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    Uh oh. I feel a rant coming on. First, thank you @duncan for at least talking about this and having some humor around it. Second, just because a group is able to rise out of marginalization doesn't mean that the current group of privilege then becomes marginalized. To think otherwise is a highly limited belief. Don't give into the fear! People who seek social justice, by and large, do not want to oppress white people. They want equal access to privileges of education, economy, and health for all. To say that these Canadian bills and the LGBT community have pernicious intentions is truly confounding. They are seeking equal rights under the law. If you didn't have equal rights, what would you do? This man, Dr. Peterson, is trying to play a role in determining labels and titles in an effort to maintain the status quo of power and privilege for the heterosexual, white, male. Why in the hell should he or anyone else care about how others wish to be identified or what their preferred pronoun is? It doesn't effect you in any significant way! I mean really, are we trying to bring back the Red Scare?... labeling progressive humanities academics who are challenging the antiquated patriarchy as "Marxists" and "post modern extremists." What an interesting and fantastical paranoia! Furthermore, Peterson completely fails to recognize both the economic and identity oppressiveness of our capitalist system. This is not to say that communist and socialist systems of the past were any better. But to say that these Canadian bills are the work of post modern extremists is itself an unfounded and extreme view. What does this man have to lose, or any other white male, to accept others for whatever gender or pronoun they feel they need to be called by? He suggests that for a woman (who feels like a woman) to change gender identity results in destabilization. He is right. This is the same reason why someone who is labeled by society as a woman but feels like a man (or visa versa), but is not allowed the identity of a man also suffers from intense destabilization. Please note, Modernism and The Enlightenment is based on the excellent ideas of equality and justice thought of by a bunch of white men who then didn't think they should extend the same human rights to those who are not white or male. Bless your sweet soul, but @duncan, you say "apparently the straight white male is the worst thing to be on earth right now?" I know you're a comedian, but this is a serious conversation (as many of yours are, which I deeply appreciate) and being a comedian is no excuse for ignoring realities of oppression. For a straight white male to assume the role of victim by having this response is also confounding. We are the not the worst things on earth. We are the most privileged in our society. People who talk about oppression and social justice, by and large, are saying that other groups deserve just as much privilege and power as straight, white men. To label those who speak out for social justice as post modern extremists is the same defensive, limited, and prejudice act that others assume who say that all straight, white men are an awful, racist people. Really, how many conversations have you had with people who are not white or straight about this? If your people had been oppressed for centuries without access to privilege, and still are, how would you feel and talk about these issues? In fighting for rights and social justice, do you really think that marginalized people are fighting to oppress white men? Bless his heart, but this psychologist is one who, to no fault of his own, was educated and trained in a professional world that failed to recognize the importance of multicultural dimensions when considering the psychological well being of individuals and communities. Also, he professes to have a great amount of respect for logic and science, yet he makes completely unfounded, illogical connections between gender and sexual orientation. He suggests that there is some kind of direct correlation between gender and sexual orientation; that if one is determined by biology, then so too the other must be. Where is the logic or science for that? The truth is that no one knows what determines either of these things exactly. Gender and sexual orientation are not just a matter of organs and biology. There seems to be continuum and a lot of grey area with no clear biological, psychological, or cultural explanation for either. Duncan, or any man for that matter, if you would like to lift an existential weight off your tender, sweet shoulders then I would kindly suggest surrendering to the reality that you do have privilege as a straight, white male, that other groups are oppressed due to the lack of access to this same privilege as a result of our inability to surrender. Further, I would suggest you seek to have more discussions with people who are more different from yourself. And have them on your podcast for Christ sake! Not only would you expand your audience, but it would be even more enlightening! Yes, these discussion can be uncomfortable. Surrender to the discomfort! Remember that any success you have achieved involved first facing fears and being very uncomfortable. If we choose not to have such discussions, then it is undeniably a convenience and privilege we have as white men. Oppressed people have no choice but to have these conversations if they have any hope of gaining equal rights. Aside from everything based on white male fear and paranoia, this episode was exquisite! Stepping down from soap box.
