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    If you mean chaos instead of satanic mind control then yes. See, you are an agent of chaos. It appears your mission is to spread awareness of the futility of relationships. I imagine that you have some resentment toward female genitalia since when you were a baby you were pushed out of one into yr moms poop that she relieved herself of during the process of giving birth to baby Rinzler. It must have been traumatic. All of this aversion to touching yrself stems from the inability to focus on a pleasure principal as opposed to constantly keeping up the front against it, and maintaining a presence on the board. Yr very confused, probably depressed, and certainly touched by some PTSD after being shot out of a pussy against your will into a dimension where everyone around you lives to masturbate. If I could do anything else for you then I would. Yr actually quite hopeless. I wish you the best. There are options out there for people like you, permanent hospitalization where you are fed regularly and given appropriate medication and treated very fairly by doctors and nurses. The paranoid type of chaotic mindset that you have been endowed with is always better put to use getting that D wet in some P. In a more sophisticated society there wouldn't be as much emphasis on sexuality and instead it would be celebrated. If I had to construct a story for yr case then it would be likely in my mind that you had some bad sexual encounters as a teenager that prompted in yr psyche a withdrawal into reclusion. From females. From healthy teenage banter surrounding sexuality. From yrself. Let us pray to god almighty that you get the help that you are seeking from wherever help is presented i.e. a hooker/sex worker. Until then, stay hard. P.S. I will pay for the hooker and hook you up with some quality LSD after you finish on the hookers mouth. On an unrelated note, did anyone actually watch that video? How is this real? Speciality divisions of nothingness. "Children playing with their toys in a house that is burning down."
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    It is always a question of discipline no? Porn is not the problem, coke is (definitely) not the problem. It is always you. You watch porn, porn does not watch you. You snort coke, coke does not snort you. Silly but true. I know it is very hard to see your own actions in an objective light, especially repeately harmful actions. It is so easy to blame it on x (cocks, dope, whatever) when it is always you. @WhatDidIForget I have seen plenty of people totally fucked up on all kinds of drugs, including coke. I worked with drug abusers for 2 years, so yes, I have seen it all. I know for a fact that it is not the drugs fault. The problems they had started way way before drugs got introduced. I smoked heroin once, and I loved it. Never did it again though, mostly because of the propaganda saying I would definitely be fucked up if I did itt again. After the second time you will definitely inject the third time and then you are forever a slave to that state of mind/physical well being. Porn and drugs are what they are, and it is never their fault that dumb apes gets fucked up. Blame the apes lack of discipline/intelligence not the substances. A substance can never have any kind of moral attachment to it. That is beyond ridicilous. Evil fruits my ass. No such thing.
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    Just joined, thank you! Duncan is the best, I'm excited to connect with like minded folks here.
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    Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy Philip K Dick's VALIS books John Swartzwelder's detective books are the funniest things ever written
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    From a time before every other cunt in the room held their phone in the air
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    I'm going to briefly/shamelessly draw attention to the new Psymposia podcast (mostly because it's awesome but also because I'm helping them with the audio and I want to see it succeed). Psymposia basically does psychedelic-awareness stuff. The host Lex Pelger has interviewed a few people about psychedelics, and they're doing a bunch of psychedelic storytelling events where people tell their strange stories. Lex records the stories for release as podcasts. They're trying to put on more events like that and we're getting the word out about it. It's released as an independent podcast, but Lorenzo from the Psychedelic Salon is also graciously releasing them as a sub-set of his podcast. http://www.psymposia.com/podcast/ Sorry for the plug, but this is a relevant forum!
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    Is called Live To Tape. I've been craving TTW for months now, so this is a Godsent! http://www.feralaudio.com/show/live-to-tape/
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    Hi Duncan! I'm not sure if you read these and my gut tells me you probably don't but hey I'm gunna try anyways. Right as you started to speak openly about your depression I wanted to sign up and write. I too have suffered from depression and it fucking blows! BUT I know you know this but going to the gym has seriously helped me and made me feel so much better and more happy on a daily basis. Yoga has saved my life in that regard even more so than the tred mill. ALSO, As an herbalist I will say that the herbs lemon balm and tulsi are proven to fight and cure depression if taken EVERYDAY. I drink it in tea form in its most potent form and it's delicious. Anywho, just wanted to throw that out there for ya. Thank you so much for having a badass podcast and being a bright light of love on this earth. The world needs more people like yourself Duncan. I look forward to many more nights of micro dosing and listening to your show as I dive deep into my art.
