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  2. Don't confuse entertainment for enlightenment. It would be one, but not the other.
  3. I would like to see amother JRE but switch Eddie out for Duncan
  4. Congrats man! I know a lot of people will question your body modification choices out of maybe fear or their own insecurities but I want you to understand that if having a surgically-crafted nipple on the inside of your left foot is an important part of your self-identity then I support you 100% and I think this community should support you even 100,000% because these are our values in 2017, it's 2017. If foot nipples & respect are important to you & if you respect identity and respect please show your support on Twitter #footnipple #mybodymychoice #2017 #2017
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  6. Dear Journal, For several months, this mole thing has been growing on the inner part of the arch of my left foot. It has irregular margins and keeps growing. I kind of want to die, so if it's cancer, at least maybe it will kill me. But I dunno I'm scared so I better go to the doctor. They want to cut it out but I have to wait like a month! Fuck. ... OK now they cut it out. Good news! Benign, clean margins, come back in six months for a routine scan. ... Dear Journal, Why do "some people" want to "fuck my gash"? In the flattering light of a tropical sunset, every incision site looks handsome: Dear Journal, I was afraid my gash was going to split back open after the sutures came out, but no worries! The way the suture wounds have peeled back is very intriguing. Unfortunately, the "vaginal" appearance of this peeled-back skin is reminding "some people" that they want to get "in" "there". Dear Journal, Looking good. Now the same people who wanted to fill my gash are disgusted by its dry edges. I lube it daily, but, you know...life is a cycle, and no wound can always be freshly-lubed. Dear Journal, It's been like a month or five weeks since the biopsy, and several weeks since the sutures came out, and I'm looking forward to life with renewed vigor jk so tired.
  7. I bet you though they both disagree on many things they would share some good banter
  8. surely the first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the laws in your area, then, familiarize yourself with the nature of logic and authority. then, if you determine that it is indeed logical/legal to buy/consume a psychoactive cactus, familiarize yourself with the nature of psychoactive cactuses. there are a great many cactuses that contain psychoactive constituents in varying amounts. the great majority of these being legal. the peyote cactus is illegal in the united states of authority, despite the fact that it is part of the natural flora in the artificial division of texas. peyote is very difficult to attain in the us for that reason. and the fact that it only grows along one strip of rock. a single dose will likely cost several hundred dollars. taking peyote out of its natural environment is very dickish as the plant takes many years to mature, and is very rare. peyote cactus is legal for native americans, and NAC members when used in a religious context, such as a KRISHNAMURTI CHALLENGE- but this varies state to state. the lophophora species is a highly sought after plant for cactus collectors. the cactus has 5,000+ years of recorded use. brews made from this cactus are called JUS D'CERN, or DISCERNMENT JUICE in english. the trichocereus variety is much more common and a much faster growing plant. each cactus will grow nearly a foot per year. the legality of trichocereus varies so be sure you check your local laws, and consider the nature of laws fundamentally. now the speaker wrote a RAP about eating psychoactive cactus. perhaps you would like to RAP it yourself sir? is it intoxication? -this... in-cactus-ation? or is it liberation from subjective acclimation? reality's seen by the me through a movement of negation,for aggregation of ideals is love's nullification.then how does one know what to do with no religion? ..no organization?the speaker now goes through with you the steps to preparation...first sir, with some wire cutters, clip off acuminations, in other words, the spines and spurs, remove them through negation.you'll need about a foot in length for this inaguration, and three inches in diameter works by the speaker's calculation.make sure to plant the top of it to ensure regeneration! the bottom too, will grow anew in perfect imitation. next get a pot that's hot but not a complete conflagration,heat needs to be spread evenly, throughout the fabrication. fill the pot with water sir, but not with chlorination!chlorine reacts with mescaline and will affect concentration. you don't need to leave the the core inside, but it's not a desecration, but it will fill the pot with snot and leave you in frustration. the dark green tissue near the skin's what's high in concentration. make sure to include all of it for the deepest culmination... low boil and chill and sit and say this dope-fresh incantation,a snotty top will boil off and form a separation... when this occurs, ensure monsieur, you stir the segmentation! until it becomes obvious that there is reformation. reformation sir! the juice has reached amalgamation,again sir, it's a must that you ensure homogenization! now slowly boil the water off, stir in anticipation,and enjoy the scent of it, sir, with a few deep inhalations.now put the heat on super low, lay down for restoration, tomorrow is a big day sir, we all need regeneration.next take a shirt that's free of dirt and residue of masturbation,place it over a clean jug or pot, secure your new creation.pour the liquid into it. now begins the filtration. no need to rush sir, let it do its thing through gravitation. squeeze out the remaining liquid and discard the dried segregation,then let it cool and store it in a glass encapsulation. now what you do with it next sir depends on your motivation.but if you were the speaker sir, next there comes integration.you'd look to life without the strife of fear or condemnation,and spend the next six months or so in complete liberation.
