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    No this isn't another bitch thread. I'm calling all former members to come back to the forum. All the people who left because of "trolls" or "power-hungry mods". The castaways. The weirdos. The socially-awkward. All the people who protest and lament the death of their once-great forum... Let those old wounds heal. Let us move on. Come back and plug into the hive mind. Inject this place with more information, and cool shit. We will not agree. We will debate. There will be some flames. But dammit, we're gonna figure this shit out together! Or go hang with the normies. Whatever.
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    I heard your call but I feel so restricted now. like asking me to walk into prison. Can't create new threads, etc.
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    Some of y'all on the forum have become music buddies of mine. Here's my new EP! https://toucharmorclass.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-anatta
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    Buy and Sell Forum Reputation Points Here. Hire Forum Henchmen to agree with your posts. Become a forum boss. Lets negotiate. and then we re-negotiate. send me a pm, and ill get what you need. Henchmen For Hire: ehhrrwal
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    Spending time doing nothing is pretty rad
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    Don't confuse entertainment for enlightenment. It would be one, but not the other.
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    He will drop the mask and let his amazing personality shine. He is a funny and smart guy.
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    After careful consideration of your presentation, I am ok with this
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    It is always a question of discipline no? Porn is not the problem, coke is (definitely) not the problem. It is always you. You watch porn, porn does not watch you. You snort coke, coke does not snort you. Silly but true. I know it is very hard to see your own actions in an objective light, especially repeately harmful actions. It is so easy to blame it on x (cocks, dope, whatever) when it is always you. @WhatDidIForget I have seen plenty of people totally fucked up on all kinds of drugs, including coke. I worked with drug abusers for 2 years, so yes, I have seen it all. I know for a fact that it is not the drugs fault. The problems they had started way way before drugs got introduced. I smoked heroin once, and I loved it. Never did it again though, mostly because of the propaganda saying I would definitely be fucked up if I did itt again. After the second time you will definitely inject the third time and then you are forever a slave to that state of mind/physical well being. Porn and drugs are what they are, and it is never their fault that dumb apes gets fucked up. Blame the apes lack of discipline/intelligence not the substances. A substance can never have any kind of moral attachment to it. That is beyond ridicilous. Evil fruits my ass. No such thing.
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    Speaking of, did you know that Donald Trump only allows himself to masturbate four times a year after he gets his quarterly earnings statement, and he does it by laying motionless while clenching his dick as hard as he can until he cries, comes, and shits at the same time? True story. #nofap #preztrump
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    My favorite is that famous line from Poltergeist. Everyone remembers it as "They're here" but it's really "Momma, The TV ghost wants to see my no no spot." So weird how the brain works!
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    Didn't Duncan once tell a story about a DMT trip permanently curing some chronic chest pain he was having? I'm 90% sure I'm remembering that correctly. Personally I can't say I've gotten much of therapeutic value out of DMT. Don't get me wrong, DMT is amazing and I love it, but the trip is so short and so much happens so quickly that I find it exceedingly difficult to get a "grip" on any part of the experience. The big takeaway for me with DMT is just the plain fact that such an overwhelming experience is possible. I mean, I've done it several times, and each time it still strikes me as totally surprising. That makes for an excellent "reset," and every single time I do DMT I come away with the conviction that I should be meditating every day. It definitely puts whatever little worries or confusion you've got in your life in a whole new context, and that in itself can be helpful. But as for specific lessons from a DMT trip or any particular work on myself which I used DMT to address, I can't point to anything. Other people definitely do have those stories, but I'm not sure those people were doing anything substantially different than I was. I think the decision as to whether a DMT trip is going to be therapeutic or not is really more up to the DMT elves than it is up to you as the user. (Oh and as for "letting go" on DMT, you won't have to worry about that, the experience is so powerful I don't think you could hold on if you tried.) If you're looking for a psycho-therapeutic drug experience, I've often found mushrooms will act as a sort of guide, holding your hand and taking you through the service tunnels underneath your psyche. They don't always take you where you want to go, but if you're willing to work with them and confront some shit then they can be extremely therapeutic. They can also be the exact opposite if you fight them, so watch out for that. The best therapeutic drug experience I can recommend though is taking really clean MDMA with a few good friends in a supportive setting. Not the same fireworks as a true psychedelic, but probably the most direct way to do real emotional work. LSD can be a bit cerebral, but depending on what you're trying to work through that might be a good thing. I haven't tried mixing and matching but at some point I intend to attempt a therapeutic MDMA+LSD trip. I like the cognitive control you get from LSD, and it seems like MDMA would fill in the emotional aspect which LSD somewhat lacks. From what I hear ayahuasca is just about the most reliably therapeutic psychedelic. I've never taken ayahuasca, but it being DMT based, this would definitely suggest there is some serious therapeutic potential hiding in DMT. Personally I just think that smoking it yields such a short-duration, high-intensity trip that it's like pointing a firehose at a teacup. It seems like ayahuasca slows that blast of information down to a more manageable stream. Definitely on my drug bucket list. Oh and take drugs responsibly consult your physician this is not to be taken as medical advice I am not a trained therapist that's not my car officer no I never met the guy dude I'm just smoking a cigarette here fuck off.
