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    I was a huge fan of this episode, I have a lot of respect for Abby Martin and I really thought all of her points were solid. I especially appreciated her discussion of Milo Yiannapoulis -- he regularly tries to out transgender students & is a pro-ICE voice. What people don't realize for trans folks is that being outed can literally be a death sentence. Trans folks are murdered AND commit suicide at a higher rate than any other group in the country, across all other categories (ex, trans white people, people of color, different economic backgrounds, etc.) Also, it is worth noting that Milo declined to meet with the Journalism students at Berkeley for an interview away from the crowd. I especially appreciated Abby's voice after the Jordan Peterson episode where he went on and on about 'they' pronouns as if having language evolve was violence... I would argue the death toll of trans people just trying to exist says otherwise...
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    Uh oh. I feel a rant coming on. First, thank you @duncan for at least talking about this and having some humor around it. Second, just because a group is able to rise out of marginalization doesn't mean that the current group of privilege then becomes marginalized. To think otherwise is a highly limited belief. Don't give into the fear! People who seek social justice, by and large, do not want to oppress white people. They want equal access to privileges of education, economy, and health for all. To say that these Canadian bills and the LGBT community have pernicious intentions is truly confounding. They are seeking equal rights under the law. If you didn't have equal rights, what would you do? This man, Dr. Peterson, is trying to play a role in determining labels and titles in an effort to maintain the status quo of power and privilege for the heterosexual, white, male. Why in the hell should he or anyone else care about how others wish to be identified or what their preferred pronoun is? It doesn't effect you in any significant way! I mean really, are we trying to bring back the Red Scare?... labeling progressive humanities academics who are challenging the antiquated patriarchy as "Marxists" and "post modern extremists." What an interesting and fantastical paranoia! Furthermore, Peterson completely fails to recognize both the economic and identity oppressiveness of our capitalist system. This is not to say that communist and socialist systems of the past were any better. But to say that these Canadian bills are the work of post modern extremists is itself an unfounded and extreme view. What does this man have to lose, or any other white male, to accept others for whatever gender or pronoun they feel they need to be called by? He suggests that for a woman (who feels like a woman) to change gender identity results in destabilization. He is right. This is the same reason why someone who is labeled by society as a woman but feels like a man (or visa versa), but is not allowed the identity of a man also suffers from intense destabilization. Please note, Modernism and The Enlightenment is based on the excellent ideas of equality and justice thought of by a bunch of white men who then didn't think they should extend the same human rights to those who are not white or male. Bless your sweet soul, but @duncan, you say "apparently the straight white male is the worst thing to be on earth right now?" I know you're a comedian, but this is a serious conversation (as many of yours are, which I deeply appreciate) and being a comedian is no excuse for ignoring realities of oppression. For a straight white male to assume the role of victim by having this response is also confounding. We are the not the worst things on earth. We are the most privileged in our society. People who talk about oppression and social justice, by and large, are saying that other groups deserve just as much privilege and power as straight, white men. To label those who speak out for social justice as post modern extremists is the same defensive, limited, and prejudice act that others assume who say that all straight, white men are an awful, racist people. Really, how many conversations have you had with people who are not white or straight about this? If your people had been oppressed for centuries without access to privilege, and still are, how would you feel and talk about these issues? In fighting for rights and social justice, do you really think that marginalized people are fighting to oppress white men? Bless his heart, but this psychologist is one who, to no fault of his own, was educated and trained in a professional world that failed to recognize the importance of multicultural dimensions when considering the psychological well being of individuals and communities. Also, he professes to have a great amount of respect for logic and science, yet he makes completely unfounded, illogical connections between gender and sexual orientation. He suggests that there is some kind of direct correlation between gender and sexual orientation; that if one is determined by biology, then so too the other must be. Where is the logic or science for that? The truth is that no one knows what determines either of these things exactly. Gender and sexual orientation are not just a matter of organs and biology. There seems to be continuum and a lot of grey area with no clear biological, psychological, or cultural explanation for either. Duncan, or any man for that matter, if you would like to lift an existential weight off your tender, sweet shoulders then I would kindly suggest surrendering to the reality that you do have privilege as a straight, white male, that other groups are oppressed due to the lack of access to this same privilege as a result of our inability to surrender. Further, I would suggest you seek to have more discussions with people who are more different from yourself. And have them on your podcast for Christ sake! Not only would you expand your audience, but it would be even more enlightening! Yes, these discussion can be uncomfortable. Surrender to the discomfort! Remember that any success you have achieved involved first facing fears and being very uncomfortable. If we choose not to have such discussions, then it is undeniably a convenience and privilege we have as white men. Oppressed people have no choice but to have these conversations if they have any hope of gaining equal rights. Aside from everything based on white male fear and paranoia, this episode was exquisite! Stepping down from soap box.
