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    I'm so sick of seeing prominent leftists putting all their energy into where people take shits and bashing white people. As a young(ish) white male, the first time I ever encountered self-hating whitism was in a Michael Moore book. It made sense, he basically said that most of the world's ills were due to old white men. I don't agree with that now, there are evil, selfish people of every shade all over the Earth. It has become the prevailing opinion among leftists, and I think has galvanized young white men into the alt-right. It's pretty annoying to be born into a world that blames you for everything bad that ever happened, and that your opinion is irrelevant. It's not surprising that these guys are drawn to a philosophy that empowers them. The whole "trigger warning" thing just painted a giant target on the left's underbelly that these guys gleefully exploited. Remember when it was right-wing religious types who were obsessed with policing language? And leftist thinkers like George Carlin tapped into a wave of subversion by using banned language? If there's one thing the alt-right has achieved is distilling conservative politics back to its core principles. Before is was hijacked by religion. Imagine if the left banded together and started working toward ending war, poverty and pollution again. These issues never went away, and are far more pressing than inventing new fucking pronouns.
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    [introduction, greetings] ... Duncan: AND NOW. OPEN YOUR HEART CHAKRAS WAY, WAY UP, AND SEND THOSE GOLDEN LOVE BEAMS BLASTING OUT TO OUR GUEST, THE ONE, THE ONLY, JOE ROGAN!!!!! (crowd goes fucking insane, one man throws up) The curtains behind the stage are being violently jostled, until one bloody hand breaks through the opening, grabs the curtain, and tears the entire thing down anyways. Joe Rogan is standing there wearing only camo shorts and minimalist running shoes. He's drenched in sweat and panting. His wide eyes are filled with apparent contempt for the audience despite their fanatical admiration and deafening screams of excitement. What wasn't immediately noticeable was the large, wet cloth bag that Rogan had been dragging behind him. As he pulls the bag into the stage lighting, it appears to be moving, and the wetness of the bag is revealed to be the deep red of blood. Saying nothing, Joe begins to unravel the knot on the large sack. Grunting, he lifts the bag in the air, turns it upside down, and dumps a writhing, whining baby elk clattering onto the stage. A second surprise guest, Aubrey Marcus, saying nothing at all, rolls a wheeled cart out to Joe, and kneels before him in silent, patient obeisance. Atop the cart is a golden chest with strange, alien engravings carved on every side. Joe opens the chest, inside is various sizes of kettle bells in the shapes of primates. Joe stares at them, runs his fingers along the details of each, tests their weight, and finally settles on the gorilla. The largest kettle bell of all. He takes it out of the chest and sets it on the ground. Aubrey closes the chest and rolls it away, returning to the edge of the stage to watch. He lights up a dmt cigarette and grins like a god damn fucking mad person. All of a sudden the lights go out. Every light. The club has turned to total darkness. A previously unnoticed projector screen then lights up to video footage of a protest. Young girls. Soft young men. They're screaming. Passionate. Angry. Flashing images, incoherent chanting, one after the other, rapid succession. The screen goes white. It's bright. Too bright. A strange siren-like noise, gradually increasing in shrill frequency, begins to play. A stout, muscularly-defined silhouette of Joe Rogan, black before the blinding white screen, picks up the Big Gorilla Kettle Bell and begins whipping it around the air, screaming, jumping, whooping, wailing. The shrill noise becoming unbearable, audience members run for the doors, trampling and shoving each other only to find them locked. Desperate, terrified, confused, they turn back to Joe Rogan on stage, amid one final, violent revolution of his arm bringing the kettle bell WHIPPING down on the skull of the young elk. People are screaming. This is not what they came to see. Trussell is no where to be seen. Aubrey Marcus runs to the center of the stage and begins ripping elk viscera out of its soft belly, and greedily and viciously chewing and swallowing it. The shrill white noise is reaching dangerous volume levels, when all of a sudden it cuts to a two and a half hour video-taped conversation between Joe and an expert on ketosis. He explains his latest theory on the role of gut bacteria in turning perfectly normal humans into fucking stupid gay SJWS. Joe Rogan in the video, present for the interview, is drooling. Joe Rogan at the Brooklyn Bellhouse, presently, tears a piece of meat from the elk's hind leg and bites into it. His eyes roll ecstatically back into his head.
