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    Just joined, thank you! Duncan is the best, I'm excited to connect with like minded folks here.
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    Leaderless, we've resorted to flocking to power players on the forums -- warlords of sorts -- who have created smaller subsections of the boards to keep us safe. Of course, these protections come with a cost and many of us are used for slave labor, sexual favors, and worse. There are even rumors of cannibalism and other unspeakable forms of blasphemous revolt on the Writers' forum. It's not so bad. They feed us, they shelter us, they make sure we get our memes and our daily dose of Trump, etc.
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    Here's something I drew earlier on in the year.
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    Greetings fellow Dunconites! I'm stepping out of the lurk to display some of my work, i hope you will like it. Praise Saturn!
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    There is a bunch of shit Noone talks about or. I donno
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    As you can see from this new episode of reptile chat show, my Skype studio is near complete if you wanna skype in and do a reptile chat show, pop me a message
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    I used to get a lot of female affection from staying quiet. Smile, nod, occasionally ask perfunctory questions. They would say I was a 'great listener'. Just powered through the inane bullshit coming out of their tight teenage mouths. I'm celibate these days. I need every ounce of sexual energy for shitposting.
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    Hey peeps, new to the forum too! So many awesome artists here. Here are a couple of mine... "roots" "Untitled"
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    Hey all, New here as well. Anyway, I wanted to share. All hand drawn geometry, sharpie and fluorescent marker on canvas board. Most here are under black light.
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    hey everyone! who's up for a challenge? A KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE!! …just read one book by jiddu krishnamurti then eat 1 PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUS or two+ grams of mushrooms (legally, of course) and then describe your experience. the smartest brain thoughts will win BIG BIG MONEY!!! the term 'BIG BIG MONEY' is being used as a metaphorical term representing self awareness. it is not actual money. surely that much is obvious. that being said, the speaker intends to give away something that is, to him, worth far more than the sum of the hypothetical money being metaphorically discussed in this thread. so by jove sirs, don't take this metaphor literally! and don't do anything illegal ever! now, let's try to have a fun metaphorical, discussion about the nature of reality.
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    Oh boy! This is perfect timing because my latest motivational inspirational catch phrase has just coalesced!!!! "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example One: "I was born an illegal immigrant but I want to be president of these United States." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Example Two: "Last night I had a dream that my anal labia were wings and I could fly. Now I want to fly." "If you can dream it, you can believe it™!" Innkeeping with the inspirational motivational nature of this catch phrase, the number of Examples is limitless!
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    @pattmayneI've got that album on picture disc. The Perils of Believing in Round Squares is my fav track of theirs! I've had this on repeat for a while. Steve Brule and The Pharcyde sampled in one song??
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    I think I solved the case. Who is a "well known podcaster?" Marc Maron: Who is his wife? He is not married! So who is this woman who he sent to murder our friend? An impersonator! But who is good at impersonating??? ACTORS!! Who is a great actor? Daniel Day Lewis: Now to crunch the numbers: How many posts has @nicklelust created on the forum? (as of time of posting)?? 13 How many experience points does he have? 3 13 ÷ 3 = 4.3 Now, what's the purpose of this thread??? One might ask "how are there good guys and bad guys? How is anybody a bad guy?" Well, Tupac said "Only God can judge me." So if we want to learn why @nicklelust is the bad guy, we need to turn to God: Psalm 43 from the Holy Bible: (of course, we use Psalm 43 because of OP's association with 4.3, because if God is the programmer of the universe then he will release items in decimals like version 1.3 or 4.3 or whatever but the Hebrews or whatever hadn't invented decimals yet so they just called it "43" but it's 4.3) So that's your answer, @nicklelust. EDIT: Shit. So now he's got 14 posts and the math is thus: 14 ÷ 3 = 4.6 psalm 46: I don't know what to make of this. We're back to square 1.
