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    Just joined, thank you! Duncan is the best, I'm excited to connect with like minded folks here.
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    I found this episode hard to listen to
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    Mom smashed a glass of mezcal, dad's smoking dope in the garage. Merry Christmas!
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    My wife and I have been travelling on and off for the past 10 years, but "responsibly" always returned. We bought a house and tried our best to be grown-ups. That wasn't for us, so last year we sold our house, and since then sold nearly everything we own aside from a few boxes now in storage. Last month we left on a one-way trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where we've spent the last few weeks preparing and laying out a rough plan. We leave today deeper into Mexico and making our way into Guatemala for Christmas. We'll be working our way south into Colombia some time later in the spring, and from there it's wide open. This is incredibly terrifying and liberating, exciting and probably irresponsible to some degree. But fuck it, we only get one chance right? I know the family is spread out around the world, so we'd love to meet up with any of you if passing nearby!
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    God I love Portland. Here is a video that with a little tweaking, could make a great start for an episode of the show Portlandia. Because despite all the growth and gentrification over the recent years, Portland is still weird at heart. This post/thread is inspired by Paul Levy's articles, especially this one on Phillip K. Dick, the Black Iron Prison, and Wetiko. Reading this led me to discover a new sense of optimism in these dire times. This is going to be a work in progress. I've thought about doing this post for weeks, and I've hardly written a thing. So instead of working on it for several more weeks and posting a giant "wall of text" as I have sometimes done, I plan to do it in smaller installments, and answer specific questions one by one. 1) What is "wetiko" as described by Paul Levy and how does it correspond to Phillip K. Dicks descriptions of the Black Iron Prison (hereafter referred to as PKD and BIP.) and the RIGHT virus of William S. Burroughs? 2) What is the Divine Conspiracy? 3) This optimism I feel recently does not rely on ordinary knowing, or conditions of physical reality. It relies on a different type of knowing. You have to ____ to know. You can't read about it and know it. You have to do something. What do you have to do? 4) What is this non-local source of ebullient optimism, and how did my optimism get supported and amplified when I personally met Paul Levy and shared personal lucid dreaming stories with him? 5) What does the prayer of space have to do with all this, and what is the prayer of space? So getting started with wetiko, this is a native American term. Paul Levy describes wetiko as "collective psychosis", a parasitical mind virus that appears to be rushing the human race toward suicidal mass destruction. With probably very few exceptions, we are all wetiko. See the above video for Paul's description. tbc
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    If you are contemplating this, you are likely going to be a responsible parent who will wait to get pregnant until you have ample resources to do so and will educate your child to be a good citizen of the earth. The overpopulation issue isn’t solved by individuals making the decision not to have children who WANT to have children, IMO. Instead I think we should aggressively target the MASSIVE amount of unintended pregnancies we have in this country. Our rates of unintended pregnancy in the US are greater than any developed nation. Research shows these sky high rates of unintended pregnancy are linked to a few things: lack of comprehensive sex ed within school systems, poor access to birth control (primarily among underserved populations), financial barriers to contraception, and a pervasive subjective experience of shame and secrecy regarding the experience of sex which prevents people from seeking birth control (this is especially true among sexually active adolescents). If we really want to take the overpopulation issue seriously we need comprehensive sex education in every school system, greater access to FREE birth control for every woman, and a cultural shift towards sex positivity. THATS what’s gonna save the planet, man.
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    The idea is to take the psychedelic and then do some serious fuckinng emotional work. Obviously it's not going to have any long term positive effect if you just take it to get high.
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    and that is the nature of the self image sir. that is, the experience is over, but here is the mind, wallowing in it. reviewing it. weighing and comparing its tendencies, its attributes. tirelessly trying to form a static definition of itself, a rigid image of that which is pliable. all for a sense of what, permanency? but is there permanency in the accumulating and deteriorating self concept? certainly not. and so today you are a CUCK good sir, and tomorrow you'll be dominant but compelled.