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    Hey, This is my first post on this forum. I decided to sign up after listening to the start of this episode, Duncan was talking about his DMT experience, was saying how he was healed of a pain is his chest by these tubular type of things and how they sort of communicated him to let go and let them do the work. I had an almost identical experience on one of my first DMT trips. I had Tentacle type things, they almost looked sinister but the feeling was not bad, they told me to let go, that i had a negativity inside me, it showed it to me where my heart was, around my heart was a calcification, like rock had grown around it, the tenticles started to wrap around it and dissolve part of the rock, it literally felt like the negative build up was breaking down. It also gave me the impression that it didn't have quiet enough time to finish its work and that i would have to work on trying not to fall into those ruts/traps. The DMT experience while smoked is very short so i wonder if it was done like Ayahuasca if they would have had more time to heal me. I even painted a picture after my trip, because it was so vivid. Image is here My DMT Painting . I found it really fascinating that he described it as tubular and I describe it very similarly. These similarities really fascinate me. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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    Follow my instagram and ill follow u back https://www.instagram.com/ben_hennessy_99/
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    @Tin RamI had the craziest mugwort dream last night. I'm on vacation, so I have been sleeping in an unfamiliar bed which may have something to do with it, but I brought my friend a mugwort satchel and we were sleeping with it between us and she and I both had crazy dreams. Mine was so vivid and intense that I was freaking out when I woke up and wrote it down right away so i wouldnt forget about it. My dream was this really long and intense dream about this elf-like creature named "Remember" who was trying to communicate with me. It had this sing-song finnegan's wakey style of speaking and told me it had trouble communicating with humans sometimes, so it usually communicated by showing images and telling stories rather than with linear speech. It said that it was really important that we were talking because humans were starting to forget about "the otherworld" that he called "Evermore." He said "Evermore" is a place that lives on "the flippity flop side of real time earth" and exists as like a parallel world to our own. He said that in Evermore, where he is from, it is mostly elf-like creatures like him, and gods, and dragons that live there. He said that the dragons are really selfish and want humans to forget about Evermore and all the treasure there, so they put a spell on humans that makes them forget magic and think that life is all about work. He said that the elves love humans like family and think we are funny so they try to talk to us and help us. Then he told me the best way to communicate with me was through a story, so he told me a story: One day Remember was walking in the forest and he met a lizard who had a really beautiful sparkly giant red crystal. The lizard said Remember could have the crystal if he stole the eggs from the tree of a golden bird, because it would prove that he was powerful. Remember really wanted the crystal so he climbed up a tree and stole the eggs from a golden bird's nest, even though they were about to hatch and the golden bird was crying because she knew her babies were going to die and be eaten by the lizard. Remember got the crystal and was really happy for a while because it was so beautiful, but the longer he had the crystal the more paranoid he got that someone was going to steal it. He hid the crystal so no one would ever know he had it. After a while he became so paranoid that someone would steal it that he never left his house, or hung out with his friends, he just sat around guarding the crystal and staring at it. One day his best friend came to his house who was another elf who had a lot of magic. Her name was "Growingly" and she felt really bad for him when she found out how obsessed with the crystal Remember had become and how depressed it was making him, so she offered to help him. She turned the crystal into a brown rock and told Remember to plant it in his yard and water it every day. At first Remember was rlly angry at her, but he did what she told him to do and eventually the rock hatched and grew into a tree with very red flowers. Everyone in his community loved the red tree and Remember loved to share it. Everyone in his neighborhood came to climb in it, and ate fruit from the branches, and it fed lots of hungry people, and lots of golden birds made nests and had golden bird babies in the tree. I've honestly never had a dream that was so vivid and clear and had such a coherent storyline. It was crazy dude, I had to share with you.
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    I've listened to an embarrassing amount of Harmontown in the last two months
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    No joke. Spent the morning reading this. It's been next to me on the desk here.
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    okay guys whether ur tryna live off a pittance or save for your schemes, everyone needs a dirt-cheap hassle-free recipe or three. GHETTO CHILLI A CAN OF BLACK BEANS HALF A CUP OF RICE 1 1/2 CUPS OF VEGE STOCK SPLASH OF OIL TEASPOON OF CUMIN CAYENNE PEPPER TO TASTE THROW THAT SHIT IN A RICE COOKER AND WAIT TOP W/ SOME SOUR CREAM OR CHEESE IDGAF [more delicious than it looks]
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    Been digging sharp tools and yet sometimes there is no replacement for a pure, abstract physical manifestation of raw power.
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    honestly, I feel like the whole "women are sexual choosers, they must feel like kids with a million dollars in a dick candy store" perception is a misunderstanding of the psychology and sexuality of most women. I can't speak for all women everywhere, but when it comes to my own experience and the experience of my female friends, most women aren't really interested in having sex with someone who they don't trust, care about, respect, and feel that human contact reciprocated at least a LITTLE bit. It isn't fun or pleasurable to feel like you are having sex with someone who doesn't give a shit about you 5 seconds after they cum. Actually it's a very real kind of loneliness and it can be confusing to feel that, especially when you are in a developmental stage when you are figuring out your own identity, sexuality, body image, sense of self-worth, and the way you relate to the opposite sex. My sincere two cents.
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    It seems to me the OP is telling precisely the opposite story. OP presents women as conniving, Machiavellian jizz thieves in a world of helplessly manipulated men who are apparently all too stupid and limp-wristed to carry out plans of their own -- except rape, which is presented not so much as a "plan" as some kind of sex-seizure which poor, helpless men have to suffer because their scary, scary dicks make them do it. Men are clearly the victims here. The whole picture is painfully immature and reeks of what Wilhelm Reich termed "pleasure anxiety." Being ashamed or afraid of one's own drive toward sexual gratification, one blames the target of their sexual desire as a "seductress" who is "corrupting" their "innocence." OP is actually afraid of his own dick but is projecting that outward as anger toward women. OP, don't be afraid of your dick. I don't care who tried to make you ashamed to masturbate or told you that sex is dirty, they're idiots and you don't have to listen to them. If you wish for women to accept your D then you must first accept your own D for yourself. Brah.