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    I feel so stuck. My job is depressing. Not as though I just don't enjoy it, but I actually dread driving the car there everyday. Background: I am 38. Had a son at age 20 (I know... but birth control does fail at times and this human makes me think we are indeed evolving. He's awesome. Maybe he was meant to be). When you start a family you don't really have a chance to go backward. At least it's a lot harder. My husband is a hard worker and a delight but I am the primary breadwinner. That's just the way things shook out. I managed to Forrest Gump my way into a decent career. I make a good wage. In fact, my career has exceeded my education at this point which is a bit troubling but I'll put that worry aside for now. I work for a large hospital system. I accepted this position 2 years ago. I am a "system" (corporate) employee that is physically based at one of the hospitals. Lo and behold... they loathe system employees. My office is located two floors below the basement, far from other humans. I feel like the guy with the stapler on Office Space. I can go days and days without seeing another person . I can go loiter in their areas, but that brings me back to the whole they loathe system employees part. It's really difficult to impose yourself on people when you are pointedly not welcome. I am actually worried about what this level of isolation is doing to my brain. I don't really feel that I do much of value. Turns out, my primary job function is to try to charm the local hospital execs into liking corporate more. Prioe to this, I was a systems analyst and programmer, did some consulting work as well. Can't say I was exactly passionate about that job but at least I wasn't actively shunned and was able to actually accomplish things. This one company would like to hire me, but it's travel 3 out of 4 weeks. A little much for my taste. This job has kind of shattered my confidence. Embarrassingly, I've cried in the car more times than I can count. These people are brutal. I don't really have any talents. No, but really. I don't have something creative to try to fall back on and give a try. I've fantasized about writing but that's just what it is: a fantasy. I wouldn't mind going back to school. Maybe for psychology, I think I'd enjoy that. But my kid starts college in the fall, and I certainly can't pay 2 tuitions and make our mortgage payment . Oh, and not to mention, I have rheumatoid arthritis which entails some costly treatment. Another fun fact, not to digress too far: the drugs you take are basically immunosuppressants. The depressing office I'm in? They're turning that into a Special Pathogens Unit. I mean- ya gotta laugh. The immunocompromised girl will be in the same hall as the Zika/Ebola/whatever other highly contagious and terrifying outbreak patients. I guess I just can't decide on whether or not I need to take action for my own wellbeing, and if so, what is it? My number 1 priority is my son. Can I endure this situation until he's done with college? I often feel like we just have this one life (maybe) and I've got to figure out how to not spend 50+ hours lonely and frustrated. And the other part of thinks that I need to find a way to make myself content and comfortable no matter what my circumstance. I deeply wish my Dad was still alive to give me advice. Topic for another day, but the man was a fuckin baller. Tell you what: @duncan'S podcast has sure helped me get through my days in my little depressing cage. I refer to it as the shu (solitary housing unit). It might all sound so silly. And I certainly know my situation is no worse than anyone else's! But it's affecting me. It's weighing heavy on my heart.
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    Trump is a distraction from local issues. Anyone know what's going on in their neighborhood? Probably not.
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    Lady here, but I can at least contribute what works for me & what drives me away (personally). my "mating call prep" -smelling good -wearing makeup (especially red lipstick, above and beyond I get flirted with the most if I do red lips) -wearing a dress, especially if boobs, butt, or legs (in any combo) are out. (why lie. lol. we are on a physical plane of existence together, might as well notice each other's physical attributes) -smiling, making eye contact, and initiating conversation -using raunchy "unladylike" language or jokes, letting out a public belch any combination of these things beyond my usual effort (which usually is comfy leggings, a t-shirt, and a hoodie or big sweater) usually ends up getting attention & flirts and that lovely validation of mutual attraction. There's also an energy aspect -- if I catch someone looking at me or catch someone's eye I can kinda tell what they want or what kind of energy/vibe they are putting out. If a guy is looking at me like a piece of meat they want to demolish, I am going to be intimidated and not want to talk to them. If a guy is looking at me and projecting 30 years into the future together, I am going to notice and also be intimidated at the thought of someone who wants to 'mold' me to their preconceived ideal. If a guy is looking at me in a way where I feel flattered & appreciated I will be drawn to them. I feel most attracted to people who I can feel safe around. Might seem paradoxical but if I can tell that there is zero expectation of sex or romance or pressure for that, then I have a MUCH easier time opening up and actually being sensual. Other attributes like body type, etc are secondary to safety and comfort, and active listening. And I mean this for real. I have dated what could be called conventionally unattractive people quite a few times because physicality is just one aspect of a being. I also recognize in society I am seen and described as 'conventionally attractive' and I try not to take myself or my looks too seriously, just one part of me as a whole human being and no substitute for substance of personality or intelligence. If you are having no luck with the ladies consider what you want and what you are thinking when you look at someone the first time. Are you seeing too far down the road? Are you imagining the hardcore rough porn you watched last night with my face plastered over the female lead's? Are you making up a story in your head about what you want out of our conversation? Or are you just interested, in the moment, and open to the possibility of learning more or having a new experience together? When is the last time you really washed your balls? When is the last time you really washed your butthole? Did your laundry? Ate something healthy? Did volunteer work or got out in your community? A man who gardens is especially attractive! (to my hippie ass) If you want more success with women take a look at yourself and ask if anything that you do or how you come across could be intimidating. I am 5'1" and am just not that strong. If a dude (or woman, or nonbinary person) of any athletic ability decides he wants to use force, I am DONE for. So if I get a gut feeling of danger I would rather be safe than sorry. That doesn't mean I talk to zero strangers, quite the contrary. I love talking to and meeting new people and actually trust quite quickly. But if something or someone sets off my 'alarm bells' I am going to go the route of self-preservation rather than be in danger, even if it means potentially hurting someone's feelings. Not saying that I go around thinking that everyone is a threat, but to be real there ARE predators out there and I would rather miss out on a potential date than miss out on the rest of my life. tl:dr, i am smol woman. I scare easy, for reasons. If you don't scare me & smell good, it doesn't matter what your body type or facial symmetry or clothing style is. I will probably talk to you.