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    Hello friends, I have been summoned from the cosmic moon-gas of the internet; I am here to help your lame forum. I am here to help. Thanks, -PJ
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    Spending time on Alex Jones is more wasteful than spending time doing nothing.
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    I would like to see amother JRE but switch Eddie out for Duncan
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    I agree about consideration for the poorest and weakest. This is a basic principle that a lot of people disagree on. Imagine a human being that contributes very little to society. Because of mental and emotional disorders, they are barely functional. Do you want to live in a society where that person is guaranteed access to food, water, power, shelter, and basic medical care? To me that is the basic function of civilization. If, within the safety of it's walls, we are still not safe from the cruelty of the wild, then we might as well return to the woods.
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    who cares what you dipshits think?
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    As a MAN I have the right to that sweet ass.
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    Get ready for the shortest answer ever- Lizard Brain.
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    @StigWould it be possible to edit my account so there are two red down votes buttons?
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    I like the "committee meetings in space" aspect of TNG. I was never a fan of the first series or the later spin offs but TNG is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. Picard, Data, Q... so many great characters. I think a lot of people would disagree with me but I hate how this type of stuff became "action-packed". There are action movies set in space and then there is science fiction. The JJ movies are action movies because they sell better. Sci Fi is for nerds. I first noticed a change in this type of content when Battlestar Galagtica came back. It was tense all the time, filled with with drama. The thing I liked about TNG (which all the original writers hated) was that TNG charcters were designed to be near-perfect people. They weren't struggling with the usual human sins, like most characters in stories are. But I appreciate this. This is why it focused on philosophy. The crew were archetypes, true mythic heroes. Picard is the result of the actor and the writers doing their best to create a leader that lives up to the classical virtues. He is not like us. We are meant to try and be like him. What would Picard do? Since then I feel our culture has shifted to reflect the modern world, which means: an imperfect hero making questionable choices. Tough choices. Perfect for grooming a nation to accept the questionable choices of its leadership, no? What would Walter White do?
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    It's making liberals remember/redefine their own values; they've become pussies over the years. You're welcome. Sincerely, Jenkins
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    We got it to 1,000 exactly! Nailed it! As long as nobody ... wait ... SHIIIT!!! I'm sorry you guys. I'm so sorry. I fucked this up bad.
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    I remember being a child, maybe eight years and asking my mother why I had to wear swimmers in the pool. 'Just because' was the unsatisfying answer. This led me to question why we wear clothes at all. That, my friends, was the moment I realized that culture is a game, and I became a shaman.
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    Not sure what Alex is but I like it.
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    It's amazing to me how popular he has gotten, not talking shit, I enjoyed watching that video but it's just crazy how of all the YouTube channels his is so freaking massive, and it's crazy that the WSJ is beefing with him. News is so trashy. I think we'll need a new name for distribution of information after this era, news is tainted.
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    Saw @Khan's Twitter call to make this forum GREAT AGAIN! It's been so long, I had to recreate my account. Howdy, folks!
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    i was confused when some people didn't migrate over to the new site i hope reconsideration and hope for the future can warm their heart and tickle their balls, lady balls if they are a lady in this age where social media has somehow become more grotesque and pure, unadulterated information is nothing but a phantom- this should be our respite beneath the vomit waves, a chapel perilous for the ideologue to fall into and have their mind bowels rattled, and also their regular bowels what i'm trying to say is i want my bowels rattled
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    BUMP! I met half a dozen forum members in person back in the day, all were chill people with interesting thoughts. @Khanbeing one of them. I also miss the abundance of occult focused forum threads, but hey you can't force that stuff it needs to emerge organically. Less attacking, more open discussion with minds and critical thought.
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    Here is a pic of D. Trump looking vulnerable for all of us to ponder.
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    Aloha from Puna Big Island. Got into Duncan from his interviews with Ram Dass and crew. He brought out such great stuff in my favorite teachers I recently gave his pod cast a shot. Great Job Duncan and crew! I too hope to make it to Ram Dass spring retreat I want to look at these crazy blessed cats in the eyes and let those mirror neurons do there work. no internet in the jungle cabin but its time to get out and hang with my new online sanga.. Aloha Nue Nue from Sirius Cafe in Pahoa town
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    Even though it might feel like your parents' problems are your own because you live under their roof, you've gotta try to remind yourself as frequently as possible that they're not. Remember your own personhood, write out what you want from life and what you need to do to get there, and just keep referring back to that piece of paper whenever shit seems unbearable.