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    I feel this. I've been reading and listening to a lot of stuff by this guy Parker Palmer lately, and he talks about "the divided life" everyone experiences, between the person they strive to be and who they actually are. Here's a quote from one of his commencement addresses about perfectionism: "As you integrate ignorance and failure into your knowledge and success, do the same with all the alien parts of yourself. Take everything that’s bright and beautiful in you and introduce it to the shadow side of yourself. Let your altruism meet your egotism, let your generosity meet your greed, let your joy meet your grief. Everyone has a shadow… But when you are able to say, 'I am all of the above, my shadow as well as my light,' the shadow’s power is put in service of the good. Wholeness is the goal, but wholeness does not mean perfection, it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of your life." He's real as shit and and listening to him has taught me a lot abt this subject, which i feel we all experience to some extent. If you want to listen to the rest of the speech here it is: good luck!
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    In general, sugar is a great preservative. It's toxic to most microbes that we find troublesome. If you have dry, clean mushrooms under undiluted, filtered honey, those mushrooms should last a few thousand years if stored in an airtight container. DANGER WARNING ALERT: If your mushrooms are damp, or the honey becomes diluted with water, there's a chance that other spores, bacteria, yeast, etc., will be able to multiply. This is the quasi-paradoxical story of the downfall of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer mushroom-orgy forebears. Some say the story of Prometheus extends directly from this course of events: The wise shamans found that they could store the healing mushroom medicine that gave rise to our very evolution in sealed clay jars, and transport them great distances in order to cause remote populations to evolve into humans. However, as always, hubris caused their (our) fall from grace. Careles transport and a loss of respect for these medicines eventually led to contamination with ethanol-producing yeast. The mushroom medicine honey became something like what we now think of as mead. This is really no historical accident: the same trends that gave rise to kiln-fired pottery and bread (namely patriarchal authoritarianism and the agricultural monopoly that goes along with it) corrupted life-giving mushroom honey medicine into poisonous alcohol-based cultures. The matriarchal line built around the queen bee gave way to patrilineal soldier culture. It must only have taken a few generations for people to think the alcohol intoxication they experienced was the same mystical connection with god their legends spoke of. Only a few outlier cultures in the Indus Valley and [especially] the Amazon maintained this mushroom truth that had evolved down from a distant prehistoric insect civilization deep into the Neolithic era. Although we see hints in the West even in historical times (look at the reverence for bees, tied to mead, in Beowulf, in a mystical way that couldn't be attributable only to alcohol, for instance), these references are always corrupted in the direction of ethanol, and away from the earth goddess queen bee origins of humanity in mushrooms.
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    This is nice! Here is an honest collage of some of the *things* I love right now:
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    Yosemite National Park 2015
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    Honestly, a short-term trial of adderall is not a bad idea. I have a pretty terrible procrastination/distraction problem, like most people, and over the winter my to-do list was building up so badly that I was getting anxious and avoidant, causing all the shit I needed to get done to build up even more. I also go through low energy periods sometimes, particularly when I'm anxious about all the shit I need to do and am in avoidance mode. Taking a (reasonable dose) of adderall for a short period of time can be pretty useful if you have these issues, because it brings you in the kind of mode where you have the energy to clean, pay your bills, do your homework, exercise, go to the grocery store, make healthy meals, go for hikes, hang out with your friends, etc. When you have built a routine around that kind of healthy stuff you can get off the meds and genuinely feel like you have your shit together. THEN you can start gleaning energy from all the healthy activities you have brought into your life like structure, healthy diet, exercise, community, and spending time outside. When you are an anxiety-filled, low-energy couch dweller bringing those kinds of activities into your life can feel like an impossible obstacle. Sometimes you need some help. Using adderall short-term hasn't been researched or anything to my knowledge, so take my advice with a grain of salt. From my personal experience short-term adderall has been a helpful off-label use. Also, a lot of people have a lot of retarded ideas about medications. One retarded idea people have about medications is that you should only use natural remedies to optimize your health. I'm a huge fan of herbs, supplements, and other natch products, but their effects are typically subtle, take a long time to actually build up to useful levels in your body, and therefore often have a slow-roll therapeutic effect. When you are in crisis mode and your bad habits have built some serious momentum, pharmaceuticals can be really, really helpful. They are pharmaceuticals because they have been researched, peer-reviewed and have reliable demonstrated effects. Demonizing them is retarded. Another retarded idea people have is that you should just suffer through the hard times and pull yourself up by your bootstraps blah, blah, whatever. This idea is some retarded, machismo, puritanical bullshit. Pharmaceuticals, when used in correct dosages, and hopefully for a short-term period of time CAN really help and stigmatizing them is dumb as hell.