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    Rest In Peace Duncan Trussell Family Hour Center for Self-Optimization Version 2 2016-2017 Bless.
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    I ask the question. In this day and age where a couple has become self sterile. when the divine act of lovemaking has become naught but a meat grinder. slapping, squelching, meat. are we not giving up our etherial might? Our grand finale - our opus, is belittled. Daily and daily we sweat and toil on eachother. "ram my barren womb!" She cries out! "take my stagnant seed!" says he. we squander our fertile years, each with a gesture of tomorrow. tomorrow we become fertile. soon we create. Life. and so we lie to eachother in hideous despise, our love is infertile. SLAM! MEAT! SLAM! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! end.
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    Everything's more or less determined by our free will Both ideas -- determinism and free will -- are independently contradicted. This leads me to believe that the framing of any questions involving these concepts are wrong. Rather than wondering if something or rather is true, I've found it more beneficial to behave as if they're both true. Live as if you have free will. Live as if you have a destiny of your own design. This ends up making it true in a very subjective yet ontological sense.
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    The yime has come again for Christmas decorating including Satanic nativity scenes. Or in this case, snaketivity
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    ThanksDays are here again we did it! Congratulations ThanksDays?
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    Thanks. I found the disfunction in that video entertaining. Hippies trying to do a TV show and cope with technology. What you say about wetiko is partly true. But I think it’s more complex than you’ve portrayed it. When the honkies from Europe came to this country, I think the Indians already had the word for wetiko and the lore about it. They recognized that wetiko was a problem in their own culture. The advantage they had over the honkies is that they had a name for it. If you can name a demon, or a phenomena, it gives you a bit of leverage over it. So the Indians had wetiko but it was not rampant (like it was with the European conquerors) and it was not completely unconscious. They had an understanding of it, and talked about it. Here I agree with @Thinkstoomuchas he said esentially the same thing. This is tricky stuff @Promethea , because wetiko manifests differently in each person. I pointed to Trump earlier, and I think he’s still a good example, but it could also be raging inside a hippie earth loving progressive. Grandiosity or malignant egophrenia can manifest in all kinds of people. Another tricky part of wetiko is that it feeds off of divisive polarity thinking. So if we think of the native americans living free of wetiko, and the Europeans totally under the spell of wetiko, then we are already under the influence of wetiko. We have to stay clear of that kind of either-or thinking. Wetiko exists on a continuum. If I think, “Trump is infected by wetiko, I am not.” then that leaves an opening for Wetiko to grow in me. Here is where the work of dispelling wetiko happens. Not in seeing it as only “out there” and fighting it out there but by looking for it also in myself. Wetiko acts like a mind parasite or virus. Best to assume thet eveyone is infected. I know i get grandiose sometimes . I still remember when pumpy told me that my grandiosity was hilarious ro him. I don’t even know how to evaluate a question like “Is Trump more infected than me?” How do I evaluate the extent of my blind spots? Some of the work of dispelling wetiko lies in pointing out the blind spots of my friends, and asking them to do the same for me. To the extent that we can do that, we wake each other up, and function as bodisatvas. Not in some grand sense, or part of some heroic enlightenment , but the ordinary here and now. We become bodisatvas for each other, and help each other evolve. How does wetiko function? . Paul Levy doesn’t say we create our reality. He says we co-create it. We dream it up, together with all our co-dreamers. Individually, though, we do create our ( experience of reality.) Here is my take on Paul’s model: This drawing works as a symbolic representation of the way we create our experience of reality. This is a “strange loop”. It portrays the ongoing feedback loop of projection/perception. We each project our representation of reality, moment by moment, and those projections feed back through our perceptual system, confirming our model, which we project back into the field, and so on. In doing this we create our sense of separate identity. “I” see “it”. Wetiko insinuates itself into this feedback loop. Distorting projections and perceptions, enhancing the sense if i/it separation, and creating a false self that serves the agenda of wetiko. Wetiko does not “want” you to understand the i/it connection. It “wants” you to believe that the I is completly separated from the it, the other. That all our problems come from outside ourselves, then we can cast blame, and avoid taking responibility for how we experience our problems. Wetiko is real, but not in the same way a chair is real. More like the way friendship is real. Each friendship is different. You can’t put one in a laboratory and examine it. Same with wetiko. Maybe even less real than friendship. IDK. I’ve just begun to check this out. Anyway, It affects everyone differently. You work in the medical field. How do you deal with a disease that is non-existant in 3d spacetime and that presents with a different symptom picture for each human?
