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  2. You got to slam your meat with an open heart. slamming your loving heart penis into hers to open her right up to god like david deida would say
  3. This might seem weird to some but fuck, I need this a lot from my wife as well. I wonder what this explains?
  4. Today
  5. Remember in the Lavender Hour when Nick Thune came on and gave Duncan and Natasha a script to read about Natasha's booger addiction, and then the episode abruptly ended? Just wanted to see if anyone else thought that was the funniest thing too.
  6. try slamming your meat with purpose. with intention. like jolly butcher who loves what he does. and takes pride in slamming his meats. knowing he will be giving well slammed meat to those who need their meat slammed. hare Krishna and Namaste.
  7. Ayahuasca night 2 things! you guys. The earth DOES have a soul and if you get way down deep past your thoughts and feelings and personality you can FEEL IT. It is like a mother. We come from it and we go back to it. And I’m not just talking about our bodies. Our souls come from an essence that feels like a mother and our souls go back to her when we die. We can honestly live our lives connected to this bigger mother soul. We already ARE connected to it, but we are always forgetting about it. Look within. We can support life. We can make new life. When we feel emptiness or darkness within ourselves we can transform it into life. We can be like the earth. We can feed each other and give freely. We have more than enough. There is an abundance in the earth. I’m going to learn Spanish, and learn how to scuba dive. I’m going to live in a house with gardens and lots of plants and feed my friends and share my house with them and play music and dance and be warm with people and have lots of babies. The earth gives to us and we can give just like her because we ARE a part of her. We can love and grow and share our gifts. YOU GUYS
  8. Yesterday
  9. ... says the user with no name! But I think I agree. He's pretty frantic for an enlightened being. When he was on Norm MacDonald's podcast he was acting out a lot. I think I've heard him say before that he's had depression and anxiety a lot, and that's probably fuel for his behavior and his seeking enlightenment. It's kind of none of my business though. It's at least a little rude for us to play internet psychologist when he's not here to respond. I will say that I've come to like him more now than I did before. Ace Ventura and all his silly movies were okay, and then I found his dramas okay but often lame. But at this point I kind of just appreciate the big experiment that is his career. There's really nobody like him.
  10. Seems to me like Jim (عليه السلام) may be using spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks. If there's no self then nobody lied to my girlfriend about my sexual diseases and nobody bears any responsibility for her suicide. She actually didn't die because there was never any she there. She was never born! With the toxic presentism of Eckhart Tolle in one hand and the erroneous beliefs of the neo-Advaita crowd in the other a man could fall prey to believing that it's possible to never have to meet himself ever again.
  11. In Of course! Thank you! That’s what I needed! I just need to lift my eyes and see how wetiko manifests in my life. The core problem and the solutions (in deeds) are directly in front of me. I need to get back to work.
  12. I just watched Jim and Andy, The Great Beyond, on Netflix. Jim Carrey has been agressively touting his supposed awakenings recently in interviews. I found it annoying but I’ve now started to reconsider after the Jim and Andy doc. I see a parallel to Shingon Buddhism in his acting. He claims to have entered an ongoing state of no-self. Buddhists sometimes call it Nirodha. He says he found his way into this no-self state through immersion in his acting roles. You can see in this Jim and Andy documentary that Jim did fully immerse himself in the role of Andy Kaufman. He he almost broke the movie by staying in the Andy personna or his Tony Clifton personna at all times. 2 In Shingon Buddhism you assume the personna of a god or archetype. You imagine it visually, physically, and mentally. So for Jim, he makes himself look like Andy Kaufman. Jim sees himself as Andy. Jim embodies Andy in his posture and movements and voice. Then he thinks like Andy, replacing the Jim Carrey thought stream with the imagined Andy Kaufman internal dialogue. All of these steps occur in Shingon Buddhism. By doing this process with different gods or archetypes, the practitioner of Shingon Buddhism sees through the various personnas, and realizes no-self. The same thing may have happened with Carrey. He realized the Jim Carrey personna was no more real than the other personnas, and he dropped out of playing Jim Carrey. He apparently has also tried DMT or some other hallucinogens. Looking at his blank expression as he talks, I see an emptiness behind his eyes. He somehow now reminds me of Charles Manson. Anyway he keeps saying there’s nobody home, and I don’t think this some publicity stunt or even a Kaufmanesqe perfomance art thing. But he could be faking it for some reason. Also he could just be broken inside, and in a disassociative state. Or he could be in Nirodha. No self sense. No problems. What do you think?