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    I'm always looking for new podcasts so I can get new ideas and perspectives. Here are some of my favorites, and hopefully I'll learn about some of yours too. The obvious ones: Joe Rogan Experience (psychedelics, sports, comedy, science, freaky shit, hunting) Sam Harris (religion, politics, science, brains and behavior) Common Sense with Dan Carlin (politics and culture) WTF Podcast with Marc Maron (interviews with cool celebrities) The Nerdist Podcast (almost the same as the WTF podcast but nerdier) Norm Macdonald Live (the funniest podcast ever) Less Obvious: Canadaland (Canada's media watchdog... critiquing Canadian media and politics... fucking awesome but half their team just quit) Stuff You Should Know ... and ... Stuff to Blow Your Mind (In-depth and really fun, well-researched explorations of cool topics... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) CBC: Cross Country Checkup (Canadian weekly nation-wide call-in show where people talk about major issues... really great) History of Philosophy Without any Gaps (crash-course in the history of philosophy starting with pre-Socratic Greeks... I mostly use it to sleep though...) The Strategists (discussing political strategy rather than values or ethics) BBC World Service: Global News Podcast Democracy Now Brain Science with Ginger Campbell MD (lots of "consciousness" stuff... sometimes too "learned" for me... they don't dumb it down and I'm no scientist, but sometimes it's great) Jocko Willink's Jocko Podcast (super-severe discipline military guy... I just listen to remind myself of what it's like to be something other than a scatterbrain) Added Later (some from suggestions below): The Jordan B Peterson Podcast Here we Are with Shane Mauss (science, psychedelics) The War Nerd (detailed analyses of violent conflicts by someone who just likes talking about war https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gskoljarev/rwnfg/master/rwn.xml) Second added later: Grimerica (paranormal and fringe science / occult and esoterica. They'll entertain any idea but they're not lunatics. Fun show.) The Pansycast Philosophy Podcast (fun and intelligible run-downs of major philosophers and philosophical ideas) It would be cool to hear about podcasts relating to: News, Esoterica, History, Science
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    I don't see anything about it on IMDb. I want to see who wrote the script and who's directing it. I don't trust Jim Carrey to do it properly, especially if he is no tripper. I'm trying to find who's writing and directing it. This articlr makes it seem like he's doing drugs and really wants to spread the message: http://www.mckennite.com/articles/carrey But: why have you never fucking mentioned this stuff, Jim? Why have you never told the world that psychedelics and McKenna are important to you? Have you ever mentioned his books? This sounds phony! McKenna's message isn't really simple. It's deconstructive and constructive and fantastic, subtle and almost pseudo-scientist but really not. I don't think it has popular appeal. But maybe this can be positive for changing perspectives? There's so much recorded of him we don't need a movie. This is how I used to feel any time they make a movie about line cooks. Bradley Cooper as a badass chef? Fuck off. Just fucking fuck off. But you can see the marketing room where the guys say, "I bet all the proud cooks around the world will be freaking out to see Bradley Cooper playing a chef! This is a niche market we can dominate!" And Cooper probably did pretentious interviews and said, "I really connect with the life of a cook, you know? The stress, the brotherhood, I respect it so much, you know?"
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    My first mushroom experience was definitely a heroic dose, and I didn't even know it. I think I was about 26, we ate the standard 1/2 8th of dried mushies with some peanut butter, then the dude who sold us the shrooms gave us the remainder of the 5lb bag he had, it was all super fine powder. We put that powder on PB&J sandwiches. Super fine powdered spores. My buddy had done mushrooms a bunch of times, but this was my very first time, I had no idea what I was in for. We get back to his girlfriends house he was house sitting while she and her roommates were gone for the summer; an hour had gone by and I wasn't feeling anything. So, we bust out some wine, and, his birthday present, a huge Culligan jug gravity bong that you have to hit in the bathtub. I take a huge rip off the gravity bong, and drink a whole bottle of wine. I'm feeling great at this point, but I still cant feel the mushrooms. Then all of a sudden, boom, it hits me. I actually first started out just feeling really sick, but quickly my mind started wandering, like really wandering badly. I remember walking aorund the house and not being able to stop pacing. I literally tried to tell myself to stop and sit down but each time I would try I'd immediately forget what I was doing and just keep wandering around the house at a moderate pace, a little worried; and it just kept getting worse and worse too. I remember stopping at the fridge and snapping out of it and realizing how I couldn't focus on something, so I tried to focus on this little Hawaiian magnet on the fridge and told myself "just try to keep your mind on this magnet", but my mind would literally stray to something else each time I tried after only like 5 seconds of trying to focus; it sounds kind of anticlimactic but it freaked me the shit out because i couldn't even do that one simple thing; I literally LOST my mind for an hour or so. Once I figured out I couldn't control my mind, I fucking freaked out and started running around the house. I ran into the living room where my buddy was and he was slumped over on the couch foaming at the mouth. Then I really fucking lost it. I was asking him if he was ok, and he just kept saying how fucked up he was in a super slurred voice. I was losing my shit. Almost called the ambulance. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor curled up in a dog bed shivering and shaking back and forth. super fucking scared. I somehow snaked my way to the couch and started praying. I was so ashamed of myself, because I KNEW i was going to die, and all I could think about was how ashamed i was that my parents were going to have to deal with their son overdosing on mushrooms. I stated asking god (I'm not religious btw) to let me live and while I was doing this, people started trying to come through the walls and ceiling, it looked like the walls were totally normal but then the imprint of peoples hands, bodies, and faces started coming through the walls like it was spandex or something; kind of like when the monsters try coming through the walls in the Netflix show Stranger Things. But it wasn't scary though, just super realistic and weird. Cut to, I'm now somehow in one of the roommates beds. Her room was decorated all nice. I was really fucking sick at this point, it felt like it lasted for 6 hours, but probably was only 2hrs at the most. I hear moaning from the other room across the hallway, it was my buddy. he was in the other roommates bed. I yell to him if he was ok, and he just keeps saying how fucked up he is, but that he was ok. hearing that he was ok, kind snapped me out of it. I finally start to feel a bit better. (here's the coolest visual I've ever had): there was this painting on the wall of this man and women dancing on the beach with seagulls flying in the background, it was kind of blurry style painting. all of sudden i start hearing the ocean and the waves, and the seagulls cawing in the background. then, the couple starts actually dancing and moving around the frame, it was fucking amazing, blew my mind. my buddy and I finally make it back out to the living room and are feeling much better, like a fucking million dollars actually. Don't want to be cheesy, but like we were just born or something. I can feel the dopamine pouring out into my brain. everything starts to make sense. I can literally see the trees and earth and sky outside breathing, it literally looked like the world was pulsing in an almost breathing type of movement. everything makes sense, life, death, people, pain, love, sadness, everything. It's all so beautiful. music is the greatest thing ever and makes me cry. my buddy and I have the deepest conversation ever about everything. I'm in a blanket rocking back and forth with my knees tucked up just muttering "it all makes sense". it's probably about 7am by now and the sun is coming up . its mind blowingly beautiful. the high starts to wear off now, and I go home and sleep all day and feel really raw and hung over for two more days until I'm back to normal. I have never had another experience like this since then. I've had some fun mushroom trips since then, but I've never taken close to the amount i did that first time. I've even had a few bad trips on mushrooms since then, but nothing where I thought I was going to die. I finally understood what all this talk about "tripping" was. it was definitely a trip in every sense of the word. good luck to you on your heroic dose. give yourself a solid day or two after to recover, and make sure you're in a safe environment with a buddy or two you can really trust.
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    Help me understand this! Sending missiles to Syria is the only way to stand up for the innocent civilians of Syria? Bombing the same innocent people that Assad is hurting? What about letting refugees in? How can we turn away refugees at the border and then bomb them? Noam Chomsky said that missiles have a 15% accuracy rate. Isn't there a way to stop Assad in an isolated manner? Don't we have the most advanced intelligence and military tactic? HELP ME UNDERSTAND, FAMILY!
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    To take a large dose of mushrooms in a safe setting is easily the most interesting experience out there. I was 33 when I took 5 dried grams, and it really changed everything. Literally. It is of course highly subjective what you gain from such a ride, and it might be horrible for you. You learn something either way. I have had very bad trips and very good ones, and I learned plenty from both. This is only my experence, and since I don`t know you I can`t really say whether you will benefit or not.
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    This is the scene from Doctor Strange where he meets the Ancient One. He berates her when she shows him a drawing of the human chakras as something you would find in a "gift shop". She says something to the effect of "It's just one map of reality". Then we see what happens next.
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    Universe is synchronicity if you choose. One small synchronicity I had today: I went to the bookstore to look up any new mystical books (surprise surprise everyone, I enjoy mystical books). One book was titled "How To Be A Psychic". In the book I read of an exercise on how to remember your childhood psychic experiences that you probably repressed by virtue of becoming a serious/cynical/"""realistic""" adult. The exercise said that you must first countdown from 5 to 0 then count back up to 5 again. As soon as I read that I had to count to 5 I closed the book in preparation of doing the exercise and a mom across the bookstore started counting to her child, so he would stop playing around. She counted to 5 and then stopped.
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    share them here. I've been trying to meditate more often recently to help with anxiety, but I don't ever feel like I'm getting anywhere just sitting alone trying to monitor my thoughts and my breath. The other day, I was in the shower trying to remember the Hare Krishna chant on my own, since I can't exactly pull out my phone or anything and just play it. I had just heard the podcast with Krishna Das and was feeling inspired to try some chanting. The Sync happened this weekend. I went to an anime convention, and as I was leaving, I was approached by a fairly normal-looking Hare Krishna monk asking for Donations. He gave me and my friends some free books from Pravapad, The perfection of Yoga and the Science of Self-Realization. He said he approached us specifically because he only comes up to people with good energy. Since I was leaving and didn't have any cash, I gave him my pass to the con. He was very grateful and said "You are our guru today". I took the books home, opened up the Perfection of Yoga, and on the second page, there's the hare krishna chant. It even has a passage saying that mere meditation is not enough to get you spiritually right, and that the only way is through chanting. Not exactly the most exciting synchronicity story, but I feel it's a very strong coincidence to struggle with something, then get randomly handed a book with a guide on how to fix it.
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    yesterday i was thinking about synchronicities in the shower, and wondering if they do or don't have any significance. i was thinking about how some people say stuff like, "if you try to see VW bettles everywhere, you will, but if you're not aware of them or primed to see them, you won't notice how many there are". then i got dressed and drove to work, right behind a VW beetle that was painted hot pink with colored sprinkles, like a giant cupcake. you couldn't have missed it if you tried. gave me a chuckle.