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    Hi guys, I wanted to share my gratitude and insights with you all. A year ago I was at rock bottom, in a deep depression, not being able to take care of myself, living with my parents, even then trying to isolate myself from everyone around me. 4 months ago I moved out of my parents house... and good Creator, have things changed. The first few weeks I had to adjust to being alone and finding my way around taking care of myself again (eating properly, cleaning, becoming social again, finding a job, you name it). About 2 months ago, still struggling with al the above issues and trying to manage things by sheer willpower, something drastically changed my life. I saw the chaos around me and my failing attempts at organizing my life. Then a very strong thought came to me: “What if something happened to my brother and the child protective services would ring my doorbell saying I was now the legal guardian of my 1yr-old niece…” That thought sparked the thought “What would I do in this moment if that were the case?” And suddenly the focus of my consciousness shifted from negativity and guilt to “how can I improve this situation?” All of a sudden I found the strength to do the long overdue dishes, the laundry, vacuuming. It started with the little things, but soon I realized that I could ask myself this question every second of the day. Then I saw that I needed to be healthy to take care of her, so I threw away all the candy, bags of crisps, cookies and bought fruit, fresh vegetables and started drinking water instead of bottles of soda. I then saw that I needed insight into my finances, so I made an excel sheet with all my income and spending…. You get the point. After a few weeks of daily improvement, I saw that I could choose another, bigger goal in life. The thought about my niece and my love for her had started the change, but I could expand my love way beyond that. I saw that happiness is living to your full potential and that I wanted to make it my life goal to develop my potential by following my happiness and share my love and insights with other people to help them find their potential. I now work in a callcenter to pay the bills, but I’m spending my free time as an entrepreneur with an American company to help build passive income by helping people become balanced in their physical health, mental health and financial independance. If you want to know more about becoming involved in the same business, PM me, that's all I want to say about it. I've met wonderful people, started building a business, and I am developing myself every day in every area imaginable. I cannot begin to describe how my life has changed, and what kind of people I’ve met since I started asking myself that question every moment… “Given the goals I set for myself in life, what would I do now to advance in that direction?” And the great thing is… you can choose any goal you want, and since you only have one life, why not choose the most magnificent goal you can imagine to work towards? I want to lie on my deathbed with a smile, saying: “I loved you with everything I had to give, now it’s time for the next adventure.” That deathbed could be 60 years from now, or it could be next week, but I want to be able to smile, knowing I’ve given everything I had. That is what drives me in life now. Sure, I fall sometimes, I forget sometimes, but I only have to ask myself the question and become aware of my potential again, and I can always find something to improve. Here comes the kicker, the day I had the thought about my niece… That was the day my brother got in a car accident, he escaped with minor injuries, but the steering wheel locked up and he could only wait for the impact of a tree. Guess what his last thoughts before the impact must have been… Since that day, the synchronicity has been incredible, I get new insights about love, life, consciousness daily. I want to share with you, because this forum and @duncan have helped in keeping me sane in the most difficult period in my life, and now it’s time to give back. Please share below any questions or inspirational stories you have, let’s help eachother build momentum in becoming more loving every day!
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    Nice post Notahater_abuttlover I'm glad not everyone out there is lapping up Jordan Peterson's disingenuous arguments.
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    The elites have turned politics into the new gladiatorial games. These dumb fucks volunteer for the arena and are being played against each other by the elites using the media. For sure it is masterfully done. You can hardly discuss politics rationally with people at this point. Every rational point is met with rage and irrationality. I just got banned from a reddit sub for saying the Charlottesville attack was sad and I hoped it wouldn't be used as an excuse for scoring political points and that we all need to simmer the fuck down. That is apparently hate speech now. Reddit is rabid for nazis right now.
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    I'm about 40 minutes in, and this is a fantastic conversation! Great guest, @duncan! He mentions around 41:00 a book about a woman who lived as a man for a while. The book is by Nora Vincent Self-Made Man. It's an awesome book and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the concept of gender. Dr. Peterson tried to make a point about the experience destabilizing Nora Vincent, but I assume he's misremembering the book or he's operating off of hearsay. The book is pretty clear that what caused the author the breakdown was lying to every single person she was interacting with for an entire year about who she was and worrying about getting caught. The book is not about a transgendered person trying to live the life they want to, it's a journalist trying to understand how the male experience differs from her own, and she lies about who she is and risks her safety in doing so. It's a high stress and unsettling experience, and that's what causes her breakdown in the end--not the fact that she was living as a man when she is in fact a woman.