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    I made an account just to answer to this thread, cause nobody is talking about why I think the forum died, and yes compared to where it was it's dead, but it's still active enough to have fun reading But I think it's dead because of the podcast tbh, I used to be near obsessed with Duncan and this podcast, but I think the podcast has regressed, the main reason is the lack of podcasts, like you can't depend on a certain day to get your fix of the duncan, or even a certain week, then you may be excited for a new one thinking oh it's been 10 days surely another podcast is about to come out, then a new one doesn't get released for another week, I just looked through the times he's released podcasts in the past compared to today to make sure I'm right, and ya there's more long breaks in podcasts than there used to be, it seems he's been releases more podcasts as of very recently, but with the last 1-2 years there's a lot of gaps in weeks that you'd expect something to come out, by the looks of it you can just tell this is how duncan would run a podcast lol, like there's months where there's more than a weekly basis, then months where there's only 2-3 released Then, there are the lies, idk why this isn't brought up, but there has been so many things duncan has said that is coming up, or coming out, and it just never happens, like he'll say something like I'll put a new podcast up in a few days, and a new one doesn't come out for another week, or my personal anger that I still keep is the live podcasts like 2-3 years ago lol, like Harmontown went on a live tour and uploaded those each day that they were on tour, and Duncan talked a bunch about releasing them in some form, but never did, never addressed it, like the live podcasts that he's released or that were bootleged were sooooo good, there's so much content we got fucked over by not getting, or at least that's how I feel about that, but my point is that by him telling you that you're getting something, then you just get let down by it never happening and most of the time not even addressed for why that didn't happen, it's not good Lastly, I think the length of the podcast should be longer, like I love the long format of rogan and pete holmes, and other podcasts will go like 2 hours, but with an hour, or even recent podcasts being like 40 minutes, or I was super excited about David Nichtern and Lama Surya Das (which we got long live podcasts of both of those) but for those to have gone with such short interviews, it's almost like why would I even listen to this? Compared to when these guys go on Pete Holmes, they get super deep with that long format where I relistened to those multiple times Now Duncan is probably my favorite person ever, he's just so funny to me and has much deeper spiritual knowledge than me - the two things I care most about lol, might be the funnest person to me, but I have to say I think the forum was the strongest when he was going through all that shit with cancer and his mom dying, he was putting out podcasts more regularly than he is now and the content was life changing, he was just so raw and honest, and I feel like the last year or longer the podcast has suffered, not to say he has to have some massive breakdowns for the podcast to be great, it's just that rawness and honesty and putting personal stuff that people can relate to, like even if he's happy and shit over the dumbest things I'd rather hear that than nothing, that honesty and his take on where he's at is what I love about duncan But to sum that up, there's just no hype around the podcast like there used to be, I don't get the same excitement out of knowing a new episode is coming, and it's not because Duncan isn't the coolest person ever, but if he had a Pete Holmes like 2-3 hour interview that you can depend on coming out each week, sometimes 2 a week, never skipping weeks except for Christmas or when he was filming even then only missing like 2 weeks out of the year, and he releases every live podcast he does, I feel like all that together would flourish the podcast, more people would be more identified with the podcast, buy the merch, come to the forum, things would be on there to be discussed, this is just my opinion, now I don't think that's ever going to happen, but I think it's proven from other podcasts that that's how the fans come and stay
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    Where I live (Norway) there are debates about whether we should implement something called civil wages (not sure if that term makes sense in English). It means that you get a certain amount of money as a baseline every month. We already have a welfare system that gives you a certain amound of money if you can`t/will not (for one reason or another) work. The problem now is that there is so much shame in not having a job. They (the state) also make it very hard for you through a hellish bureaucracy. To my point about robots. If robots can do all of the mindless depressive jobs, and that money (or some of it) went to the people as civil wages, those people can do things they would rather do (creative work etc) without feeling shame or develop mental problems because they feel useless. People can relax, because they know they have a base income no matter what. The difference is that you don`t have to waste away your life on mindless tasks, when you would rather do something completely different with your life. If you want to work, you get that on top of your civil wages. So it is basically the same, only that people who are satisfied with less, have the option to not work and still survive. I know many people whose quality of life would be drastically improved if they just could quit their hellish mindless jobs. These people have many other qualities which these jobs kill completely. If a robot took their place, those people can have more freedom to figure out what they want to do. We should not underestimate what people are capable of doing, if only they were relieved some of the daily pressures involved with having a job you hate. As I said earlier, if you want to work you are of course allowed to do that, so these civil wages are not a hindrance to workaholics. They provide a mental safety net for people who struggle with finding their place in a somewhat sick society. I guess this is a really far fetched idea, and it will probably be hard to convince the regular american the benefits of these civil wages. Norway is a very small country with a very good welfare system already intact, so it is probably a more suited country to try this out. On a personal note, I really hope this happens. If I had a basic income, I could concentrate more on doing the stuff I know I am good at. I could probably work half as much as I do now and earn about the same. To work half as much as I do know would change my life completely in a positive way. Also, you can work little(or not work at all) and there would be no shame involved.