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    Very personal opinion, but I really enjoyed Emil Amos as a guest. I would like to hear an artist again after a period of time, to see if succes or achievements changed their views. Or an artist who failed something horribly
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    I actually did something along of the lines of "self authoring" before I even heard about jordan peterson. I didnt follow his formula exactly. But pretty much i wrote out my own "biography" kind of thing. And tried putting the pieces together, why have i failed at x, y and z, what are the main sources of depression in my life today, what do i want to do, etc. writing down "I want to make 100 grand a year and have a smoking hot wife" isnt really gonna help you out. You have to go deep and unravel things. and ask yourself uncomfortable questions, things youve been avoiding. As far as OP's scenario. I have had similar experiences in my life, certain things I wouldnt feel comfortable sharing, even though this is an anonymous forum. All I can say is, maybe spend a bit more time figuring this out. Then try and get out of there. find somewhere with people that are better then you. The more time you spend with people that are better then you, the better you will become, because you will be striving to keep up and get on there level.
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    What if Cumberbatch is what was best? What if they had cast an Indian and it was best for the movie and got dragged through the mud by portraying yet another brown man as a terrorist and labelled racists? I'm not trying to defend them, I just find it an interesting situation. Hell, I never even knew Khan was Indian before reading about the Cumberbatch issue right around when it came out. I just thought Khan was a badass name.
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    Yeaaa'! That's what I'm saying. I like stories centered around grounded, realistic characters making difficult choices, too... but holy shit, sometimes you want to get away from REALITY into FANTASY. I'd hate to see every story become purely about Grizzled Lifehater tearing out throats so he can just get by. Nice to see something that's just good every now and then. Also, @1999 Science fiction film, I'd never seen those edits before. Fucking amazing, blew through every one and it makes me want to watch TNG all over again.
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    For the Star Trek Discovery series I'm hoping for a return to the style of Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. I'm hoping it's not like the Fast & Furious Trek of the recent movies. The recent movies are cool, but they don't feel like Star Trek. I want to see strange phenomenon studied, worlds explored, philosophical principles challenged, personality archetypes evolved, and a return to big threats to the Federation... yaknow that Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Cardassian, Dominion threat type shit. Characters like Picard, Data, Worf, Janeway, Seven of Nine, Tuvok, The Doctor, Sisko, Quark. But ultimately whatever it is, I'm glad to get more injections of the Federation, I'm not going to hold it to an unrealistic standard heightened by nostalgia.
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    That period of human vs robot battles (before the inevitable robot vs robot) is gonna be brutal. I can already see that Asian army of guerrilla soldiers crouching through tall grass, stalking the robot guards, ready to do a stealth roll to attach an EMP mine while his buddy hacks the robot's radar... Oh shit! Are we the prequel for Horizon Zero Dawn?
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    Growing up I embodied that paradoxical combination of both flabby and scrawny which only the most DM Handbookish of nerds can achieve. After changing my diet (and frankly not a whole hell of a lot else), I'm now just plain old scrawny! Gather 'round and I'll tell you my secretz! ("Secretz" © Charlemagne 2073.) The crux of what I've learned is that carbs are bad (yes, even pho noodles, and I know that hurts to hear believe me I feel you). I'm not Rhonda Patrick enough to properly explain the difference between ketosis and glycolysis, but I've experimented with my diet enough feel the difference first hand. Broadly speaking, your metabolism is lazy and carbs are easy to break down. If your body has carbs available it will by default use those molecules as its primary source of caloric energy, and only when carbs are running out will your body switch over to metabolizing fats and oils. The problem with a modern diet is that carbs are so cheap and freely available that most people never actually use up all of the carbs they eat in a day, which means at no point in the day does their body start breaking down fats. Keep that up day after day and, you guessed it, you accumulate fat. Not to mention side effects like chronic inflammation. It can also lead to more serious problems like diabetes but those are extreme cases. When your body is accustomed to constantly being in carb metabolism, IE glycolysis, going without carbs for a day will basically put you in a state of physiological withdrawal. It literally feels like coming down off of a bender. You'll be groggy and irritable and probably get headaches. It takes time, at least a week, for the body to get its fat metabolism, IE ketosis, fully up and running. But give yourself the time to adjust and you'll likely be amazed at the difference. A major difference is how frequently you need to eat. When operating out of glycolysis you've got to snack pretty regularly in order to keep your blood sugar from crashing, to keep your energy levels consistent. But once ketosis sets in, your energy levels are basically consistent whether you've eaten or not. I've gotten to the point where the only meal I ate every day was dinner, and I was still able to work 12 hour days without any loss of focus or energy. Just try pulling that shit when your dinner is ramen and toast. It really is all in what you eat. So what do I