  9. A little over a year ago, I started to incorporate a couple of little things into my routine that ended up making a huge difference. First, I heard Aubrey Marcus talk about Ho'oponopono on either Rogan or Duncan's podcast, then on another podcast I learned a simple technique for accessing the subconscious through breath & eye movement, and I kind of mixed them together and add them into my meditation/breathwork/yoga, and sometimes I just do it before falling asleep. The method is to close your eyes & get into a relaxed state through deep breathing/focusing on the breath, then look up toward the third eye area. I start with several rounds of the Ho'oponopono. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." Then I do some "deprogramming/reprogramming" by releasing what needs to go & accepting what I want to replace it with. I exhale & look down while releasing fear, then inhale & focus back on the third eye area while accepting love. Do that a few times, then move on to judgment/empathy, illness/health, sorrow/joy, isolation/oneness, or whatever. It may or may not work for you, but it's helped me a lot & I think it's worth trying.
  10. We need to look at other "Holy" ideas and see them for what they are: one more manifestation of the eternally recurring attempt to create a relationship with the source, the beyond, the self, and each other. Neither fetishize nor demonize Islam or Christianity. Look at the similarities. Look at the core.
  11. Holy wars don't exist. Holy etymologically means "whole". To be whole, complete, or perfect. Such as the allegory of Jesus or Buddha. War means conflict between two nations. A nation is already a division in itself. So "holy war" is a nonsensical phrase to begin with.
  12. All thoughts reinforce themselves. Never engage in negative self-talk internal or (worse) external. If you find yourself following those dark paths, immediately think an opposite thought and if you spoke the negative thing, counter it also aloud. Conversely, as Paul said, You must be a connoisseur of your thoughts. A problem with self-love is typically found in guilt. If this is the case for you: Forgive yourself. Recognize that you were a baby, an amnesiac, born with a certain genetic, environmental and cultural heritage. The identity you are trying to love is doing the best it can with what it was given. Your body loves you. You are loved. I love you. The totality of everything loves you, we are all held in her arms.
  13. To me, this life occurs on multiple levels. I seem to occupy an animalistic form with all of the resulting needs and drives. Simultaneously, I am aware of no true distinctions between that form and the universe it expresses, between myself and the totality of creation. With that knowledge it is easy to see that violence done to others is violence done to myself, and that violence done to myself is violence done to others. You can feel it. I want no wars in my life. Holy or otherwise. All that being said, self defense is the natural expression of your organism. #yourlifematters
  14. When someone breaks into our house or attacks someone else, no one ridicules you for calling the police to do violence on your behalf. It is the reality of the world we live in that violence or the threat of violence is what keeps some people who tend to have predatory behaviours in check. But if we begin with unconditional love and the continued promise of unconditional love we will defuse the rationale for many of those behaviours before they are manifested. But if an attacker persists verbally you may stand your ground verbally. If they attack you physically, does it not make sense to use enough physical force to deflect that while simultaneously (or immediately following the confrontation) behaving in a way that expresses unconditional love to the best of your ability.
  15. There are a number of different ways that you can fight for this and the first is continuing to express that love in the face of ridicule. This takes a tremendous amount of self love which grounds you and helps to prevent you from acting in a way that is trying to just elicit praise from others. But if someone including you is physically attacked and you intervene it must only be to the point where there the threat is lessened. At that point you must find a way to love them unconditionally again immediately. You do not see this today, instead you see taunting, disrespect and continued harm even after there is no reasonable threat.
  16. I struggle with this as well. I have come to realize that I had developed an external focus of self control in my youth and infancy. This is a dangerous character flaw that puts my self love at risk and consequently where I need to direct the majority of my efforts. It masks itself as coming from a place of love and it has been only after the fact, when I have been harmed that I have realized the confusion. I am presently putting an hour a day into developing my self love for the same reason that I do a 20 min boxing work out and do many other things to try to stay mentally sharp and healthy every day. Harm to yourself detracts from your pleasure so you must take care of yourself beginning with self love. I have been doing research on developing my self love but would welcome advice from others who view this.