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    I dearly miss the old 'doom and gloom' Duncan. The one who ranted about idiots and Satan and cataclysm. This new 'holy' Duncan just rings false to me, especially when he admits his true materialistic and misanthropic self around strong personalities like Dan.
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    I really liked this episode. At 1:03:27 there is an anomaly. Right after Paul talks about how "the guides" got their name, you can hear a voice say "say it". Then Paul says "I'm hearing 'say it'". The voice isn't Paul's or Duncan's
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    My friend opened an apothecary, and they're offering classes in various subjects from traditional golden dawn type ritual and philosophy all the way down to reading tea leaves and the lesser, more woo woo forms of divination etc. But they are all very knowledgable folks, and very warm and kind! http://www.thecrookedpath.biz/ https://www.facebook.com/crookedpathoccult/
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    If an individual uses anything as a crutch to run from their pain, then it might be interesting for the person to look into that. An addiction is a judgement one can place upon themselves. If it can be realized there is a habit. It is no longer a habit. Because now it is outside looking within. Continuing the ritual would now be considered a choice one is willfully acting on. Believe it or not, but nothing external can create joy. That state of being can actually be obtained without the assistance of the plant. Essentially, plants are a permission slip to be more of yourself.
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    Really love the podcast. I have been sleeping on it for a while, now Im binging. It's really what I need in my life and I'm happy to be here!
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    THIS quote is everything. I do feel like we're are being deliberately divided by a strange force that wants everyone to "Pick a side." I don't know if it's Elite humans or just the old forces of the god Mars (just a human energy that is building up). I am amazed how quickly people not only stand in line but will spit at the dragon of violence. I think the human couch potatoes are finally getting up from the TV and trying to reenact their favorite violent fandom. It's dark, and I think it's gonna get darker before the light comes back. It will come back though.
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    Today the word "microguilt" came to me as I was driving. I couldn't find it in a search, and I have no idea if it's an established concept under another name. Since it popped into my mind and intrigued me, I thought I’d craft a personal definition. So what does it mean? Well I’m very familiar with guilt, being a human raised in a Judeochristian family in flyover country. But I do not refer to the overt guilt we feel after doing harm, whether as the result of an unfortunate accident or an act of ill will. I do not refer to the engineered guilt that is installed by so many religions as a means of control. To me, “microguilt” refers to a different kind of remorse. This is the voice of conditioning, but coming to you from inside your mind. In each of our minds rattles a thousand nagging background thoughts from childhood and experience in society that we have all allowed to become institutions. We believe them to be true, so when they come from inside, we feel compelled to trust them. They seemed true to somebody, but they may not be true to you in your unique experience. To indulge in microguilt is to beat yourself up for or push yourself to act on impulses which you have magnified in your perception. Think of each instance of microguilt as a single buzzing fly in an otherwise serene room. It's tiny, but enough of a distraction to throw off concentration. Microguilt leads to a spiral effect as it activates tangents and these rapidly cluster up. The silver lining of this idea is that if you truly are plagued by a cloud of mental pests, each one should be considerably more surmountable on its own. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you see countless distractions and distortions. With the microguilt model, rather than being outnumbered, you can take it one moment, one thought at a time. As overplayed an image as it is, the trope of the slow-motion bullets from The Matrix is apt here. Why dodge a hail of gunfire when you can move around individual bullets? In a state of contemplation you are faced not with a barrage of pressures but with a choice of which of your obstacles to confront in the moment. With concentration and patient effort you can easily rid yourself of these little phantom flies one at a time until you are restored to a clean room to think once more. Imagine the serenity of a cool evening, undisturbed and able to stretch your mind to fit the dimensions of your imagination rather than having it jumbled around a tiny delusion or distraction. Your