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  1. I don't know how you keep the US united through a disaster like this election. It's always been too huge to be effectively managed by a central government, what's going to happen when you put a historically incompetent manager at the helm?
  2. Clinton and her campaign staff are profoundly incompetent politicians, but that's a hell of a dot to connect. I think it's more that they were so hubristic and certain of victory that they thought it didn't matter.
  3. Let's talk about it. I read a pretty interesting article in this month's Esquire outlining it. Basically the hacking is an extension of Putin's internal tactics that he uses to stay in power during Russia's elections. He's so dominant in his power in Russia that now he's looking outward and beginning to fuck with foreign powers that can check him. Nation states spying on one another is nothing new, but Russia just blew past that and moved into using hacked data to meddle with another country's internal processes, which is unprecedented. Short description of what happened: The FSB (successor to the KGB, basically Russia's CIA) and the GRU (military intelligence) hired numerous 3rd party Russian contractors to systematically hack and disseminate information about Democrats with the specific goal of getting Donald Trump elected. The FBI suspected the hacks (though not the intent) fairly early on and told the affected parties, in this case the DNC, DCCC and Hillary Clinton's campaign, that they need to check themselves for leaks. All waited MONTHS before hiring security contractors to audit their servers, and within minutes of the audit it was found that all had been hacked for months by at least two Russian firms. The Russian firms were nicknamed Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear by the security contractor that discovered them. These companies, and by extension the Russian government, are almost definitely the source of every Clinton leak we saw during the campaign. They disseminated the info primarily through Wikileaks, but later through a persona called Guccifer 2.0 (the latter was used to sow doubt about an investigation linking the hacks to the Russian government). Using hacked opposition research is a longstanding Putin tactic called kompromat, or compromising material. The idea is that you dump your kompromat at inopportune times for your opponent, taking advantage of the media's tendency to chase after any story regardless of its source or legitimacy. This is important. Almost none of the Clinton leaks were ever independently confirmed, so they were essentially a stream of Russian propaganda piped directly into the American newsfeed for months at a time. Even if most of it was true, it was designed, edited, and delivered in such a way as to tip the scales in Trump's favor. This is also important because it means Wikileaks has been compromised to the point that they are now basically a propaganda firehose for the Russian government. We have no idea the depth or extent of Russian hacking of American systems. The CIA believes it's possible that Russians may have literally hacked the vote. I know everybody loves their tinfoil, but I don't see how it's possible to inaugurate a new president with the kind of doubt about his legitimacy. And given that both parties have known about the hacks for months, it's looking a lot like the GOP literally sold out the nation to get the presidency.
  4. I'm halfway through and really not feeling Luke Cage. Marvel shows in general top out at "eh, fine" for me. They like to imitate really gritty movies, but try to do it at a PG-13 level, which is always going to be lame. You can't act like you're making Fight Club when every character is saying, "God bless it!" and Marla just has a diet pill addiction. It creates dissonance.
  5. Go for it, that sounds like fun.
  6. Fresh Off the Boat - It's a Disney sitcom, and therefore usually pretty toothless, but it's really sharply written. Brooklyn 99 - Kind of the spiritual successor to Parks & Rec. It's weird seeing a bunch of cops being made into quirky, adorable characters when we know NYC cops in particular are usually shitheads, but it's still a fun show. The Good Place - I was surprised by this one! Made by a bunch of Parks & Rec alumni, it's basically about someone terrible accidentally getting into heaven, and it's fun. Difficult People - This one works well because it's a hulu sitcom. If it were on TV the two leads, who are irrepressible assholes, would be too neutered to be fun. The Last Man on Earth - This one is like a weird thought experiment. Not even the end of the world can stop a stupid bro from being a stupid bro. And, of course, Westworld. Everybody likes Westworld, even if the Arnold reveal was kind of lame and Dolores' plotline is slow as fuck.
