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  2. now sir the speaker has moved to the forest by the lake. PEYOTE is plentiful here, and it is about to get more plentifuller good sirs... here, there is no one around to judge or compare. and so guests of the speaker are free to take CACTUS and watch SUNSETS. so stay tuned sirs and sirsettes... there is much more to come.
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  4. Hi Duncan and family! I've been listening to the DTFH for years now, but only recently decided to join the forum. This podcast has been my salvation in a land surrounded by narrow minded baby factories. You have encouraged me to embrace what makes us unique, regardless of what many people will think of you. You have helped open up my eyes to the hilarious hypocrisy in the world and I wish to laugh and love along side you and the family. Thank you!
  5. idc what you say black bubblegum is good
  6. i love the stuff
  7. Just an update to you folks - the interview process is underway now and the cassettes are being ordered this week. Shouldn't be too much longer before they get mailed out. Thank you for your support! FYI - there will only be 25 cassettes made.
  8. I have 3 new songs off of my next full length coming out on cassette with a Q&A Zine. You can listen, download and order it here: https://seaking.bandcamp.com/album/summer-ep-zine I worked pretty hard on them - I hope they resonate with some of you. Here's a homemade video for one of the tracks.
  9. Let's take it down a notch!
  10. Oh god anything but black bubblegum. Oh god. And yeah Billy Rymer is really really good at drums.
  11. EPISODE 246 Johnny Pemberton A sermon on the story of Jesus and the pig-demons followed by a joyful backflip into the honey flavored ocean of Johnny Pemberton's beautiful mind. http://www.duncantrussell.com/episodes/2017/6/22/johnny-pemberton
  12. Billy Rymer is just as good if not better i agree miss machine is their best shit though
  13. I love me some Dillinger. Posted some earlier in this thread.
  14. I actually only read that PDF a while ago. I had forgotten he translated directly. However I had an old version bookmarked. It was from an American site, maybe Abe books. I can't find it any longer though. It was a really quirky edition. I'll search again
  15. Dmitri something or other was on the first EP and Calculating Infinity(their most universally acclaimed release) When he left Patton did an album, and then Greg took over from Miss Machine onward. IMO Miss Machine is their best release. When Chris Pennie and Greg were both in the band, and Ben Weinman and Pennie hated each other, the band's relationships made for angrier and more tediously written music. No one can fucking touch Chris Pennie.
  16. check out my crappy bedroom recordings <3 https://latviangambit.bandcamp.com/releases
  17. Mike Patton was on 1 DEP EP, other than that it's all one guy. They're one of those bands that are kind of all over the place. You don't like their melodic singing, or the screaming, but you like the screaming if it's comprehensible, which to me, The Widower is, but you don't like that one... Not trying to call you out, just trying to dissect what it is you're looking for! Depending on what metalhead you ask, MW is frowned upon, but so is every Thrash Metal band post-2006... I don't ever listen to them, but I'd go see them live in a heartbeat. The one time I saw them the singer hit me in the head with a trash can he threw off stage =] You won't find a lot of instrumental thrash, there's a few such as Mastery, but they're just okay. You will find instrumental tracks here and there, Warbringer has a good one on the album I shared... This is probably the most intense instrumental prog album there is, with narration between tracks. Also an incredibly diverse album, you'll get things like Flamenco mixed with Djent, etc For Ryboi. This will probably be hit/miss for you. I'm just a sucker for when they throw in low tempo double bass...
  18. The second DES track is just the kind of vocals I don't like. I like their screaming stuff mow (now that I looked them up on youtube). Did they change singers? I don't like the melodic stuff. Warbringer is awesome! I never heard them before. I see what you like about Khanate. The slow grunginess to build up a feeling. They're like sonic mood-wizards. Is municipal waste frowned upon my metal nerds? They're fun. edit: sorry it's not brutal. Maybe I owe a brutal track to the thread. If I ever find one I'll put it up. edit 2: Yeah tell me some more thrash. What about really intense instrumental prog-metal? Or instrumental thrash?
  19. This is "effective" and very, very difficult and painful
  20. I understand that completely. Check out more newer DEP. especially Miss Machine. There's a lot of interesting cleaner singing on there. And the stuff they did with Mike Patton. i used to be into really technical death metal but now I can't stand it. I used to dislike black metal but on my return to extreme metal it's the only genre I really like. I like music now that expresses in its totality an emotion or emotive current. Black metal does that. Where the vocals when done well express a true existential despair and sometimes rage and hatred. Whereas death metal is full of pseudo rage and comes across extremely gimmicky and cartoonish to me. My boss was in a rather popular Christian death metal band. I can't stand it. It's just like constant premature ejaculation. No foreplay, no teasing, no buildup. Just wankery and as "heavy" as possible throughout, and from the jump.
  21. Apparently, Oppenheimer studied Sanskrit under the teaching of Arthur W. Ryder, who both read the Gita together in the original untranslated language. Ryder had his own translation of the Bhagavad Gita published in 1929, but it wasn't until 1933 that Oppenheimer first mentions in a private letter to his brother that he was reading and was influenced by it. There was a paper written and available as a PDF, which can be found on google by searching "The Gita of J. Robert Oppenheimer", and it's highly detailed about this all.
  22. Does anyone know the translation of the Baghavad Gita that Oppenheimer used. I remember finding one before that was still in print. I have the current penguin print. I just wish to have the more archaic translation for shits and giggles. Thanks.
  23. Yes, they could be considered prog/experimental... DEP's singer is one of the only singers angry enough to compliment the music... Then you also get: There's screamers and growlers that are WAY more comprehensible than a more than a handful of mainstream/pop singers... And another rationalization for harsh vocals would be that how something is being said is just as important as whats being said. If Thrash is your thing, I've really dug into that quite deep deep deep! Let me know and I can really hook you up in that department...
  24. Last week
  25. Shit... listening through this thread... Vektor, Dark Tribe, Gnaw their Tongues, and GorGuts are all awesome. But when I go looking for Dark Tribe I mostly find a lame French metal band that sounds like pop music in comparison.
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