eat? Meat and veggies, it's that simple. It's true that you can't live without a certain minimum of carbs in your diet, but it's also true that carbs are so pervasive they're basically inescapable. Every vegetable has some carbohydrate content. One carrot has 6 grams of carbohydrate, which I'm told is plenty for an entire day when you're in proper ketosis. Now here's what some people will gloss over: fat-rich, carb-free foods are fucking delicious. Everything I eat is fried in avocado oil. I put spicy mayonnaise on everything. And yet body fat just falls right off me, because I am actually metabolizing all the fats that I eat. I'm not hardcore about all this, I'll still occasionally snack on potato chips or get fries with my burger. And beer is still, well, beer. But most days of the week all I eat are meat and vegetables. Do I exercise? Barely. I do try to do a little haphazard stretching everyday because I hate feeling crampy and inflexible. I also try to avoid sitting in western-style chairs as much as I can. For example I sit on floor pillows when I watch Netflix instead of slouching into a couch. This month I even plan to build a standing desk for my PC. Personally I think that if your lifestyle just involves actually using your body instead of parking it in a chair all day, and if you eat a healthy diet (low carb, high fat, high nutrient), the rest sort of takes care of itself. Full disclosure, I did start running recently but I've only been on like 6 runs totaled, and I never would have attempted running were I not already feeling way healthier than I used to as a result of my meat and veggies diet. In my case it's the diet which gave me the energy to go run, not the other way around. I don't own even one pair of weights, yet I still manage to have a passable set of abs when the lighting is right. Meat and vegetables, motherfuckers. My secretz © are meat and vegetables. Oh and a little swimming advice for @pattmayne: practice swimming down to touch the bottom of the pool. It's a pretty easy goal to meet, and you can always push it further by going into the deeper part of the pool, but that simple exercise will make you waaay more comfortable with having your face underwater. I think psychologically it's easier to face (pun half-intended) having your head underwater when you know it's only going to be for a few seconds before you touch the bottom and come back. You'll get more comfortable about submerging your face as well as more confident in holding your breath, which will make you more relaxed overall when you're swimming. And those prescription goggles would probably be a good investment as well. Both for comfort and because it's important to know how aroused you should be by whomever is sharing the pool with you.
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    @inthemiddlewithu - I appreciate your honesty. I have many tracks over the type of production you're describing -- usually features I do on friends' albums and what not. For my own music I try to keep a spoken word vibe present because that's where my roots are. "College Rap", as you call it, I guess? I'm not really trying to get super paid off rap, to be honest. I'm finishing my degree to be an English professor. NOW, that's not to say I wouldn't if the opportunity presented itself. You're not coming off as a misanthropist, you're just being real - which I appreciate. I'd love to collab with you man, I've done a few collaborations with people through this forum already. Inboxing you now. Also, Hip Hop Early is a dope website. I frequent as well.
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    this might be controversial, but IMO Alex is 10X funnier than Joe Rogan. He has an incredible flair for performance and more self-awareness than most people give him credit for.
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    what is a normie sir? that is, fundamentally? perhaps if we discern together, you and the speaker, what is a normie mechanically, then we will find the very nature of reality. may we go into it?
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    If you mean chaos instead of satanic mind control then yes. See, you are an agent of chaos. It appears your mission is to spread awareness of the futility of relationships. I imagine that you have some resentment toward female genitalia since when you were a baby you were pushed out of one into yr moms poop that she relieved herself of during the process of giving birth to baby Rinzler. It must have been traumatic. All of this aversion to touching yrself stems from the inability to focus on a pleasure principal as opposed to constantly keeping up the front against it, and maintaining a presence on the board. Yr very confused, probably depressed, and certainly touched by some PTSD after being shot out of a pussy against your will into a dimension where everyone around you lives to masturbate. If I could do anything else for you then I would. Yr actually quite hopeless. I wish you the best. There are options out there for people like you, permanent hospitalization where you are fed regularly and given appropriate medication and treated very fairly by doctors and nurses. The paranoid type of chaotic mindset that you have been endowed with is always better put to use getting that D wet in some P. In a more sophisticated society there wouldn't be as much emphasis on sexuality and instead it would be celebrated. If I had to construct a story for yr case then it would be likely in my mind that you had some bad sexual encounters as a teenager that prompted in yr psyche a withdrawal into reclusion. From females. From healthy teenage banter surrounding sexuality. From yrself. Let us pray to god almighty that you get the help that you are seeking from wherever help is presented i.e. a hooker/sex worker. Until then, stay hard. P.S. I will pay for the hooker and hook you up with some quality LSD after you finish on the hookers mouth. On an unrelated note, did anyone actually watch that video? How is this real? Speciality divisions of nothingness. "Children playing with their toys in a house that is burning down."