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    I'm surprised to not see the obligatory "oh, this thread again" comment yet. I've posted a lot of this before, and don't think I will do so again, but I think I'll take a moment to identify as an obsessed shut-in egotistical aaaaasshole. Obviously there is truth in the sentiment of "this thread again" ... Not trying to lay any judgment trips, just sharing my honest thoughts while still holding back a bit for the sake of not being overly harsh. There used to be a variety of people here which I highly valued conversing with. I am not speaking of the one or two individuals regularly referenced in this regard but rather an entire community of the kinds of people I generally cannot seem to find around in real life. As the years went by, a lot of these users were systematically eliminated as vampires or fell off due to the varying reasons discussed in this thread. It's a funny thing this distinction between vampire and troll. These supposed vampires were generally not trying to stir up trouble for its own sake, or machine-gunning baseless insults at everyone. Neither were they were presenting a false character to the forum and filling it to the brim with nonsense ala the likes of @DinduNuffin Rather the vamps would present well thought-out posts which were also very long and rich in information. Information being ideas which stimulate and provoke the kind of back and forth where we really learn from each other in the process. I guess a portion of the users found these intellectually challenging conversations to be psychologically threatening (because what else can they be considered, when we're talking about walls of text) and some mod/admins who were rarely part of any said discussions felt the same. The bans began flying and creating feedback loops as more users were banned for voicing their disagreement. This feedback loop lasted quite a long time. Now Duncan seems to have transitioned away from this philosophy of vampire killing as he has moved more in the direction of compassion and the loving everyone school of thought. It seems he recognized that the previous is a not very well thought out strategy in dealing with what one perceives as negativity, and that this only feeds the machine. Unfortunately it seems to be too late in regards to the effects on this forum. Still, there have even been recent causalities despite this shift, like old Reptile who was widely loved and a bridge between the eyebrow and the underbelly. He even consistently created podcasts around the forum, only to be banned by a celebrity guest-mod, a follower of union through love and whose blog informs me that he loves me via pop-up. I sometimes spent entire afternoons or nights composing and replying to threads, because this is where I found intellectual equals who could hold their own in the realm of strange subjects. Now there's lots of talk about music, movies and video games, and the semi-strange tends to be not particularly arousing. Perhaps the move to reddit should have been made, as this new set up with just one main forum is basically the exact same thing, and those of us who enjoy forums are not really interested in this format. 57. Despise also all cowards; professional soldiers who dare not fight, but play; all fools despise! 58. But the keen and the proud, the royal and the lofty; ye are brothers! 59. As brothers fight ye!
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    It's the result of following a simple, guaranteed formula for failure: Ban or discourage the presence of several of the most interesting forum members. Tolerate, or otherwise implicitly encourage, the presence of users who should have been banned almost immediately. Put a technical administrative functionary who is almost, if not actually, uniquely unqualified for the task in the role of social-taste mediator. Move the forum to an unusabe hosting format without notice. Move the forum to a more suitable format. Double down on (1.) through (3.) just long enough to ensure that the forum can never recover. Bail. But, lest you get confused, just remember: It's all your fault.
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    Because everything has been discussed to death. Because not enough people made it over from the old to the new forum. Because not enough new folks come here. Because people don`t bother making threads anymore because they know it will be deconstructed and ruined. Because people have better stuff to do than hanging out here. Just of the top of my head.
