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  2. He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
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  4. i went out to investigate and the weird noises turned out to be a baby owl. Dunno what the deal with that guy was.
  5. http://duncantrussell.invisionzone.com/ This forum link from Duncan's webpage doesn't seem to work. If this is an issue for everybody the main entry to the forum is a brick wall.
  6. @shite When you went outside to check it out, did you lock the door behind you? I think the guy who ran away was just a distraction. Somebody sneaked into your house behind your back and now they're in your house with you. You should definitely call 9-11 and probably burn the house down (leave the house before you burn though). You can take that hatchet and hatch it. Hat chit.
  7. More people. And maybe a holding cell subforum for almost-banned people so we can other them without othering them.
  8. im freakin out, i heard this weird noise, like a banging on my walls/roof. I figured it was some kinda animal, maybe making a nest or something cause ive seen em doing it before and heard similar noises. But I went to check it out late at night here, saw a person in the distance with my flashlight, waved at him, then he just bolts off running, ive never seen someone run that fast it was crazy.. spooked me abit so i went back inside and locked the doors, made sure the windows were locked down, also turned off my lights so no one can see inside since there are no blinds on the windows here. ive been hearing this weird squeeling noise ever since, currently on lock down, i have a hatchet but thats all. Will keep yall posted on wtf is going on im not sure.
  9. What can be done to make this place just a tad better? Is there anything a moderator can do? Anything the members can do? Feel free to be open to voice any and all concerns, the only wish is in how this forum can be self-optimized itself.
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  11. I need some Dunc on astral hustle
  12. The Kyle Thiermann Show - September 5, 2017 #61 - Duncan Trussell at Burning Man - http://www.kyle.surf/podcast/2017/9/5/61-duncan-trussell-at-burning-man The Drunken Taoist - October 16, 2017 #121 - http://thedrunkentaoist.com/episodes/episode-121-duncan-trussell
  13. Yeah to a certain point, I've even done some interesting trial/error myself, but a lot of it does seem a bit over blown, but are dangerous for sure with certain meds/drugs. If anyone is going to have any exposure into doing MAOI I don't care what your meditation or psychedelic beliefs are, you better have some serotonin lowering supplements with you. Benzos's, Niacin, lots of Activated Charcoal. Lower that serotonin activity and help clear everything out with charcoal. Activated Charcoal should also help lower serotonin a bit as well..just don't be worried about the black shits you'll be taking for the next month or so. Or if you don't know your doing with MAOI"s , stay away from anything to do with them.
  14. Yeah rue is dangerous though and should only be taken with/ in combinatory practice with lucy
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  16. Sorry if I have been lacking updating this list and being more proactive on here, I've been having some ongoing personal issues that have mostly been resolved for the time being.
  17. Tangentially Speaking 276 - October 19, 2017 https://chrisryanphd.com/tangentially-speaking/2017/10/19/276-floating-away-with-duncan-trussell
  18. Hey man different pov and talking is what its all about. Even when Duncan was talking about Syrian Rue mixed in with stuff with more DMT was he just basically trying to talk about Changa? I mean this is super basic stuff. Then when Duncan talks about the MAOI with other psychedelics I think he's got that totally wrong as well. Take an MAOI with LSD most likely nothing is going to happen, take it with mushrooms and now you have some potent mushrooms on your hands since it potentiates the high. BUT what I think Duncan MIGHT of been talking about is mixing an MAOI with an SSRI (Anti-Depressant) that is no good for you. Unless he is talking about more dietary MAOI's where you have to be a bit more alert on what your eating since you can't break down tyramine as easily and even that is debated. I hope this doesn't come off rude in anyway shape or form but maybe Duncan needs to get someone that can breakdown the dangers of mixing certain drugs or what the real dangers of certain drugs are and how to possibly avoid them. Or if Shanes podcast is a "science" podcast he seriously needs to rename it if he doesn't even know the basics or explain them in ways that aren't confusing to people.
  19. You did not say anything.
  20. Discuss what? All information is bullshit isnt it? What GOOD is it?
  21. Actually that's not a bad pov. Maybe I've reconsidered my critical first remarks since yesterday.
  22. I need my named changed to Weinersteinhammer
  23. You need to update the forum link on your homepage there... goes to the old forum...
  24. It's a weird thing to me now that there's #fakenews because I was accustomed to internet proving all kinds of bullshit over conspiracies with an obvious lack of incentive to use more intuitive parts of the brain via critical thinking due to conspiracy theory. Maybe more people have demons than I do. Disinformation has begun to work in my favor because of the synchronicities lately since if everyone was getting it the same as myself I would be inclined to spit directly into the wind more often and more inhibited probably leading to excessive drinking. Misinformation on the other hand trends toward cool coincidences that have me scratching my head. I love the ability to have the obvious freedom to have all the blanks filled in at my apparent behest because I've made it through Chapel Perilous. Now the dynamic is that I need more creative process in order to actually access my right brain the way is required for comfort on a true benevolent place. Libertas sus levamentum. Discuss.
  25. I won the money. Just pay up already.. You want a meet and greet too? You already have gotten your meet and greet down at the bus station.Just pay the money.
  26. To be quite popular among the ladies is nothing to shake your fist to the wind at. Ladies are disgusting creatures with one too many holes. That's why men always feel the need to fill it with our cocks because we're afraid they will lose their uteruses.
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