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    I just realised what it means to be here now a couple of days ago. you connect the dots. lets talk about weed. I Meeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn weed . ok? weeed???????????? Tobacco...... Why do they put poeple in schools? What is a proper thread SHOW ME THE WAY
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    Just wanted to share this with folks, tis a video by Jordan B Peterson. He was on a recent Joe Rogan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04wyGK6k6HE) and I like him very much. X
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    Yes. Also, unless you live within easy access of nature, don't even bother. If you're in Manhattan and something happens that is so bad that you need to grab a backpack and make a run for the wilderness, you're already fucked because you're not the only desperate asshole out there. You're one of millions. And don't forget that the instant shit goes that bad the most valuable currencies in the world instantly become clean water, canned food, and bullets.
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    Lets have a video chat thing.
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    Mellooooooooooooooow yellow. intense punk rocker. Stressed out broker. Relaxed policeman
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    I think it sort of devilish that once you identify with a way of being you have to stay this way til you die actually you don't have to. But. You have to have new friends I guess
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    Unlock the secret of energy and you may unlock the secret to natural "Predator Vision" Keep practicing.
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    I've thought about this before. I mean I'm sure a million people have, as there is the old expression used to call people pussies or whatever "So and so wouldn't hurt a fly." As if that's some kind of bad quality? Anyway, I agree man. Weird this is the first topic I saw when I logged in today because as I was in the shower for work this morning I saw a small spider hanging from one of the shower shelves where I have my soap sitting. My immediate response was, "Kill that fucker." But it was pretty damn small and wasn't there yesterday. I was sort of overwhelmed by this feeling of "It doesn't deserve to die for this." It just picked a really poor spot to hang out -- because if I didn't kill it, my room-mate probably would, or it would be washed away just by being in the shower and in the way. It was directly in a place where it would die, regardless. That brings us to the point of natural selection. Some living things make decisions and end up dying for it. It happens on the smallest scale and to humans as well. A fish swimming along may make a wrong turn and end up as gator food. Those fucked up baby antelopes on National Geographic get ripped apart by lions. Death is neutral. It doesn't care about our feelings. It's bigger than our attachment to temporary organic bodies (our own or the attachment we place on others'). Of course, me killing that spider wouldn't have been natural selection. I had the conscious choice to kill or spare it. Same with any time a human has the choice of "catch this thing and put it back outside" or "stomp that fucking thing right now." I just thought that side of the conversation should be addressed. The long and short of it is, I believe in mercy and compassion. If I can avoid killing something, I will. It may sound stupid or overly-emotional but I try to think of it as like a miniature Pascal's Wager type conflict, meaning: - I could kill this thing and it effects me in no immediate way. The innocent housefly hanging out on my screen door is just swatted as an afterthought to me. I go on about my day as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, that thing is fucking dead. That's IT for him. - I could spare this thing and it effects me in no immediate way. The innocent housefly hanging out on my screen door is let outside. I go on about my day as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, it continues to live and do its thing. Harmful or poisonous invaders such as Brown Recluse spiders, etc are the exception. I get very John McCain-ish when it's a creature that would harm me given the chance. I'm a hippie so I still usually verbally apologize before I do it. "I'm sorry, buddy. Maybe next life the tables will be reversed and you'll get your crack at revenge."
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    Just finished J.P.'s entire "Maps of Meaning" lecture series; And his "Personality and its Transformations" series; Watch them, this In my opinion this is need to know stuff if your dealing with being human. X
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    DTFH and Higherside chats were my gateway into deep podcasting. Just want to be a Hjair because I have things to accomplish.
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    Radical! if someone uses the word practice as a noun outside of reference to a regulated profession, I can do the math on whether they're a "spiritual" person or not. i hereby reduce matter back down to something nonliving, and also don't reduce consciousness down to something nonliving. uh oh! Did I just be dual? That's a sin in the cool kid club. I guess that makes me a dualist idealist materialist reductionist, sorry, please kill me.