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    Bad dudes is a NES game
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    @sirs, @sirsettes, it seems we have discerned the winner of the KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE, the chance to win BIG BIG MONEY. to recap, there were four CHALLENGERS. @DinduNuffin, @DindetteNuffin, @monkey_mine, @muted. dindette cannot win BIG BIG without paying BIG BIG and the speaker has no possessions, so they are out. @muted sees comparative approximations and not actuality - and that certainly won't win BIG BIG around here. @POWOTE looks without comparison, without the obstructions of the past. without images sir. @POWOTE did not run from conflict, complication, absurdity, truth. @POWOTE did not run from relationship sirs. and relationship, is the mirror that reveals the self. but surely that is clear by now. NOW, one matter remains, and that is the matter of the BIG BIG MONEY. the speaker started this CHALLENGE with the intent to give to someone some MONEY BIG BIG! and he intends to do so. so here we go: what is money to you sir? hmm? to the speaker money is associated value, fundamentally. that is, it comes in various forms, metals, rocks, numbers, computations, tasks, but it matters not what is its form, but rather its association. and the form of currency the speaker is interested in, is mechanical association. that is, how, mechanically, to shift the collective association of value away from particulars and onto the abstract. that is the fundamental problem of the speaker. your problem, fundamentally, is how to get your BIG BIG MONEY. well sir, you will have to come and get it. and feel free to bring the misses. that is, the BIG BIG MONEY is waiting here for you in CANADA. it must be awarded mechanically, and the currency is the association of value. here's how it works: the speaker will cover your expenses for the time you are here, but you must make it to CANADA independently. we will discuss the particulars at a later date. upon arrival you will sign a non-disclosure agreement and we will go fishing. then we will drink hot cocoa by the lake. when we are all sufficiently rested and relaxed, we will eat some CACTUS. legally, of course. then, the speaker will give to you the BIG BIG MONEY. it will be there in the sunset. it will be there in the waves. it will be in your lungs with each breath. so there you have it sirs! the CHALLENGE IS COMPLETE!!! POWOTE WINS!!! if/when he decides to come and collect his BIG BIG MONEY, we will post results here, on the DTFH FORUM. THANKS TO YOU SIRS FOR ACCEPTING THE SPEAKER INTO YOUR DTFHF COMMUNITY!!! AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READ THE KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE!!! THANKS @duncanAND @Stig AND OTHERS FOR NOT BANNING THE GOOD SPEAKER!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!! THE KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE VOL. 2 KRISHNAMURTIER: is nearing blast off. 'the speaker' (below) is the world's first CLAYMATION PHILOSOPHER who lives under a PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUS. DENUDED of all PRECONCEPTION, the speaker speaks, without the image... his only interest, is to end all human conflict, and crush some puss.
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    I actually got permanently banned from r/The_Donald (the most popular pro-Trump Reddit group) today for asking why the place seems so biased and is void of debate. LMFAO Guess I got my answer...
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    You guys are amazing. I was feeling kind of silly about lamenting my situation and was very pleasantly surprised to find your kind words and sage advice. (My phone wanted to autocorrect advice to AC/DC. While they are a lot of things, sage wouldn't necessarily top my adjective list there). @ThisIsMyCareer- excellent point. I certainly don't consider youth and beauty as the be all end all- shouldn't expect that others would either. For the record, you do seem like a good time even in writing! @Jief Chustice Ron Joberts- I love what you wrote. It sunk in. It gives me a new perspective. Maybe this layover I'm having is all to the good. I need to try harder to think about it that way. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. @CosmEffect YES. I like your strategy. I'm going to do just that. I think I've a pretty good idea of what makes me tick, but I've never written it down like that. I imagine I could surprise myself. @OkomfoTrue! Actions aren't always immediately measurable. Perhaps it's taking me longer than I expected to acclimate to this hyper-political environment. Things do move at a snails pace. And scouts honor- if I dance topless in a thong for any reason at all, you will be the first to know. @Tin RamI'm excited to check out that website! Thank you, sincerely. I'll have the kiddo take a look as well. He's pretty excited about the kind of work he has chosen, but nothing but good can come from further exploration. I know I don't owe him tuition. He knows it too. I'm the youngest of 5- my parents simply couldn't afford to help any of us with school (and no one holds that against them one little bit). I just have the one, and have always wanted to help him to figure out what he loves to do early, encourage him to pursue it, and try to get him off to a good start without a mountain of debt. @K.O. Ok You make a good point! I have been fretting about this lately. My natural inclination isn't toward negativity but perhaps I've let it get the best of me lately. It's all that damn time alone! I'll put it to better use. I really feel better just having vomited up all my silly feelings. I think I needed to. My plan for now is to change the conversation in my head and try to recognize the opportunities for growth that I have in my current situation, and try to figure out what it is that I really want to do. Even if I do want to put my kid through college... 4 years goes by pretty damn fast in the grand scheme of things. What a lovely community it is here. I am thankful.
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    Nice post Notahater_abuttlover I'm glad not everyone out there is lapping up Jordan Peterson's disingenuous arguments.