life can be your own rather than a parade of Pavlovian responses. What will you do with your full mental power restored? This is especially important for activists of all stripes. The world you confront with your actions is dark and filled with vampiric energies. Their greatest entertainment is to siphon the energy you might spend defeating them into fretting over the bleak circumstances of a world run by criminally insane primates with a lust for power. To serve your world, you must serve well yourself enough to stay in your best shape, both mentally and physically. The old expression “do no harm, but take no shit” applies here. It is okay to destroy thought parasites. They’re already doing it to you. How many times have you sabotaged good work by getting mired in your own holographc hellhole? Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. We’ve seen it time and time again with the FBI’s COINTELPRO and the plainclothes cops inciting violence in peaceful protests. It is a problem people tend to generate in groups, but it is encouraged and amplified by media, politicians and people of influence. It keeps the people tied up in ridiculous arguments over fallacies and the people in power laughing all the way to the offshore bank. Your efforts to organize and change the systems you rail against and seek to improve or replace will fail if these divisions destroy communities of change, and you will not be up to par as part of the work if you are divided within yourself. When you learned to walk, it took constant, total attention. You needed to learn how to use your muscles and joints in tandem to maintain balance over shifting terrain. It took you weeks and months of practice. You had a lot of accidents and maybe you even messed yourself up a bit. It was all part of the process. When you learned to think, I’m afraid, it wasn’t the same. From birth to age seven we are a combination of sponges and echo chambers. About three years in we start to string together things we’ve heard intomeaningful statements that reflect the moment, but we’re still playing parrot for a while. It is about this time that our desire for independence becomes rebellion. This instinct will serve us for life, even if it drives our parents to the limits of their patience and sanity. The problem with all that sponging is that we absorb gigabytes of data that may not all be that helpful to us. There is a fierce effort to create brand loyalty from birth on. There are loud voices attempting to force certain behaviors. We experience the reruns of our parents’ trauma and any static in the dynamics of our home life transfers to us because we are forming our definitions of reality. We carry this for life. With great effort we can undo zombie behavior and reprogram ourselves to react with flexibility and intelligence. It’s not easy. It must be done over and over. Yet it can be done. One way to look at thoughts is not to see them as the sky, but only as clouds. Your awareness is always there, as is the sky. The thoughts come and go, spawning as dust and water collide and collude. They block the light of pure awareness temporarily, yet they are nowhere near as solid as they appear. Of course not all thoughts are bad, but so many of them come uninvited and make themselves very awkward guests. When you feel invaded, remember that both thoughts and clouds are mainly empty space, and are by their very nature ephemeral. I’m learning to treat them as events within my mind rather than my mind itself. It’s a process that requires nearly constant vigilance, but it is beginning to become more natural and automatic. When I make the effort, I feel the relief. In time, I hope to see it become second nature. I hope the same for you. We all deserve to know our real power. You can’t necessarily prevent negative thoughts, but I would encourage you to take the wheel of your reactions when you can. I know introspection feels like a luxury in our hyper-aware, always-on world of information, but it’s one you can afford. Meditation, stripped of all the trappings that have been attached to it over the centuries and especially lately, is really just the practice of learning how you think and what you need. You can do this anywhere, and any time that you’re able to get some privacy. Let yourself think as you will, but keep watch. When a thought appears, be honest with yourself about whether or not it is useful to you. Does it serve you, or does it steal your attention from more useful purposes? If it serves you, let it do so, but if it is a thief, kick it out before it loots the till. It’s difficult to keep this up all the time, and nobody could really be expected to, but keep your inner eye out for bad habits. Parasites of the body steal the best parts of food before the body can digest it. Parasites of the mind do the same for our cognitive bandwidth. The less energy you allow to be drained off by these parasitic thoughts, the more you’ll have for doing what you really need and want to do in life to be happier. When you start to feel the creepy crawl of unclean spirits in your mind, keep this simple banishing ritual in mind: 1. Take 3 very deep breaths with a pause between them. 2. Picture the thought as a mosquito, then zoom your perspective out until it goes from looming large to hardly visible. 