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    Interesting episode. I have mixed feelings about the message that Pinchbeck brought to the table, but i think Duncan did a real good job, asked great questions, i thought it was one of Duncans best interviews, he has really honed his craft a bit, and now that he is doing 1+ hour episodes im am loving it, the length right now is honestly perfect, yes they could probably talk for even longer, but the difference between 30min to 1 hour is really drastic in terms of quality and depth. I agree with about 50% of Pinchbecks ideas for the world. I know he has good intentions. But he really is pushing the anti-monogamy thing pretty hard. I think its more complicated then he makes it out to be. I can see where his views on sexuality have actually taken away from his shamanic practice, and I honestly think people on a serious spiritual path should take warning from his example as to how free love and sex can have a negative impact on spiritual practice in general. The guy basically spent 30 mins talking about his views against monogamy and then towards the end admitted that his problems with his sexuality led to the collapse of his business and falling out with partner, as well as other negative feelings coming from the burner and yoga communities. Look i applaud Daniel for his willingness to bring these subjects to the surface, and i also applaud Duncan for digging deeper but not judging Daniel in any way, and as Duncan said this is something that happens to many people who find themselves in leadership positions, including spiritual oriented groups and communities. But what i took from it was this guy shares what he thinks is ideal for a society with open relationships, but then when he shares his real world experience about putting his ideas into practice it didnt work and it caused him problems with at least some of his relationships. The reality is sex is alot more than just two meat sacks rubbing up against each other, it is alot more complex and dynamic, and when open relationships get out of hand usually at least one party ends up hurt in some way. Overall good episodes, I hope for Daniels Sake he sorts himself out a bit, and wish him best of luck on the new book, i do think he has some good ideas that if applied could benefit humanity for the better.
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    I thought a place in which designers can share their expertise, drop knowledge, learn, share resources, collaborate on projects, etc. would be cool. VR is the future. I'm particularly interested in constructing the skill-set to be called an Experience Designer. I'm a Sketchup wizard, with a construction/architecture/3d printing background, looking to master Unreal. If anyone needs some hard surface modeling done, hit me up. I'm just starting with Unreal... the first barrier I'm encountering is UV. Oy. Here are some of my projects to date (No VR projects, haven't updated in a while). I came across a fascinating intro to Photogrammetry in VR article recently. It details how to make a textured model mesh from a mid range camera. It's incredible that this tech is within reach to an artist with affordable software and a decent camera. This method was used for the 'Postcard experience' in Steam's The Lab. It essentially allows one to combine virtual with real world environments. A couple of my clients are pushing for VR. In particular, an experience like this. Now, this uses Photogrammetry, but is it not possible to use rendered 360 panos, linked together with 'hotlinks', that would feel like the halos in the 'Postcard experience' and also be accessible in a browser? I've come across software that links panos, but was wondering if anyone knows how to do this in Unreal since it's free. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is a video of my recent dabblings with IrisVR, a free Sketchup to VR application: Recently came across Quixel Megascans. It's a great material/model resource that ports directly to Unreal and Unity. Poliigon is also great for materials: https://www.poliigon.com/
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    Does it suck? Does it not suck? Are you lying to yourself? Do you need drugs?
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    nobody kill themselves. that tactic doesn't work. you only start again from the beginning. you gotta finish the game.
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    What's that? Talk about myself you say? Aight. But only because writing is a good reflection exercise. Ehh, mmm, probably, and usually; in that order. To be honest I feel like my life in some sense is only just now getting started, at age 27. About four months ago I moved to a new state and started what I would consider my first actual "relationship" -- which just ended a couple weeks ago, her call. I had a brief something or other with one other girl like four years ago but we only went out about a half dozen times so it's hard to say I learned much from that experience. In contrast, I feel like I've learned a lot in the last few months. About myself, about relating to other people both intimately and just in general, and of course about the fine art of eating puss. I'm still pretty ashamed of being this much of a late bloomer but it's not like I can go back and change the past. I wish I had learned some of this relationship stuff about a decade ago, but I didn't, so I have absolute gratitude toward my recent ladyfriend for putting up with my arrested-development ass as long as she did. It's hard to put into words how much it means to experience real intimacy when that's something you've been isolated from for your entire life. For really the first time ever I have an image of myself as someone who can be in a relationship, and that is a tremendous load off my heart and mind. I used to feel like a cretin and a freak with respect to women, now I just feel like ... a pretty unremarkable guy. (Hey, no confidence is still a step