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    When we are aware that some pleasures serve us better than other pleasures it is difficult to act as if you did not know this. That's why we sometimes work at unsatisfying jobs because we know that there some very intense pleasures that we can gain like a hot vacation in December, feeling the hot sun warming our faces and the warm sand running through our fingers. However through trial and error many of us have learned that connecting through love to ourselves and those around us yields a pleasure that is greater than anything else we have experienced. No matter how we stumble on this fact, that somehow doesn't stop us from reacting to others and the world in way that suggests that we don't know this. That is because the intensity of simpler less useful pleasures momentarily blind us to the powerful, intense and expansive pleasures that come once again with the awareness of this resource of love. We sometimes only begin to realize that our actions are not serving us well when they bring a kind of spiritual pain as the awareness strives to surface. We sometimes become angry at ourselves and even call ourselves names, while deeply religious people will say they have sinned. These actions and beliefs are counterproductive however, since all we want to do is become fully aware again of the love that is available from ourselves and others. Once this awareness is upon us again it becomes difficult to act as if we did not know this and we begin to show love to ourselves and others. This type of inner guided behaviour is sometimes called coming from a place of love. This doesn't mean that we would let people walk all over us. On the contrary, coming from a place of love brings a fearlessness that is extremely useful in any situation. It also helps us to tap in to all of our resources like intelligence, focus, healing through natural endorphins and a sense of humour. The love you feel first of all for yourself is a powerful force that confirms your connection to all around you and the beautiful elegance that is your amazing existence. You are also instantly aware that others exist in the same amazing way and you cannot help but love them as well. But this awareness also informs you that everyone has similar struggles in getting to this place of awareness which sometimes makes the world a dangerous place as we and others around us act outside of this awareness. The best way to defend against ourselves and others acting outside of this awareness is to root ourselves deeply in our own awareness and from there lead others to it to mutually build the intensity of the pleasure that comes with this connection . This awareness may more often than not direct you into confrontation rather than away from it as you draw others to you. You will speak with authority to the connected energy you know resides in them and your words will hold power and connect with them although they may attack you verbally and (and sometimes even physically) for it. But your fearlessness will equip and prepare you to defend yourself verbally and physically up until the point where you are no longer threatened and you will immediately strive to love and connect with that person again since that is where the greatest pleasure lies for you. Coming from a place of love is coming from a place of our greatest power. There is no wrong in it. There is a sense of rightness beyond right. We are in a sense of ecstasy because we are tapping in to the greatest pleasure we have ever experienced and it is a rush beyond belief every time we experience it. We feel a sense of love for ourselves that eclipses any of our moments of achievement and we have a clear realization that others have this same energy within them as well. At that point we cannot help but love them as well and our fearless actions will reflect that as we seek to experience the heightened pleasure that comes from connecting to that energy within them.
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    this thread makes me glad this place died what a bunch of self indulgent, self exalting wankers
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    If the parties are both so corrupt that distinctions become irrelavent, totally controlled by corporations, and warfare is just a constant "security" act for both parties (where you don't even need to declare "war")... Can we say that the oligarchy is a fascist state? Can we also say that racial tensions and persecution is just more delicious distractions, the continued "divide and conquer" tactic in the class war? Racists don't run the country. Oligarchs have hired racists to distract us so they can continue running all the countries and "earning" everything that exists. We need new words. Racist, Nazi, facsist... The hostile fuckers are clever enough to evade all these definitions. Just like wage-labor isn't slavery, it's something else unhealthy, Trump isn't a fascist. He's something else unhealthy! We need to be clear in our complaints. Like how the Muslim ban was not a Muslim ban. It was a person-ban, with easy-to-define problems and harm.
  22. 3 points
    @meheeeen I liked this episode too. It's nice to hear some aggressive and reasonable leftist voices. I opened myself up to more right-wing perspectives for a couple years, to try to balance my input and hear all sides. But they're a big anti-SJW echo chamber now, and the left-wing economic fight has been swept under the rug. So I'm really glad that she brought up some leftist economics here. It's hilarious how Trumpeters think that Trump has the economic solutions to corruption, when he is an explicit exponent of pure economic corruption. I don't think it's an invasion of rich people's rights if we redistribute enough wealth to raise the bar for everybody. Rich people: "I EARNED EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS!! I EARNED IT!!"
  23. 3 points
    A nurturing attitude Snark isn't "helpful". Let's face it, the only reason to ever insult someone is because it makes you feel better about yourself. If you truly want to be helpful, don't attack. No one listens when they are under attack. Doesn't mean you have to treat them like babies either. Find a balance. Dependability Responsibility Be honest. Be accurate. Don't assume. Don't make promises you can't keep and don't talk about plans unless you know you're going to follow through. Are you going to complain about the mess or help clean up the mess? Friendship Brotherhood Choose your friends wisely so when the time comes to ask for help you'll have the support you need. Give them the same kind of care you'd expect. Remind them every once an a while how much you love them and how important they are to you. High Expectations Sometimes people can't see what great things they are capable of. If you can see, show them. Courage Very few things are a matter of life and death. Be in the moment. Hope We need hope to get us through the storm. Tomorrow always comes. In order for it to bring good things, you must play your role which means staying strong in the face of adversity. Connectedness Know that everyone is a slightly different version of you.