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    PERMACULTURE What is PERMACULTURE? ~ Creating an ECO SYSTEM ~ Utilising NATURE ~ Abundance for People, Plants, Animals and the World. The next series of videos will show the magic of permaculture, the miracle of nature. the first video I ever watched on this topic was this farm... I always hoped, I always thought and wished for a better way. A natural way. this video blew my mind. Wow! this is the way to create eden... now binge watch all these videos NOW! This is just the tip of the iceberg
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    I want to befriend them and fuck them. There are so many people youre just not going to see anymore
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    It is interesting that the poor and middle class are fighting each other instead of focusing on the real cause of the social unrest and increased stress they are experiencing in their lives. The economic collapse of 2008 was never dealt with and the economic recovery has been incredibly slow for the poor and middle class. The Occupy movement was starting to direct the public discontent and increased frustration which always follows a economic collapse. People have perhaps forgotten but it was called Occupy Wall Street not Occupy Civil war statues... The political and economic elite must have gotten spooked and knew from historical precedent that following economic upheaval social unrest increases and often it will start to target the elite. So if you are an elite it would be in your interest to pivot that public angst towards a target which is "not you". One way to do this could be to invest in bots which manipulate the public discourse to be about identity politics instead of economic issues. You could also fund movements on both sides of the political spectrum on the extremes to divert attention. Regardless the method we have the results now. People went from demonstrating outside of Wall Street and the political and economic elite and now they are demonstrating over metal statues with the lower class beating each other with sticks. And still no one holds anyone accountable for the economic collapse of 08 which is the real reason behind the populous angst. Its quite beautifully done dont you think?
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    Isn't he famous school shooter that keeps getting away with it?
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    take a compliment dude, jesus. bottom line; your not the center of the universe.no one gives a shit really. don't waste one more second worrying what people think of you. half of em dont even like themselves, they definitely aren't going to put you on a pedistal.they will want to tear you down. so, as previously stated, people are cunts.what ya gonna do? better yet, why give a shit?
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    keep in mind our bodies hardly evolved since the cave days. your "paranoia and unease ' are actually the heightened awareness of your surroundings that kept your predecessors alive. your not sick.your aware.and people are cunts.what ya gonna do?fuck em'.
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    I just caught Mr. Trussel on Jack Kornfields Heart Wisdom 'cast. Real good episode. His presence brought me right into the room. I felt the same as you bonerdude420...remembered he had this forum. Cheers.
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    Signing back up after losing my previous password! Huge fan of the podcast and looking forward to getting more involved with the forum!
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    anyone in north america planning on catching dat eclipse in August? http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/path_through_the_US.htm eclipse thread engage
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    Still confuses me. Unless you have someone sharing heart to heart connection walking beside you . If you do you can feel yourself at home and just walk up to people and befriend them.
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    ok so here you go guys. Youve been waiting for a quality thread from ya ol'mate. and now, this. I am 31 years old. And I think I'm done. Done with friends, they didnt do anything wrong, if anythibg they have been excepting beyond normality of my quirky self, they laugh at my crazy jokes, they accept my horrifying views. I am not a bad guy, but I am not a "good friend" I will forget your birthday, I will lose your phone number, i'll get a new phone and nit tell anyone the number for six months, I wont come visit you. thats all normal for me, and somehow I still have great friends, friends Ive known since primary school even. and now... they still remain, open, accepting of my friendship and companionship and willing to remain friends. something happens to a person wgen they get to my age. Its like this sweet cutting of ties to the friends, even a lot of family, to be honest it feels as if I could go and live my life as a hermit. Not through a hatred, nor a displeasure of others, but as if it is a primal call to solitude. i have a small family of ny own and they are my world, my love for them grows daily and my fatherhood is become my sole purpose. I even enjoy my work so much more now. I enjoy nature immensely now... but the friends, Ive forgotton them, I cant bare the reignition of reuniting with them though I know, I know it will be a pleasant experience, to do so, yet even the sweeter not to. I have always been an enigma of selfishness mixed with exponential love and sometimes immense need for people. But now it seems that the child in me has blissfully skipped into the woods and is unafraid of the loneliness that can cripple a man. the friends. Are superfluous. I may continue this story.