  13. Thanks Mike! Here are some cats:
  14. I’ve found that the direct way is the easiest, and once realized never really goes away. However, self-enquiry comes in handy after that realization. This is my personal experience though.
  15. The Zen way is the direct way that will absolve all negative beliefs in an instant. Not likely someone will hold that state of being for very long until the mind comes in and "thinks" it needs to step out of paradise. (For the love of the holy radiant sun someone prove my probabilities irrelevant on this point). Instead, one might find it easier to assume that if you feel any anxiety in a situation you are NOT being yourself, once aware of this you can ask yourself "What do I have to believe is true about myself for me to feel this way?" Then you find what that belief is and drop it.
  16. Last week
  17. Yeah, like even when you're "pretending to be something you're not," you're still being yourself because yourself is the kind of person who acts like somebody they're not. But obviously, if you're a timid nerd who's really smart and interested in nerdy stuff, you should just be a nerd instead of forcing yourself to act like a bro. And vice versa, if you're a jock or somebody who prefers working with their hands you shouldn't force yourself to be an intellectual or something. Know Yourself. We know exactly what "be yourself" means. It means acknowledging where your true potential lies, rather than grasping onto the vision of somebody else's potential.
  18. The problem with "be yourself" as a statement of advice is that it's difficult to grasp from an intellectual perspective. It's one of those things that needs to be applied and experienced to be utilized correctly. How can I be myself? You just do it. But how? You're doing it right now. That's a Zen-monk level of frustrating, but it's true nonetheless.
  19. I'm under the impression that space vampires are, in fact, unaffected by solar radiation. Is this true? Has any lore confirmed this? This is an important question.
  20. Yeah Hamilton's DTFH was on the weaker side, unfortunately. His videos seem to be more interesting than he is. Like, I knew a ton of science nerds in college who were super into psychedelics of all sorts. They approached it from an incredibly materialistic perspective though, and while they enjoyed the high while it lasted, their lives and wider perspectives stayed solidly boring because they saw any sort of spirituality as woo woo trash. Hamilton Morris seems to be no different.
  21. Everything's more or less determined by our free will Both ideas -- determinism and free will -- are independently contradicted. This leads me to believe that the framing of any questions involving these concepts are wrong. Rather than wondering if something or rather is true, I've found it more beneficial to behave as if they're both true. Live as if you have free will. Live as if you have a destiny of your own design. This ends up making it true in a very subjective yet ontological sense.
  22. Yeah I had to call it quits halfway through. I can count on one hand the number of times I've bailed on a DTFH episode.
  23. i think ive watched every video by him, these too. great there is s2 for the series!
  24. depends on what vampire and lore there's a movie called lifeforce about space vampires, dont remember was this adressed there
  25. i don't think he probably was ever as straight-on evil as he was portraited. he kinda falls on trickster archetype "A mischievous, shape-shifting god, sometimes benefactor and sometimes foe to the gods of Asgard. Famous A catalyst for Ragnarök. The precise nature of Loki's being defies clear classification, as there is little detail regarding his mother, but he is at least half-giant on his father's side." it might be something like even tho they aren't blood family he feels some sort of belonging and against common enemy (granted also enemy to his ego) he joins gonna do some further reading on him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loki
  26. The phrase is cliche, the realization is not. It is absolutely worth saying this as many times as you can until it dawns upon someone. The fact that you are yourself means that if someone is not attracted to your particular state of being, then you do not have to concern yourself with whether or not that individual likes you or not because why would you want to force yourself to be someone you are not? All you need to do is... be yourself. How liberating!! How wonderful! All work is done, all problems are solved! Drift aimlessly like a boat downstream and the moon is sure to follow.
  27. I wonder sometimes if we experience time backwards. We are working toward some big moment that really is the moment of creation. Newtonian physics suggests that this is deterministic machinery, but quantum mechanics throws that away and makes it all weird. I used to think our Free Will was real for us while simultaneously our decisions were all 100% determined and inevitable. But again, quantum theory is like a most of randomness that prevents us from understanding. Maybe we need to accept the mystery? I'll tell you my fate after it happens.
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