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  25. 3 points
    Me and my band cover Pink Floyd. Peep my DTFH shirt designed by my boy @plaidklaus
  26. 3 points
    Anyone who was here through 2012, maybe 2013, knows that, since that time, this place has become simultaneously a pale shadow and ridiculous caricature of the most superficial aspects of what it used to be. As many misgivings as I had about several if not most of the major characters from that period, it's the overall caliber of member that made this place explosive and vibrant. Most of the tedious, tired, entry-level concepts that seem to get endlessly indulged these days would have been - and were, actually - laughed out of here in an overwhelming flood of justified ridicule. It takes a certain critical mass of incisive minds to generate the kind of phantasmagorical playground that there was then.
  27. 3 points
    I won't be joining you. I'm not that active on this board, but it's still always meant a lot to me ever since I joined. My first post was a request for prayers and advice during an extremely difficult time in my life, and many members here sent me messages of love and support when I was completely lost in grief. Needless to say I'll always be grateful for that.
  28. 3 points
    did duncan fuck your girl bro? i bet he made her cum so hard bro. like waterfalls of cum bro
  29. 3 points
    Part of why the site is dying because of a lazy lack of participation. Classic stoner problem. Duncan isn't proactive about promoting the forum. I think he also kind of hates the forum and some of the people in it - or at least did at one time. If folks give up on the forum then, to them, the forum sucks. And if it sucks, why would anyone come here? All it took was one proactive user - myself - to convince Stig to get rid of categories. If people are going to stop using the forum without even making a peep about reversing the change, then the forum is doomed to die. Many of the interesting and controversial people have left. Some of them were insufferable cunts. I can also be insufferable at times. I should've been banned forever years ago. Hanging out in the old chat from time to time listening to the way that people would speak made me fucking sick to my stomach. Egotistical, self-serving, know-it-all aaaaassholes used to occupy this site. The types of shut-ins who lived on this forum like it was the most important thing in their lives... because it probably was. I digress. It's a double edged sword. People who would post 20 times a day made the forum feel alive. But really it was occupied by a small set of obsessed users and then a handful of people like everyone here.
  30. 3 points
    I miss more specific threads, than the few offered. I look, I scroll, I leave. not feeling like I have much to add, so I don't
  31. 3 points
    I do miss a couple of them. I forget his name but he was irreverent. The black dude, or at least the dude with a black dude as a profile image.
  32. 3 points
    i wish joe would have let alex talk about that multidimensional stuff rather than dismissing him as too high +
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  34. 3 points
    Here's an interesting pdf about character archetypes. It's interesting to look at your own personality (past, present, future, transitory) in terms of these characters. Introspection and elucidation or justification and rationalization? Anyways, probably fruitful.
  35. 3 points
    couple more recent designs I've done .
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    dont open the trump can of worms here, end up like the rogan board with a bunch of alt right fake accounts. Literally every thread was trump based
  38. 3 points
    For real, though, why aren't the great intellectuals who frequent these boards talking about him? Is it because no one with a sound head on their shoulders knows who to believe or what information to trust? I have been trying to follow news on the anus lipped, orange faced God King but in doing so I have only discovered that 100% of our news outlets are operating at North Korean levels of propaganda. Why? Is this an accident, or a symptom of a sick society, or are there people intentionally directing the chaos? And, if so, what is their end game?
  39. 3 points
    I would like to get some feedback on the concept that pleasure seeking and pain avoidance compels all our behaviour while knowledge of the differing values (i.e., intensity and lingering effect) of each pleasure or pain guides our choices. So as our knowledge of the world increases we realize that acting on impulses sometimes does not create lasting pleasure while patience and determination can lead to intense pleasures that endure with little or no side effects. One example is that experiencing an orgasm with a lot of different partners can be intense but can have adverse consequences that reduce the lasting pleasurable effects. But if you can really get into a relationship with someone you love where you both respect and uplift each other, you can mutually investigate what urns you on to the point where your orgasms are even more intense than with multiple partners and the consequences are minimal. The problem is that many of us operate without this knowledge and as a consequence live under the delusion that the quick easy pleasure is the real prize.
  40. 3 points
    @JayDP you are continually conflating issues and creating false equivalencies. This is why you are receiving the push back you are receiving. You have failed to respond to this issue as compelled speech, rather than trans-rights. Please bring your attention to these things if you'd like a meaningful response from myself ( and probably many others )
  41. 3 points
    Pointlessly vague and alienating, hey? and regarding respect, I tend to believe that respect is earned. Like in that clip when the person asks JP if he would refer to them as "they", he responds "that might depend on how you asked me". It's funny how some of these people demand respect but behave so disrespectfully toward others.