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    In the latest episode Duncan talks about a vision he had regarding the nature of God or the higher thing whatever that is. He talked about how that thing was infinitely lonely and became aware it was the only thing in existence and shattered into the many shards to give itself some company. And he said it was accompanied by a feeling of horror and despair. I had the exact same experience about 3-4 months ago. It's been tremendously taxing on me, got me reading about solipsism and derealization and i was hella dissociated. Just started getting a bit better, seeing a caring therapist was particularly helpful. Anyone else go through something like this? I would love to one day talk to Duncan about this if I ever meet him. If anyone has any tips on how to work through the remnants of an experience like that i would appreciate any help. Talking with friends and connecting with others has been helpful to get me out of my head and being skeptical about reality. Much love all hope no one else experiences the isolating pain I have had in my life recently. I hope to entirely get through this. Thanks in advance
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    I joined this because I found Joe Rogan after going down the rabbit hole of looking for ancient civilization videos on youtube, and low and behold you and Graham Hancock ended up being the guests on the JRE. After watching your appearances on there I found your podcast. Amazing stuff, and it's nice to find a place to talk to open-minded people. It's not easy being a pagan, and pro-psychedelic in my area. Can't wait to see the conversations we all have!
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    I have a cat for a soul and a elderly black woman for a anima
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    I lost my gingerbread bearings and got stranded here on internet earth. I've been so focussed on getting home that I lost touch with my gingerbread soul, and the cool fleshy souls of all these smelly humans. I was born into gingerbread royalty and while it hasn't always been easy I have been allowed to pursue my own personal development and learn from my mistakes. I see (gingerbread) people stuck in desperate situations which drain the mollasses right out of their souls. I'm not just lucky to be alive. I'm lucky to be alive in a certain state with lots of potential (including brain potential!!). You have to appreciate the absolute gingerbread horror of this nightmare realm before you can appreciate the glory of this heaven-realm.
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    exercise and diet brosepf.start there the rest will work itself out
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    suicide is a conspiracy perpetrated by Big Coffin. the coffin industry KNOWS you'll be back around and yet they're gonna charge you for a new one EVERY time. don't let them win, live forever instead and enjoy all of the SAVINGS $$$$$
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    swwww so cute! using the internet to protest the internet!! You may as well be lynching blacks to protest the lynching of blacks. DO SOME HOMEWORK ON OPERATION TALPIOT i truly pity you human slaves, especially if you willingly lack knowledge of the technion. Enjoy your prison grid. Every protest and action online serves to provide your enemy with the exact precision perfect stats and intelligence on how to fucking destroy you GET OFF THE INTERNET or suffer the consequences. Using the internet to protest the internet, it is so cute. it's like all the jews lining up outside the death camps to let the nazis know that they disagree with the use of death camps. THANKS FOR HELPING THE NAZIS TO GAS URSELVES ffs the internet is NOT your friend the internet IS the prison and you are the WILLING victim and you deserve EVERYTHING that you get if you use it. DO you even know what the military is? fucking morons. Earth humans are so fucking retarded.
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    Knoway Have you listened to Com Truise or Kavinsky
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    Really love the podcast. I have been sleeping on it for a while, now Im binging. It's really what I need in my life and I'm happy to be here!