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    When I had a day job I was deeply unhappy. I made a good income, I had relatively few worries in the world, and life seemed to be going the way I wanted, but for the life of me I hated everything about myself. I was stuck in a loveless relationship with a girl who was basically allergic to telling the truth, I felt like I had sold out by working for an archonic corporation, and the only way I could make myself feel better was by drinking a lot and chain smoking constantly. Eventually it dawned on me that there was no way for me to be happy if I kept relying on outside things (work, car, house, relationship, etc) to make me happy. If I still opted into a system that I deeply abhorred, living a lifestyle I knew to be facile and meaningless, then no shit I was going to be depressed. When my mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was the only one in my family secure enough to quit my job and become her primary caretaker. In the midst of something shitty, I finally had a purpose for my life. I couldn't live with myself if a person I loved needed me and I chose to work a soul-crushing job because I was too afraid to be a little poor. My girlfriend at the time hated that and broke up with me. Though I was sad for a time, eventually I realized that I was fucking free from that vampire. My life made 180 turn from what it used to, and though on paper it looked like bad things were happening to me, I was, I realized, happy. No this "I live in paradise the world is rainbows" happiness--I mean, I was technically unemployed and my mom was dying from a horrible disease. Rather, I was happy because I had gotten rid of so much that was weighing me down. I got rid of things that ate up my time, and I was able to concentrate on what was important and be with the people I loved the most. Moral: It wasn't until I entirely readjusted the status quo of my life was I able to begin being truly happy.
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    No. How could you even ask such a thing? What exactly are they supposed to feed on, moon dust? Vampires live in Romania. Fact.
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    This is one good looking forum, damn. As a newbug who just discovered Family Hour through Harmontown can anyone recommend a few episodes? I've only listened to a few Dan Harmon and Bert Kreisher ones because those were the only names I recognised (also my mom because of Harmon's review).
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    Literal marble. It's Egyptian marble.
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    Are they REALLY that big of a DEAL?!?! Should your mother come over and immediately start criticizing the entirety of your being solely because some baseboards look dusty?
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    In a recent Axios article, Facebook insiders are coming out about the potential dangers of the site and the socially irresponsible motives that have driven its growth (https://www.axios.com/the-facebook-whistleblower-wave-2511168571.html?utm_medium=linkshare&utm_campaign=organic). Facebook and other social media sites tap in to the innate human need for connection, community, and belonging for sinister purposes. Data-mining, manipulative marketing, and warped media are a few side-effects of the site. I think online social networks will always exist in some form in the foreseeable future. The demand for them has become nearly universal. How do we use these social tools in ways that more appropriately serve things like human wellness, intelligence, and the greater good? What does a conscious, responsible social media site look like? What basic rules and principles might form it’s basic constitution? What checks and balances might regulate it? How can it be built to be adaptable and remain in service to human prosperity as time passes and technology evolves? An open-sourced, non-for profit, fully transparent business model WOULD BE NICE.