  7. Welcome to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Center for Self-Optimization! Here's a quick primer for users: Membership This forum uses two ranks for users, one for newbies and one for full members. The way you move from newbie to full member is to gain at least 3 upvotes. Here are all of the ranks: Bunny Foetus - The newbie class, can only reply to existing posts. Upgraded to the next rank when they receive 3 upvotes. We set the bar low because it's really just here to stop spammers. Hrair - Full member status, can create new topics, reply, and generally engage in all levels of the forum. Owsla - A forum moderator. Anything else - Duncan or me, the admin. Voting System This forum also has a voting system. All users can vote on posts, twice a day for bunny foetuses, 10 times a day for hrairs. Upvotes gain you a fancy little karma ranking under your name, and if you're a bunny foetus they can promote you to hrair. Downvotes give you negative karma, and if your karma rating goes below -3 you are restricted from posting pending a mod review. This is also to stop spammers.
  8. Hey! I'm not sure what to do with the Writer's Warren. It's hidden from public view so people can post there without worrying about burning material. I'm kind of hesitant to merge it into Family Talk, it'd make everything in there public, and I'm not sure if everybody would be into that. What do you guys think? Merge, kill, or leave it?
  9. Hey! We're simplifying the forum! From now on there will only be two sections: Family Talk -and- Podcast Discussion Every thread that was previously in a different subforum will be transferred to Family Talk (except for the podcast threads, those stay put). Let's see if that ups the participation rate!
  10. We do! Anybody with the rank Owsla is a mod. Right now that's @DrStrib, @CosmEffect, and @jimmybob.
  11. Sure, some of the stuff can't be done for technological reasons (like auto-stickying new podcast episodes), but stuff like limiting the number of subfora was actually what we did at the outset of the original forum. There's just always a little bit of mission creep in long-running fora, so over time you can't help but add new sections. Honestly, I don't know how to account for the relative inactivity of this forum. We get a steady stream of new sign-ups every day, around 10 per day, but most of them seem content to stay lurkers. Cards on the table: I think it was a bit of a mistake for us to make our own forum. Don't freak out though, I'm not saying we should close the board and that's not my call to make anyway. Duncan wants this to be his version of the Rogan board. I'm not sure how Rogan started his community, but I think by founding & controlling this forum from the outset we kind of neutered the community's ability to grow organically. Because it's his "official community" this board is really tightly & formally associated with Duncan, which means we have to take a more active hand in managing it. If we had just let you guys set up shop on your own whatever communities developed would probably be much more organic and self-balancing. There's also just the fact that fora in general are a relatively antiquated software, and nowadays most people get the same kind of interpersonal engagement from different sources, like subreddits or facebook groups. Not much we can do about that. Ultimately I don't think you can engineer a community to be good & active & engaging. Those are all ephemeral qualities that have to happen naturally. You can encourage them once they arrive, but I don't think any amount of tinkering is going to magically spawn them.
  12. Eesh, guess it's part of the tide of hate crimes & acceptance of white supremacists that have been happening since Trump was elected. What kills me about that is that at least 40% of Trump's internet traffic is bot-driven as well, so it's thousands of sock puppet accounts infesting that site. The truly shitty thing about reddit is that it uses its benign subreddits to give cover to its overall shitty culture. They're always going to be able to point to IAMA, AskScience, or some charitable subreddit as reasons the site is great... while conveniently ignoring all of their systemic problems.
  13. Bleehhh... not surprised. Reddit has been a sty for years. That kind of ultra-libertarian management style inevitably leads to abuse from the top. Nothing seems to kill this zombie generation of social media sites, but among them reddit is especially odious. Incubator of the alt-right, nurturer of every hurt butt, new home of white supremacism on the internet. That last part is true, btw. Stormfront has literally had a dip in membership, not because people are suddenly less racist, but because racists realized that posting on a giant site like reddit makes them a lot harder to find & scrutinize.
  14. Nope! You're promoted to Hrair automatically once you get 3 upvotes. I guess it just takes a minute for the board to realize.
  15. You know it's going to happen. You know they can't help it. One of the ugliest traits in babyboomers is that they've largely become infantilized in their retirement. All of their maturity and wisdom is slowly ebbing away as they slide into cultural obscurity.