3. Thank it for its service. If it has a point, take some action. If not, dismiss the message. 4. Picture it surrounded by blue lightning, like those old bug zappers. 5. Breathe out deeply, releasing the "smoke" of the incinerated pest. 6. Breathe in deeply, filling the space it held with oxygen. 7. Reconsider where you are in your mental space. Are there more mental mosquitoes keeping you from being at a place of peace? If so, repeat 1-6. Think of this as spraying for psychic pests. You wash your hands when you’ve been in public, so wash your own brain when you get to a place where you can do the work Just as a certain amount of viruses and physical parasites can’t be avoided in daily life, the same is true of their mental counterparts. We’re surrounded by messages that are designed specifically to lodge in the mind and multiply. From Edward Bernays to modern days, propaganda is everywhere, and has been perfected. A growing number of us can see and reject it in its common forms, but indoctrination runs deep. From childhood we are encouraged to associate pleasure with brands and their ubiquitous logos. Earworms and commercials are blasted at us from television, radio, stores, gas pumps, and damn near every corner of the internet. A certain kind of hygiene and medicine are required for the pests of the body, and so it is with the mind. Practice makes ease.
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    This is not a cry for help, more like a cry for advice. The idea of the wunderkid programmer has always appealed to me. The quiet, perhaps slightly autistic, kid who has thrown away his care for physical health, and just zoned in. Connected into the matrix. In the same way, you heard presence junkies talk about musicians who aren't thinking about their actions, they are the guitar. I've been looking for that fix for quite a long time, but I have been too clunky. I don't know what it is not to think about the next thing you are going to do. Maybe I'm cursed to mediocrity. I really wonder how people throw away everything and just focus on that one thing. It's so goddamn boring. Not programming, not sports, etc. But the intermediaries step between being a beginner and becoming LeBron James. How are you suppose to say fuck it, and just commit to something when there is no pay off. How are you suppose to enjoy the process, or the act of doing something, when the act isn't fun. When it's mind numbingly boring. Do you need adderall? Do you need to blitz your mind after a hard's day work? I think I mistake these bearded unix gods as people who had it figured out from the beginning. They probably didn't. They are humans. They probably were shunned into going into computers because they couldn't do anything else. Maybe it's all a cosmic accident as to what success is. Because I not only feel, but I know that I want it. I want to be successful. I want to be good at things. But I don't want to put in the work. It's not hard to exert work. It's not hard to be a slave to something. But there has to be a percieved promise of a payoff, or at least avoidance of death. Else, you are just that, a mindless slave. But there is no promise of a payoff. There is a payoff that you can get a paycheck, but I don't want a paycheck. I want freedom. There is no guarantee that getting insanely good at programming will free you. And at what cost must you get good? Your physical health? Cranking back 100s of monsters, eyes falling out of your skull, and head falling off your neck? Not talking to other people. It is for money isn't it? It is for dominating others right? Why we do any thing really well? It's to establish that I am better than you at this thing, so shut up and take it? Or is that my fear of being a homosexual coming out? The world shows you these people who went to school, went and got a great job, and these people have made it. But what about tomorrow? Fuck tomorrow, at what cost? Are they happy? You can email them and ask them. They will tell you their happy? But are they happy? Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings of worhtlessness on to others, but why should you be happy? You aren't important. You are interchangable. They can swap you in for another unenthused programmer. So then what's the point? Is it just to survive another day? Collect a paycheck. I don't buy that it's finding what you're passionate about.
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    Go try new things. You're not gonna find what you truly enjoy by sitting around trying to think of things you might enjoy To be completely honest I've lost a lot of interest in this forum so I didn't really read the whole post. But based on what I did read, and all of the responses, you need to get out of your head.