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    hello im kara greatings. I ate Russian Goop four bowls and 1 one turkey leg. I am going to pass brown soon. im very bloat
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    Hey, glad to hear about your recent break up on podcast 265! Four years and done! Way to go man! Every breakup has a blessing in it somewhere. You spotted it early on and saved yourself a shit-ton of grief and pain. That's alchemy, pal. Or denial. jk
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    By Jove madam! Do nothing! Surely that is quite absurd. What about taking some mescaline madam? Hmm? Surely that would shake off those false approximations, those false images. By jove indeed. If you do nothing sirs, nothing will be the result. But if you take mescaline and read KRIshnamurti you will unrestrict thought, action and perception.
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    Prometheus Rising or Cosmic Trigger. prometheus rising did and does scare the shit out of me.
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    Oh man. Illuminatus is great but, his speculative nonfiction is the real gold. Cosmic Tigger just got a legit reprint. It has moments that are dated but it's classic. Also Quantum Psychology, New Inquisition, Prometheus Rising, Everything is Under Control. He has a great interview with McKenna. His appearance on The Hour of Slack was gold. And watch Maybe Logic. Wish I could have all y'all over for a viewing. Enjoy!
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    Romantic relationships CAN turn into power games, but I think real love is more like partnership. You share joys and challenges together. I listen to my boyfriend when he is anxious or depressed and he listens to me when I'm being crazy about something. We are emotional confidants and always on each others' side. It makes the hard shit in life feel bearable when you can share it with someone else. I support my boyfriend when he wants to do something and he is happy for me when something positive happens in my life. We come up with a shared vision for our goals and help each other strategize ways to make them achievable. The good things in life feel even better and the future seems nicer when you have someone to share it with. At it's worst, romantic relationships can be mutual manipulation or dependency. But when you really respect each other it can be like having a confidant, advisor, sex buddy, and friend all in one. Real romantic love is partnership.
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    Maybe it's just me, but over the last 6 months I haven't really listened to Duncan's podcasts. I had just been using the forum. I started again last night and I forgot how much of a positive impact they had on me. Any recommendations for certain guests over the last year?
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    The last two have been fun, specifically Ian Fidance and Alex and Allyson Grey. Duncan was on Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Chris Ryan. Really loved this episode especially. They came up with the idiom "Don't grasp the Frog" from a psychedlic trip Ryan had long ago. Duncan also sang the quaker hymn "A Simple Gift."
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    My dad asked for soundgarden albums for Christmas free of any suggestion from anyone. Some kind of retirement renaissance. I was like, ha, yesssss So I got him an album 5 pack and now I'm blasting badmotorfinger in my parents' kitchen
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    I succeeded in getting thousands and thousands of miles away from my nearest family member for Christmas, and I've never felt cooler. Merry Christmas! America forever! I hope you all get a lot of great presents for Christmas. I like the lights, the trees, the carols [choir of angels, sing in exaltation], the sweaters, etc.; but the reason we love Christmas at core is that it's the time of year when we get unexpected secret free stuff. Christmas is for taking, not giving! Embrace the destruction of Christmas by the modern 19th-century department store, which IS the very essence of Christmas! Christmas paradoxes for everyone. In the spirit of this thread and of Christmas, because I'm too lazy to post my own photograph, here is a Christmas medical image of female and male human anuses:
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    "That's the existential problem," Fat said, "based on the concept that We are what we do, rather than, We are what we think. It finds its first expression in Goethe's Faust, Part One, where Faust says, 'Im Anfang war das Wort'. He's quoting the opening of the Fourth Gospel; 'In the beginning was the Word.' Faust says, 'Nein. Im Anfang war die Tat.' In the beginning was the Deed. From this, all existentialism comes." -VALIS
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    But the dark side of the moon just always faces away from Earth. Sometimes it faces the sun, like during an eclipse. So they'd have to keep travelling. I always wondered why moonlight was okay, since it's still reflected sunlight. They don't need air. I guess they can't feed, like @These Foreign Roads said. So they would need some kind of moon farm. Fine. I guess they live in Europe.