  17. Cersei's children are all dead. Gandalf and Jesus and Jon Snow all come back to life. Cilian Murphy was magic in the Robert DeNiro movie. It was the butler. He was a ghost the whole time. The bears eat him.
  18. Post em here fuckers, spoilers only! only content that spoils whatever it comes from! Spoil away Content and context are irrelevant I'll start:
  19. @uiu good for you! That would be tough for me as well - I can't imagine singing karaoke. I've never thought about as a form of therapy/confidence builder. Like toastmasters, only it's probably a lot more fun.
  20. so I should go to Lawn and Garden Center and ask for psychoactive cactus, and they will show me the aisle? How do I.know what from what? Thanks @Pattmayne for your thorough description of MG trip
  21. that's right sir. it is PSYCHOACTIVE CACTUS that you want. CACTUS and KRISHNAMURTI.
  22. The way I currently view it, the source(s) of the acceived are integral to the acceiver and there is no divide or split between them, except if perhaps there is a discord. They are both part of a whole that cannot be separated, except in how the acceiver accepts the offer. I'm thinking of the initial diagram as akin to a wave with a single aspect that may overlap with itself and unfold unto itself, so as the acceiver can become the acceived can become the acceiver. There is a constant fluctuation of the wave of acceival. There may need to be more fleshing out to the modes of accepting conceptual aspect to this. Here's how it may be viewed for now though; the intended may perhaps be when the acceiver and acceived are in accord, extended may be perhaps when there is accord between either or, and unintended when there is discord beterrn the two, but the acceival process may still occur. Great question! I had not thought of such a thing. It could add to the whole aspect of where subjectivity may come into play. There could perhaps be a sub-acceival process where this could emerge in a larger process. In the sub-process, the intended, unintended, and extended are all accepted with varying levels of accord and discord, and through a threshold level of either accord or discord, or perhaps a balance between the two, there could be stale or discarded offers. The broadest scope possible! From quantum operations to cosmological ones and all else in between. Even your post could, to me be acceived and in reading this you will be the acceiver of this offer. If you will, this whole concept was an offer, perhaps unintended or extended, from god. At the time, I flipped between calling what I perceived, or perhaps acceived, to be the Great Dao or the Logos. Those two terms and the first may be equated with one another, but there are some connotations to the latter two that do the experience more justice. But by all means, an offer from god is maybe where these ideas all came from. I would say meditation would be a way of increasing accord between the acceived and acceiver, so as more of the offers become intended. Meditative experiences where there is awareness without thought is perhaps, a very high level of accord of intended accepting. I view it, at the moment, as applicable to anything really. Any sort of sensory stimuli can perhaps be apart of this whole acceival process. Cognition and thoughts too are just the same. Going back to the diagram, which mentioned earlier, the overlapping, self-interacting wave, somewhat akin to an electromagnetic one, can have varying wavelengths. These varying wavelengths, at differing moments of self-interatiction and overlapping can possibly lead to the entire Cosmos! Post-script: The view is perhaps entirely monistic and was heavily influenced on Whitehead's philosophy of organism, also known as process philosophy. Everything is nothing if not speculative and could be incorrect, wrong, or not-even-wrong. As far as I'm concerned, it's all just a pipedream of a theory,but would love to develop this further if there are more questions! This had been quite productive and I am glad to have anything you may view as more complete. Or any more thoughts or anything. This is fun!
  23. A fictional account follows. I tried this, using @DinduNuffin's instructions. I only used 180 morning glory heavenly blue seeds, so not an intense trip (wanted to test it). I think 400+ is what they suggest. It definitely works, and it's similar to LSD. But it's not as clear or crisp... Feels foggy. No beauty or horror. Just a bit of disjointed weirdness. A bit of naseua but not bad. This was more than a microdose, but not quite as much as a standard hit of acid. With a small dose of LSD you can tell you want more. This was a half dose of LSA and I don't want more, mostly because of the fogginess. I won't do it again. It wasn't bad. I kind of enjoyed it, but it's definitely better to hold out for the good stuff. There's a reason it's not super popular.
  24. This statement is false. Thought occurs in awareness but awareness does not depend on thought. There is only one 'thing' at the root of 'things' and so all consciousness is ultimately one. 'The only atom is the whole.' ~ICan'tRememberWho
  25. Here is a pic of D. Trump looking vulnerable for all of us to ponder.
  26. I was happy to assist, and with all the talk about this place dying I've taken upon myself an increased effort to make this place more welcoming. Good luck with your issues I hope for your ability to adapt and recover.
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