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    You've not succeeded at becoming 'spiritual' by allowing yourself to become a doormat
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    I am quite perturbed by the lack of intellectual integrity. The cult of insanity. AS for myself identify as "Space Man/Native Earthling/Spirit Being/Energy-Light Manifestation"still yet somewhat offended by the rhetoric of the "unconscious". The lack of humanity is a sight to behold. Some people tend to lean toward the violence-hate us versus them mentality. It's in their nature to galvanize so just show an cult member of any type the antithesis of what they perceive the world should be and it's all systems go firing off on all cylinders electrical/chemical brain responses to their collective/individual ego which is processing said stimuli as an attack or threat. And oh yes, let the sweet, sweet galvanization begin... For example, niggas in the White House! oh sweet Christ our worst nightmare somebody call Ted Nugent. Trump in the white house, oh sweet Christ we are fucked somebody call Jehova. I'm just gunna Hare Krishna for the next four years, wake me up when it's over... Who do you want to be your president? Can't be a white or black man, people will be pissed... not a woman a Christian a Muslim definitely NOT a Mexican... oh sweet fuck not a Chinese... A JEW!>? Anything but the communism, the socialism, oh sweet Baby Un not the capitialism. Fire the nukes. Guam. Were hitting Guam, I'll die before I Become another Little Samsung. How about a turtle leader under the governing of Fuck-ocracy, Or Fuck-ism where your realize a rich guy is going to fuck you in the ass one way or another and it just depends on which way you'd rather take your royal reaming up the ol' nugget shooter? Would that make all the kids happy? OK you got a turtle president now shut the fuck up I'm putting Finding Dory back on while I make sweet, sweet separated and non-conceptive sex to your mother, you little shits. Maybe we're gunna have to install female presidents from now on because the boys don't know how to play nice. And all you little booger pickers can circle jerk somewhere else. Shut up idiot and let the ladies talk, here's a beer go watch football.. Forgive my opinion but I personally think a super-babe would do good, one who has perfect tits and the bitchiest attitude, REALLY knows how to fuck.. she holds everyone accountable FOR EVERYTHING! You want to fuck her real bad but hate her and she makes you feel bad about it, like my ex. that way everyone can be equally dissatisfied. ohh the sweet equality. We're all under the gun now. It's only a matter of time before you fuck up. Quit acting like that your a JERK and UNFORGIVIN. Take me out eat now and fingerbang my pussy before I go fuck your friends. Watch how quickly she brings world leaders of nations to their KNEES. It's a small world mate and a short life. As Andy McKenna said society is not your friend. Indeed sweet friend indeed. Society is quite the cunt. And so is my ex. PS I'm not even sure if those dudes are even racist or just "alt right". Either way It's "alt right" vs "liberals" which at the end of the day is the same exact fucking thing because there both tired of getting fucked in the ass by powerful rich people but also at the same time blaming each other for fucking each others asses while fucking the other sides ass any chance they get.... BUT, their collective asses are already fucked and so full of shit its almost impossible to fuck them anway.....
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    Some of you may be familiar with our friend Khan, he gave a hologram chat show host a helicoptor tour of NYC, recently what a nice guy hey
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    Turtles, programmers or creator god(s) whatever the story it seems we find ourselves carried along in a causal stream sourced in the unknown. Consider the fear with which we view the potential of general artificial intelligence. Conceptually, we will be creating things so different from us they will appear supernatural. Perhaps that is always the case, resulting in iterative 'supernatural' growth spurts each encapsulated in the protective enclosure of an abstracted reality. What would a general AI see as we see it? What measures would be taken for safety? What does that say about the experience we are having now?
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    The Shambhala center in Boulder has Free young sangha meditation and lectures Naropa always has a bunch of meditationy events happening Hare Krishna temple on Cherry Street Comedy works First Friday art walks on Santa Fe There a Clockwork Orange themed bar called Milk Bar. Fort Green, Williams and Graham, and Thin Man are other great bars. Rhythm Sanctuary has ecstatic dance on Thursday nights and also Gong ceremonies where u are sitting in the middle of a bunch of gongs. it's rly trippy Medicinal mindfulness is this group in Boulder that has holotropic breathwork meetups, psychedelic shine events, and conscious cannabis meetups where everyone smokes and then dances together The Mayu meditation center always has events Nearby cold springs and hiking are in Eldo canyon Yoga Pod and Kindness yoga Acroyoga in cheeseman park Botanic gardens, Denver Museum of Art, and the museum of contemporary art. MCA has DJ sets and drinking on the roof during the summer Bookstores: Tattered Cover in Denver and Boulder Bookstore and Trident in Boulder The Mayan is a theatre that plays old movies and indie movies City O City, Watercress, Vital Root, Root Down for veggie/ vegan food Uncle for ramen, Pho Duy for pho, everything at Hop Alley Rosenbergs bagels Little Man ice cream The source has a bunch of great food and drink places and an amazing bakery Most breweries are in 5 points. Great Divide and Our Mutual Friend. Best concert venues are the Ogden, Fillmore, Bluebird. Ophelia's and Cervantes have good local bands. At Cervantes there are funk, jam bands on Mondays and bluegrass on Thursdays Evergreen, Golden, and Nederland are nearby mountain towns that are fun to visit Everything on 16th Street in Boulder ESPECIALLY this food place called the Yellow Deli that is owned by the 12 tribes cult but the food is amazing Okay, goodbye forever!