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    alright guys so i was fapping. and uh, usually when i fap, i open up about 4-5 tabs of random vids and cycle through em until i find one worth watching. well as i was cycling through em, this one vid...uh...basically it was a trans person being fucked doggystyle so you couldnt see the penis, and the video was to low quality for me to notice it was anal, im not into anal so i usually turn those off once i realize it. But ya so i fapped to a transgender woman. I got to that spot where i was like 20-30 seconds out from finishing up then the dick appeared. I was so confused i didnt know what to think. I exited out of my browser and had a moment of silence. just wanted to get that out there because it was odd.
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    Why are the most incoherent people always the most confident in their assertions and willing to diarrhea blast their beliefs over any social platform?
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    God that was so beautiful. I want to hug everyone I've ever met and never met. Go watch it. I had been wanting to see it since the DTFH episode with Gay Dillingham and Zach Leary, and it went on Netflix recently. So good. Man. So good. Man.
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    and that is the nature of the self image sir. that is, the experience is over, but here is the mind, wallowing in it. reviewing it. weighing and comparing its tendencies, its attributes. tirelessly trying to form a static definition of itself, a rigid image of that which is pliable. all for a sense of what, permanency? but is there permanency in the accumulating and deteriorating self concept? certainly not. and so today you are a CUCK good sir, and tomorrow you'll be dominant but compelled.
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    Nibiru - starring jack black and a carrie fisher hologram.
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    NASA says Planet Nine is probably real, and much larger than Earth: https://www.livescience.com/60664-planet-nine-is-out-there.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Livesciencecom+(LiveScience.com+Science+Headline+Feed) So NOW is the time to speculate crazy shit, before they zero in on the boring truth! So, we can assume that Planet Nine is a Gas Giant with great metallic continents rising out of the gaseous ocean, where proto-humans live on floating cities. Those proto-humans are the ones who seeded our world with life. Planet Nine doesn't need to be close to the sun, because its tectonics are still so active and hot that it's a nice warm planet!
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    Where are the upcoming novelty engines or generators, that may supplant corporate power and replace tyranny with beauty? I found a few of them here, with instructions on how to build your own. A few others that I have experienced are: 1) Taketina journeys 2) Float tanks 3) Darkness retreats
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    Is it good? I don't know. www.seaking.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/seaking
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    guys it's called water LEVEL, not water CURVE. argue with that shit.
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    @duncan (By the teafærie) I’m not going to get into the whole determinism versus free will rant here. It’s a trick question and I can argue both sides and suggest obscure alternatives until we all get our brains tied in knots. um your evaluation if uh bots appears to me as if you may be on to something. Love to see you come perform stand up in Buffalo. all hope is gone (Link to teatime with the teafærie: https://www.erowid.org/columns/teafaerie/2009/12/ )
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    duncan delivers pizza to joes house but has cut a sneaky cock hole in the middle of the pizza box. knock knock. Who is it? Peeeeeeeetza guyyyyyy oooh yesss, I thought it was the pizza guy, or why else would i be smelling the odour of both hot cheese and also a mild penis burn smell of a... *sniff sniff* 7 incher? *sniff sniff* 7 and a half, upward curve slightly to the left? how much is the pizza? $24 plus tip. Here's a tip, next time try to get less pepperoni oil in your penis burn mate cheers
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    I'm researching mountain climbing for a story I'm writing. I've discovered that mountain climbers are fucking crazy. Side note: I strongly recommend the following movies: -Touching the Void (documentary with some dramatization) -Meru (documentary) -North Face (fictional film)
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    i'm teaching myself how to play the drums and am learning about brewing tea. also going out into the woods this month to learn how to cultivate and dry mushrooms.
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    I identify as intp, fyi. Not fixed by any means however. Thank you Hofmann and your problem child.
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    Okay it really is time to stop eating pork altogether. omfg.
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    Can you take a picture of this actual finished piece while it's laying on the table or floor or something?
