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  2. Ive been experimenting with a ritalin + L-theanine mix. So far its been working great. Mixed the L-Theanine with some tea. About an hour later I felt like I was drifting in and out of a focused meditative state, which was very calming. I think: stimulants > anti-depressants, for treating depression as well. Which I think alot of doctors get wrong. Just never expect drugs and supplements to do all the work for you. You still have to get out of bed and show up somewhere.
  3. for sure, I was being sarcastic, its not that bad, just a bunch of kids and people with nothing better to do throwing rocks at eachother. The democratic party is center right by world standards. While the republican party is slightly to the right of that, mostly there is only disagreement on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. Also there is nothing inherently left wing or right wing about these social issues, ive known leftists that were pro-life. However there is a strain of republicans here in the U.S, where basically there ideology is to privatize everything, de-regulate everything, and when they dont have the political capital to privatize, they will settle for defunding. I dont know anything about ireland so i cannot comment on that bit. The american left does have a bizarre identity politics thing going on with it, this is a bi-product of the civil rights era, womens movements, and anti war movements in the 1960's. There was a big backlash to a culture that thought it was acceptable to force teenagers to go die in vietnam, and signs that said "whites only". I actually find that both social justice warriors and the alt right have some small hints of truth on both sides, its just that they get to crazy and theres to many generalizations. Now im digressing but, Europe is not known to be a multi-cultural melting pot, historically. Which is why I understand the concerns by some right wing nationalists in Europe with regards to the immigration of refugees. Europe is trying to be like america and let all these immigrants in, we know from experience here that this causes shit tons of problems and takes several generations for things to calm down. Somehow we managed to barely figure it out here, I cant say for sure that europe will. There is a thread on here titled "we need a new left", in which we discussed alot of this stuff. There is a new left here that is currently on the rise, and I dont see feminism or identity politics taking center stage. I do believe we will have another new deal. Theres going to be one or two more rounds of the democrats shooting themselves in the dick, and then they will return to there FDR roots. Once they do this they will take back the south. If ronald reagan could unite blue collar workers with wall street. A democratic populist can unite rural whites with urban liberals.
  4. Are you sure my magnificient Sir? What even the other way around, means? Or its about chasing your own tale to infinity? It might get lonely, so we put others into our fake challenges, no my good sir?
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  6. Soylent is pretty gud.
  7. Sitting here killing time at work since I have nothing else going on. here we go! Big stuff to work on tonight: Laundry and Vacuum, prep for party tomorrow night 10 minutes to meditate Work on 2 8bit tracks for Monthly show. Flesh out other beat for my friend. Next month: Surpass my sales numbers from this month Release 2 new 8bit tracks online Make at least 2 new beats Start exercising: either by joining a gym or investing in equipment to force myself Wake up with enough time to meditate or exercise
  8. Isn't that the issue though, don't you find that ironic? We take drugs to find the truth, then in spite of learning the nature of non-duality we willingly create a duality between the sober and drug induced states of consciousness through continuous use. Weed is fucking amazing and yet shit at the same time, I meditate on it and I'm gone, there's just this all knowing god presence and then afterwards I'm instantly thinking "right, this is what I need to do to stay there", comparing my present moment to that, placing that experience as something to attain and by doing so I feel like I'm just fucking myself over for it. There'll never be any sustained equanimity as long as I'm doing drugs, creating these commemorative experiences that are post labelled "non-duality" makes me strive for something not present, I think the way you sustain it is by dampening the variation between what is considered dual and non-duality and I find drug use for me increases it instead.
  9. I've been listening to this before/during my workouts.
  10. "I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but...I think I'm gonna like this."
  11. This is the most original and funny comedy I've come across in a long time. This is probably old news, but man. This guy makes me belly laugh in a very un-cynical way. Or damn, maybe it is pretty cynical humor.
  12. after fan drying they need a few days in a drying chamber w/ Damp Rid (damp rid pack at bottom of a bowl, elevated from bottom & covered tight w/ plastic wrap)..DAMP RID avail everywhere. then toss in the silicia packets w/ dry good for the long term storage....not for the initial drying, not strong enough.
  13. America hasn't really had civil violence on a large scale since the civil war has it? Apart from the violence against blacks. Where I'm from, political violence is almost part of the culture. We get through it by making jokes about it. Personally I think violence against other violent political groups isn't inherently "bad". The "bad" thing is when people feel righteous about what they're doing. I come from a Republican background, (Republicanism in Ireland is mostly on the far left, not the right like in America) so as much as I repeat the rhetoric of the left, "kill the bourgeoisie" "seize the means of production" "liberate northern Ireland", I'm still aware that on both side we're basically just being selfish. We're really only being a part of the violence because we want to, trying to justify it in vain like some sort of crusade is just silly to me. It's dishonest and too self involved. The Anti-fascist take themselves too seriously too. They have so much zeal, but they're crybabies. The left in Europe seems to laugh at them. And the Trump supporters will cloak themselves in legalism. So I don't think large parts of the public can or will support either them. They're both laughable. Also the American liberals and anti-fascist have a bizzare feminist element. If you're on the left you're supposed to exhibit strength, regardless of sex, in these situations. But they seem to be trust fund feminists. Strong until they get hit. In Ireland we had a section of the IRA called "Cumann na mBan" (the Women's Council). They were active in military and politics. They were part of Sinn Féin during our war of independence in the 20's. Then during the Northern Ireland troubles (70s-00s). The second incarnation were just cool chicks with short skirts, guns, berets, balaclavas, and a hatred for all things British. The important point is that they took no shit for real. That's the lense in which I see this American issue. I think the American left isn't really on the left. Even though you guys speak the same language as us, I feel like we're so different culturally. It feels like most of the American left is really on the right, they just happen to be liberal right. Also, this whole thing of fighting with sticks is odd. Your country has so much guns. If either side really felt any urgency they wouldn't be using sticks. From the outside it looks like nothing more than hooligans using a political issue to fight like children.
  14. what is going against his ego sir? hmm? another aspect of his ego? one fragmentation against another? come on sir. the thinker is not separate from thought. thought creates the thinker. not the other way around.
  15. Hello Family im new to this, ive been listening to this podcast as well as many others, and im glad ive joined this online community but as im a newbie i cant post stuff, so can a few people upvote this as id like to share some things and get involved thanks
  16. I love McKenna and his rap on the universe and how everything formed as it cooled. "The Universe is a complexity conserving engine." Damn. He trumped the Second Law of Thermodynamics by a new law: Novelty.
  17. Yeah. I saw him solo once. His last record had a single called "Flirted With You All My Life." Which was ultimately about finally not wanting to kill himself any longer. And then he killed himself in the same year. Horrible.
  18. @Ryan wow. Powerful performance.
  19. This one hit me in the fucking guts the first fifty times I watched it. Rest in peace Vic.
  20. Dublin, Ireland. Police don't have guns here so even if you do get caught, you can hit them a few slaps and high tail it back to to America.
  21. Perhaps it is. I would have to think about it. I don't think I can consider my ex as an out since she's married. While I love my fiance and am looking forward to getting married there's clearly some unresolved issues that can only be healed with time and reflection.
  22. POWER OF THREE 1. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) 2. Body, Mind, Soul
  23. Her reaction lol 3 days ahead of time
  24. She's going to call me on Sunday <3 <B <3
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