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    I had a crazy *synch* yesterday/last night/today that FELT very meaningful to me, whether or not I'm just being slightly paranoid. So in September I went to a youth meditation retreat and met a bunch of people there, and we all became pretty close pretty quickly because we spent every moment together during that time and shared a lot of personal things. We have all fallen out of touch over the months since then, and never see each other. Yesterday, however, I was at a coffee shop studying for my High Risk Pregnancy class because tomorrow we are covering heart disorders as they relate to pregnancy. Randomly, one of the girls from the retreat passed by as I was studying. We were really excited to see each other and she said she was there working on an application for the Midwifery program at the same school I go to. Im studying women's health NP and take almost all my classes with the nurse midwives, and we have the same application process so I gave her my number so we could talk over her application and catch up. THEN about 15 minutes after she left ANOTHER one of my friends from the retreat passed by. I assumed she must have been studying with the other chick, but she said she hadn't seen her and she was just there on her own. We both thought it was a pretty crazy coincidence that we had all somehow been in the same place when none of us have really run into each other since the retreat. Then the REALLY crazy thing happened last night and today. I had a dream about that Indian lady called Amma, which is weird bc I don't really know hardly anything abt her and definitely don't think about her often or anything. Then on Facebook I saw a post from the second meditation retreat friend I bumped into yesterday about Amma. In the comments section she mentioned to someone that she had met her once and given her a hug. Basically I'm like WHAT
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    Wow. I felt compelled to comment on this podcast after the intro because I fought that depression battle last year. At the time I was living somewhere new and felt quite alone. I had a job I hated and I developed a harmful weed habit. I became insular and felt my very being dissolving as I lay on the couch night after night stoned to the nines binge watching series on netflix. Its no exaggeration to say aahuge part of me fighting my way out of the cycle was the DTFH. I remember listening to an episode where Duncan said you just have to move. Put down the playstation controller and go for a walk. Right now. So I did. And the next day I joined the gym. After a while I felt hope returning against the wishes of the depression. Using this new inspiration, I sold all my useless junk and planned a traveling trip through central America which Im now completing and soon I'll fly to Vancouver to start a new, healthy life. Its so true how you say its a war and thanks to Duncan I'm winning right now. Im sorry to hear you're strughling at the moment but shit if anyone can lick depression its you. Im sure Im not the only person you've helped through it. I hope you realize how many people you have genuinely and profoundly helped through the podcast and that our love and appreciation helps you now in your time of need. Fuck depression! Keep fighting brother everything passes x
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    Also if you take psychedelics, the getty center seems like an amazing place to be chirpin' balls Especially the garden. Come to think of it so would Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. OH YEAH- YOU CAN COMPLETELY AVOID THE VALLEY. Unless you need your car fixed or want the temperature to be 15deg warmer. And last but not least, here is a calendar of literally every concert happening in LA http://losangeles.ohmyrockness.com
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    Museum of Jurassic Technology Museum of Death the arts district in downtown Lots of good views if you cruise Mulholland Drive Amoeba, definitely go to Amoeba... unless you're from SF or Berkeley and have your own Amoeba. East(ish) side: Wacko's Soap Plant/ La Luz de Jesus Gallery, and the Sunset Junction area which is nearby. The gallery always has interesting stuff and Wacko's is a weird gift shop, but their book selection is off the fucking chain Same thing with The Daily Planet on Franklin Ave in Franklin Village. Amazing book selection. Franklin village is another sweet spot near hollywood with a few bars and restaurants and coffee shops. Meltdown comics, I dunno if they still do it but they used to have the Melt(?) on Weds nites where the back of the store was an alt room that headliner comics would go to to try out new material. The first time I went I saw Ed Helms, Hannibal Burress, Kristen Schaal, Eddie Peppitone and Anthony Jeselnik for like $7 If you decide to go for a hike, hike Griffith Park and not Runyon. Everyone will tell you to hike Runyon but it's just a paved road going up a hill and it smells like dog shit. You can also hike to the Hollywood sign which is a hike nearby (technically connected) to Griffith Park General Neighborhoods: Echo Park (in and around sunset blvd), Los Feliz, Silverlake/ Atwater West side: Venice but go during the day and take a Lyft. Parking is the worst, the boardwalk is really a big disgusting touristy freakshow but maybe you're into that. Abbot Kinney Blvd is a trendy expensive street, food and coffee etc. Personally I hate Venice and the only time I ever go is in the morning before it gets packed. Honestly if you want to see the ocean i recommend just driving up the pch past Malibu or driving down the 405 to Redondo Beach. It's a little bit of a drive but its much less crowded and much more beautiful. Otherwise you're in Santa Monica which is so vapid it will siphon away your intellect and creative spirit. I would SKIP: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, most of Hollywood. Real talk I would skip the West Side altogether. It's just ...blah. Far away from everything else and boring. If you tell me specifically what you're into I could probably give more refined suggestions.
