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  2. Nope, but I can't believe they do not exist.
  3. any specific people come to mind?
  4. Another Jack Kornfield --- "Meditation for Beginners" https://www.amazon.com/Meditation-Beginners-Jack-Kornfield-Ph-D/dp/1591799422 I saved the CD onto my hard drive so I could take the files anywhere -- 6 different guided meditations, all between 8-14 minutes. I do one a day (when I'm in a good habit) and just start over once I finish track 6. It's a great little cycle, each has easy to understand instructions and that oh-so-soothing voice of Jack's. Can't recommend it enough!
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  6. Sam Harris's podcast with Jordan Peterson fuckin sucked. Sam Harris should know that it's his job as an interviewer to get the beliefs of the interviewee out, and not the other way around. A little interrogation is ok, for the sake of clarification, and confrontation for the sake of emphasizing contradiction or falsity that has morally significant implications. Besides that he needs to shut the fuck up with his own opinions. He beat the subject of truth to death when it fell to a simple definition! When what we really needed was to more deeply understand the strange belief of Peterson in this subject. We've all read Sam harris's books, we don't need to hear him badger a guest into agreeing on a subject. That's where he's lost some of his podcasts is the moment Sam Harris fights with a guest over disagreements instead of letting guests be interesting with their opposing ones. The best interrogator of all time was a nazi interrogator who befriended his POWs. Through this mutual understanding and his ability to empathize with them, they would tell him their deepest secrets. That's what makes a conversation interesting. Not a fuckin argument over semantics. Over and over again, "Jordan, you have to agree that if someone comes up to you with a card displaying the nuclear codes to our entire nuclear arsenal, whether or not that card brings about the end of humanity, it's still true that the card displays the code!" What he misses here is that all objective facts break down into a code we use to represent reality. And so, at the bottom, there are no facts that exist outside of human perception because we make the facts fit within our code. Fact is a human invention. If that piece of paper was floating out in space with numbers written on it, what would those numbers mean if all humanity had never existed? Nothing. While the universe does not suspend its laws in accordance with our definitions, that doesn't make our definitions true. What matters is the meat of the words, not the words themselves. And so Jordan Peterson brought his own concept of truth to the forefront, distinguishing it from facts in a novel way, and all we heard was Sam Harris telling us his opinion again and again. Even if he was wrong I'd rather have heard him flesh it out.
  7. SUPER important! Be with buddies, get loose, dance your dick off. Saw D'Angelo on his Black Messiah tour in 2015 and had an experience like the one you're describing. All because of a perfect mix of incredible music, a few drinks, and friends. It's gotta happen!! One of my absolute favorite things in the world.
  8. I like Sam Harris. I don't agree with him all the time but i like how he thinks and he is able to clearly state his case, in my opinion. This conversation really highlighted one of his biggest weaknesses as a interlocutor. He gets obsessive compulsive over precise use of n words and definitions even when it makes little difference. He refuses to allow a poor word choice to slide by even if he and everyone else completely understands the meaning of the persons sentence. It can really wreck a conversation. It's rare that such precision matters in a real conversation.
  9. The Sam Harris podcast with Peterson was difficult to listen to. Total impasse occurred not long in around the definition of truth. I think Sam was right is taking Jordan to task on his equivocation (minutes in). Instead of truth, Jordan meant something like imperative/absolute moral value and didn't concede to illustrate the distinction (about what truth is) very well. I'm interested what people think about the conservation. Sam's arguments seemed much clearer to me but he also seems to dominate by demanding a reasonable answer before continuing. I'm too lazy to start a thread. Maybe it doesn't really matter much...
  10. @Gnome big deep diaphragm breaths and pretend you're trying to yell a message to someone far away across a field or canyon. Don't destroy your throat.
  11. A tool that helps us describe reality through its use.
  12. I would argue that we 'treat' far too many 'conditions' with 'medical professionals'.
  13. Yeah, I'd agree with this. I'm sure there are certain pressures he feels as well that make him push so hard. What I think this entire thread really proves is that we need a podcast from one of the people we enjoy that has, for lack of a better term, an SJW person who's involved and not batshit crazy who can really articulate this issue from that side. I admit my echo chamber is exclusively people bashing this sort of stuff in the same vain as Peterson. I'd love to actually HEAR the other (SJW) side instead of listening to how the opposition frames their SJW opponents arguments.
  14. Again, it's about whether we should charge you with a hate crime for not calling someone according to a made-up gender word. We're arguing about law, and the violence of the cops, and when to use that violence.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ah so we can say "other" but it's like raping your free speech and careening us into Marxist Dystopia to just replace that with something these fucking people actually want to be called.... and it's them that's being butthurt and shrill??? I have no idea what this means, but I've listened to an hour-plus between this and Rogan. What is your point?
  17. @Gnomeafter a while of doing it you'll get better at it and your voice box will get tougher. I can do a pretty good Leviathan impression now but when I first tried it would make me gag. After a while I got used to it. ill give them a listen! Thanks!