  42. 3 points
    I like Sam Harris. I don't agree with him all the time but i like how he thinks and he is able to clearly state his case, in my opinion. This conversation really highlighted one of his biggest weaknesses as a interlocutor. He gets obsessive compulsive over precise use of n words and definitions even when it makes little difference. He refuses to allow a poor word choice to slide by even if he and everyone else completely understands the meaning of the persons sentence. It can really wreck a conversation. It's rare that such precision matters in a real conversation.
  43. 2 points
    i listened to Lama Surya Das right before this episode, it was a good pairing to maintain some equanimity. (https://beherenownetwork.com/mindrolling-ep-181-mensch-up/) i'm trepidacious about poking the hornet's nest, but i think duncan's hunch about the word 'fascism' getting bandied about as a way of vilifying the other wasn't as off-base as it was treated in the conversation, as evidenced by this giant wiki article just dedicated to people trying to define 'fascism' : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism here are some of George Orwell's words on the use of the term: as with many things, seems like from there the matter is really just to decide what to fear, right? should i be afraid of fascism or the fascists? how do i know who's what? it's trivially apparent that people who identify with either left or right can engage in fascisty behavior. oh no! i'm either picking the right team or i'm unwittingly on the side of fucking fascists! reminds me of that ol' quote: 'under capitalism, man exploits man. under communism, it's just the opposite!' in a world that's apparently full of fascists, i guess i'll just have to try and always imagine what a fascist would do, and then do the opposite! checkmate, fascists.
  44. 2 points
    How are people so goddamn articulate?
  45. 2 points
    I loved that podcast so much. Eddie Bravo kinda fucked shit up at times but it was pretty hilarious when he was so dismissive of alex when Buzz Aldrin came up. Bravo was out conspiring the conspiracy king.
  46. 2 points
    @MallowTheCloud This is a good podcast episode on this subject http://onbeing.org/programs/alain-de-botton-the-true-hard-work-of-love-and-relationships/
  47. 2 points
    meh. ya this forum is "dead", like you alluded to in the other thread, thats a good thing. People should not be making 30 posts a day on here in order to make it feel "alive" as you had pointed out. Ill be staying, I really only post like once a day at the most and every now and then I forget about these forums for a few weeks. Thats probably a reasonably healthy amount of activity for this forum. im thinking that every few months or so these types of "forum death" threads start popping up. Yet this forum has survived. Quality > Quantity. Every now and then a cool new member will show up for like a week and then dip when they realize there are a bunch of crazy morons on here. This I think is why the mods banned a bunch of people from the old forum (im not saying I agree). Yes there is a dark side to this forum. but ive also seen the lighter side, when someone comes on here asking for advice ive seen people provide at least something positive for them when they need it. The real issue with Quality vs Quantity, is if the forum lacks in quantity then people will assume its dead and not bother posting something of quality.
  48. 2 points
    I came along a few months ago and haven't witnessed this death you speak of. I have found community in this forum and I feel like there's life here. Who knows if this forum will experience a 'rebirth' in the future where more people will filter through and contribute. But at least the numbers show that there are people here. Maybe it's not as lively as the golden days.
  49. 2 points
    My Dad is a school librarian and in 2000 he got a free trial of "Web TV" to see if it would be a useful technology to implement within the school system. Basically, it was just the Internet, available on a larger screen TV format. ANYWAY, so he was getting rlly into exploring the new world of Web TV and it drew him and my mom's sister's husband (my uncle Steve) into this forum on a website called Newsmax. I have no idea whether or not Newsmax still exists, but that is beside the point. Anyway, at one juncture in time there was a thriving political forum called Newsmax and my Dad and my uncle Steve became obsessed with deeply, darkly fucking with the minds of republicans on Newsmax. Like they would impersonate the accounts of well-known republican people on the Newsmax site by replacing capital "O"s in their account handle with zeros (for example), so they looked identical, and then they would say the most fucked up shit, and everyone would be like "what the fuck 'BUSHW0N' has gone insane, he's no longer focusing on the real issues of the day bc he's fixated upon talking about how George W Bush has a micropenis." Honestly, for like a good 2 years my dad and my uncle Steve and Newsmax and Web TV were the primary form of entertainment for my brother and I. But anyway, the real moral of the story here is that sometimes people are trolls but then again sometimes people are geniuses just using the internet as their medium for some kind of insane, poignant, half-crazy statement art that few understand, fewer respect, fewerer find humorous and maybe only two-three people of the 7billionish people on planet earth actually understand, respect, AND laugh at. BUT ANYWAY, I feel like Trump genuinely has a micropenis and that is my 2 cents about everything political happening in this world, contemporarily speaking.
  50. 2 points
    I chose Bill Hicks but I demand you add the option for "Humble water filter salesman"