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    Agree with @Tin Ramthat you have the makings of a children's book here. With the right illustrations it would have great appeal to children and also adults. It's a gift to have a dream like that, one that deserves to be shared widely. The striking theme to me in Remember's story is the karma of possession. Remember gets a precious possession, but in so doing, he incurs karma (the suffering of the golden bird and her eggs). That karma warps his life until Growingly helps him out by transforming the red (an instructive color, red often symbolizes selfishness) crystal into a brown rock. He buries the rock- symbolizing both the chod rite of self sacrifice and the return of the crystal (in form) to mother earth. He waters the rock (attention) and the tree that grows transforms the selfish red of the crystal into the abundance of red flowers, attracting the golden birds (the gold of alchemical wisdom) and feeding hungry people with the fruit of the tree. This releases Remember from his karma. The problem of feeding hungry people is not a problem of scarcity but of distribution. The greed and possessiveness of the .01% and the channeling of money into the military industrial complex (out of fear, paranoia) ties up our resources so hungry people do not get fed. This fable is about releasing the karma of greed and fear so that the hungry people of the world can be fed. That's my take anyway.
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    What Truth is there? The Now of experience in the Unity of existence. All else is metaphor; belief is a tool.
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    @calipornia 23 is roughly when I started to get my shit together. I was anxious, depressed, and alcoholic for a couple of years around that time, not dissimilar to yourself. I'm now 27 and, without tooting my own horn too much, I can honestly say that my life right now is better than I could even have imagined back then. There was no instant turnaround, it did take several years and I'm still in the process of improving, but I want you to know that it is absolutely possible to change your life radically (although not instantly). I notice that you're specifically thinking about learning a trade, and without beating around the bush I want to tell you: DO IT. Particularly if you are wary of "committing to a career" at 23. I say this because if you want to become, say, a certified welder or electrician, you can find a program which will get you certified on the order of months or even weeks, not years. I'm told that if you find the right school you can knock out a welding certification in 6 weeks. If it turns out you don't particularly like that line of work then you've only sunk a few weeks into it, as opposed to spending four years at a university. It's way less of a commitment, both in terms of time and money, and you'll be more likely to actually find a job in the field you trained for. I haven't gotten a trade certification myself yet but I am still very seriously considering it, and I know a lot of people who have and almost every single one of them seems happier with their work than any of the desk jockeys I know with university degrees. Entry-level pay tends to be better, too. As for your anxiety, I can relate, and I know how hard it is to get anything done when even stepping outside your front door fills you with irrational terror. Been there. My advice here is actually the same as above: learn yourself a real skill. Really learn it. Once you become proficient at something, confidence will naturally follow. I know it sucks starting out on a new pursuit in a new environment when you have serious anxiety. But in my experience, as they say, "there is no way out but through." You gotta just go out there and be anxious. Some days you'll barely make it home and feel absolutely wrecked, but every day like that is a day which you fought your anxiety and won. Your anxiety can only survive so many days like that before it's beaten down to a manageable level. Don't push yourself too hard: moderation is important. But do push yourself. I don't know of any other way to conquer anxiety. Prove to yourself that you are competent at something, doesn't matter what. And don't expect to be competent right out the gates, either. Everyone starts at the bottom, and everyone who has made it past the first step in learning any skill knows this. If you do decide to learn a trade, you will fuck up and you will feel embarrassed. That's normal. Remember that no one is judging you as harshly as you judge yourself. So if when you're getting started you feel like a fuck-up, just know that literally everyone else probably has a better opinion of your progress than you do.
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    This is a thread that inspires me to post! so I decided to finally rebuild my gear collection, after giving up music for various bad reasons several years ago, in November of last year. I bought dis thing first. I love it. As flexible tone-wise as an electric guitar can get. The pickup selector settings are: Humbucker > triplebucker > single coil > single coil + jazzmaster > jazzmaster pickup. i could make any imaginable tone with this thing alone. all I had from my previous gear collection was these: (Except I tore the Tolex off of mine and painted it cream.) there are only a couple amps I'd ever want to buy that isn't this one. It's my babe. They stole the Marshall JCM 800 preamp circuit in the 80s, so it's basically a Marshall and a Fender in eternal Hieros Gamos ecstatic sex. then one @TeenKonceptz®, the beautiful man, the monster-cocked hunk, for secret Santa sent me a gift that he couldn't quite know the value it would have for me as I had been planning on buying one of them, and the other is the coolest fucking overdrive pedal I've played in its sheer flexibility. Different pre amp tubes affect it dramatically. Also tons of patch cables and pedal connectors holy shit, right? I was shocked! Shocked! Sokt! i also bought the ehx Mel9 which is now for sale. it's cool, I just wish the signals blended better. My next purchase will be the EHX Pitchfork, which I've opted for over the POG or HOG because i don't need all those bells and whistles and the pitchfork can do different intervals than just octave up/down. It's also cheaper! And still polyphonic. Also need to buy a new cab, which I'm going to maybe probably build my own using two celestion vintage 30s because they're rated for 60 watts and my head is 120 tube watts (it's loud and awesome.) and 412s are too big. Potentially interested in building a 2-10 if I could find decent enough speakers. I want the speakers to break up for my overdrive. I love gear. talk about gear more.