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    Idk what you guy's deals are but this is the best show that ever made it to TV. also he's already been on the Dtfh, which was kind of a bad episode but Duncan asked him if he'd ever had a truly life changing spiritual experience from psychedelics and he quickly replied with a firm "no," but in the aforementioned Toad episode he seems to come away with a new perspective about Love. Also the chubby bearded guy after exhaling and just grunting "I LOVE YOU GUYYYSSSSS" followed by "ayeayayayayayeayeaye" was the funniest and most hilariously beautiful thing I've seen in a while.
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    IMPORTANT MESSAGE EVERYONE: I found her tits http://www.imboycrazy.com/2015/12/the-state-of-being-single/2008-dfc-teller-apparel/
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    Happy thanksgiving, America cowboys! But also happy gratitude day. I am grateful for my parents and brother and boyfriend and friends, and the health of everyone I love, and the nice earth we get to live on that is so weird that it makes flowers and oranges and koalas, and for the life force that makes everything grow and be born and die, and for getting the opportunity to be alive and awake as a human person today, and for getting to live in such a unique strange and entertaining time and place, and for all of my senses, and all the good times that happened to us and the good times that are still going to happen, and for all the things there are to learn about and play with and read and watch and explore, and for all the loving people and the chance to be a loving person, and for sex and the good drugs, and music, laughter, dancing, nature, art, joy, freedom, and bad jokes! Its corny, I don’t care, hap hap thanks day !
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    We're so dependent on global markets. Nobody knows how to gather food, because that's not a marketable skill. We have no communities, but The State or Some Corporation can never replace the family/tribe that used to define our communities. If they DID replace communities, they'd have to agree to feed everybody, but it's still not a personal relationship. You're right, we're not built for global living. What about throwing away local communities (as we already have done, and probably won't get them back), and focusing on communities of similar interests? All the subreddits kind of do this, the network of people you follow on twitter sort of does this. What are the bad parts we would need to cut out? Advertising, profiteering... I heard that Twitter once laid off like 1,500 people. Why the fuck does a website have 1,500 employees in the first place? They need to keep increasing profits... Jesus fuck just let the website run. Maintain it. It doesn't have to be a profiteering enterprise. So maybe we just need some community-run social media apps. Or we need to individually be more proactive about finding better places to hang out online? Also, maybe @Promethea's utopian hippy commune will be the new model for communities. I'd love to see self-sustaining communities popping up, developing post-scarcity tech. Some non-centralized post-internet infomatrix* so people can share 3D printer blueprints for the next high-tech supergarden. *this word means absolutely nothing but it sounds cool
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    I like the "thinking man's" Wayne over "woo-woo" Wayne...he was grounded and I enjoyed his view of "love". I think I agree with his out look....loving everything does devalue love overall, if all is one and one is all, then nothing is better than another. that would include love. I see love as a colored crayon....the force, (TAO) is all things, in a primordial, unfinished state...and emotions are like a clear crayon. Love is merely one color emotion can be....and there are tons of colors out there.
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    It seems modern living is not fit for the birds. We could do better by helping each other and be happier for it. This idea is not new but is arguably more relevant and accessible than ever. I am picturing a permaculture based system of villages virally spreading simple living. How could this work? Where could it fail? This thread is to look at success and failure in existing examples of alternative communities.
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    Does it have to be either or? How does a young person who is interested in having a family one day and equally interested in not contributing to the destruction of biodiversity, resources and the future of our species reconcile the two? Overpopulation is an issue, and so is the possibility of raising a child in an inhospitable and threatening world. But since I was very young I've considered having children when I'm older an inherent option for me and something that I've wanted. What do you think? **To be clear** I think it's your right to have a child if you want, and I'm not knocking any parents out there. It's just a thing to think about for those who have not made the decision yet.
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    I haven't experienced love. I see other people, and I'm probably just imagining things, but their relationships don't look like love. Looks like dependence, lust, or just image verification. But what do I know, I'm just a dirty cretin. Love is just power dressed up.
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    @monkey_mine I'll be in your bamned. I'll play the saxophomne.
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