up from negative confidence.) Now that I've got a steady job and the relationship I mentioned has run its course and I'm still living several states over from where I grew up, I'm struck by just how unencumbered I really am. I'm financially independent and I have virtually no obligations to anyone. Who do I want to be? What are my goals? I've basically spent the last decade in a stoner haze so my ideas are pretty vague. I'm thinking about getting serious about reading and writing, perhaps even starting a Youtube channel to discuss ideas. I've also got an idea for a business which in principle I think I could set up and run but I've never even attempted something like that so needless to say it's pretty daunting. But I guess the main thing I've been thinking about is my relationships with other people. I want to live a life which puts me in relationship with interesting, loving people. Which as far as I can tell means I ought to work on becoming such a person myself. So in the short term my goals are to start meditating regularly and to stop smoking weed regularly. I want to be more present both in my own life and in the lives of my friends and family. And I want to express some of this god damned "potential" which all my teachers always kept telling me I've got. I've always had a very nihilistic and fatalistic attitude, the result of growing up with depression, but now for the very first time I feel like I am actually the authority in my own life. I don't have a clear idea of where I want to steer this thing, but I finally feel like I am the one at the wheel. It's somehow comforting and frightening simultaneously. I need to start taking mushrooms again. They were always smarter than me, it's just back in the day I was too proud to listen. I'm pretty sure the mushrooms still want me to be a cartoonist though, and that would be a truly life-consuming pursuit. Maybe they'll convince me yet, I don't know. @sad boy You sound a lot like me a few years ago. I was chronically depressed, anxious to the point of debilitation, and totally directionless. When it comes to jobs, just do something. Figure out what you like and don't like about that thing, then go get a different job with more of what you like and less of what you don't. Repeat a few times and you might actually end up doing something you like. Jobs suck, good jobs are definitely the exception rather than the rule, but this is where you can turn your depression to your advantage: your days suck anyway so who gives a shit if they suck at work or suck at home? Really though learning that I was capable of being reliable and doing real work went a long way toward digging me out of my depression. Doing nothing and feeling bad about it is a vicious cycle which actually makes it harder to do things. Doing things makes it easier to do things, and the more things you do the more things you will become able to do, which will make you feel profoundly better. The only time doing nothing is actually enjoyable is when it comes after a long day of doing something, in my experience.
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    leave that negativity in the dark, aka dont check your balance , and hope for the best. irresponsibility and poor planning, or zenlike trust that ignorance is bliss? how's this one hit you?.. i was walking home from work and knew my car was probably overdrawn or close to it. but i had been having some syncs and magickal thinking recently and i just had a feeling where i "knew" i was going to find some money on the ground on the way to get beer. so my eyes were scouring the ground for wadded up bills. but nothing. so i walk in, card is declined. do the awkward walk to put beer back on shelf. start walking home, enjoying my podcast, not looking for money anymore. something catches my eye -- a $10 bill on the ground. i have just enough time to walk back to the store, confuse and delight the store clerk, and buy the beer minutes before cutoff time.
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    Signing back up after losing my previous password! Huge fan of the podcast and looking forward to getting more involved with the forum!
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    Just playing around in photoshop trying to flesh out some ideas. I'm not sure if these are too much of a mess though...
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    If you want someone to know you listen to Terence McKenna just say the word eschatological in a sentence
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    This design lost a DTFH poster contest #losing
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    This design lost a DTFH T-shirt contest #losing
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    Im going to start discussing things with my friens one topic at a time
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    Do tyou think i f\give a shoy t do you think i carew fuckingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg delete me
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    word. god gives us all the tools we need to serve him. if you are confused by this just keep cramming mushrooms into your stupid face until you see it. the best most powerful sense of fulfillment comes from serving god in the ways he intended you too
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    I hesitate at the ideas put forward by pinchbeck. I feel more inclined just to opt out if it all. Forget all the drama and deal with your own here and now. I don't see global catastrophe or a doomed system or even a positive future. I see my phone and beyond that a sky, trees, an ocean. I can feel fresh air as I breath. Just forget the system an opt out into your own here and now.. we all have one. Then I feel I don't need to go on some path be it spiritual or destructive or do anything for that matter I'm quite happy just sitting here. We're all different but and that's cool.
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