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    I drew this a few years ago
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    This is one of my all time favourite pieces, that I was recently lucky enough to see live. The quartet for the end of time was written by Olivier Messiaen during his time in a concentration camp during ww2. Rather than reflect the horror he was surrounded by, it transmuted into this amazing meditation on the divine. He was a deeply spiritual composer, and that immediately comes across particularly in this spacious movement for solo cello and piano. It's marked "infinitely slow" in the score, and it just makes you feel like you're floating and everything's going to be ok. Part of that is to do with his harmonic language, and lack of the usual kinds of dominant/tonic chords that makes you feel like you know where the musics going. I'm sure it's more complex than that, but I'm not going to try explain it or i'll just makes a dick of myself.
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    Check out Hermann Hesse. His stuff used to give me brain orgasms. Start with Demian... It's Jungian Gnostic stuff.
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    Before I started taking bigger doses I'd read trip reports to get an idea of what to expect but you quickly realise the futility of trying to describe it, there's bits and pieces that we try and encode into some narrative but for the most part it's at a level of bizarre that is beyond comprehension, contained only in the moment you experience it and afterwards all you are left with is a 2d photo of a wall that is meant to resemble a grand palace or something. As @vermillion mentioned there are times when you may find yourself at that same place, though for me it's always been drug induced, whether it's just smoking a bit of weed or taking a very light dose of mushrooms, there's just some familiarity and intensity that you may recognise once you've opened that door, and it'll stay open for a little while. Accepting death is probably the best advice I could give but there's not a lot you can do to prepare for it, you may read all the spiritual texts in the world, listened to Timothy Leary's "The Psychedelic Experience" etc etc and feel that when the time comes that you are faced with your own death you'll be ok with it, or somehow you'll know that you're not really dying. But then the time comes and you are convinced this is it, you're fucked, and you now have to deal with the idea that your existence is going to be wiped out, all those you care about and know they care about you, and the thought of the grief they will have to go through all because you wanted to take a dive into the unknown, it'll hit you like a ton of bricks and if you're like the rest of us you'll immediately react by freaking the fuck out. At this stage it's sink or swim, and if you're hellbent on fighting it then hell is where you're headed, for some there's only so much they can take before giving in to it and accepting the situation they've brought upon themselves, and that acceptance is what will release you from that torment, it may happen once, it may happen a few times or more, or it may never happen at all. Like vermillion it may become a purgatory, I've had that happen to me too. It's not a nice experience, at the end of it you'll be thankful for everything and it may seem worth it, it's everything, the most intense thing you'll do, overwhelming, completely bat shit crazy, and yet at times it can feel underwhelming also, you'll have an insight into madness having been there yourself, and the intuitive recognition of your relation to the universe, it'll be more wonderful than anything you can imagine and more hellish too, you'll get a good look at the spectrum that is you and afterwards not remember a damn thing. It's not for everyone, personally I wouldn't say it's for anyone really, but if you feel you need it then it could certainly help though it's not the only way, and if you do go through with it maybe you'll come out of it realising you need nothing at all including drugs and appreciate all as it is, that's the best thing you can hope for in my opinion.
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    It is always a treat to hear someone who is very familiar with their own mind talk about depression. depression is a vastly complicated topic, and I feel like a lot of the discussion around it is very polarized. people feel differently and strongly so about it, and when someone dives into it in an articulate manner, its pimpin!
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    All this sounds like good old Weedy P. Are you good old Weedy P hiding as something French? Weedy also was depressed and talked openly about it, he also made a thread and posted that exact video by Sapolsky Anyway, 99.9% of the people on here has at some point struggled with depression, and Sapolsky is kind of a well known figure, so sorry if I missed totally here.
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    The target of the recent US missile strike in Syria was a military airfield. To say that the US bombed "the same innocent people that Assad is hurting" is (in this case) a serious mischaracterization. Although civilian casualties are always a risk in any bombing, this particular strike was against as pure a military target as you are ever going to find. A military airfield is not a small installation and, with all due respect to Noam Chomsky, I seriously doubt that 85% of the missiles fired missed the airfield entirely. I haven't heard a single civilian casualty reported as a result of the US strike (though I can't claim my reading on this topic has been exhaustive). In contrast, it appears that Syrian civilians were the intentional target of Assad's sarin gas attack. So let's not fall prey to false equivalencies here. The situation in Syria is, needless to say, complex as hell. Something worth pointing out though is that one of the groups which Assad has been attacking in recent years is ISIS. When weighed against a militant millenarian death-cult of that magnitude, Assad really is the lesser of two evils. If Assad were assassinated or otherwise deposed, it is highly likely that Syria would come under the immediate control of ISIS, and there is a zero percent chance that this would be any improvement in the lives of Syrian people. Assad is at least invested in maintaining Syria as a nation and can therefore be negotiated with. It is possible this bombing may actually have the effect of forcing Assad to be more compliant with diplomatic pressure from Western nations. It is also possible that it will have the effect of emboldening ISIS and sparking a proxy war between the US and Russia (IE the main backer of Assad). I think the US bombing appears to have been impulsive and ill-conceived, but I also believe it's too soon to say what the repercussions might be. What I can say for sure though is that thinking of this in purely pacifist terms of "bombs are bad mmmkay" goes beyond oversimplification and into outright head-in-the-sand naivete.