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    I have a slight distrust towards everyone. I think everyone is trolling me, or they are waiting to fuck me over. I think people don't like me right off the bat. But it doesn't feel rooted in delusion, it feels legitimate especially with all the fuckery in the world. This is the scary part. I know that's part of the sickness. I want to feel comfortable. I don't want to constantly dart my eyes toward anyone and assume they are a potential threat. I don't want to be negative all the time, but it feels like I'm just spiraling downward. I want to smile, and I want to give everyone a chance. But I keep getting roped back into depressive thoughts. How did you guys get out of your negativity?
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    This is my first time visiting this forum. Awesome and inspiring post. I have suffered with depression for a long time. I also been through years of drug abuse (very dark times). I've been on meds, and have been through years of therapy. I am definitely healthier mentally, and physically than I've ever been. But things in my life have been stale for a while and I'm looking for a change. I've had some marital problems, and I am searching for a new career, etc. I started listening to Duncan's podcast, and got very inspired to begin personal and spiritual growth. I started reading a book called The Wisdom of the Eneagram, and it has given me a lot of insight to my personality type. I look forward to reading more posts like this, and listening to Duncan for more inspiration.
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    The real real question being what goals are you actually going to try to achieve. The real real real question being what is importance or meaning or purpose etc
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    you should get your deposit back
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    fucking meeeeeelted me. i almost cried, i felt like I was watching a ghost Also to dummies who complain about the music performances: They are the equivalent of a classic Greek chorus. Every performance is specifically relevant. They also serve as a palate cleanser to allow the events of the episode seep into the subconscious. So baffled as to how people aren't picking up on this.
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    It's a combination of Gangstalking, chemtrails, wifi and smart meters, probably the air and water arent great for you either.
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    It seems the most common mental state in our society is one of a private, shameful suffering while attempting to maintain a facade of perceived social norms. Desperate to know that we are loved unconditionally while absolutely certain that we are not.
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    or kill yourself. all viable options. thats pussy shit though. sack up brother.
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    AYO, HOL UP. Bhagavad Gita - Easwaren Translation?!? Isn't it confirmed that Prubhupada's translation is the best and only official English translation of Bhagavad Gita? All the people I've looked up to as teachers only speak of Prubhupada whne they mention recent Yogis who lived true to their teachings. I recommend you watch some of Dharma Nations videos https://www.youtube.com/user/DharmaNation/videos Here are some books Ive been reading this year. March of the Titans: The complete history of the white race is very good basis for learning your European roots. Its very well written and has pictures on every pages. Old fairytales are always interesting and sometimes esoteric. People hid Pagan knowledge within them to avoid persecution from the Christians. A great book on this is Iron John by Robert Bly. It takes one of Grimms Fairy Tales 'Iron Hans' and uses it as a guide for a mans journey in life in sacred ritual terms. Hagakure, the art of the Samurai is so fucking deep. After reading this you will have a powerful sense of how short life is and how sacred honour is. When I first read this it sent me into a existential crisis becaue I realized I was not prepared to die and had no understanding of death. I spent hours panicing online to search for answers which eventually led me to Bhagavad Gita. Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard is like Nietzsche + Darwin + Odin and written so beautifully. Its full of poems and taboo's we're not suppossed to even think about. Probably the most exciting read ever. Mabinogion is Welsh for fairytales. Its stories about the true King Arthur and his knights, not the English revised version by Thomas Malory. The stories get older the further you read and go all the way back to Pagan Britain. Also heard there are astrological symbolisms with the different characters. Alan Wilson is a Welsh historian that goes into the depths you should check him out.
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    Hello Family im new to this, ive been listening to this podcast as well as many others, and im glad ive joined this online community but as im a newbie i cant post stuff, so can a few people upvote this as id like to share some things and get involved thanks
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    Does anyone else find this response video just as silly as the group he is reacting to? Like on one side you have Tumblr ppl whining and wanting to be called “zhee” or whatever the fuck and on the other side you have white dudes whining and saying it is a threat to their basic human rights to use the word “zhee,” and to me it just seems like absurdity in both directions. Meanwhile, real shit is happening, like federal defunding for organizations that provide healthcare services, prenatal care, and birth control for poor women and their families, or the mass defunding of public school systems that provide education to ESL students and children with disabilities. Like yeah, I get these topics aren’t as interesting or juicy as PC censorship postmodern Marxist blah blah blah, and don’t directly affect the lives of most tumblr SJWs or Rogan listeners, but to me they matter a hell of a lot more and hardly anyone seems to be conversing about them. For my job I spend a lot of time with poor women, homeless women, addicts, immigrants, and their families, and honestly I’ve been having a lot of trouble viewing the SJWs and the Jordan Petersons as anything more than a distraction from the very real human rights abuses that are currently happening at an alarming rate. Can we keep our eyes on the g'damn ball?
