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  1. Literally dope af~
  2. Bumping this in honor of @pattmaynes recently lost pup Sadie Sadness and hugs, Abigail!
  3. If Hanilton could speak without the awful fry in his voice, and the complete lack of tone or volume it'd be much easier to watch the show. The live dtfh was horrendous because A) live podcasts are notoriously fucking stupid, and B) Hanilton Morris is not a guest that you want to have surrounded by a crowd of people who's hoots and hollers actually make sound. Hanilton was so drowned out
  4. The Dutch are the best (Disco pogo is German though, obviously)
  5. @Promethea it won't let me delete this tag. @pattmayne fine then. Upload pics of all parts of your baseboards.
  6. Are they REALLY that big of a DEAL?!?! Should your mother come over and immediately start criticizing the entirety of your being solely because some baseboards look dusty?
  7. People actually like his music?