped a lot of what prog-metal and avant-garde shit isn't worth it for me. The overly technical and short lived djent phases will always exist, but there's something more to be had in the prog space, I think, without the wankery bands slip into.
  10. @Kkab I'd try to come up with a less intimate experience, but that dolphin, if in closed spaces for the entertainment of alien bipedal creatures, will be pleased with my dolphin fleshlight. And you bet you're ass I'm freezing vials of that dolphin sperm as heirlooms for my descendants who will probably know what to do with it.
  11. I'm think of prepping a playlist for a 200 - 300mic 1p-LSD experience tomorrow! Maybe add more to the mix, but I like to have an experience pure before throwing in other substances. And I'll have my cat buddy by my side and a full house to myself. Hopefully sunny, and no geriatric neighbors heckle me. But all I'll have to do is smile and not stand in one place staring at the sky for too long and none will be the wiser. I used to have 10 tabs of actual -25, but 6 of the hits mysteriously disappeared. Oh well. Have a good week end fellas! The site seems a bit fucked up at the moment with the reuploading of archived content and all, but that's fine.