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    Well consciousness definitely exists, and everything in existence is by definition part of the universe, so it's clear that at least some of the universe is definitely conscious. But whether the universe as a whole is conscious, that's a separate question. Note that we ourselves appear to be only partially conscious. For example a moment ago you were not conscious of your breathing (probably), yet now that I bring it up, you are. And there are innumerable other processes which vitally constitute your being yet which you couldn't bring to consciousness if you tried. So even though we can pretty comfortably say human beings are conscious, we cannot say that humans are entirely conscious. We are at most only partially conscious, and in fact it seems there are times when we are entirely un-conscious (sleep, etc). So it's safe to say that we do not have a single example of any system, living or otherwise, which is all conscious all the time. To me this makes the idea of a universe which is entirely conscious seem dubious. However this view only begs the further question of what could make one part of the universe conscious while another part isn't. We can wave our hands and say "it has something to do with information processing" but that strikes me as more an evasion than an explanation. We can pretty easily explain the content of consciousness in terms of information processing, for example the neurological basis of visual data is well understood, but this is still taking the existence of consciousness completely for granted. It doesn't explain why that visual data should exist as an experience rather than as a mere unconscious patterning of matter. On the other hand perhaps consciousness is totally pervasive, and only its content changes. In this case what we call un-consciousness would more properly be conceived of as consciousness-of-nothing. Personally I find this idea appealing, but it begs myriad questions of its own. Put simply, if everything is conscious then why am I not conscious of everything? If consciousness is truly pervasive, then how do we account for it being partitioned into separate, individual streams of experience? Unfortunately every one of these questions is beyond the scope of science because we have no way of testing whether or not anyone or anything in particular is in fact conscious. I know I'm conscious, but I only assume that you are too. There's no conceivable way for me to prove that you're conscious, and even the proof of my own consciouness is apparent only to myself. Until such time as we can actually put different examples side by side and test them for consciousness, we're stuck with speculation and philosophy.
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    Well--hold on. I feel I attacked Peterson as much as anyone, but that said--Duncan has nothing to apologize for. He is a guy, it seems to me, who listens to all viewpoints and then can say, "you know, that guy/gal is smart--but that viewpoint isn't for me." I'd say if anyone in this podcasting world is inclusive, then it is Duncan. I hate to drop "names" and bash others, but what hell, I'm drunk. You have inclusive (ex) podcasters like Kumail Nanjiani who act like they're progressive and inclusive, but honestly their hearts are full of spite and hatred. They are what Dr. Peterson warns of. You have guys like Chris Hardwick and his crew who whine and cry about all the mean people out there picking on them (take a note from Bill Burr and ignore it, for fuck's sake). But then you get a guy like Duncan who legitimately tries to feel the plight and struggle of everyone and everything--even the Jordan Petersons of the world. I find it commendable. Duncan does what he does, and he is who he is--and he should be no one else.