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    My most recently finished painting! 70x100cm acrylics and ink on paper. Currently i'm working on several salmon-themed pieces which all should be unveiled pretty soon, btw how do all of you artists out there put yourself into a creative space? Do you have any particular rituals to cultivate creation or do you just power through? Either way i hope you'll enjoy : "Teenage Salmon" Praise Saturn.
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    I wonder if it would be possible to get a transcript of this episode. It completely blew my mind. Channeling aside, the message from the "guides" resonated over and over again.
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    Quite the far out episode. I remain agnostic about his channeling as well, but he did bring up many valid points about our human predicament. I especially appreciated his acknowledgment of our addiction to fear and how we're a victim of our own expectations.
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    Rest In Peace Duncan Trussell Family Hour Center for Self-Optimization Version 2 2016-2017 Bless.
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    I am a new user here. Love hearing Duncan. He has turned me on to a new mindset to make positive changes in my life. Hope to hear interesting and inspiring words from everybody here.
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    He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
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    when it becomes part of your identity. part of your self concept. sir, we like to pretend the self concept is something permanent. rigid. static. we give it a name. we dress it up with all sorts of ideas. we compare and label the various attributes, the tendencies. and with each new experience the process repeats. and so the self concept is constantly cultivated, constantly refurbished. and so, to define the self statically, rigidly, ideologically, sir to identify and so to compel oneself with ideas, with belief, is to destroy reality in perception, sir by jove! put differently, when there is identification with a certain aspect of an integration, there is then compulsion. naturally. identification with the left is to deny the right. but both the left and the right are components of the whole integration. and so to understand a problem fully, that is, to find reality, there must be understanding of the left and the right, dispassionately, humbly, earnestly, and not with identification or denial. when there is compulsion, there is identification. and vice versa. do you see it sir?
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    @CosmEffect I love this because I was thinking about your symbol system when I wrote that post. Iwondered what kind of artifacts could be made from those symbols and what effect putting them into the world might have. Btw, love your signature symbol. Teh idea of making a currency of your symbols is stellar. What if a curency represented more than an isolated exchange of energy, but also represented other relationships supportive or tangential to the exchange? Relationship to Earth, perhaps, or to technology, or to art, or to fun. Could a new kind of currency help life evolve? My computer is fried rught now so I'm two fingering this on ipad. I have not really examined you symbol sytem yet but I will take a deeper look and write a better reply when I get my puter fixed/replaced.
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    I could use some bad bubble hash
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    Agree 100% Earlier my dog (a pug) had jumped on my bed as per usual. She was about to get let out so my mom ended up coming down the stairs to get her so she could get her out and go potty. Well, I had a woodie. Very apparent as I had only a thin blanket over me. When i was younger I would have feigned discomfort and rolled on my side or whatever because its my mom but I've grown more comfortable with my own body and its functions with age. So it was like 6:30 and i had unsuccessfully lay back down ~5:00 when i woke to make coffee and had a bowl of cereal only Dad was asleep on the couch which is near to the living room, and he yelled at me to turn off the light and go back to sleep. For which i did. only before getting back into bed i set the intention to arrive at a astral orgy. because I'm a savage and like to have fun from the comfort of my own space (not that I'm an introvert, I'm not). So cut to an hour and a half later when my dog woke me up I was horny but totally asleep. Soon thereafter my awareness clued me into a subtle sense that i was in a kind of office setting. I must have been feeling romantic, although i admit that i honestly wanted something juicy. See, when you're in this state SURE you can take the closest piece of ass near to you and start pounding but admittedly I've not been able to get over the rapey aspect of it. YET. So i began chatting up some business-suit types and generally meaning well without getting anywhere. I definitely am aware of my erection which gives me enough hutzpah to continue the pursuit of tail. long story short i get super lost and in the middle of a computer terminal central everyone begins pointing to me and questioning what I'm doing and to embarrassed to admit I'm trying to get a quick nut i abandon the mission and decide its about that time to grab some coffee and talk to you lovely pistachios. Keep up the fap grind.
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