  18. @Sea_BastionDonny, daddy, gnomes, cumbabies. Whatever dude The song I'm doing is kind of speed rock, you know, so there's a punk attitude to it even though it's something different. Punk in the sense that it's fast and there's not that many chords. Rock in the sense of the production value and overall sound. Lyrically, it's pretty nasty and comical, but there's a little hidden message, too. Perhaps Nirvana is not the best example, but the track negative creep has the kind of edge I'm looking for, vocally. I wonder how Kurt managed to strain his voice that much without utterly destroying it! If I am to do such extreme vocals so I guess I have to start somewhere. Might as well make shitty Nirvana covers! Only I won't post them on youtube ^^ @Clarion So I'm just gonna have to start experimenting with screaming in the studio? Sounds like fun! I actually know a style of tuvan throat singing, a dark resonant bass style that I got from the dude from Yat-Kha, a tuvan folk-rock band that is incredible. Check it out, one of my favorite bands in the multiverse. I would like to find my style but I also want to learn more about extreme forms of singing and how to not strain your voice too much. Singing from my diaphragm etc. I tasted blood earlier today trying to record those vocals and I could only make it through one chorus before I had to call it quits. All the screamers and growlers on youtube stressed not using your throat that much but I can't make the sound I want without it.
  19. Okay I just re-listened. They didn't demand that of him, the gender pronouns stuff. He posted videos critically analyzing the legislation and he got an unbalanced and hostile response from media, students, and faculty. On Sam Harris' latest podcast. Starting at 5:40 and most important details starting around 11:40. Then around 15 min they lay off that stuff and get into a 2-hour frustrating (but interesting) argument about Truth vs Fact. I feel maybe his opinions weren't meant to be global like this. Like, just one man's opinions, but the opposition he met pushed him beyond his intended scope. I can't imagine anyone going to jail for hate crimes due to the pronouns thing, but I can imagine people using the legislation to bully people and make a nuisance.
  20. This is the one part of this that I feel like is missing. He may have covered this in a talk, I don't know, but I haven't heard him say it. As far as I've heard him talk he has never said that this happened. What I've gathered from a few podcasts and videos is that this law passed, Peterson said, "No way!" And his employer and the students responded. The university by explaining their fear of legal repercussions (arguably understandable as this is a new situation) and the students through protest/antics. Has this actually happened? Has anyone demanded being called anything and he's refused and gotten in trouble? I mean, this seems relevant. Otherwise he's just yelling, "Slippery slope!" Which I think at least bears acknowledgment. This reminds me very much of the NC bathroom bills down here in the US.
  21. I find it crazy how everyone can admit that mental disabilities, birth defects, any disorder you can think of all have hard science behind them, are all treated by medical professions, which is viewed as a good thing, yet we're all supposed to act like being transgender is completely normal. I view it exactly the same as people who believe in nonsense religions expecting everyone else to accept it and play along just because it makes them feel better. Just as organized religion is a sickness upon society that is in desperate need of treatment, so is the idea that it's completely acceptable to change your gender rather than looking at it from a medical and scientific standpoint as something majorly wrong and then trying to find the cause and perhaps a cure.
  22. And I believe that his students were demanding to be referred to by this variety of pronouns, and he spoke out against that initially. They launched him into a more global conversation. I'm listening to his Sam Harris conversation. He's very smart, but I think he's also a bit of a nut. I mean that mostly in a good way. They're arguing about Truth vs Fact.
  23. SJW's are the ones who are fighting air particles pretending like they're doing some magnificent just thing. But looking at the people he's had to deal with I mean shit, I'd be pissed too. There is no talking to those people.
  24. Im sure I can find common ground with this guy. Im only writing off the air-particle boxing bits, just as i have done in the past with SJW's. but the SJW's are old news now.
  25. He's a fucking psychologist, can't blame him for being interested in how people think this way and the positive/negative consequences of doing so. Sure there are more important issues but that doesn't write this one off. And you sit here bitching and calling him a right wing loser. Fuck you.
  26. I knew a "man" that wanted to be referred to as "he". I had no problem with that. as for all the non-sense like "zhe, zed, zer" and that non sense. I have never encountered this in real life, and ive never heard of anyone encountering this. So im not concerned with it because I live in reality and not a right wing fantasy world like jordan peterson where somehow this is actually a problem in the world. Think about the millions of issues out there, and this fuckin guy decides to take on gender pronouns, hes a right wing loser throwing punches at air and then turning around and saying, see how i beat up those air particles? and half the morons on this forum give a round of applause.
  27. Bill c16 (the national legislation) seems very reasonable to me. The dangers are in the provincial legislation, which has already been in place. Here is the link (I posted it above as well, and those quotes are from the description of the provincial legislation): http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/gender-identity-and-gender-expression-brochure
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