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    I think all of your post is right on, and I'd like to expand on some of your ideas. I've listened to Dr. Peterson on his appearances on Duncan, Rogan, and Sam Harris, and I've read some articles about him, so I feel like I have a solid understanding of his stance. This particular quote of yours is interesting me because Dr. Peterson, time and again on multiple podcasts, calls Derrida the eminent postmodern scholar, but he should know that's not correct. Derrida's writing is impenetrable, thus making him difficult for a number of people not immersed in the discipline to study. Michel Foucault is the eminent postmodern scholar, though he'd have abhorred the title. Still, look at your wording above, "determining labels and titles in an effort to maintain the status quo..." --this, precisely, was a large part of Foucault's project with language. That labels and titles marginalize and segment people without us completely realizing it. A lot of his work was evaluating the field of medical discourse--the destructive power of labels in terms of "sickness," but Dr. Peterson seems oblivious to the simple fact he is struggling to maintain the Foucaultian notion of "biopower." The fact of biopower is we are implicit in propagating it without realizing it. The project of postmodernism would never seek to unseat and oppress the ruling power structure--in fact, to the frustration of many students who find the idea of postmodernism initially appealing, they soon realize the project is not about the unseating of power. Only the recognition of power. And the wariness of not turning anyone into the oppressed. Many postmodernist scholars caution about just this issue embedded within the discourse. I can't remember if it is this podcast or one of the others--as I marathoned them--but Dr. Peterson seems to have some significant issues parsing out Marxism and postmodernism: Dr. Peterson is intelligent and well researched, but he is a clinical psychologist, not a Marxist nor a post-modern scholar, which is why he conflates these two concepts. First, post-modernists such as Foucault, would assert themselves squarely against Marxist doctrine as not addressing the power structure inherently built into society through language--postmodernists are far more interested in the ideological forces that assert power over oppressed people than Marxists. Marxism is much more focused on the class struggle and workers rights. Dr. Peterson addresses some of this, but how he mixes and equates these two distinct methodologies is confounding to me. Postmodernism is built from Marxism, but Marxists would likely not be concerned about the language and laws that Dr. Peterson finds himself oppressed by currently. The whole "educate people about the dangers of Marxism" is also about as shallow of an education as I have ever heard. Using Soviet Russia as the number 1 example as to why the tenets of Marxism are problematic shows a misunderstanding of Marxism itself. In fact, if you're going to use Russia as an example, then academic honest demands you must talk about the years after the Bolshevik Revolution before Stalin took control. Russia saw a renaissance of progressive culture. Gay rights, universal healthcare and education, remarkably mondern stances on abortion, and so on. It was not until Stalin and his oligarchy assumed command and manipulated the system that Russia suffered so much. Communism itself is rife with problems, but to say Marxism is the problem is to miss the point. To say no country has ever effectively put socialism into place is to absolutely blindly ignore what is happening around the world. The northern countries: Norway, Finland, and Sweden have all adopted socialism as a successful tenant of their governmental code. Good and bad come with it, but you can say the same for America's model of hyper-capitalism. The argument that the nordic countries are not fully socialist is just evidence of a natural progression or evolution of a system. Communism in Russia showed much success early on, but also showed how easy it was to manipulate. That system could not stand as it was. Socialism with democratic ideals built into it have fared much better. To say Marxism is inherently flawed, or the work of bleeding heart academic liberals, is academic dishonesty. I am disappointed in Dr. Peterson's superficial characterization of the problem. Either way, as I read about Dr. Peterson I found his view of the situation in Canada may be overblown too. Here are two articles that say Dr. Peterson is way off in how he is interpreting the laws: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/no-the-trans-rights-bill-doesnt-criminalize-free-speech and http://sds.utoronto.ca/blog/bill-c-16-no-its-not-about-criminalizing-pronoun-misuse/ A couple of highlights: "It's also highly unlikely that the failure to use gender-neutral pronouns will rise to the level of hate speech in Canada, [University of Toronto professor] Cossman said. 'The way hate speech has been interpreted by the courts is that it's only applied to very extreme speech,' she said. '[The misuse of pronouns] is nowhere close.' " And: "Similarly, it’s hard to see the refusal to use the appropriate pronoun –without something else – rising to the threshold of hate speech. Hate speech laws in Canada have only been used- and only can be used – against extreme forms of speech – explicitly and extreme forms of homophobic, anti-Semitic or racist speech. Moreover, prosecution needs the approval of the Attorney General."
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    For starters, black reparations isn't about making white people feel guilty, it's about evening out the playing field - yeah, YOU didn't own slaves, but you still benefit from what was built on slavery. So long as systemic racism exists POC will be at a disadvantage in our country which is run by a government and private sector dominated by white males. If you really want to learn and understand, I strongly advise people to actually go and talk to POC about POC issues instead of validating your frustration in the comfort of an echo chamber. Secondly, in response to when Peterson suggested that trans people *just decided* to be another sex - nobody fucking *wants* to have that difficult life. Nobody. Dude has some personal issues, IMO. Good luck with that.
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    @muted Nice, I was hoping you would follow through with this thread Geoff Lawton offers a free mini-course on his website, it's approx 9 hrs of videos and lectures. He has a documentary called "greening the desert" about growing a fruit forest in the desert. http://www.geofflawtononline.com